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4 dec 2014
Back To Work
Dear Sir 
Whilst i am all in favour of caps to benefits and rewards for the hard working i am totally against the governments back to work scheme. 
I had to voluntarily resign from my job in 2013 due to ongoing health issues that have affected me for more than 7 years.  By doing so i was giving myself the chance to find something less physically demanding.  Unfortunately finding work has been frustrating in that where i reside, there are very few available which i am qualified to do and more and more companies seem to be making redundancies. 
I have now been put forward for the Back to Work scheme.  My local benefit office explained that it's to give me confidence in a working environment.  At the age of 40 and having completed 16 years consecutively in employment i have confidence in abundance.  I don't need confidence.  I need a regular income.  What incentive is there going out to do a weeks work for nothing?  I will have to give up my home and move in with my father whilst my wife and 10 year old daughter will have to move in with my wifes parents which will be happening on 31st December.  We'll be living almost 30 miles apart.  It's temporary until we can get back on our feet again as my wife has also since lost her job.  But that is the reality of forcing the unemployed into this draconian slave labour in which you enforce.  The only beneficiary to this back to work scheme appears to be the employer gaining free slave labour.  Whilst this will also look good for the unemployment figures.  Upon any refusal to participate, benefit is cut further sending people into hardship. I would personally wish to be in a position to refuse to work for free for the reasons that A) it's surely infringing my right to a living wage and B) it's not going to benefit me in anyway.  What i am prepared to do is work for my benefit but for hours that would be the equivilant of minimum wage.  By that i mean £113 a week i recieve in benefit.  I would be prepared to work the hours equivalant to £113 a week. 
I would be grateful if you could tell me how the scheme will benefit me.  It appears that there is no guarentee of future employment with the company a person is sent to work for.  Certainly it's not going to put a loaf on bread on our table working for nothing.  I recieve benefit at the moment having gone from £1600 a month to just £452 a month in the space of 16 months.  My plan was while my wife was still working i would sign off benefits voluntarily as i have found the local jobs and benefits office to be unhelpful and would prefer to do it alone without benefit office interrogation and being shot down.  Of course, i am aware that by taking this action i would not be signing for my tax stamp which would affect my state pension in the future.  However by the time i am at pension age there will be no state pension.  And given that the government are getting to the stage of forcing people to work til they drop, i can't actually see me making pension age.  Also given my health issues, i can't see me making pension age either. 
I am aware that by voluntarily resigning due to health issues i have brought some of this upon myself.  It was not an easy decision to give up a job i loved because my health has been declining but i felt i had no choice to do so in an attempt to increase my working life.  The decision was mde over a long time, not just spare of the moment.  I'd been thinking about it for around 5 years.  The decision was also taken so that i would not have to go down the avenue of having to look at the possibility of benefits for the sick.  The sickness culture does not appeal to me at all.  Had i continued working for my last employer the physical nature of the job would have increased the decline in my health.  The issues i have involve nauseating headaches and persistent muscle spams.  I am in constant pain but trying to keep a positive frame of mind to help me prolong my working life.  All this while being on permanent medication that often leaves me fatigued, drowsy and sick. 
In my opinion there needs to be greater thought and consultation in relation to the back to work issue.  Mr Duncan-Smith seems to be of the opinion that the unemployed are lazy.  Whilst i am aware that some people can't be bothered looking for work, not all of us are like that.  Yet everyone seems to be in the firing line of what we see as punishment.  There is a lack of work available.  It seems we are being punished for that as it appears many jobs have gone due to the enconomic climate of the past 5 years. 
It's also been suggested that the government will help a person gain a qualification to help them into a certain job.  For example if i wanted to do security work, the government will fund an SIA card.  I find it rather daft that you must be offered the job before the qualification will be funded.  I have never known an employer to offer a position to someone not qualified for a job therefore it's not going to benefit anyone.  I spoke to my local benefit office about acquiring a qualification for an SIA card as well as a PA1 & PA6 chemical spraying certificate.  The chemical certificate is all i need to get back into working on golf courses which i have done in the past.  Or working for the council.  Upon discussing this with the local benefit office they informed me i must be offered the position before it'll be funded.  However there is no way they'll offer me the position before i have the qualification.  I have already been turned down for two jobs for not having the qualification (PA1 & PA6) required.  As you can see, i am actively trying to change my situation but it seems the rules are against me and that is why i feel frustrated and see everything as hopeless. 
I genuinely hope you will look at this email and take my fears seriously. 
With all the very best of wishes 
David F N. Ireland.

21 November 2014
1.7 billion owed to EU
Dear Sir
Just thought I would share a thought or two.
I have just arrived back from visiting a sister in France.  On chatting generally it seems that the French are able to get loans from their banks even if their paperwork does not show that they are earning enough. Apparently, as long as they are also earning enough 'on the black', then they are not refused a loan. Apparently it is common knowledge that the French submit their tax returns showing they have earned a lot less than what they actually have.
If Britain is showing that they have a growing economy as a result of all the harsh choices that have had to be made, resulting in a lot of cuts in benefits at the lower end of the scale, we certainly should not be penalised for it.  The French look after their citizens very generously at the lower end of the scale and have not had to make these harsh cuts, and that is why their economy probably has not shown as much improvement, as has Germany.
The EU should be taking into account what drastic cuts we have had to make to be in the positive position they seem to think we are in.  If those cuts had not been made, where would we be financially - that should be the criteria they should be using.  
If the EU insist that money is handed over, maybe we should insist that the money goes back to where it was effectively taking from in the various cuts etc.
Maryla G
21 November 2014
Prime Minister,
We have all witnessed the consequences of monetary / currency union without convergence preconditions being genuinely achieved.  We are now witnessing similar consequences in the EU welfare benefits regimes.  The member states have a wide variety of differing welfare benefits systems, analogous to the different currencies in monetary union.  It was recognised for monetary union that economic convergence was a prerequisite for success, it is time that benefits convergence was recognised as a necessary precondition to the free movement of labour and political union within the EU.
The imbalance caused by the significantly different benefits regimes within the EU where citizens have the right to move to any country where they can get the best benefits deal can only be addressed by the harmonisation of these benefits systems throughout the EU.  This would remove the reason for the huge population movements.  This is the approach to be adopted in the EU re-negotiations not challenging the free movement of citizens.
Given the same benefits conditions in each EU state the UK would automatically benefit either by a reduced welfare bill or losing its benefits magnets status.  These people do not come to the UK for the nice weather and once the benefits advantages disappears so will the immigration problem.
Roy W.
20 November 2014
Banking Scandal
Prime Minister,
I am a member of the Conservative party. I was watching the news and heard yet again Banks being fined for illegal activities ie the libor rigging foreign exchange markets by banks. WHY have no bankers been charged and prosecuted, do they have a get out of jail free card. There is no deterrent, so human nature if there is no deterrent they will keep doing illegal banking activities. Start prosecuting all the members of the board of banks for these illegal activities, they are in charge, they get paid the large amounts of pay and bonuses, so they MUST be held accountable for any illegal activities. If this is done then all banks board members will then ensure that the banks comply with the law. I bet the bankers will still get their big bonuses, because they will not be penalised for libor rigging.
Kirke A
20 November 2014
Gay Rights
Dear Mr Cameron,  I am sending this email/letter to you to say how this country and maybe your government has let us down. Both my gay partner of 21 years( and civil of 8 years)and myself have always voted conservative, and maybe what has happened to us today will make us change our minds for the future. On July 5th 2014 my partner Richard and myself returned back to the UK after living abroad in Italy and working over there. We returned back as my partners father, had become very ill and needed his family around to help him, due to spinal injuries. When we arrived back we tried to sign on as not working, because we weren't working or earning any money. We were told that we had to wait for 3 months to apply, we thought that was strange, (because if were of a different nation, colour or language, we would have been helped straight away, and we are certainly not racist) but we are English. Ok so we agreed on this. 3 months later after I had found a job with unsociable hours at basic wage of 6.50 before tax and NI, being reduced down to £4,72 after these deductions, so I could also take care of my parents in law 89 and 88 years old during the day (without any monetry help). My partner Richard went to sign on. Now he has worked for this country since he was 16, now 57, and while we were away we paid tax in Italy. He was told by a person in the local job centre he wouldn't be able to receive any benefits including job seekers allowance only enough to pay his stamp as he hadnt paid it for minimum of 2 years, as I apparantly earn too much money at 183.99 on 36 hours. How dispondant can that make you feel. Really how ridiculous. Then she (the woman in the job centre) asked where we were staying and my partner Richard said with his parents, well thats ok then as its family you cant get help for that, and you dont have to pay rent anyway. Now maybe that is right or wrong, she basically said we cant get any financial help. But how about all these immigrants, who have never paid anything to this countries welfare and social service system, who get anything and everything they want. Its a joke as many people know they can come here and get everything with monetry help and housing as they might or might not have many children, but no not us as we are gay, we cant get it. Somehow that is all so wrong. How comes its ok for them but not for us. As you can understand I am really angry about this and would like to see something done about it and get some compensation, its very difficult to live and pay food, and help with the bills and pay for petrol to and from work on this money for 2 people., how can anyone live on it. I would like a proper reply from you Mr Cameron, not your crappy ministers like Damian Green, who is the homophobic MP for Ashford Kent, who is much use as a chocolate teapot, the type who cant take the heat. Otherwise you can understand why so many people will change from your party to UKIP. Yours sincerely
Leigh G.
Mr Cameron,

I was very disappointed that there wasn't any news coverage about the part of your speech in which you referred to the "3 Great Wrongs" that we pensioners have had to endure.

I have read the transcript of your speech and whilst the subject of pensioners did not appear very high on it 's content I felt you were delivering a very important message to the 11 million or so pensioners which was worthy of of better news coverage.

A lot of the pensioners lead a hard life after retirement, because their wages/salaries do take a dramatic drop to a state pension that is well below the poverty level. In a lot of cases these people, through no fault of their own, only have small private pensions and in some cases none at all.

I think that your statement about introducing a minimum state pension of £142 was a very important one and I think it was a bad mistake that your press office did not alert the media as to this item as in my opinion it is equally as important as the state of the economy and the state of the NHS.

I would hope that this oversight will be corrected in the near future as I am sure that the releasing of this item would bring about a quite a dramatic change in the attitude of pensioners when you consider next years general election.
Yours sincerely,

Richard T
Carers Allowance
21 OCTOBER 2014
Dear Sir
In recent weeks, there has been much media coverage of speeches, made by various Members of Parliament, in particular, at Party Conferences, regarding Welfare and Benefits, but I have neither seen or heard much about Carers and Carers Allowance.
As, I am sure you are aware, Carers Allowance is the main benefit for carers. If you are looking after someone with substantial needs for 35 hours or more a week, you maybe eligible to receive the £61.35 weekly sum. Carers Allowance is taxable, but payment ceases, when the carer reaches retirement age, regardless of whether or not , he or she continues with the caring role ( the age of the person being cared for, doesn`t effect the outcome).
Generally speaking, most carers do far more than the basic 35 hours a week, within their role, indeed, many devote over 100 hours a week to the care and welfare of the sick or disabled person(s) within their care. The actual caring role varies, so much, from person to person, but it is an invaluable service, which even at the minimum number of hours, works out at just £1.75 an hour and about a million continue, with their caring role, after reaching retirement age.
The National Minimum Wage has just increased to £6.50 an hour and although Carers Allowance, is not considered to be a salary, there are certain criteria a carer must have, in order to be eligible to receive the benefit. If Carers Allowance were to be increased, to be on a par with the minimum wage, 35 hours caring would "pay" £227.50 a week, which would be much fairer.
It is estimated, there are 6.5 million carers in the UK and their economic contribution to the UK saves some £119 Billion, even if all 6.5 million were eligible to Carers Allowance, the total expenditure ( at Minimum Wage rate) would still save £42 Billion. To continue paying the Allowance after retirement age, would cost a further £12 Billion a year, still saving the economy £30 Billion a year !
Of the 6.5 million UK carers, 5.27 million are of voting age !!
What is your Party`s stance on Carers Allowance ? Is there a rise in Carers Allowance written into your (pre-election) manifesto ?
Peter R G
19 OCTOBER 2014
Dear Prime Minister.
Demanding times require strong leadership. A kind of leadership, that is willing and prepared to be unpopular. I hold you in high respect and know that you would not hesitate to risk unpopularity in placing human life before party and international politics. Indeed, I am in no doubt, that you possess the calibre it takes, to truly lead and protect a country.
I write to you because I am aghast; and cannot fathom why West Africa has not been - and is still not being - quarantined. Including my step-father Col. Hugh Welby-Everard (who spearheads the department for bereavement in the MOD), everyone I have spoken to agrees that it is nothing short of madness NOT to totally quarantine the infected countries, and madder still to let anyone from these areas leave via any means. 
Currently, despite recent awareness of the incubation-factor, whereby subjects will not show any symptoms but could possibly be carrying the disease, persons from west Africa have been able to enter our country via Brussels, Paris etc. Surely, there has to be an embargo and immediate end to this. Boris, when on the Andrew Marr show Sunday last, was regrettably resigned to the likelyhood of a handful of cases in the U.K and London. One case, when it could have arguably been avoided, is of course one case too much. 
Like the rest of the world, I have every sympathy for those infected, orphaned, suffering and indeed dead or dying in West Africa, and am proud to be British and belong to a country that is so brave, loyal and generous with its resources, and am therefore in full support of the aid and any assistance that we provide. 
However we should be, at any and all costs, whether economic or democratic, protecting fiercely and fearlessly the lives of our own people, first and foremost. That, is where our focus should lie, and that - is where in my view it should remain. We should do everything we can to come together to help defeat and manage this god forsaken and deadly virus, but do that from a distance, a distance of safety. After all, we are an island, and therefore uniquely positioned to guard our own.
There will be a day, if this is not it, where this 'connected' world reveals it's flaws and we all suffer needlessly. Suffer and indeed die. Tragically. I say tragically, because it is academically understood that it is 'tragic' when a death could have been prevented, and it is tragic when a death has served no purpose - and nothing has been learnt from it.
'No lesson is drawn from this destruction; there is no suggestion that good may come out of it. It has simply happened, to the world's impoverishment...' - Clifford Leech
I pray this letter is heard.
Yours Faithfully,
Oliver W
20 OCTOBER 2014
Dear Prime Minister Cameron,
I am writing to urge you to adopt a political agreement on a framework for the EU’s climate and energy policies for 2030. The most important aspect of this agreement will include setting the level of ambition for the EU – a binding greenhouse gas emission reduction target for 2030 that is consistent with the EU’s long-term ambition of reducing its emissions by 80-95%, compared to 1990 levels, by 2050.
The European Commission’s proposed 40% GHG target is on track to meeting the lower end of this long-term ambition. Adopting this 2030 target next week will set a political level of ambition that will help boost investor confidence and aid parallel discussions about further reforms to the EU ETS beyond the market stability reserve, which depend upon this long-term target.
Business needs a political commitment to reducing GHG emissions, so that it can make the investments required to meet Europe’s longer term decarbonisation goals. A stable and predictable framework for the EU’s climate and energy policies beyond 2020 is essential to encourage business engagement in contributing to the EU’s long-term vision.
This political agreement is also important for the United Nations negotiations, which are entering the final preparatory stages for a new international climate agreement. Europe needs to present a united front, and it needs to maintain its leadership role at the UN talks. When governments meet in December to work on the text for the Paris agreement, Europe could present its target to set the pace for other nations.
At the same time, IETA would like to ensure that the 2030 goal retains some flexibility. For example, if reductions beyond 40% are sought, it will be essential to restore the use of international credits under a future climate regime to ensure that reductions can be made without causing economic disruption.
We are at a critical juncture in the global fight against climate change. The EU ETS has, for nine years, formed the cornerstone of Europe’s climate policy, but reform is needed if it is to maintain its central role. Reaching a unanimous political agreement on 23-24 October will represent an essential step forward both at the European and international levels, and will allow discussions to ensure policies that deliver emission reductions in a cost-effective manner are strengthened.
Yours sincerely,
20 OCT 2014
Dear Mr Hinds and Mr Hannan
I hope that my views expressed below are useful.
Recent events have underlined the degree to which the electorate believes itself to be disconnected from the main political parties. My main concern is that as Consrevatives we have forgooten and denigrated what used to be called the 'Tory working class voter'. This voter was a prime reason for Conservative majorities enjoyed by Stanley Baldwin, Harold Macmillan, Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Note that these leadres are a mixture of 'toffs', upper middle and lower middle class leaders. All of them knew their electorate. Macmillan is remebered for asking this question 'Who are these middle classes? Find out what they want and see if we can give it to them.'
This is, I believe, the essence of leading a political party. It is not sufficient for the leader to to know what his convictions are. He/she must have a means of relating them to what the electorate wants. Does our leadership really know what the voters want, voters who will decide the election? I do not believe so because of what people I talk to tell me. And I live in a safe Tory constituency. It it this gap into which UKIP has stepped. No matter how incoherent their policies are, they have struck a chord and we must respond positively by actively finding out what people want.
The obvious issues are immigration, lower living standards (inflation higher than wage rises) and lack of defence capability. It may not be true but we don't know until we ask them.
We still have a Prime MInister who has a higher satisfaction rating than the opposition leaders but it is not enough. We need to show in Rochester that we are in touch with what the electorate wants and can deliver.
Thank you for reading and I hope that my views are echoed by many others so that we can convnce you to get a move on.
John A
I feel very confused about something, I would like to understand the asylum system. I thought anyone seeking asylum were held somewhere whilst dealing with their case. I was shocked to read that an asylum seeker had been jailed for robbery and that he had been wasting his benefits on alcohol. It went on to read that he may be deported when he had served his sentence. Now, call me naive but why was he on benefits and why can he not be deported before he costs us any more money Thanks for your time
Julie B
Dear Prime Minister Cameron,
I would like to ask you to contact the government of Pakistan and request release of Asia Bibi. This mother of five children was imprisoned for her questioning of Islam. She is on death row. Her appeal was recently rejected. If Islam is religion of peace, as you said, then on your words she should be released. Please prove that what you said is true and ask Pakistani Justice system (Anwar-ul-Haque) to release Asia Bibi finally to freedom. 
Asia Bibi did not commit any crime for which she should suffer years in prison, oppression and abuse. She is away from her little children just because she refuses being bullied by Muslims.Mr. Cameron show that you are man of courage and that you do not speak on behalf of Islam only but also on behalf of Christians who are oppressed by Islam. Thank you.
Peter S, Professor, PhD
Dear Prime Minister,
My son has just put in an offer on a flat in London. He is a Clinical Pharmacist at one of the London NHS Trusts, highly-qualified, highly-experienced having worked at Great Ormond Street, Whitechapel, Barts, and Guys & St. Thomas’ Trusts. He’s a front-line worker. When he joined the NHS in his first role he contracted in to their pension scheme.
He was approved a mortgage with the Woolwich Building Society for an amount which would make the flat a realisable purchase along with the savings that he has accumulated. Now, they are saying that they are going to reduce the mortgage offer by £20,000, partly due to student loan repayments, but principally because of his monthly commitment to the NHS Pension Scheme which, they say, will compromise his ability to repay the mortgage on the property.
The Conservative Party has committed itself to encouraging people to save through the vehicle of pensions. Surely a strong message of censure should go out to the financial services industry that people should not be penalised because of their commitment to save for the future. Many of my son’s colleagues have been forced to contract out of the NHS pension scheme when seeking mortgages. This is madness, when surely some legislation and censure from your government against the financial services industry withholding funds would be a simple intervention.
I speak only of this case. Think how many people committed to pension schemes have been penalised in this way over countless years!
Best wishes,
Pam W
Dear Prime Minister,
It seems that a sort of paralysis sets in before an election, like it always used to in the USA. I wonder therefore if the following assessment might be true:
1. The NHS: 'ring-fencing' is not a policy nor is it sustainable, it is just a political statement. Jeremy Hunt with his top team must be working on a set of radical proposals for reform of the NHS- to be discussed and implemented soon after the election.
2. Immigration and the EU: I applaud your desire to limit immigration and presume that you have a top team working on formal proposals for reform of the EU. As it stands the Eurozone is in crisis and no one would want to join it, except to help it with reform. 
3. CRB checks: the annual number should be well under  2 million by now to stop the enormous waste of police and other people's time. You saii you would do it, so do it.
4. George Osborne's decisive and detailed proposals for reduction of the overall debt will be available soon after the election.
5. Clegg's speech was effectively his resignation speech so that he will not be part of any Coalition after the election. This is the only way I can make sense of his Conference speech.
This is not a comprehensive list but I hope you can see why I find it so difficult to support you and the Tories.
Martin G.
To David Cameron I want to explain one of the popular marriage scams, that is 99percent done by Pakistani men who were themselves once former overseas spouses and then entered the uk. These men for whatever reason when their marriages to their British partners breakdown always return back to Pakistan for a 2nd marriage usually with the pressure from their families in Pakistan, as by now these men would have become British nationals, they marry almost always an illiterate lady who's family have done a deal with the mans family to get the new bride to the uk and to obtain a British passport, this is usually in exchange for land, houses, animals, farms and money and gold. This is to benefit the mans family in Pakistan they become more wealthy and usually the man is always promised a lump sum once the bride gets her passport. All the brides obtain uk life test certificates through bribes, if you interviewed all of them not one of them would be able to answer her name in english let alone have a basic conversation. The deal between the 2 families in scams like this is either the spouses don't really marry and even if they do they are allowed to divorce once the brides get their British passport, and this does not affect any payments or other things that were given in the deal. Basically the mans family benefit they are the ones who make money out of this, he makes them rich at the expense of the British tax payer, if the new marriage breakdowns the illiterate spouse and her off spring will now be a burden on the British state. Even if they stay together they will still rely on the state, if you look at past cases of sponsors who themselves were once overseas spouses they all will have raised their first families mostly on state benefits for many many years, but when they themselves become sponsor's for their new overseas spouse suddenly their earnings shoot up they are now paying tax equivalent to their previous weekly income. It's laughable. But soon as they get a visa and their new spouse is in the uk in a matter of 6 months they will be back on some kind of state benefit, this is fraudulent, because the money they show in taxs is usually funded by the brides family to ensure her visa. What I don't understand about these Pakistani men is that at one time they left their native country to go to a foreign country for "love" . Now soon as these men have a British nationality and their marriage is over why do they go back to Pakistan to find a new spouse? Why can't they marry from within the uk? They did it once, when they weren't even living in the uk!. The uk has more than 16 million people from different races, religion, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, they could find a spouse here that would tick all these boxes why go to Pakistan? Because they have done deals! And if they have genuinely fallen in love, then why don't the men move to Pakistan to join their new spouses? They proved that they did it once, which was quite hard to move to a foreign country they left their native Pakistan to live with their British spouse in the uk, then this time it would be easier to stay in Pakistan as both spouses would have been born bred and raised  in Pakistan no adjustment required to alien environment. Just makes life easier, but the deal is no British passport then no marriage. Their marriage would be over in days as it is based on getting the other spouse to the uk. Mostly all of these men do not even pay a penny towards the welfare of their children from their first marriage, these kids will probably be raised by the state, yet they can show fraudulent paperwork to sponsor a spouse. People like this can be stopped if they were oversea spouses themselves once,then they should never be allowed to sponsor an oversea spouse, they either marry within the uk, or go over to Pakistan to join their new spouse. This is the only way you are going to stop this scam, these families in Pakistan are making thousands using their sons and brothers to take part in these frauds, while the British tax payer will fund for his offspring from first marriage and likely the tax payer will raise his offspring from the 2nd marriage with an illiterate mother who can't fend for herself who also is a part of this scam as she would have married him solely for a British passport!! She then will try to bring her biological family over, that is the ultimate goal.
Help To Buy
Great that David wants to support 1st time buyers under forty. But what about those over forty!!!
Most of my friends over forty do not own a property as they cannot afford even save enough to get onto the property ladder. They are delaying having families as a reason.... How terrible is that. They do not dare to take risks or change jobs out of the potential loss of security and to harm their loved ones. 
This isn't about those under forty!!! This is about giving everyone that wants to own a home a chance! 
I live in a small'ish property development in London consisting of 1150 apartments, right next to Battersea Powerstation where the following will be equally applicable of not worse. Rents are insane and house prices even more so! Here's why:
Out of the 1150 apartments 50% stands empty all year round. No one is ever there, don't even come to inspect the properties!!! This has been confirmed by the management office. Owned by overseas property investors! Where is the value in that, absolutely none! They don't bring value to the country, they are not spending any money nor supporting the GDP in fact they are doing the complete opposite. They buy to speculate meaning they buy to sell at a gain and thereby draining money out of the society!!! If they don't live here and if there are no further prospects of future profitable returns for them, will repatriate their funds and invest elsewhere, unless of course those funds are place here as a safe heaven from illegal, dodgy or black economies in the first place and a fact is that many Londoners, foreigners as well as Brits, expect overseas buyers to be laundering their money in london properties which is seemingly easy. Just look at who the main buyers are. Italians, Russians and the French. The KYCs of banks and lawyers are jokes, getting better but still jokes - why not make a rule to check with the respective governments if the investment funds are registered and rightfully paid taxes on.....! Even just ten years ago I heard about a Russian buying a property in cash, walked into a UK bank with a suitcase filled with cash!!! What....! And this is still possible in Switzerland for a small fee and then we believe they are clean and legal.
Out of the 1150 apartments only 25pct are occupied by the owners and another 35pct are let out. No wonder the prices are going  through the roof and there's a massive bubble. 
Are every politician afraid that they own houses are going to loose value since they don't seem to understand or deal with the issue at hand!!!! They have to focus on the real economy. People who actually want to live work and contribute to society. 
In other countries they restrict overseas buying if they are not permanent residents. If the politicians weren't such wimps they would introduce an annual tax every for every flat without tenants or permanent residents. 
This isn't just about the short term game of earning purely on property purchase taxes. Focus on building the economy and making London the place to live rather than destroy lives and opportunities because of shortsightedness. 
If you want a comparable. Look towards Copenhagen. 
Time for every politician to do what's right for the country and those who wants to live here. Most wealthy foreigners with money will never retire here. Focus on keeping the money in the country!!!
I know many great Brits looking to move to Berlin or other cities because standard of living is way higher and job opportunities are equal if not better. 
Wishing for a better future. 
Yes Voter's Anger
Dear Mr Cameron,
My name is Paul R. Reynolds I am a 46 year old disabled man from Penilee in Glasgow (my main disability is Cerebral Palsy) and the reason I am writing to you is to ask to intervene on my behalf to ask the Canadian Government to allow me to emigrate there as I wish to renounce my British Citezenship and live there.  This has been a decision that I have reached after many factors were taken into account and I shall set out my reasons in the following paragraphs.
The Scottish Referendum:- 
Now that Scotland has voted NO I feel that we lost a unique opportunity for real change of politics Social and Economic issues and perhaps more importantly a chance to address and heal the historic wrongs of the past and the damage done to our heritage culture and influence on the world, Scotland has given the world everything from Television, Tarmac and the Telephone to Grand Theft Auto no other nation of similar size has done so much and has received so little credit for what it has done and continues to do I could go on with countless other examples but that would take the rest of this email but this is particularly dispiriting.
Although I share the revulsion and anger that you reflected over the beheading of Mr Haines I do not agree with this approach of not puting Boots on the Ground it is clear that from the murder of Lee Rigby which happened in London IN BROAD DAYLIGHT we are ALREADY at risk here in Britian never mind from potentially returning terrorists from Syria and I certainly do not feel safe here any more.
Disability benefits:-
Amid the shambles of the current review process I  would remind you that there are 2 models of Disability the medical model which details the condition and limitations of a person to the social model which details the society and attudinal limitations such as access to buildings etc but I would want to point out the lack of security for those Disabled people like me who were born with conditions that mean we have had to battle from DAY 1 there should have been an exemption from the process for those with life long conditions, I am acutely aware that you lost your son Ivan in 2009 and that he had the same conditions as me and may I say how truly sorry I am for your loss but as someone who has survived into middle age with this condition the ageing process makes day to day living BLOODY HARD for example 3 years ago it would take me about 7 mins to get dressed today it takes me about 45+ mins depending on my pain levels which obviously changes from day to day and that fact alone has a huge impact on my ability to work or not but it is not the only factor but the continued uncertainty over the benefits that I live on does not help either and is another reason that I wish to leave the UK.
My own personal happiness:-
As I have already said I am 46 years old and I have a raft of medical issues but I have been to Canada several times and I have family members that live throughout the country it has long been my dream to live in Toronto or Niagra Falls and run my own screen printing business         there.  On my last visit in 2010 I did ask some of my family if they would sponsor me to live there but they refused although their reasons were unclear although I suspect they thought they would have to look after me which is simply not the case this is partly why I am asking for your help lets be clear Mr Cameron I am clear and sincere in my wish to emigrate I fully realise there are massive hurdles to overcome but it is my belief that EVERYONE deserves to be happy and that I should do this while I have the health and strength to do so, I am also fundamentally unhappy living here I am SCOTTISH not British and yesterdays result was the absolute final straw for me when I voted yesterday it was with these words in mind "It is NOT for Glory we fight BUT for FREEDOM ALONE" from the Declaration of Arbroath but now it is time to move on so I am respectfully asking you to help I will leave contact details at the end of this email I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Yours sincerely
Paul R
No Vote Wins
I have the fullest respect for you, I have voted no in the Scottish referendum, because I believe that we are great Britain.
Please do not let the no voters have ammunition for the future, let us move forward with the changes you have promised.
I am English born in Cheshire, moved to Wales with my parents at the age of 9, then moved to Scotland at the age of 34, I am now 56, I am British and proud of it, and I work in Iraq. I support you, now please support us.
 Chris Neate
Dear Sir,
No matter what the outcome of the referendum in Scotland on Thursdayeveryone accepts that there will be change.
There are several points which I feel need to be addressed:
a.    In the event of a NO vote, which I fully support, there is an opportunity to define what the Union, the United Kingdom, really means.
b.    The removal of all the Westminister MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is essential and must be placed on the agenda. I feel that Westminister should allow the member countries to mature. Let go of the metaphorical leash as it were.
c.    The new definition of the Union would be based around a framework where we share the Armed Forces, Foreign Policy, Currency, etc. I feel that this is easily achievable.
d.    A committee of MPs from each country could form something similar to the Cabinet that we have currently. They can make the decisions about policy within this new definition. The only caveat that I can see is the England must not be allowed to have a majority vote on this committee without the support of at least one other country.
I think it’s time that the United Kingdom grow ups and becomes the great nation that anyone wants. It is the political, religious and cultural differences that make our nation great. Let us take this historic opportunity to really make a difference.
Ian W.
Yes Campaign
Dear Mr Cameron,
We the Scots, have had the benefit of the Union for over 300 years. Despite our difference the union has protected us through two world wars and the cold war. It may well  to protect us from the expansionism that is now underway by the Russian Federation. I feel a little ashamed that the Union is at risk from those who would shower themselves in glory at the expense of our people and disgusted by most of the media who have shown a bias at every turn. I suppose fair an honest reporting died decades ago.
With the inevitable Yes vote your Government needs to start planning  ‘now’. Your Chiefs of the Armed Service need to have a plan for the drawdown of the Military in Scotland. It should be remember that the service men and women have sworn allegiance to the Crown, not England, Wales or Scotland but the Crown. Therefore London has control as long as may be necessary.
An immediate drawn down of all military based including the infrastructure. Starting with closure of the Army Pay and Medal office in Glasgow, relocating to back to Exeter from where it was unfairly removed to help an ungrateful Scotland.
Scotland will need to decide if it wants to retain any of the Scots forces and accept total financial responsibility.
The building of military vessels must be moved south of the border where it will benefit your work force.
Scotland must take financial responsibility for the Coast Guard and Air Sea Rescue within 6 month or close it down.
Passport service must be suspended only issuing passports for 6 months, until Scotland sets up its own
After 12 months all UK passports held by the Scots become invalid – Passport Offices in Scotland close
Driving licensees only issued for 6 months until Scotland set up its own
After 12 months DVLA cease to service Scotland’s addresses and Licensing Centers in Scotland Close
Scotland must agree to take on its proportion of the nation debt based on head of population the moment the remainder of the UK cease to collect taxes from them (12 months)
Closure of Inland Revenue Offices
Closure of Social Security and Benefit offices within 12 months .
Scotland takes responsibility for all Government pensions within 12 months.
UK government subsidies and investment ceases immediately
Scotland takes immediate financial responsibility for Air Traffic Control
The UK Civil Aviation Authority to be withdraws after 12 months and passed to a similar Scots system
Scotland and the reminder of the UK must negotiate a cross border trade agreement, as they will no longer be an EU member.
Medical treatment in the remainder of the UK will have to be paid by anyone who are normally Scots , as the EHIC(EU) system will not be available to them.
The list is actually endless and just shows the lack of thought process by those hoping to grab power at our expence.
Yours sincerely
From Aberdeen but fortunately living abroad
A supporter of Scotland but not the SNP
No Campaign for Scotland
Mr Cameron
I have tried on numerous occassions to contact you in your commons office. I had tried to warn you that the welfare reforms and Ian Duncan Smith could let the YES vote through on September the 18th. It is as a Scot against a Scot in IDS it fell to you choose to assist the pernicious Mr Smith to control your appalling reform that are only to save money and to hell with the welfare of your fellow people needing help. I hold you responsible for the NO vote to be put in this position and as the Scottish government have called a halt to our Parties welfare reforms and that may just get them over the line. I can assure you that we will lose to Labour in May 2015 and maybe then, you will look  and reflect on your coalition of dooms harm to our country in the guise of welfare reforms.
I forecast a NO vote but it will be close as their are a lot of people I know that are voting YES and they outnumber the NO camp.
Jim M
Scotland 15/09/2014
Dear Mr. Cameron,
I am writing to You to express my support towards Your attitude, and towards Your policy as well, regarding the Scottish issue.
I have no rights or the influence concerning the referendum on 18th September, however I am really upset about the contemporary situation and the future of Great Britain. Living in the Czech Republic, a part of so called "Eastern Block" of Europe, and I will never forget and I will always be grateful for the Mrs. Margaret Thatcher's contribution to regaining our freedom. It was Great Britain which faced successfully the Nazism, it was Great Britain which helped to defeat the Soviet Union and won the Cold War, and it is Great Britain which is the guarantee of freedom, peace and stability.
In these days, I feel it is just Great Britain which needs the support. Both Europe and the World itself need strong and confident Britain. The conservatism of the monarchy is a huge benefit for the whole Europe and the World.
I keep my fingers crossed for You and Great Britain and I will pray for the Union.
Mr. Cameron, in these difficult days, You have to be strong.
Yours Sincerely,
09 september 2014
Dear Sir:
It is about time that you started to act like the Prime Minister of this once great nation.   Millions of citizens - and I'm talking about indigenous British people - are terrified with regard to the increasing threat posed by muslims in this country.
Yet you continue to pontificate.  Your leadership acumen is non-existent.  A muslim army is cutting through the middle east, killing hundreds every day, while threatening to do the same to us.  Successive British governments have failed to maintain an effective immigration policy, and our porous borders have seen the influx of thousands of people who do not wish us well.
The current threat is worse than that posed by the Germans during WW2.  At least we had a brave and courageous leader in those days.  One who loved his country and knew what to do and say.
If you are as weak as you appear, please do resign from the government and stand aside for someone who loves this country and is prepared and willing to take the necessary action to preserve our way of life, protect the people, and stop this downslide.  The truth is, it is probably already too late.
Empower our Police and military; increase their numbers and give them the tools they need to protect us.  Community coppers, walking about with smiles on their faces, are a waste of time. The Armed Services have been decimated and the ploy to increase volunteers has failed.  We require an efficient fighting force, with the right numbers and equipment.
Most of all, strengthen our borders and stop the influx of immigrants who are not needed here.  Stop asylum seekers, stop those who do not have the skills necessary to take existing vacancies.  Dissuade economic migrants, by removing the ease with which they are able to obtain benefits.
Repatriate convicted aliens, and those who come here illegally and by false pretences.
This country is over populated, and the taxpayers cannot pay for any more.  The NHS is broke, the Police and legal system is under pressure, our prisons are overcrowded.
For goodness sake do something about it.
I have voted Conservative all my life.  In the last local elections I voted for the UKIP for the first time in nearly fifty (50) years.  I have every intention of voting for the UKIP in the next General Election, if the situation does not change.  And so are my friends and relatives.
Mr Cameron; please save this country and give us back our way of life.  The indigenous people of the nation are becoming the minority and the downtrodden and the threatened.
Michael T
To Rt Hon David Cameron
09/09/2014 I taking this time to email you re the Ashya King case, you need to get involved in this and get them released as a matter of urgency. These parents are just doing what you and any normal parent would do, we all know what the hospitals are like in this country, and the information they gave police may not have been the truth, re food batteries etc, these parents have that child at there best interest. I ask you to come out and be proactive and speak on sky news and our Spanish friends to get the parents released today, because the only people suffering is the child and the parents, I don't know what the hospital or police have said, handcuffs please, now they are in custody. I now think the hospital and police need to be investigated as a matter of urgency, and not brushed under the carpet or covered up, they need to be accountable, just like the public if we do something wrong. Mark C
Dear Mr Cameron,
In June this year, my wife and I set out from our home near Lincoln, for our annual camping holiday in France. We were booked on a DFDS cross-channel ferry from Dover and were using our own car.  
On arrival at the ferry terminal our passports and booking documents were inspected and we continued into the terminal, where border control staff singled us out for a security search. We had to get out of the car, which was searched to some extent, and I was personally searched and sent through a scanner. Naturally we had nothing of any interest to the security team and were waved through to the ferry.  All well and good you might say.  
Whilst we accept that security checks are necessary, it baffles and angers us that it was thought necessary to search 2 white law-abiding indigenous English pensioners (I am 68 and my wife is 63) who were clearly holidaymakers - we were leaving for France in a car full of camping kit!  We should therefore appreciate your comments on the following:
  • shouldn't border control staff be concentrating on foreigners trying to enter the country rather than white English pensioners leaving on holiday? We thought they were supposed to be nailing foreign terrorists trying to sneak in - why weren't they doing that? It's worrying that they're wasting time and public resources in such a futile way.
  • why was it necessary to have an apparently Asian man search 2, relatively old, English born and bred residents in their own country?  Whilst this person was pleasant, polite and efficient we nevertheless found the whole principle insulting - because we are the ones with roots here since time immemorial. People like us aren't terrorists, and if this type of comment raises hackles, please consider that such treatment raises the hackles of many indigenous English people.
  • why did no-one else seem to be stopped even though almost all of the vehicles in the queue had foreign registrations? Are white English pensioners thought to be a particular threat to the French?
  • even more ridiculous was that on our return 3 weeks later, along with everyone else we were waved straight through all the controls at Dover without a glance at our passports etc, when we might have had a car-load of weapons/explosives/ anthrax/plutonium - or even worse perhaps, from a politically correct standpoint - a Union Jack.   
Why am I writing to you now? Well having seen you on BBC 6pm News this evening (1 September), I got the impression that the government still doesn't have the will to take the bull by the horns as some other advanced nations would,  by kicking out and keeping out known terrorists and tracking down those undercover - whatever the consequences might be. Too many ifs and buts giving encouragement to the wrong people. The Lee Rigby outrage should have been sufficient. We look forward to your comments.
Yours faithfully,
David G
Looking at the way ISIS (ISIL) is conquering vast areas of Iraq, one can't help but wonder whether there is another country or another dictatorship is behind ISIS. People wonder what it is that makes people commit crimes that are unthinkable to the sane mind. The soldiers of the ISIL terrorist organization are bestially killing civilians - children, mothers, the elderly - among the Iraqi Kurds, Christians, Yasids and other minorities. I would like to emphasize that they are soldiers of a terrorist organization, not soldiers of Islam, because that would be an offense to the multitude of peaceful and humane Moslems belonging to the Islamic religion (yet, the time is coming when various Islamic nations will have to face the terrorists who are spreading the spirit of death and hatred). There is but one Creator, but there are many religions, and it is our dear Creator that teaches us to respect other religions as we respect our own, because this is the only way to become a true believer whom the Creator loves like his child. If the ISIS members could discard their insane hatred for a mere moment, they would feel the merciful warmth of God's light within them, and this light is what makes a person feel happy and gives them a purpose. This merciful light gives birth to love, and we know that love connects people, while hatred separates them. Sometimes I fall because I feel contempt and anger, not hatred, for those greedy people because of whom there are hundreds of millions of hungry children around the world (In each and every country in Africa, presidents, prime ministers and other weak-spirited people are enjoying expensive limousines, luxurious villas, swimming pools and gourmet cuisine, while at the same time their subjects are literally dying of hunger, cholera and ebola. If we were to go continent by continent, we would most certainly encounter horrible injustice caused by human greed, but it never prompted me to consider terrorism or revolutions, knowing that it gives birth to terrible hatred. When I write about greedy politicians and businessmen from a critical standpoint, I do not hate those people. Quite the opposite, I am humbly pray that my sociological poetry, my fiction, plays and essays may reach their hearts and minds. If their hearts remain closed, they will be the biggest losers who have forsaken God's gift of life).
After a string of horrible massacres, the world has realized that ISIS is a powerful terrorist organization that feeds on hatred. Anyone with a sane mind and pure heart knows that hatred is, most of all, destroying those who are infected with it, because it doesn't just destroy the mind and body, but also the soul of those who hate. One common Creator gave us the present of the light of all lighs. Why? To guide us out of the thick forest of temptation. Each person is fighting the two selves within. Good and evil are following people more closely than their own shadows, and each person has the freedom to choose. Whether they shall fall or not depends on the strength of their spirits. Accepting evil is akin to losing this battle. Greed and hatred are the dark side of every person. Greed does not discriminate by either race, religion or gender.
What does ISIS (ISIL), the most dangerous of all terrorist organizations, have in common with the dictator Bashar Al Assad? It is greed! The greed for power is a disease more evil than the greed for money. You might not believe this, but the monstrous dictator Bashar Al Assad and the leaders of the disreputed terrorist organization ISIS share the same master, and it is greed. Any means of controlling people is alright with them. It is ghastly to see how charmingly the dictator Bashar Al Assad is presenting himself to the free world, as if he was a terrorist-fighting hero. Does this senseless dictator believe that the free world has already forgotten the fact that it was him who commanded his criminal hordes of murderers (who are not worth being called an army) to kill their own people with chemical weapons.  And as if that wasn't enough, he ordered them to kill the few remaining civilians - children, mothers and the elderly - with barrel bombs. Sadly, the Syrian Christians got hooked by the dictator, and so they did not join the uprising against Al Assad along with their Moslem brothers. They did not realize that turning their backs on them made them victims of the mad dictator, too. Freedom is an unalienable right of every person, and freedom was all that the hundreds of thousands of students and workers in Syria wanted! Although I respect president Obama's current struggle to stop the massacre in Iraq by means of air raids, I have to note that he made a big mistake in Syria. When the dictator Bashar Al Assad crossed the red line by using chemical weapons to attack his own people, president Obama must have had ordered air raids against Al Assad's military strongholds and communication lines, not just to protect the credibility of American policies towards the Middle East, but for the sake of the Syrian civilians too. As it says on the face of American banknotes: In God we trust! Because it is our faith in God that teaches us the noble values if freedom, due to which the U.S.A. is the most powerful nation in the world. Sadly, president Obama fell for the bluffs and the duplicity of the Russian emperor Putin. When I wrote that one dictator is always protecting the other, the White House administration thought that I went too far, but my claims soon turned out to be true. By annexing the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine, Putin tore off his own mask. Had the U.S.A., together with France, performed air raids on Bashar Al Assad's dictatorial regime, it would have led to a conclusive victory for the Syrian opposition coalition and the Free Syrian Army, who openly struggled for a democratic Syria, where every person, regardless of race, gender or religion would be able to live in freedom. Sadly, the air raids never happened (and I was particularly disappointed by the smug and cowardly British policies towards Syria). It was only a question of time before extremist islamic groups would gain power in Syria. Don't you think that the cunning dictator helped them? Whom does the current chaos in Iraq and Syria suit most of all? The dictator Bashar Al Assad! Isn't it strange how ISIS (ISIL) was quickly armed in Syria and then, lo and behold, just as quickly moved its units and heavy weaponry from Aleppo in central Syria towards northern Iraq? Do you really believe that they weren't supported by the cunning dictator Bashar Al Assad?
We don't have to accept evil in order to defeat it. The Syrian political opposition and the Free Syrian Army is in dire need of American logistic and military support, as well as American air raids against ISIL and Bashar Al Assad's dictatorial regime. The Syrian opposition coalition and the Free Syrian Army should sign a contract in order to verify that they will create a new Syrian constitution after the fall of Al Assad, in which they will guarantee freedom to all religions in Syria, the freedom of speech, freedom for all political parties, a free market - all in all, all the values that are written down in the American constitution, the best and most noble of all the constitutions in the world. I have to repeat myself and say that the Arab spring is the key to victory over worldwide terrorism. Why? Because democracy gives rise to a defensive mechanism against greed and hatred in people. In a true democracy, each person is making decisions as a free individual, and they are responsible for their own lives, and we know that free individuals cannot be manipulated. This is also a recipe for peace in Palestine and Israel. The military occupation and inhumane rocket attacks against Gaza must be urgently stopped, because what the dominant Israeli army is doing only makes the Palestinians feed on hatred, even those who are still undecided, but who can become members of ISIS or another terrorist organization in the very near future. After all, the Lord teaches us that its is pagan and inhumane to bomb civilian buildings, and it is even more inhumane for Israeli citizens to watch that bombing from their hills, sitting in chairs and drinking beer, as if it was a movie theater. This is akin to betraying faith and God! Those who are doing it are infected with hatred and, as such, they are no different from ISIS. I am dreaming of the day when the HAMAS and Palestine will recognize Israel as a state, and when Israel will definitely recognize Palestine as a state, and use their great economic capacity to help Gaza rebuild whatever they tanks have destroyed. To make it clear, HMAS is also making a mistake bombing Israeli civilians, and those who are doing it and destroying Israeli civilian residences are just as infected with hatred, and are no different from the ISIL terrorist organization. The most just of all judges, the man in the mirror, is humbly asking all those who are a part of the HAMAS and who profess their love for all Palestinians: are you really comfortable seeing dead children in their crying mothers' embraces? The man in the mirror is asking all the Israelis who swear upon the Bible on a daily basis and claim that they love Israel more than their own lives the same question. Hatred is not only killing faith, but also love, in the absence of which there is no true patriotism.
Walter S
Dear Mr Cameron,
Having read that carers save the UK £119 billion a year, wouldnt it be, and I hate to use an old Brownism here, PRUDENT to invest a little of this back to pay the unpaid carers, many of who are on call 24/7, a little money to help them fill in the defecit of having no, or very little income?
Having a mother who has dementia, we  insisting we look after her ourselves have found out the hard way that this  is actually frowned upon by the NHS, as when you endeavour to "do your duty", very little help, in fact none, is offered, and every step of the way becomes an obstacle course. Even getting some medications is a minefield,  and an attitude of "you think you can do my job better than me" soon becomes apparent from the jobsworths who actually see you as a threat to their career in elderly care, when  in care these poor elderly people are invariably drugged to the gills. 
Surely it is better to accept the responsibility of the frailty of your older loved ones than to reach for the telephone to find "a good home" ? We have become a civilisation who give more thought to the welfare of a family pet than the care of a family member.
Yet these carers, who sometimes give up good careers, well paid jobs, plans for their own retirement, are a forgotten, neglected, unpaid army of people who are sacrificing their next few years to ensure the safety and happiness of those they hold dear. There is of course an alternative, the nursing home, which will cost the taxpayer maybe in excess of a thousand pounds a week.....I would never wish to quote G Brown under any circumstance, but again I say it would be prudent to pay a small amount, encourage others to home care, which is a natural part of family life, and save the UK even more than the £119,000,000,000 we already save you. Think of the alternative, if  the carers, all down tools and call the nursing homes, care homes, and go off and live their own lives....that £119 billion we save you will evaporate and an even bigger debt will follow through.......prudence!
Appologies for any errors, this was sent from a  tablet by a rather untechno older citizen.
21 APRIL 2014
Dear Prime Minister,
I am appalled that you should be  be castigated for describing this realm as a Christian country. We are indeed a Christian country, albeit a country which does not militate against other faiths nor indeed, those of no faith.
Although I am a Labour activist, I am also a Eucharistic Minister, so you might say I have a vested interest in supporting you in this vital issue. Please do not allow yourself to be browbeaten by a vociferous fringe do publicity seekers.
Harry T
Dear Mr Cameron,   Whilst I applaude the idea of getting some values back into politics, I do think you will need to change your behaviour.
Right now you are a politician and you might consider how your behaviour could impact on your role as a Christian and as a parent.
1.  You bully people in Parliament with whom you disagree.   Not very Christian and a poor parental example.
2.  You lie to the public.   Not very Christian and a poor parental example 
3.  You constantly threaten people you disagree with.  Not very Christian and a poor parental example.  
4.  You are always wanting to attack other people with weapons - assuming that you have the ultimate truth.  Not very Christian and a poor parental example. 
5.  You adore your arms industry but care little for the poor.  Not very Christian and a poor parental example. 
6.  You say one thing and do another (your fracking exploits).   Not very Christian and a poor parental example.
7.  You have got in with some very unworthy company.   (The bully - know it all - arrogant - we want everything - Americans.)  Not very Christian and a poor parental example. 
8.  You support your inner circle of lobbyists but from September I may not practice freedom of speech.   Not very Christian and a poor parental example.  
9.  You suffer from extreme arrogance and have no real contact with ordinary folk so you do not understand them.  Not very Christian and a poor parental example.   
10.  You do not seem to ascribe to values or integrity, or honesty or transparency or common or garden decency.   Not very Christian and a poor parental example. 
11.  Frankly you just look like a weak, school playground, rather ignorant bully.  
There is an answer to this.  Stop being a cheap politican and everything that involves and instead become a statesman who puts the country first and always acts with dignity and caring and consideration and is a true leader.  
Let us try diplomacy with Russia and China - they will be taking over the world because Europe and America have made such a mess of things and continue to do so.   So we need to be friends with the right people. 
Lastly.  Britain and Europe spent the past 100 odd years plundering Africa instead of building it up.  Stealing its minerals and working against the ordinary folk to make sure corrupt politicians (that word again) could survive and thrive.   Britain and Europe really deserve the mess they are in because they were greedy and shortsighted.   
Just supposing you had all worked to develop Africa.  Today Britain and Europe would probably be incredibly powerful and wealthy.  
Instead we have boat loads of starving Africans looking for something better.    You did a real number on Africa didn't you?  And now you are all going to pay for it.
And now you want to destroy the Middle Eastern countries and cause more chaos which no one with any sense thinks is necessary. 
So..... I ask you..... Who are the REAL terrorists in this world?????
Time to reflect?   I doubt it.   That would require some soul searching.
Thank you for reading this ----  if you did.
Sincerely V.M
Dear Prime Minister,
Although I can understand the reasons for your Easter Message, it was very ‘well-worded’ I would ask you to ask yourself, as Prime Minister, should I be promoting any specific religion or actually, the concept of religions? It’s a difficult one to answer, as leader of a country with historic Christian links, it would be a brave PM who would want to upset any group of ‘believers' and I can see the point of your message was to praise and encourage the good work done in the community. Sadly, it isn’t so simple.
Think of it this way, could all this community spirit exist without Christianity? Of course it could, it’s human nature. In fact, all religions are divisive by their very existence, religion is a personal thing and should be kept out of Government, you have many more problems to worry about than peoples individual spiritual weakness.
You seem to come across as a strong person, and I have always been a Conservative voter (yes OK I was wooed by New Labour, the only real option at the time) but this constant referral to Britain being a Christian country is really disappointing, and I wonder where it’s coming from or leading to? Britain is at most a ‘Convenience Christian’ country, a very different concept. People want somewhere nice to be married, buried and a few things in between, but if asked about the beliefs and dogma of the main churches… would probably not have much to say. All these ‘community rituals’ could easily be performed by secular organisations, and I would be the first to admit, they are very bad at promoting that fact, and in contrast, the Christians have it all wrapped up!
I’m a very pragmatic designer, so only really look at the facts,here are some quick pointers for you to bear in mind,
Easter as a festival goes back well beyond Christian times, in fact, most of the important dates in the Christian calendar were generated to take over from Pagan festivities.
You visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem, but did you find heaven on earth, of course not. You found the most troubled, decisive hateful towns one could ever come across!
Alpha Courses, soup kitchens, homeless shelters probably do some ‘good', but this is the way Christian organisations ‘muscle in’ on the weak. Don’t shirk your governmental responsibilities to the unintelligent, it’s just letting the Christians in by the back door. Just like they do in poorer countries all over the world, and like they did in Britain when we fell for it. Giving food and help to the weak is common sense, but don’t confuse humanity and kindness with Christian dogma and beliefs.
I can see why the Government supports the Near Neighbours Programme, but please be mindful to refer always to ‘belief systems’ rather than religions, it’s an important distinction to make. If people think they have to have a religion, they will never grasp the concept of standing on their own two feet, making their own decisions, using and developing their own intelligence, referring to scientific and other factual knowledge rather than just ‘praying’ to an invented god. I would hardly refer to Christians as a minority, in some countries maybe, but they have a very powerful backup to call upon!
David and your family, please have a great Eastere break, and enjoy all the festivities and symbolism that remind us of the Spring Equinox and renewal after a long (and very wet) winter! Good luck with the forthcoming elections, focus on employment and the economy, avoid ‘religions' and ‘family values’.
Kind Regards,
Gerald P.
Unbelievable!  How can DC say he supports Christianity when he has promoted secular values such as
Same Sex "Marriage"!
He is losing his last vestige of credibility.
Dear Mr Cameron
Congratulations.  I applaud you heartily in having the courage to state your belief in Jesus publically.
It is a proud moment to say Great Britain is a Christian country, build on the foundation of Jesus.  Yet with the loving heart of Christ to all people, no matter what their personal beliefs.
I want a prime minister with the courage to include Christianity in politics. And especially the morals within into this great country. 
I have never voted Conservative before, but with your consistent message regarding faith, you absolutely have my vote in the next elections and beyond.
We will being praying for you, that your faith continues to deepen, and your intimacy with our loving Father grows daily.  That you will be a great, just and good prime minister.  My recent studies are on the book of 2 Chronicles 14 and 15, and the story of Asa. Please take heart in Asa's prayer.  Please remind yourself of that great reformer king - who brought God back to the forefront. 
 11 And Asa cried out to the LORD his God, and said, “LORD, it is nothing for You to help, whether with many or with those who have no power; help us, O LORD our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go against this multitude. O LORD, You are our God; do not let man prevail against You!”
May God Bless you mightily
Alex T
28 march 2014
Rogue Businesses
Dear Mr Cameron
I am writing regarding the number of rogues who set up businesses, rip off customers, not pay their taxes and get into debt then apply for bankruptcy only to start up another business it really has to stop.
I was ripped off by a man who charged me VAT but was not VAT registered.  When I contacted him over two years ago he said he wouldn't give me the money back even the HMRC and taking him to court did no good either.
I am still pursuing him as he was supposed to claim bankruptcy but moved premises and opened company. In September '13 he told the judge he wasn't working for himself and had not even started the second business up as it was just a thought. (I caught him out by telephoning the second company and he introduced himself and offered to come out and take measurements). He said he was working p/t and the judge ordered him to pay £5 p.m. which I still have not received a penny. 
The court then sent out a bailiff to his employer who didn't deduct the payment and when asked to attend court they didn't attend they moved premises again. but an advert was is my free paper so I informed the courts.
The bailiff finally served the papers on 26 Mar'14 for the company to attend court 15 April'14. The company contacted he court to say the employee had left after a couple of weeks and came back as self employed (another scam).
When I first started work in accounts approx. 40 yrs. ago IF a company claimed bankruptcy they could NOT start another business UNTIL they paid back ALL monies owed. I think it should revert back to this ASAP as this is just another way of not paying their taxes.
Yours sincerely
Kathleen R
28 March 2014
LBC Debate Clegg vs. Farage
Dear Prime Minister, The UK public were glued to their sets today watching and listening to the debate between Clegg and Farage. It is interesting that you chose not to take part.  Can we take from this that you have nothing worthwhile to add to the debate?  Perhaps you don't have any arguments worth listening to? Perhaps you were just too scared to attend giving your past poor performance in such debates? I wonder why? Sincerely Stephen F Inheritance Tax 25/03/2014
Dear Mr Cameron,
It has been reported that you have repeated your wish to increase the Nil rate band to £1,000,000 if you are returned after the next general election.
You and you Shadow Chancellor at the time, now the Chancellor of the Exchequer, both pledged to increase the Nil rate band to £1,000,000
as a promise to the electorate before the general election of 2010. Subsequently you did not do so, blaming the failure to do so on the Coalition Agreement with the Liberal Democrats.
This, of course, is nonsense; if you had been committed to this subject, you would have forced this through without any trouble whatsoever, or ought to have done so. It is hardly a deal breaker.
Now you are promising again to address this serious problem, prior to a general election. How are we, your natural Conservative supporters, to have any trust that, given similar circumstances after the election, that you won’t give way a second time?
In any case, if you should be in the unlikely position of forming a Conservative government next May. how do we know that this will not be another broken promise, just as the referendum on EU membership disappeared?
My father was a hard working man, who, at one time, paid 98% investment income surcharge to the Wilson/Healey Labour government of the 1970’s. Despite this, he still strove to save and managed to leave an estate to my mother, who died in 2010 (having voted Conservative earlier in the year). As your promise was revoked, my family had to pay nearly £200,000 of those hard won savings.
In the circumstances, the very least you can do before the 2015 election is to promise to those who copped the tax calculated on the difference between £650,000 and £1,000,000 that you will repay this iniquitous amount of tax, if elected, either to Conservative or Coalition government.
My support for you, in a seat you need to win, depends on this.
Otherwise it will be Ukip
Yours sincerely
Nigel H
Labour Council closures
Dear David Cameron. I am writing this in the hope that you are able to assist in reversing the planned decision by the Labour controlled Doncaster Council to close 4 out of the 8  Social Education centres for young adults with learning difficulties, 1 of which is attended by our daughter who has Down Syndrome. The Labour controlled council say that they have to save £103 million over the next 3 years, so, these cuts are necessary. Along with other Parent/carers we totally disagree, there must be other ways of saving this amount of money, after all, they are obliged to make alternative arrangements for these people. What are they hoping to achieve ? Is this the Labour controlled councils way of taking the easy way out ? they've had enough problems with their Children's Services as you are aware. My local Conservative Parish counsellor Cynthia Ransome, is in total agreement with me and does push hard to try to revert this decision to be made by the Labour majority Mayor and Cabinet in June. I sincerely hope that you or someone somewhere can get through to these Counsellors, that this situation is going to be Life changing for these people, are the Council members going to stop and ask themselves "Is this what I became a Counsellor to do". Is this the best way of serving the local community ? by causing upset,worry and disruption to these vulnerable people.   I think not. I hope Prime Minister, that you have found the time to read this and possibly exert some influence upon these people.
Yours sincerely
Pat and Ken G CRIMEA and PUTIN Santions 20/3/2014
Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
For weeks, a very tenuous situation in the Ukraine plus the recent flare-up over the Crimean peninsula have monopolized news-channels. Many Europeans now start to ponder the consequences of a possible war and the ensuing supply disruption in natural gas deliveries. However, even without a war the current stalemate made the long existing underlying weakness in European gas supplies more obvious.
It's also important to know that Gazprom incessantly works on building a brand new pipeline system reaching towards China in order to achieve independence from what they perceive as fickle European customers. If today, Russia stopped gas deliveries into Europe, it would be hurt at least as much as the European customers would be. This has established a tenuous balance of fear between the supplier nation and the customers, which we are. This balance of fear will tilt in Russia’s favor once the pipelines to China are operational. A stick that Russia is willing to wield and not hesitate to use as we see during today’s crisis.
At the same time Europe is suffering from high energy prices and the consequential drain of brain and investment. Some countries have already lost a third of their industrial output due to companies moving across the Atlantic.
In order to rebalance the relationship, Europe must establish the basis for a much more diversified gas supply portfolio. This means that new supply routes have to be established and LNG must be considered as a real option. Russian pipeline builders will have finished the first pipes into China in just a few years. There is no time to waste as establishing new gas supply cannot be done at short notice.
Many are talking about the possibility of importing US shale gas through LNG into Europe now. While shale gas is cheap in the US, it is very expensive feedstock for LNG export plants. Also, permitting will take many years before the first project can be built, let alone gas supplies to Europe can commence. It would be much easier and much more economically feasible to develop new LNG projects in the Gulf of Guinea in order to bring the LNG to Europe then.
For the last couple of years we have developed a LNG project in Nigeria called Alkebulan LNG. Essentially, we will liquefy waste gas from marginal fields and flares in the Niger Delta in modular liquefaction facilities, collect it in a hub and transport it to market. So far, we have aimed only at the Republic of South Africa (RSA) as a customer for phase one.
We have planned to expand the project and build a collection point from which large scale LNG transport vessels will be able to transport LNG to other continents at a later stage. This works as a sort of hub, collecting smaller volumes and aggregating them into large volumes in order to make inter-continental transport economically attractive.
We only use flare gas for our project. This is a by-product of oil production and would have been wasted anyhow. It helps to save the African environment and strengthens the local economies. This would also lead to better connections between European companies in many sectors and the burgeoning Nigerian economy.
This project is under development for some years now and we have established project companies in Nigeria and in the RSA in order to develop it further.
If Europe is interested, we are able to advance the second phase of the project and enable earlier LNG deliveries to Europe. This would, in any case, be quicker and cheaper than LNG deliveries from the US. We would require a very strong indication of interest from Europe for that to happen.
I would be very pleased to present this exciting project and opportunity for Europe during a meeting in person. This could be an important step towards more energy independence from Russia and better relations with one of the emerging economic powers of Africa.
Yours sincerely 
Rudolf H
13 January 2014 Please explain why this government is so set on exploiting the extraction of shale gas by hydraulic fracturing - fracking? All the scientific evidence published so far is against it, your own advisory committees have expressed concern, hundreds of communities up and down the country have expressed extreme concern, France has banned it, Holland has banned it, Germany has banned it, Bulgaria has banned it, most of the councils in Eire are against it, most of the authorities in Spain have banned it, even the US is now having second thoughts following considerable social unrest - so why is Britain being so pig-headed about it?  Yesterday's edition of Le Monde in France, very pointedly made the point that the French government would not allow it but one of their "golden" companies, Total, has been granted a licence to frack by the UK government, bringing their total investment in UK oil exploration to over 2 million dollars..
"...despite an equally hostile public opinion to that in France, the Conservative government of David Cameron wants to try to replicate the U.S. shale gas boom. To make this happen the British Finance Minister must grant huge tax deductions to exploration companies....  the British are hoping to compensate for the decline of North Sea Gas. But should they ? .... They took the success of the Thatcher era for success based on good economic policy, when in fact this success was to live beyond their means, and leave future generations depleted!" Le Monde 12/1/2014
Please listen to what the rest of the world is saying, if you care about the future of this countrty, the future of the world - and your own future if you are hoping to be re-elected. Pete R Dear DC
Shale is important. It's there to keep us solid. Fracking will seriously weaken our land and be a disaster for little Britain. Earthquakes have been increasing where Fracking has already taken place. Check the seismology of UK. But surely the floods say it all. We're saturated. Fracking will only increase subsidence and cause widespread contamination. WE ARE NOT A CONTINENT LIKE USA. COMPARE AT YOUR PERIL.!! Need to consider hydro piers and hydro breakwaters offshore. Controlling flooding and generating electricity.
Jan 7 2014
Hello David,
My name is Jozef i am from Poland, i just wanted to tell you that i agree with what you say, people taking child benifit for children who are living in Poland is wrong, if they are that worried about their children why are they not looking after their children themselves in this country or in Poland and only living in a seperate country, I think Donald Tusk should stop crizitizing every little thing you say & should pay you for educating polish children because you actually give our children a really good education in England where in poland you have to pay for all of it,  most Polish people stay with you and are hoping and praying maybe one day the polish goverment runs a country like you do, 
I feel ashamed for polish people who are doing this, and can only feel thay are doing what they are doing because it is the polish goverments fault, if they looked after their own people properly i guessing they wouldn't feel the need to do it,
From me i want to say Thank you very much & Well done
Kindest Regards
Badger Cull
Jan 7 2014
Young people who don't normally vote will be voting Labour, to get you out of power because of the totally unscientific, inhumane, brutal, pointless, badger cull. You just don't realize how many votes you will be losing, with people from all walks of life, including lifelong conservative voters!!! Owen Patterson has become a complete liability to you! 
JAN 6 2014
Badger Cull
Dear Sir,
I am increasingly concerned and upset to hear yet another pro development agenda coming from Mr Owen Paterson.  I find it unbelievable that anybody can possibly think that forests dating back hundreds of years are dispensable for housing or transport projects.  The idea that these forests could be replaced by new trees is utterly ludicrous.  You told us that this would be the greenest Conservative party and even use a tree for your motif, but the language and policies of this government say something completely different, it is very, very depressing.
Yours faithfully
Chris M
Flood Visit
5 Jan 2014
Dear Mr Cameron
Thank you for recently taking the time to visit Yalding.  It may have been coincidence, but the power was restored shortly after you had indicated your understanding for the need.  For the power companies, overwhelmed by outages following the storms, it may have been a case of looking at maps and prioritising the incidents with the largest number of homes affected.  A personal visit such as yours, enables you to evaluate the misery not revealed by a map, of the flood which devastated our village.
As many in our village have, I have been reflecting on this – the 2nd serious flood I have experienced here.  My first point is perhaps trivial, but I have just lent my Freelander 2 to my wife to take her son to the station, since the main road has 6 inches of surface water flooding.  Our narrow lane is often deep in snow.  Sometimes the vilification of “Chelsea tractors” is not appreciated by those of us who live in communities such as Yalding.
More seriously, we took in a couple and their lab on Christmas day – who were taking shelter in the Church.  The power went off before they got a chance for a shower!  But they were warm and dry, and fed.  They had just moved into the village, and lived in an old property opposite the NEW doctors surgery.  New as in “built AFTER the flood of 2000”. A temporary river about 3 feet deep was gushing along the road at about 10 knots between their house and that surgery.   It was built raised up, so I believe the basement only will have flooded and the working floors will have been dry.  But it was inaccessible to any villager during the flood.  You mentioned in your TV interview in our post office, a need to investigate what can be done.  One very obvious point, it seems to me, is to STOP building where it floods, and enable some development in dry areas.  The surgery was built there because it was the “only land available”.  This was because the council seeks to rigidly maintain its existing countryside and refuses to consider expansion of the development areas in the local plan in this countryside.  Broadly, I support that defence of the countryside.  But in the case of villages like Yalding, it seems inappropriate to force development to be squeezed into land KNOWN to flood, rather than permit limited expansion up the hill.
There is currently an application to build on a brownfield site which, whilst not in the village, but about 1 mile away, is part of the parish (and adjacent to the railway station).  Near to the devastated “Little Venice” caravan park.  The whole of this “building site” was under water in the floods, and cut-off.  It may be worth asking Maidstone Borough Council, who are currently undertaking a “call for sites” to enable them to meet central government targets for additional housing in the borough, why they permit development in areas which flood, and why they are not looking to enable limited development to the dry north of villages like Yalding which are blighted by such floods.
Representatives of Maidstone Borough Council planning department could have done with being here on the ground with a timely visit such as yours, and then they might have seen what is obvious “on the ground” but missed in a committee room.
Thank you again for your visit
Yours sincerely
Richard S
5 Jan 2014
Dear Mr Cameron,
Thank you for flagging up the plight of flood victims by visiting Yalding.  What you witnessed is not even half the stress and trauma that those people will go through.  They have months if not years of trying to rebuild their livelihoods and then they still have to live with the prospect of flooding again.  The sound of rain will be enough to get the heart pumping and the stress levels rising.  My heart goes out to them.
Coming from the flooding community you would expect me to berate you about the cuts that the Environment Agency are about to go through. I understand that the country is working very hard to get out of the financial hole we fell into.  But who is going to manage and implement flood risk management in the future?  Who is going to co-ordinate the work required to help the residents of Yalding?
But I really want to save my ‘berating’ for the planning rules that your government has backed through the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which enable flood plains and areas around flood plains to be built upon. Locally we have five developments (proposed or actually being built) that encroach in some way onto the flood plain.  If you are sincere in your desire to help reduce flooding then we could go a long way to preventing future flooding by simply not developing in and around flood plains.
The attached picture of the area around Hatch Farm, Wokingham (taken by Michael Rich on 5th Januaryhttp://www.) shows the current state of a local site which has outline planning permission for hundreds of homes and other ‘essential infrastructure’ (the flooding equivalent of ‘get out of goal free’ card).  Where will the flood water go in future? Is this the way to prevent future flooding?  Is this what the NPPF set out to achieve? 
Common sense tells me that we should be stopping all planned and proposed developments on and around flood plains.  This would give us (residents, local and national government, the EA and the National Flood Forum) the time needed to properly revisit the NPPF and ensure that flooding is addressed effectively such as to prevent unnecessary future flooding.  
The ‘growth economy’ may be vital to the financial recovery of the country but surely not at any cost? 
Yours sincerely
Phiala M
Bulgaria and Romania
13 January 2014
Dear Mr. Cameron,
I find it absolutely disgusting that new “immigrants” can apply for benefits after  months in the country.
In 1994 when my husband and I were given leave to remain in this country, we were advised that no benefits were
Available to us (except National Health) for five years.  We had no intentions of claiming benefits, firstly because we did not know what this meant nor we we ever do so if allowed.  What has happened to that rule.  Have we all gone soft?
We found a way to survive and went into a business which I had for over fourteen years.  Let the newcomers find a way to live and work without handouts.
Just by the way, after working until I turned 70, I must tell you the whole pension I receive is £122 a month and my husband a little more.  We worked and paid taxes and what did we get. 
I repeat, five years for new comers.
I might add that a small fee for everybody who arrives as A&E would also be a good idea.  It would reduce all the pressures from people who waste time at the A&E
Yours faithfully
Mrs. Irene T
13 January 2014 IMMIGRATION Dear DC i live in sheffield which is filling up with people from somalia etc,never mind the long established asian and west indian community and the burkha is not an uncommon sight . unfortunately i live in that idiot clegg's constituency  ie the leafy western suburbs  but even blunkett as mp for brightside is worried about the influx of roma who will be thieving and begging before long and well as living like scum in the wastelands of blunketts brightside.
 whilst i am  right wing and would have sent them all  home long ago  i can only congratulate you on your well written  restrained and balanced article . i have always voted conservative despite having that plonker clegg as my mp but i shall vote ukip in 2015 , and i suspect that i am not alone.
immigration has been a big issue for 15years but no one  dare talk about it thanks to the bbc but we will have to address it now and unless cameron gets his at together the next coalition will be with ukip and not cleggs lot.  it really was a first rate article and i hope the politicians take note DGB Mark Duggan JAN 10 2014 Mark Duggan was NEVER  a threat to the police. the police knew this! the idea that he got a gun to attack or threaten the police is a LIE. totally ridiculous! so he was executed by the police as a cannabis dealer. the police bully the youth in stop and search and steal their expensive cannabis. the police threaten them with prosecution knowing that all cannabis charges are MALICIOUS PROSECUTIONS. the children of the rich and famous grow and smoke marijuana with impunity but the poor are harassed by these uniformed thugs who selectively enforce this unenforceable prohibition and shoot to kill in summary executions as in this institutional RACIST HATE CRIME.  Rodney A Chilcot inquiry 10 Jan 2014
Dear Mr Cameron,
                                We are asking you to reveal the truth about how Tony Blair in the face of overwhelming public opposition dragged this country into a shameful war that has cost the lives of at least 1.5 million Iraq people, plus many hundreds of UK and USA Military personal.
In 2009 the then Lab The our Government under pressure from the British public over Mr.Blair’s actions established the Chilcot inquiry.
We were promised the truth how Britain came to participate in a war that,has done so much to damage relations between IsIamic and Western cultures.
Three years since the last witness gave evidence to the Chilcot inquiry with a cost to the British tax payers of £7.4 Million, the inquiry report remains unpublished. The reason being that Sir John Chilcot, wants permission to publish records of the many phone conversations between Mr.Blair and Mr.Bush in the run up to the war.
However, Mr.Blair-supported by Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood the civil servant who was Blair’s principle secretary from 1999 to 2003 when decisions to go to war were being taken,are blocking their disclosure.These phone records hold a significant importance to Chilcot’s conclusions.
A majority of the British public believe that Mr.Blair along with, Alastair Campbell, exaggerated evidence that Saddam Hussein posed a deadly threat to Britian, while suppressing advice that the decision to go to war may be illegal.
These actions we believe were to trick the Cabinet,Parliament and the British Public into backing an invasion Mr.Blair had already agreed with the US President Mr.Bush.
The record of the phone calls between these two men are expected to confirm this to be true.
Therefore Mr.Cameron, we demand that through your office and with the backing of Parliament you will finally allow the truth about the Iraq war to be known. And the principle players brought before the appropriate war crime courts to answer for their actions.
Yours Sincerely.
Brian H B
Bangladesh – deteriorating political situation
Jan 10 2014
Dear Mr Cameron,
I wish to express my deep concern and sadness regarding the deteriorating political situation in Bangladesh. I have a long history of association with Bangladesh and its people, much of which has been around providing support for the NGO sector. As you know the people of Bangladesh are amongst some of the poorest and vulnerable globally, and events unfolding in Bangladesh over recent months will only serve to exacerbate the desperate plight of the poorest and most vulnerable in Bangladesh.
Recent months have seen escalating and widespread violence instigated by both main political parties in Bangladesh, with the ruling Awami League under Prime Minster Sheik Hasina supressing the opposition groups with violence, extra judicial killings and imprisonment. Use of police, military and para military forces have been widely used to harass and terrorise opposition members. Many of the key opposition leaders are either under arrest, or blatantly ‘removed’ with violence. This in turn has met with a sustained period of political strikes orchestrated by the opposition groups and which often culminate in deliberate and wilful acts of violence against supporters of the Government and the law enforcement agencies. Much of the current violence emanates from the longstanding political and increasingly personal feud between the 2 key political leaders – Sheikh Hasina (Awami League) and Khaleda Zia (Bangladesh National Party).
Recent ‘elections’ held on Sunday 5th January 2014 at the insistence of Prime Minster, were clearly designed to show complete disregard for the democratic process in Bangladesh, whilst deliberately inflaming the opposition coalition, and guaranteeing further political strikes and violence, to meet met with further oppression by the ruling Awami League. These elections must be regarded as a complete farce and in no way reflect the will of the people in Bangladesh, and cannot be regarded as having been conducted with any integrity or due process. Sheikh Hasina’s subsequent triumphal comments will only inflame the situation still further, as will her continuing determination to arrest and harass any members of the opposition collation groups. Her blatant refusal to accept that the results of this election have no authority or credibility –  despite the withdrawal of any foreign observers to monitor this undemocratic election  -  is astonishing.  I have a real heart and genuine concern for this lovely Country and its people, but  fear that the current situation will escalate into new levels of violence not seen since the war of independence which ended in 1971. Sheikh Hasina’s announcement that she now  intends to form a government for a further 5 years, although clearly without either legitimacy or a mandate from the people of Bangladesh, will surely further agrravate rising anger amongst the ordinary people of Bangladesh.
Can I ask what the British Government is doing to:
1.    Ensure that it is made abundantly clear to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, that the British Government  regards these recent elections, undertaken in a climate of duress, intimation and fear – largely of the ruling parties making, as having no legitimacy and as such will not be recognised at any level by the British Government.
2.   2.   Press for immediate discussions between both major parties, to reach a compromise that will enable a re-run of the election at the earliest possibility, in tandem with an immediate cessation of hostilities and violence towards opposition members. In turn the opposition party (BNP) and its coalition partners should immediately cease its disastrous long running campaign of demonstrations and widespread strikes, frequency resulting in widespread violence.
To 3.   Assert that there must be a level playing field which ensures all political groups and parties in Bangladesh can have a fair and equal access to a legitimate electoral process.
4.    4.  Ensure that the substantial bilateral aid management budget allocated for the next fiscal year (2014/2015) is withheld until there is some immediate and satisfactory resolution to the present impasse, and escalating violence, and against a backcloth of a firm timetable  new legitimate elections. There continues to be widespread cynicism regarding the often blatant abuse of this bilateral funding programme, and with suspicion that further funding will merely be used to strengthen the current governments intention to hold onto power at all costs and by all means. I fully appreciate that this may have some impact on poverty alleviation initiatives in Bangladesh, but would send a clear uncompromising message that the current unacceptable political situation – and which unchecked will surely escalate in further widespread violence, cannot continue without challenge and rebuke from the British Government. Compromise on both sides and unconditional dialogue is surely the only way forward in this desperately sad escalating situation.
5. Given the longstanding relationship between UK and Bangladesh, and having regard to the significant British/Bangladeshi community here in the UK, it is crucial that the British Government is seen to act effectively in seeking to achieve a level of real conciliation leading to free and fair and legitimate elections without delay.
Len M

Dear Mr Cameron
Protection against flooding and the effects of global warming has to be the responsibility of everyone; this includes all companies and businesses, including the government and councils etc., by this statement I do mean everyone.
It should be seen as being in a war situation but instead of it being against a foreign power it is now against the damages that can be done by the weather.
Churchill had the right idea during world war 2 and if similar actions were taken we could as a nation all pull together to ensure that we deal with the possible effects of adverse weather and its potential damage much better.
Any new builds must consider the effects of flooding and the measures needed to reduce the damage that would be caused and should be part of the build costs.  Maintenance of these defences will depend on the circumstances and type of build and will obviously fall to the owners, tenants and landlords, councils etc. of the building.  Insurance companies profits should in part be turned over perhaps through tax to build flood defences and to help pay for the costs of maintenance of these defences.  After all if the premises they are insuring against are not flooded then they will have made a profit.
When I look around the area I live in the practices of the council are as much a problem and cause of flooding as the weather, for instance:
·         When hedges are cut down by tractors the debris isn’t picked up but left where it lies.  This is causing pavements to gradually get overgrown with the consequence that the pavements are getting narrow and are slowly becoming dangerous for pedestrians to walk along. 
·         Not only that but this debris and fallen leave that do not get swept up are covering and blocking the drains in the curbs and several near where I live are now totally blocked that the water has to continue to flow down the road and will eventually get to a point where it will flood an area
Companies who make large profits but also produce high levels of greenhouse gases should also have their profits taxed and this money should also be used to help prevent damaged caused by adverse weather.
I am sure that I have said enough that you understand what I am trying to say and I am sure you would have access to professional people who could form a think tank and actually start to put some form of policy together that will start to pull this country together as a nation to tackle this problem to (as Churchill may well have said) defeat the common enemy “The adverse Weather and the damage and misery it inflicts” 
Kind regards
Norman R
I would like to know why it is that Officer's in HMRC are not earning above £20K and the workforce earns under £20K.
The national average is said to be £30K, but still payrises are being restricted, Officers' have not had a payrise in 5 or more years, while you and your government are earning well in excess of us, but you stll insist on recouping monies from those who have the least money.  Why can't you and your staff, deduct some of your salaries to help pay the deficit.
Internet Censorship Jan 8 2014
Dear Mr Cameron,
How dare you allow our internet to be censored.
Did I fall asleep and wakeup in china or pakistain where the govermont dictate to there people what they can and cant look up on the internet..
This is wrong !!!!!!
ok piracy is a crime but the sites that have been blocked are just search engines.
Its funny because google is not blocked or is youtube which has more pirated material then any other site out there.
All you have done is made it harder to find out whos downloading this pirated material as people can use vpn (virtual private network) or a proxy to still conect to these sites.
You cant police the internet you can only educate and advise if you try you will only fail.
Jan 3 2014
flooding and Immigration Dear Mr Cameron
I am very concerned about the help that the people in the West Country, with
all the floods are not getting from the Government
I am aware that we are accepting people from the EU countries expecting help
and medical care, when they have not paid a penny into our system.
The people and families in the West Country have probably spent all their
lifes here, paying taxes, insurance etc. How can we forget them and spend
money on people who don't even belong here, and have not paid a penny into
I do not totally understand politics, my husband used to explain things to
me, but he died early 2 yrs ago, but I do feel I know where our loyalty
I am not against foreigners to come into the country, but feel our genuine
people should come first.
While I am writing to you, why are so many people getting financial help
with having large families 11 and more children and neither parent working,
some saying they are ill or not able to work, where are we going?
Please give me the answers to my questions, if you have an answer?, which
you should have!! I know a lot of my friends and
acquaintances feel the same, but nobody sits down and write anything,
because they don't think they will get an answer, hope I do!!!

Trade with China
5 december 2013
Dear Mr Cameron,
What do you think you are doing sucking up to the Chinese? Trade with China, which is virtually a one-way thing, has ruined manufacturing in the UK (and the USA). Government has allowed access to our market for cheap imports to the point where we hardly make anything anymore. I work in mechanical construction and we have continual problems with rubbish materials from China. Problem is that they have wiped out the reputable UK manufacturers. Yes, I know we sell them a few Range Rovers but that is a drop in this ocean. We will never achieve anywhere near a balance of trade with China. We need to reduce trade with that country NOT increase it!
Alan B
Autumn Statement and Liar's Loans 5 Dec 2013
You are aware of recent Press comments regarding certain broken election manifesto promises and assurances made by none other than the PM, Chancellor, Deputy PM and others within the Tory Party and Coalition Party. In particular you are accused of lying to Savers and Pensioners which is wholly inappropriate in itself but more so by those of you who purport to be Christians and a higher court will no doubt remember such lies.
You have reneged on your pledges to help Savers since you've been in office together yet you have supported the borrowers many of whom have Liars Loans which you all know of but ignore. These fraudulent borrowers, their banks and building societies, together with their agents have never been punished for this fraud, and further, the same borrowers benefit for the low rates at the expense of savers. I can provide figures, but up to 47% of all mortgages from 2005-2007 were Liars Loans. This is probably the UK's largest ever financial fraud which in effect you have supported.
Your FLS and Help To Buy schemes have also been used to help borrowers whilst robbing savers you had promised to help. Savers rates are miniscule and savings have been eroded as a result.
Your broken promises have been remembered by savers and pensioners groups, and this will continue in the run-up to the next election. You have forgotten that savers roughly outnumber borrowers 6-1, some 24 million savers have been robbed to support a large proportion of Liars Loans borrowers. This is a huge group in society and a huge vote which will swing the next election.
You have a slim chance of addressing this iniquitous policy, and imbalance, in the coming Autumn Statement.
Will you take this chance and give Savers some priority as well as honour your broken, undemocratic, and un-christian election promises, whilst truly addressing the Liars Loans scandal and fraud? 
This concern has previously been raised on numerous occasions to the Government, the BOE  (Mervyn King) and negligent FSA, as well as Mark Carney prior to his appointment, and to our MP Damian Collins all of which have ignored the issue. Hence the inclusion of Sir George Young as an elder statesman, old school politics, and his Treasury knowledge.
Yours sincerely
Pension Age Discrimination 5 December 2013 Dear Mr Cameron I have been a supporter of the Conservative Party since the age of being able to Vote and I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of your agreed amendment to Retirement Pension age. I have worked since the age of 15, (DOB 27/01/1954) I started 8th April 1969, which was a memorable day and have been in employment ever since, without a break.   However, I never envisaged that I would still be working until past my 65th Birthday, which I think is extremely unfair, considering the goal posts have been changed several times since, including changing the qualification period to only a mere thirty years. I understand these changes have been made to accommodate changing trends of how people choose to work, be it by taking time out to have Children or to extend their Education, it appears to me that it is unfortunate. Judith B 2 December 2013 Scottish Independence Dear Mr. Cameron,
I have been listening to the pros and cons regarding Scottish Independence.  Is there nobody within the Conservative Party, the Coalition Government or the Labour Party ready willing and able to make a passionate plea to the Scottish people to vote "no"? Never mind about the finances, the simple fact of the matter is that the United Kingdom works but it needs us all to make it work.  None of us will benefit, in the long run, if we split into tiny countries. We are proud that Scotland is with us, we love this beautiful, proud country and I, for one, would love to hear this said in public, without ulterior motives, without rancour but with honest, sincere feeling. If you can think of anyone I can approach in an effort to take this forward I would love to hear from you.
Yours truly,
Rosemary S Devon.
Dear Sir
I read with interest parts of the white paper on Scottish independence and the arguments put forward.
I am, however, dismayed that you have entrusted the argument for unity to others, such as Alistair Darling etc.
I feel that it is imperative you enter the debate personally ( and not subcontract it out) and emphasize the case for staying within the UK to the Scottish people.
Currently it is a one sided debate, with the spurious arguments against independence being portrayed as negatives. Alex Salmond is making all the running and if engagement means you have to go head to head in a TV debate so what?.
Good leaders lead from the front! 
I do not want to see Scotland walk away by default! 
David S

Disability Living Allowance 8 november 2013
Dear Mr Cameron,
We saw on yesterday’s news about the Independent Living Fund (ILF) decision by the Court of Appeal.
We are parents of a severely disabled daughter (38) who over the past few years has made dramatic development and personality improvements because of the extra support provided by ILF.
We want to emphasise that although there is a high cost to the government the disabled person/family involved also contributes greatly:
·       Claimants surrender half their care-component of DLA;
·       ILF is strictly accounted for usually by paying for a personal carer;
·       All carers expenses have to be paid for by the disabled person - can easily be more than the remaining care allowance. 
Also the claimant must be receiving large social services provision which makes abuse of the payments impossible.
We all know that local authorities budgets are under extreme pressure and current care provision is often at basic subsistence level and any monies transferred if not ring-fenced will soon vanish!
Unlike other benefits ILF is very cost effective and makes direct positive changes to the lives of disabled people, so we appeal to you to look again and not abolish it.
Yours sincerely
Barrie & Connie
Chase Farm Hospital 9 november 2013
Dear Prime Minister

I am a resident of Enfield and my local hospital is  Chase Farm Hospital.  Chase Farm Hospital Accident and Emergency has treated my family, relatives and friends,

Chase Farm Hospital has been starved of funding over the years, despite this the staff continue to work so hard, giving care to the community knowing there is  the constant threat of downgrading of  the Accident and Emergency Services. 

I voted for you Prime Minister,  and the Conservative party; during the election campaign you came to Chase Farm Hospital and stated that if the Conservatives came into power Chase Farms Hospital Accident and Emergency would remain open and not be downgraded.  You only said what you thought people would want to hear in order to get voted in.

Now Chase Farm is about to be downgraded and lose their Accident and Emergency Services.  Both you and Andrew Langsley lied to the people, (your voter) please see below my email what you said

What you fail to realize is that Enfield and the surrounding areas is very highly populated and continues to grow, it desperately needs  a 24 hour Accident and Emergency services at Chase Farm Hospital., you only need to just turn up any time of day or night to see its full of people waiting for hours to be seen.  Barnet Hospital and North Middlesex Hospital cannot take the strain now let alone when Chase Farm Hospital is downgraded, this is a very serious problem, you have no idea nor do you care for that matter. 

Chase Farm Hospital is in an excellent location (better situated than North Middlesex Hospital and Barnet Hospital) central to everyone, its easily accessible for the people and elderly to get too.  Not everyone drives, so easily accessible by foot, car and by public transport.  North Mid is a long way and not so easily accessible by foot only by car.  Barnet is a small hospital and is in the middle of nowhere so you need to be able to drive.  In an emergency ambulances from  the Enfield area trying to get to Barnet Hospital or North Middlesex Hospital would hit upon horrendous traffic caused by M25 for Barnet Hospital and A10 for North Middlesex Hospital which will be life threatening trying to get people to these other hospitals.

You need to speak to The Health Secretary Mr Hunt directl (I did email but got a standard message saying a reply would be sent to me withing a week or two which will be too late to do anything to stop this from happening) and tell him that Chase Farm Hospital needs a 24 hour Accident and Emergency Services for the residents of Enfield and not to close it and replace it with an Urgent Care Centre this must not happen.  While you are at it can you please tell him that a lot of the problem lies with the GPs because you cannot get an appointment at the surgery, people cannot wait two weeks for an appointment (I bet you don’t have this problem) and everyone has to fight to get appointments  first thing in the mornings, otherwise no appointments are available. So people are then forced to visit their local Hospital to be seen.   I cannot believe this is what this has come too.  You have not and are not listening to the people who voted you in. 

Before Chase Farm and Barnet Joined together as a hospital Chase Farm was doing so well then they joined with Barnet and all the funding was taken away and given to Barnet Hospital and North Middlesex Hospital. Chase Farm Hospital has been left to run down deliberately nd now the excuse is to downgrade and eventually sell off the land to build flats which is what happened to our Highlands Hospital many years ago.

All praise goes to Nick De Bois Enfield North Conservative MP, he has tried so hard to get through to you and Mr Hunt that downgrading  of Chase farm Hospital must not happen

Don’t let Labour win the next election,  please listen to the people take it on board. Do not blinker on this, otherwise Tory voters will vote Ukip, it’s not a maybe, otherwise Labour will get another go at the whip. You are closing a lot of A and E’s in hospitals across the country.

The final decision is being made next weekweek commencing 11th November, you can put a stop to this.  Please don’t let them downgrade Chase Farm Hospital.

I have some suggestions on how Accident and Emergencies can run better, etc within hospitals, if you want these ideas please let me know and I would be happy to put forward these ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to ready my email

Eva C

9/nov/2013 British Army an Navy Dear David
My step son is in the air arm of the navy ,based at yeovilton.
Very rarely does a chance like year come around where they volunteered for a 9 month public relations cruise . They visited New York for a week,virginia for a week ,Bahamas for a week ( these were all holiday leave weeks etc ) then heading for the Caribean and all the USA ,and British Virgin isles.
Whilst on the US virgin isles they had a game of football,that they volunteered to play He twisted his ankle and it swelled,they left him on the isle for 1 week then sent a plane effectively to fly him hi,em,the. For physio and then some rest for 3 weeks.
Yes a but over the top and yes whilst in UK he had no issues walking ,standing etc etc . The navy kept telling him how bad it was,yet he never had any issues other than odd twinge .
Then they told him they would get him compensation as they classed it as a injury at work ,he nearly fell over with that statement . What next ? 1 year later they have awarded him £18,000 for his twisted ankle playing football .
This isn't right ,this clearly is above of the public purse and he agrees.
Makes a persons blood boil ,that a voluntary football game to play rather than sit on ship ends up in the tax payer being spanked for 18k . Dave L
Dear PM,
I'm ex Soldier who has served my country in Kosovo, Iraq & Afghanistan as part time soldier. Sadly like many of the TA have come home with PTSD and lived a life on roller caster. I left the TA in 2007 after seeing action in Iraq & Kosovo. Sadly due to events that take place during my time in Iraq in 2003 (during the invasion) resulted me in suffering from PTSD and being court martial due to event that happen whilst in Germany in the later part of the summer of 2003 due to my PTSD. During this time the military wasn't ready for the impact of PTSD due to the modern day conflicts and I was treated in awful manner, if it been the WW1 I do believe I would been shot for suffering with PTSD! I manner to get treatment myself and with great support from family and friends I managed to soldier on in the TA being deployed again in 2006 to Kosovo. After that tour I left the TA as wish to undertake other advantages.
Since 2007, I have done some amazing things with my time, Worked as training officer for a Search & Rescue team in Sussex (also in USA too) gone onto work in ''The Gambia'' during charity work and many other events and also had some great jobs. But in 2009 I applied to join the Regular Army and with my background due to PTSD I went though a number interviews across the country to see if I medical fit to join the Army! Needless to say with great sadness I withdraw my applicant to join the army at the time due to work and it seem to be taking forever to get answer on joining the Army. I pass selection board at ATR Pirbright even was given a start date for basic training, number of different medicals and even put together a portfolio on my events since leaving the TA to say I was OK with my PTSD, and living a normal life. But all senior Army officers where scared about was me deploying to Afghanistan!......
In November 2011 I started new job working for NAAFI /EFI as a Manager and passed a medical and fitness test and I was deployed to Afghanistan on OP HERRICK 15 working alongside the British Army.... I was to experienced some interesting events in whilst on tour aka coming close to be shot down in a RAF Merlin and also witnessing some bombs going off around Lashkar Gah, but I managed to be a support for the guys on the ground army and civi's working in the camp. I became a welfare to the guys on OP HERRICK 15 as there could talk to me as I been on tours and was ex army.
I returned back to the  UK and decided to join the TA and for some unknown reason the TA Recruiting Sgt at Eastbourne TA Centre turned me down with days saying that APC Glasgow have said no! I know this wasn't the case as the Recruiting Sgt don't like me and it takes weeks maybe sometimes months to get answer as there have to get your records etc - I used to do recruiting for the TA! I spoke with the OC of the Unit (Good Friend of mine) he said he could get me back into the unit no worries, but as you can managed I wasn't happy and again focused on work not telling him what had happen......
Since on this has happen I started up a new social group in Eastbourne for all Veterans to join and it become a new social network for all veterans of different to enjoy that military lifestyle again, we are called Military Roots . As off spin from this a few times a year I give lecture's in the NHS on being a Soldier & Veteran to mental health teams to help them work with veterans suffering with PTSD and other mental health issues and attached other many events with NHS, local Mayor and other high profile events.
Since this all been happening I have been awarded 20% War Pension (£137 per month) which is great as the MOD have finally take note of my PTSD after only 10 years but I feel little bit cheated too as I had to apply for my pension myself with no help. But I like to put this question to you so with someone of my background needless to say it been a huge roller caster of trip since 2003 and leaving the TA 2007 with no medical support or guidance's but managed to get the correct help myself and put my life back together. At present I'm even sitting on the 1914 Commemoration Committee in Eastbourne (Stephen Lloyd MP is heading up with other senior members of the local council of Eastbourne) I'm co-founder of Military Social network, Have wonderful life where I worked all over the world even worked on a new film called ''The Monuments Men'' as Core Extra which is being released next month... So if your looking for extra 30,000 personnel to join the TA, why I can't be give the chance to re-join with someone making judgement before I even crossed the first bridge! I know of people in my local TA unit who suffer from serious Asthma and type 2 diabetes and mental health issues that has caused one guy to lose this job as Nurse in the NHS due to giving someone overdose, this guy is medical in this unit!
During my time in the TA I serviced in Germany, Canada on FTRS and done many overseas attachments and tours, with someone of my experiences I still get young squaddie calling me and emailing me for help and advice, I would say and many others would say I have clear head on my shoulders. So please tell me why I can't re-join the TA in medical round as Combat Medical as I'm wanting to study mental health in the future or clerk, chef or even storeman (my choose traded in the Military and civvie street?). I'm aware that in Brighton there are forming a new Medical Company and are looking many people to join them! 
If you wish to see me give a presentation on being soldier and wish to judge for yourself about me, I would like to invite you to Brighton TAC on the 20th November. I'm a guest speaker for the NHS in a event called Champions Training - this presentation I been informed is powerful and really has help many people in the NHS to understand military within veterans and even servicing personal.
Ben M.
MP's Expenses
5 nov 2013
To David Cameron,
 could you please tell me your views on these exorbitant expenses MP's are claiming for their heating and electricity bills, where as we mere mortals are told to put on an extra jumper!!
When are MP's going to start acting for the country and the people they represent and not in the job for what they can get out of it themselves. Yet another lot of MPs ripping us off.
Lynn F
18 october 2013
Teacher At Al-Madina Muslim Free School
Dear Mr Cameron, For many years I have worked as a teacher in secondary education. Some schools have been given the status by OFSTED as being 'Oustanding' and others have not. Today I read the Guardian Newspaper and it strongly suggests that the government wish to close our school down. Most of the media attention we have received has been inaccurate, misleading and distorted but unfortunately, they are given information before we are and in these uncertain moments this is very worrying. Yesterday we listened as you said that you would do everything in your power to support us rather than close the us down. I understand that the Conservative Party must protect their policies but surely our success would also be your success. This school is essentially the warmest, potentially most successful school I have worked in since qualifiying as a teacher in 2006. At that time I was looking to make a difference to the young people I educated and inform their lives so they became better respectful, honest adults with a strong idea of who they are and how to give back to society what had been given to them. The state schools I have worked in have failed to do this for our students. In my opinion, as a professional teacher, Al-Madinah Free School is giving these children a sense of purpose and future that is not available in many state schools.
I don't say this lightly. This school is the centre of our lives and those of the community. I cannot express to you how hard we have worked over the year and how much we have invested for our students at Al-Madinah. We know there are problems but the essential thing needed in any school is here-everything else can be resolved. Free Schools are fundamentally important in this country and Al-Madinah is the beginning.
I'm not writing as the Headteacher or as a governor, just as one of the many teachers caught up in a storm of media and politics.
Yours sincerely,
Katherine R
Energy Suppliers
18 october 2013
Mr Cameron
Yesterday you urged people to transfer energy suppliers. I would love to do this. 8 months ago my supplier NPower presented me with a fraudulently produced estimated bill for over £1000. This bill was paid under protest pending NPower reading the meters. NPower decided unilaterally not to read the meters but to re-estimate the bill, halving the size of the bill, but then refused to refund the overpayment made by me.
An Ombudsman’s investigation has been going on since April and now NPower refuse to transfer the account to a new supplier until the Ombudsman has completed their investigation. Thus I am being held to ransom by NPower due to the Ombudsman’s inability to complete their investigation.
It would be more useful for you to have a little understanding of the problems ordinary people encounter rather than come out with stupid statements.
Kevin R
NHS Frustration
18 october 2013
Dear Mr Cameron
I am writing this letter out of frustration with the NHS.  My wife and I both work, my wife a staff nurse.  We have a 1 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with development dysplasia of the hip, i know this is not a life threatening condition but any parents who are told their daughter needs an operation and 12 weeks in plaster are devastated.  We were shocked to find the NHS does not loan or hire car seats and equipment to help ease the burden at this very difficult time.  We were both so pleased with the time it has taken from diagnosis to treatment (approximately 2 weeks), but i find it very difficult to believe there is no offer of help with equipment which is needed but only for 12 weeks i.e car seats, etc.  If i had an operation and needed a wheelchair the NHS would provide me with one, so why is it different when a child requires the use of specialist equipment.  We understand that health and safety will have a say and infection control but lets use good old common sense.
I understand the NHS is been stretched to breaking point (my wife explains after every shift) but why are British nationals who are both law abiding citizens and tax payers being punished when they require the service they pay for each month.  I support what the Tory party are doing, we DO need to make cuts in areas, we DO need to balance the books and the political parties need to stop squabbling about the most pathetic things and get on with doing what is best for this country.  I previously stated that my wife works in the NHS as a staff nurse, i think you or your health secretary need to go and spend a shift with her.  She has 16 patients to look after (if nobody has rang in sick), these people are very ill suffering from conditions such as COPD.  I think she is lucky if she gets one full break (12 hour shift), then spoken to like dirt by 'patients relatives', etc who quite rightly want them to have the best treatment, but don't understand the pressure the medical staff are under.  I think you should look at part privatising the NHS then people who go to work, pay their taxes will then be able to get the treatment they require.  This will also help to eradicate or even lessen the waste which is so obvious in a large public organisation which no private organisation could sustain.
I do hope you can win the vote and get back in to continue what this country requires after such poor governance from the labour party.  I only hope you stick to your guns and continue to cut the deficit, cut immigration, cut welfare payments for the work shy and lets get back to being a great country again
Mr W
16 october 2013
Energy Bill Rises
Will you please explain to me without spin and the usual pat answers from politicians, why we have to pay a levy on our bills for crazy environmental issues?  You the Conservative government want to gold plate everything coming from the EU, make yourself look good and yet the USA, China and India continue to use coal, oil and gas. Are the people of this country to pay the price of increased energy bills, when other major powers aren't interested. To me it is a David Cameron one man crusade to make himself look good.
The increase of our energy bills introduced by SSE and British Gas is just another Government failure and profitering by the energy companies. Telling us to shop around for a better deal  is complete rubbish, as there is no real competition. If you have already carried out all the energy saving measures., there is no way you can  help yourself further, so you are left with paying more every year and usually just before the winter.
This is a disgrace  and the present government should wake up to the real difficulties people are in. I haven't seen one initiative come from David Cameron on this subject, so I can assume it is a case of it dose'nt affect him so I does not need to worry.
Well a lot of retired people are affected by this and they will undoubtably vote for someone who does care and this is not the Conservatives.
Don't think I am alone in having these views and concerns. I have raised this issue with you in the past, but it obviously fell on deaf ears, or you don't pass on the concerns of your constituents to the Prime Minister.
David G
15 October 2013
on the dole and proud program
dear sir i can watch this program as i find it to distressing(the produces should commended for it). i have not enjoyed economic success in my work life but spent a long time in temporary work. i change my situation in the late 90's  and qualified as a staff nurse despite leaving school with no qualifications. as a staff nurse i enjoy a little admiration from my friends  because of my life style change. you pay £25000 to provide health care to the public and those who have a strong work ethic but are in lower grades between £12,000 and above. i am constantly face with no pay rises year on year off. how can that be you pay these low life £66,000 for doing nothing and do not intend  to change and openly brag on how clever they are. in years to come when i am on a worthless pension because your government have proved time again that it open season on plundering the reserves have served the country both in the TA and the nhs i am quite sure when it comes to it you can run rings around me for the arguments supporting this action. you have the answers to questions i haven't thought off. that is your job as prime minister. some thing you can't do how ever is tell me that it is  more economic to give this low life £66,000 and more for not working and never intending to work. where those in the NHS would be at the top end of earning to achieve such riches. it really slaps us in the face. cameron h
12 october 2013
Smoker's Rights
Dear Mr Cameron
Following the recent changes you are implementing on smoking, I myself being a smoker am all for change in laws and personally would want it totally outlawed.  However everything takes time for society to accept, however i have a suggestion with this i believe would be better, because as many have pointed out people like myself who smoke will just buy 20 boxes instead of 10's and it will not stop me.  I believe the solution to your problem is to outlaw tailor made cigarettes and as a smoker i have smoked tobacco before and tend to smoke less, also children start at such a young age and are less likely to think it "cool" to smoke tobacco, also lets say I am driving I am not going to stop at the side of the motorway to roll one, so this means and proves it takes more effort for me to smoke.  I myself have smoked for many years and there was a time i stopped, at the time i went from smoking tailor made cigarettes to smoking to tobacco.
Also if we take the factor that tailor made cigarettes also contain many chemicals, were as tobacco does not.  I myself being a smoker would be more behind this as the new changes that will come about are not going to reduce smoking, I have known on many occasions parents who smoke who have been down to there last couple of pound and instead of paying a bill or purchasing good food will go for cheaper options instead of quality which makes no sense to me.
I would also like to say what a good job you are doing with the changes in benefits I do also agree it is unsustainable and abused by many, I believe there is employment out there but many of the jobs provided people thing they should not be forced into work.  By making people work they will effetely look for employment.
Kind regards
12 october 2013
menthol cigarettes
Mr. Cameron
I am a supporter of this government, and I wish you well.
However, I am absolutely furious to hear you are banning menthol cigarettes.
Firstly, I do a lot of work with the 18-24s and let me assure you smoking is all about fashion, acceptance and how 'hard' you are if a smoker, (luckily many of these young people do give up once more mature) but it's never 'cool' to smoke a menthol brand, which is an acquired taste gained later when you are reducing or no longer following trends. Menthol cigarettes are not considered to have any street worthiness.
I've never heard such rubbish.
I have an autoimmune condition so now I cannot drink, and my one real guilty pleasure is gained from smoking the odd menthol cigarette.How dare you deprive me of that for such a ridiculous reason. It would make more sense (and be fairer) to ban cigarettes completely, it's totally unreasonable to pick on one brand.
I'm already paying for everybody else's children, now their children are the reason I can't even enjoy the odd cigarette. 
I hope the tobacco brands take whoever trumped this stupid idea up to court..how can it be fair?
At some point in their lives children will be confronted by temptation, you are not their parents. You will never remove every temptation, and if you do, it would be a very sad world. 
Prohibition didn't work either, and yet alcohol is far more damaging to society than cigarettes, ask the police!!!!! Nobody kills someone because they've had a fag!
As for gambling, now that really is something that wrecks lives..but..guess what?! Adverts..on the TV..loads of them..numerous betting shops..blah, blah, blah.
Please take it from me, I am so very, really, extremely annoyed I'm finding it incredibly hard not to use the 'f' word repeatedly, and it that same spirit I've been 'f'd off all day since reading about this in the paper this morning.
Kind Regards,
Kerry P
Not old, not sad, not frumpy, just very angry, not an excessive smoker, just an occasional menthol cigarette enjoyer.
10 october 2013
Royal Mail Shares
Dear David They underpricing of Royal Mail shares just shows how out of touch with reality your government is. Cable is grossly incompetant and should be removed immediately. His appraisal of the Guardians publication of sensitive information just goes to show how bad his judgement is. Be a leader and sort this mess out  Regards Bob H
8 october 2013
Wind farms
Dear Mr Prime Minister,
I am writing in the hope you get to read this letter, I know one of your secretaries or under secretary, office staff will get there first, but just maybe it will get to you ..
I write in desperation as a member of a community that is about to be blighted by the proposed positioning of the Navitus wind farm in Swanage, Dorset, a wind farm positioned directly on a World Heritage Site and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
If planning is granted for this incongruous site the lives of 10,000 people of Swanage, Dorset will be ruined as a direct result in the loss of tourism to our area, some 2 million visitors per year!  Would this happen on the Giants causeway inIreland? The Great Barrier Reef or any one of the 193 natural sites let alone 759 cultural sites of UNESCO, we understand the need for renewable energy and have no problem with the concept but at what cost? The destruction of a World Heritage Site, the demise of an entire village? That price is too high to pay just so targets can be met.
I feel the juggernaut that is the political motivation driving this has to be stopped before it’s too late and it crashes directly into our lives killing this entire village. You Mr Prim Minister can do this, you alone have the power, I do question; is the pen mightier than the sword? The pen is all I have; our voice is going unheard above the roar of this political recklessness.
Our Victorian village has a special place in the tourism industry; it’s a gateway to the start or end of the South West Coastal Path on the Jurassic Coast, visited by over two million visitors a year, Swanage in the height of the season seeing in excess of twenty thousand visitors on Red Arrows Display day or Carnival day. We can not afford to loose this trade, we know from Navitus own report there will be a 14% drop in business, a figure that business will not recover from.
During the proposed building of the site which is larger than Greater Manchester or the size of the Isle of Purbeck, the disruption will be unprecedented, causing damage to such a fragile site on an epic scale, the piling noise transmitting through the water will undoubtedly frighten of the Dolphins in our area along with the many species of fish and an area of special interest for the Sea Horse.
This is not to mention the damage caused by the silt being distributed over many many miles.
How can a wind farm on this scale be allowed to proceed using data that is at least 7 years old and yet claim the technology used is the most up to date? The visual impact this will have will ruin our area for many years to come, paid for by the British tax payer to fund French and Dutch companies!
We implore you to take this matter seriously and not allow what appears to be a money making racket for a few, yet blight so many, the only analogy I can come up with is liken it to the Modern day drug dealer, making a fortune at the expense and suffering of so many.
Like so many proud Englishman who love this country we find our voices quenched by the throng of power hungry politicians casting us aside with this pitiful discontent.
Thank you for taking the time to read my plea and very much looking forward to hearing from you soon
With Kindest Regards
Kevin E.
6 october 2013
press freedom
Dear Mr Cameron
I am writing to you, as I cannot find an e-mail address for those considering the proposals to
regulate the Press, following the Levinson Inquiry.
I simply wanted to support the Government proposals to regulate the Press by saying that if the Press is demanding Freedom for the Press, they must earn it by behaving with integrity, honesty  and respect.      Their past behaviour simply points otherwise and therefore they have to be regulated by law.     
Please don't give way to their proposals for self-regulation.
Please pass this on to whoever it concerns.
Yours sincerely,
Lea S
5 oct 2013
Child Neglect
Dear Mr Cameron,
I have just read about the most recent child death incident through neglect in the UK, the Hutton case, where an alcoholic mother of eight starved her child to death and let it lay in its cot for nearly two years whilst living in a rubbish strewn flat . She was subsequently jailed for 15 years. To anyone with half a heart and mind and eyes in their head,  it is obvious that this woman had serious mental problems long before her deed of neglect ,  and that she should have been helped by whatever system surrounded her before it came to this catastrophe. It is a scandal that you as government should take very seriously, because it denotes a breakdown of social care and connections which is also apparent in your health system and has only gone away for a short period of bliss ( was it the 80s ? ) since Dickens wrote Bleak House. I am German but have lived in London for 28 years until I decided that the inner city had lost its cultural variety, style, vibrancy and heart,  not to mention the public transport joke of bad services at weekends in particular,  and by the way, why oh why does London not have X mas tube services ? Do you expect people to all own their own cars to visit relatives and friends at this time ??? Another shocking experience was my stay at the very modern City and Westminster Hospital in Chelsea for a knee operation about three years ago where the nursing care was appalling. I don't blame the nurses who were obliged to hand me electronic devices for me to judge their performance before I left , they so obviously felt uncared for themselves. It's all about administration without humanity or any psychological insight, oh yes, that reminds me, psychology is another area where Britain is decades behind which brings me right back to my first point. Dear Mr Cameron, Britain unfortunately has the same deficits America now has, a lack of identity, alienation, social breakdown and governments who do not seem to understand that it is up to them to show care in their institutions and make sure it is implemented , to be an example to people, to give hope that somewhere things are ok and fair and that that is worth emulating in daily life. It used to be like this in the UK ,but now it's bleak. Do come and visit us in Germany and have a look, we are doing quite well and there are reasons for that. Or as my old boss used to say, the fish always stinks from the head....
With Best Regards
Barbara S.
5 oct 2013
Education With illness
Dear Mr David Cameron.
A bit of background,
As a fourteen year old male, I am in and out of school due to increasing and decreasing medical issues that prevent my being able to attend regular school, I am currently attending a school that specializes in children with conditions much like mine. I attend for three afternoons a week hopefully to be increased in time when I have reached better health. 
I was at home with no form of education, only self education. I had tutors from time to time but not for long periods of time, so I say again “ Self educated “ using the only tool at my disposal which would be the internet. I favorited English, History and became very talented when it came to Coding & Programming. I also had an interest in politics. I've studied many different parties and their believes on most subjects, Labour would have my support for the most part however taking into account conseritive is one of the main rivals of Labor, I will try to the best of my ability to write this with the most open mind possible. 
My question to you sir, what do you plan to do?
Thirteen years, thats how long my mother waited for a full pancreatectomy to remove her pancreas completely, due to pancreatitus. Some people came forward and promised her the best, mostly saying “ You've waited too long, I'll do the operation. “ Or, “ I'll see to it you are taken care of “. Didn't happen until almost a year ago. 
Its not been easy, seeing the person you care for the most sit there or for the most part lay there in total agony, relying on extreme medication to downgrade the pain slightly, and I do mean extreme medication that I'm sure would shock you, but I wont go into that. Thats not the issue at hand here. Before my mother fell ill, she worked. She was what you would say a middle working class citizen, a great example of what put the “ Great “ in what we can now only call Britain. Thirteen years is time to wait, a lifetime to simply waste. She'll never be well again, she will recover and be better for the most part but she'll never claim the title as the worlds oldest person, or receive a letter from the queen. 
She could have been better.
If she didn't have to wait so long. Maybe, if some of the money used to pay MPs or even to pay yourself was allocated towards the NHS rather than leaving it so long she would have had the operation quicker. Please, if you reply to me take into account I fully know and respect that you have not been prime minister for thirteen years, that other rival parties have been in parliament. However, when you came in ( honestly regretting it now ) I thought things would change. They haven't. Instead all you've done is implement things such as bedroom tax to make it much harder for us with the income we have to stretch far enough as it is. She is disabled, but she's still a citizen. A very proud citizen. She has been through more than most would be able to imagine more than I would be able to imagine. 
So, back to the question.
To prevent extremely dramatic and traumatising events that have occoured much like the case of my mother,
What will you do. After all, you're the prime minister. No matter how much you say “ its not that simple “ the word “ maybe “ shouldn't be in your vocabulary. Take it from me, a some what shut in who has seen more of the world than most who follow the corrupt “ plan “ of life. You'll go down in history for the things you do, not the things you talk about.
Brandon  B
4 oct 2013
Coalition Agreement
"The Government believes that it is time for a fundamental shift of power from Westminster to people.
We will promote decentralisation and democratic engagement, and we will end the era of top -down government by giving new powers to local councils, communities, neighbourhoods and individuals."
Dear Sir,
The above is a direct quote from page 11 of the Coalition Agreement. If this is true then how can you explain the extraordinary occasion of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government overruling the democratic decisions of communities under the Localism Framework. If this is so then what is the point of villages such as mine undergoing an expensive and time-consuming process of constructing a Neighbourhood Plan only to find that this is nothing more than a political red-herring.
The next public meeting is on the 10th October 2013 in the Village Hall in Colwall, Herefordshire and you are invited to come along and explain to the meeting what these decisions mean to the future of Localism.
Yours Sincerely,
Jim B.
3 OCTOBER 2013
Mr Cameron, I am deeply disturbed by your recent rhetoric on young people claiming benefits. Well actually I'm deeply disturbed by a lot of what comes out of your mouth, but particularly by this most recent attack on young people. As a person who has previously worked in homelessness services, the implications of this for homeless young people particularly disturb me. So I think you need to clarify whether you're including homeless young people in the proposed bonfire of benefits for under-25s. According to you, young people can still make the choice to "get a flat" (can they? Despite the fact that the waiting lists are many years long as it is, and that actually young people over 17 are not innately owed a priority of need under homelessness law? And despite the fact that actually, changes to housing benefit mean that anyone under 35 can't get a flat - if they are lucky housing benefit will pay for a room in a shared house, so I'm not quite sure where you're getting this from) and choose a "lifetime on benefits." Mr Cameron, the young people I worked with who were homeless emphatically did not CHOOSE a life on benefits. They didn't CHOOSE to be kicked out of their parents' home, or feel forced into leaving due to abusive circumstances, substance misuse, or any of the other myriad reasons that force young people to leave home because home is no longer a place that feels safe for them. Homeless young people don't CHOOSE to be homeless. They don't choose to be shunted from hostel to hostel, from B&B to night shelter, with no stability or security. Young people in this situation may not be in any position to "earn or learn." As I'm sure you can appreciate (actually I'm not sure you can appreciate it at all) being made homeless is an extremely traumatic experience for anyone. Often young people going through the homelessness system have other problems. These may be mental health problems, substance misuse problems, challenging behaviour, a lack of essential life skills, a criminal record...to name a few. Young people in this type of situation are in absolutely NO POSITION to be forced by your government into work or college when it may be all they can do just to get out of bed some days. Do you really think "nagging" young people (ie utilising a form of economic terrorism against them) to get them into work is going to be helpful for them? Or could incessant badgering (speaking of badgers...) by a heartless, soulless, relentless welfare system in fact be the straw that broke the camel's back for these young people, driving them deeper into despair, a further assault on their human rights and dignity, which could quite easily tip someone with mental health issues over the edge into self-harm or suicide? But maybe that's your intention...who am I kidding. "Maybe." Ha. Like the 32 people each week who die after being found "fit to work" by your buddies, ATOS. At least they're no longer a drain on the system though, right? You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I actually respect Iain Duncan Smith more than you. Because at least he's honest about the fact that he's a bastard. At least he doesn't pretend to care. Whereas you - well your policies rather remind me of the Old Testament. The God of the Old Testament brings down plagues upon his people, smites entire cities, drowns countless people in a flood - but he does it all out of the deepest love and concern for those people. Just as you would snatch the food from people's mouths and call it "tough love." Perhaps unsurpisingly, I am not a Christian. I'm not a Conservative either. If you are going to, as you suggest, cut all benefits for under 25s, it seems only right then that you cut national insurance contributions for under 25s correspondingly. Why should they be forced to pay for a system that explicitly will not protect them from homelessness, hardship and hunger? But even here, I think I see your plan. See by this method, people COULD begin to be exempted from paying NI. Which would put them in a position of having no insurance. One might speculate that this could lead to a system of individuals taking out private insurance against falling on hard times. Which could, in time, lead to a government (Conservative, of course) declaring that there's no longer a need for national insurance...no longer a NEED for the welfare state. Am I getting warm, Mr Cameron? I was, however, gratified to hear that George Osbourne thinks a "something for nothing" culture is unhealthy. How very Socialist of him. You see, inherited wealth is surely the very definition of something for nothing. So by this token I'm assuming that all those who've inherited a great fortune, land and titles, will be forced to give these up so that they can be redistributed fairly, and society will start again from that basis. Because then nobody would have "something for nothing." Am I right? Oh, silly me. What you REALLY meant was that people of MY social class shouldn't have "something for nothing" (Giddy's rhetoric falls down somewhat here - since welfare benefits are in fact paid for by NI contributions, they're not actually "something for nothing" at all, are they? But the last thing your government would ever do is let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of a catchy soundbite.) What you really meant was "Silly proles, don't they realise free money is only for the upper classes?" I do wish you would say what you mean, Mr Cameron. Anyway, to get back to the original point, I'd like some clarification as to whether you propose to make homeless young people victims of this, quite frankly, disgusting and discriminative policy. Do you propose to make young people who have to rely on benefits not as a "lifestyle choice" but as a means of survival, through unfortunate circumstances not of their making, suffer for your ideological opposition to the very concept of a welfare state? I don't know why I'm surprised really. I mean other groups that have had to suffer for your ideals have included the disabled (I see you're still using ATOS despite a judge ruling that the WCA significantly disadvantages people with learning disabilities and mental illness - one assumes from this that you don't really MIND too much about disadvantaging those groups of people. I mean it's not as if they MATTER very much, is it?) anyone with a "spare" room (two thirds of those hit by bedroom tax are in fact disabled - and did you know 17,000 of them are blind? Ha, what a laugh, forcing blind people to move home. I mean I know if I was blind, I'd find that just HYSTERICAL) students, EVERYONE who has the temerity to claim any sort of benefit, and those harmless old gentlemen of the English countryside, the badgers. Because you can just ORDER them shot. With the poor, the disabled and vulnerable, you've got to use SLIGHTLY more obscure means. People might get suspicious otherwise... But I suppose, if those homeless young people really come unstuck, and they've got nowhere else to go, they can always just move back into their mum's spare room. Oh no, wait...
Leanne R.
2 OCT 2013
Dear David,
    Please don't leave it too late to woo as much as we don't want to, UKIP and Nigel Farage. He will command too many votes and the longer you leave it before trying to get him on board, the less chance you will have of public opinion coming back your way. It will be seen as an election gimmick to keep Labour out by the voters.
    Unless the economy really starts to kick in ....the more we will need UKIP. Without him Labour will get in. The timing as you will be aware is crucial.......you want to stay in the EU if you can get better terms; but if you leave it too late trying to get those better terms and come near the election and you don't think you have them...it will be too late then to go after UKIP.  It will be a too obvious.
    Next conference at the latest, better sooner if you think we are going to need him to keep Labour out.Most Conservative supporters will think that even if it means coming out of EU (and most probably want to do anyway), that is better than letting the Country go to socialism again with this part Milliband leading us down the road to oblivion.
    If you remain in power but have to come out of the EU......you surely would be able to renegotiate us back in at your terms?
    We're all counting on your stewardship,
    Don't let us down.
2 oct 2013
Dear Mr Cameron,
All I can hear is deafening silence from OUR Government, please can you ask your Russian counterparts to release the Greenpeace protesters. They are not pirates, pirates steal things! these people are trying to protect our environment.(from Russian environmental Pirates! and others including us). Or are we to suppose that you are all clapping your hands in glee! at the prospect of Greenpeace being unable to protest a much against the raping of the Artic. There are alot of people out here who do not want oil at any cost, and I especially don't want oil at the cost of these brave protesters. It is no sort of democracy that does not protect peaceful protesters or let the voice of its people be heard.
In hope of hearing something soon
Pauline C
2 oct 2013
the Daily Mail
Dear Mr Cameron
I live in your constituency and I have become compelled to join the Labour Party largely because of the way you responded on the Today interview about the Daily Mail attacks on Ed Miliband.  You could have spoken out but you very clearly chose not to thereby choosing sides.
The Daily Mail attack is more heinous because of their pro-Nazi anti-Semitic position during the war.  Many view this as a continuation of this kind of politics.  Sadly you have aligned yourself with this also – no doubt to keep your pro-UKIP members happy.
I was saddened by your interview.  I thought you had more compassion. 
Yours sincerely
Dr Amanda G
Anti-Marriage Stance 18/09/2013I have just received a letter from the taxation office demanding the return of my wife's Child Benefit.
As a traditional household, married with two children, we have an after tax income of £53,68.16 per year which is equivalent to two people each earning £35,000 per year, well below the threshold for the removal of the Child Benefit.
So I would like to know
If I get divorced will my wife be allowed to keep the Child Benefit? which is after all for my children and as this looks like a viable option what other benefits will a single mother of two children, one of whom is disable, be able to claim. I am a traditional conservative voter that is now faced with three main parties in the UK, one that is anti worker, one that is anti marriage and one that is anti UK, I will let you work out which is which whilst there is a fringe party that is pro marriage, pro England and pro hard work. So convince me why I should continue to vote conservative and as a leaving thought I suggest you look at what happened to the conservatives in Canada in 1993
Mark Retirement Age 18/09/2013
Dear Mr Cameron
I wanted to write to you to let you know my feelings on the “State Pension/Retirement Age”.
Last year I was looking forward to retiring at 60 in 2014 to help my children with my grandchildren, and help look after my 81 year old mother-in-law who has had a few falls in the past 6 months. I had been under stress for some time whilst working at a University for over 10 years.  A job I enjoyed up to around two years ago when the workload increased dramatically and I was put under pressure like so many people these days.   So much so I felt I had to take a cut in wages and move to another department.  I am still under pressure as these days no job is easy.  Last year was also a very stressful time for me as around April my father was taken into hospital with ulcers in his liver at the age of 80. He’d also had a motorbike accident the year before, In August last year my husband had a heart attack, the week previously one of my son-in-laws was involved in a car accident, a car knocking him off his bike at the same time my daughter had found out she was pregnant with their 2nd child!  I had to be put on anti depressants as I felt it hard to cope.   My eldest grandchild is 4 and a half and has just started school this week.  I work 4 days a week at the moment so I can help on the Friday but as you can imagine this can be exhausting.  I wish to do as much as I can to help my children, my grandchildren and my family.  I also have had my own personal health problems which started over 12 years ago (pernicious anaemia) a vitamin B12 deficiency where I require injections every 6 weeks.
I feel not very much thought has been put into upping the age of women like me who in the long run in helping family would be a priority for a Government I’m sure.  If it was gradual e.g. 1 year more I feel I could accept it but to know I have to work a further 5 years is downright depressing and has been very upsetting for me.  I was looking forward even to taking on mornings only in a job but that will not happen.
Best wishes
Fair Trade 18 september 2013 Dear David Cameron,
                               I am writing to you to have an understanding on what is being done regarding the Fairtrade subject. Do you help with Fairtrade? If so, what do you do? How do you increase the awareness of Fairtrade? Ideas of how citizens like myself can spread the word of Fairtrade to the public. Any suitable information that you may have will be a great deal towards the project I have been set for my Citizenship GCSE course at Finham Park Academy School in Coventry. Another thing that I would appreciate are your thoughts on Fairtrade. Do you buy Fairtrade products? Would you like to see an increased sale market for Fairtrade products? Your response to this email will help greatly.
Yours faithfully, Eleanor C
Royal Mail Privatisation
16 September 2013
Dear David
We are writing to you as our MP to express our concern about the royal mail flotation.
This is one service that should not be privatised. If it is, then we as a country will lose control of our excellent mail service.
Emails can never completely take the place of hard copy. Indeed there are still a significant number of people who have not, or choose not to have access to the internet, and probably always will be.
We watched the channel 4 programme which featured the experimental TNT service in N London, and were appalled at the unprofessional and money-grubbing service they were offering.
I understand that delivery is required to be 6 days a week by law – how then was it that TNT was allowed to deliver only 3 days a week in N London?
Everyone that we talk to is of the opinion that the mail service should be kept in public hands and run like a business but with all the country’s needs properly considered. It would be good if the country had the benefit of the profits.
We have a wonderful postman who is a social connection for the inhabitants of our village, particularly the elderly.
If the company is privatised we will almost certainly lose that valuable social interaction.
He brings biscuits for our 2 dogs every day – they watch for the red van, and if you mention ‘Sean’ they immediately look out of the window! He understands leaving the post with next door if there is a parcel that can’t be delivered.
All that personal service would surely go with a private company.
Failing stopping this bill from proceeding, what claw-back regulations are being considered?
We do not want a utility scenario where the companies were sold on within weeks of acquisition for huge profits because the companies had been floated too cheaply; and there was no mechanism in place to claw back a proportion of the profits.
The rail services were also floated in a desperate hurry before the general election without proper consideration for the repercussions, and the result was a shambles.
That was disgraceful.
Equally, it is bad for us as a country that the mail service possibly will pass into foreign ownership.
I believe there isn’t one water company now that is British, and most of the energy companies are in foreign hands.
Not something the French seem to allow, or even the Germans? So why do we have to do it?
In spite of government assurances that nothing will change – for 10 years, which will be gone in a flash, most people view this move as detrimental to the population as a whole.
I know change is never welcome, but this does seem to be a step too far and will be to the detriment of our excellent country-wide and non-discriminating service. No matter where the address is, the post is delivered, we all pay the same, and that is how it should be kept.
It is hard enough living in the more remote parts of the country without putting a good service at risk and making it still more expensive to live in those parts of the UK.
It is already the norm that delivery companies have a higher charge to deliver to the more remote addresses, and it is hard to imagine a private postal service not going down the same route.
Yes, the City is going to approve of this move since they can see it will be a smart move financially and will make valuable stocks available.
This privatisation feels like it is partly driven by the desire to raise more money to stoke the coffers before an election.
At least, that is the opinion of most people we have talked to, and we tend to agree.
I am sure that most tax payers would be keen for the extra finance needed to come from the public purse if it meant that Royal Mail stayed in public ownership.
This flotation is cynical in the extreme and should be defeated.
The government of the day does not always know best, and they are there to represent us.
They are not here to railroad this sort of legislation through parliament against the wishes of the majority.
We all currently have a share in Royal Mail and that is how it should stay.
Anne & Charles B



I have very rarely in the past contacted my MP on any issue but I feel I must write to say how extremely disturbed I am at the current situation in Syria, and by the current Government's stance on probable military intervention, in support of the US ( yet again). Have we learnt nothing from the Iraq war? Or the war in Afghanistan? Why does the UK repeatedly have to involve itself in wars in the Middle East/Arab world? No thought appears to be ever given to the aftermath of such military intervention, leading to ensuing on-going chaos for the ordinary people of these countries concerned,  plus ever-fanning the flames of Arab hatred of the West.
While I abhor the use of chemical weapons, do we actually know who used them? In the current confusion in Syria, with the multi-facet interest groups that appear to exist in the current civil war, what proof do we actually have that it was Assad's supporters who did so? Could it be that some other "interest" group may have used them to achieve exactly what I fear is going to happen, ie US/UK air strikes? If this is the case we will be playing right into their hands and for what? Do we really believe the UN Inspectors will find the "truth"?
I would ask you to vote against the motion for UK strikes against Syria. To go ahead with such strikes would, in my opinion, achieve absolutely nothing and hugely worsen the situation, in Syria and worldwide. The only way forward is by a negotiated peace, ideally via the UN.
Yours sincerely
Caroline T
Dear Mr Cameron,
I am writing to express how much I am against intervention in Syria. I was hoping to attend the anti war march on saturday but I am unable to and so am putting my thoughts in an email, in the hope that many many others will join me and that you will rethink your position. 
I appreciate that Assads actions are of concern but:
1) there is no UN consensus, and by now we must have learnt our lesson that wars without UN consensus are doomed to failure and lack any legitimacy. 
2) there is no EU consensus - surely by now your government must realise that US-UK actions are viewed as terrorist actions by most of the middle east - we lack any sort of legitimacy without consensus. I would reluctantly back your actions if they were part of a EU approach. I cannot believe we would be stupid enough to go in as part of a US-UK coalition again. 
3) there is both a moral argument against action (lack of legitimacy) and a practical one - recent history has taught us that US-UK intervention only makes things worse.
4) there is also a financial one - you are constantly telling us that austerity is the only possible solution for the UK & yet somehow we have no problem funding yet more military action. 
I protest very strongly at any action being waged in our names as UK citizens and hope that your bills are defeated. 
With best regards,
JoJo S
Dear Mr Cameron.
  • You support Paul Kigale, the top man in Rwanda, with UK aid money and yet he is implicated in mass murder and human rights violations.
  • You have helped to install regimes in Libya that we know nothing about
  • You were seen in Kazakhstan with a leader who is suspected of human rights violations
  • We do not yet know who used any chemical weapons in Syria.
  • This is nothing to do with the United Kingdom. We are not, and cannot afford to be, policemen to the World.
  • Your wife should not be running United Kingdom foreign policy.
  • Do not intervene in Syria. I am a conservative supporter/voter. Do not drive me into the arms of UKIP.    Nigel H
Dear Mr. Cameron,
I am writing as a life long Tory, a Christian, a Lay Minister, a proud Britain  ... but most importantly, the mother of a soldier who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan (and lost good friends in both places).
We, as a nation, are correctly appalled at what has happened in Syria - no civilised county could possibly think otherwise, but that should not necessarily mean we have to get involved in any ways military.  No matter that you say it would be a limited response and no troops would be sent in ... if we are honest we know that is probably untrue.  Sooner or later, we will have to follow up any action to match the response any 'punishment' bombing will instigate.  We will set in motion something much bigger and the UK and our troops will find themselves fighting someone else's war yet again, with no end game in site.  And, to be fair, 'normal' bombing as opposed to chemical bombing is still going to kill, maim and bereave hundreds of people - is that more/less defensible?  Can we justify any bombing which will cause death and destruction?  We will surely only be slightly less reprehensible as whoever used the chemical weapons.
We are not the World's police force - this is not our business, however much we feel for those involved in the terrible suffering.  Other countries must be left to find their own level - we do not always have to take responsibility for what others do to each other.  We should not be so arrogant as to assume we know best and must be listened to.  For once PLEASE put the interests of this country first.  We have done enough over the last decade or so to try to herald peace in the world but invariably all our efforts have produced is the death and injury of hundreds of our soldiers, the unrecoverable sadness of families who have lost their fathers, sons and brothers -  and the increased hatred of the West (particularly the UK) by extremist terrorists who use any intervention from us as more fuel to their fire.  Don't give them any more reason to despise us, regardless of the honest intentions we have.
I beg you on behalf of the families of UK troops to stay out of this one altogether.  You must have met many injured soldiers from Afghanistan and some of the bereaved families - can you now look them in the eye and say you are prepared to be dragged into yet another Middle Eastern conflict which will produce hundreds, if not thousands this time, more ruined families.  If you are, then go ahead but you (like Tony Blair before you) will have to live with that decision - I hope you will not have to bear the weight of your conscience if things go badly wrong, which so many people in this Country fear it will.  Listen to the concerns of your public, please.
I end this, partly in anger, but more in fear.
Thank you for reading.
Mrs. W
My vote for the conservatives at the last election was for parliament to put the country back on track and clear the onerous debt that had been inherited fro the last labour administration. It was not to, yet again, enter into global interference which you seem to be very selective  about. I am vehemently opposed  to this country entering into any physical intervention into the Syrian conflict. Far more have died prior to any chemical usage but that has been judged to be a problem that has not been deemed important enough to warrant involvement ? The UN is the only body that can and should interfere in global problems and not a minority player like the UK  akin to the devious blair playing lap dog to the USA as was the case in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict. Why have you not suggested that we interfere in Zimbabwe where Mugabe has murdered endless numbers of people? If you do press for unwarranted intervention in Syria outside of any UN resolution and involvement then I will never be able to support any future Conservative party ever. Stop pretending that we are a world power, that you are a world leader and that we have endless supplies of money to pour into other nations conflicts.

We would remind you of the popular definition of idiocy:
Someone, or some people who do the same thing again and again, with the same result – all the while hoping for something different:  Iraq – Afghanistan – Libya – Egypt – and nowSyria??
This is a problem for the Middle East and the Arab nations – and they must sort it out themselves.  It is not for the “West” to wade in with the usual disastrous results.
Jane T
please be very careful ,  missiles from afar sort nothing,look at the mess in iraq and our retreat from afghan,syria will be the same if not worse as it will pull in iran!!what is the real aim of missiles??let the UNsort this
a supporter of yours who is worried by the speed of reaction,think things through to the endgame this time
k barnett

Be very careful that this was not a trick by unknown perpetrators to provoke the west into offensive action, the outcome of which is totally unpredictable!
From a very concerned Citizen.
Stanley S
Dear Mr Cameron PM
If President V Putin signed the United Nations agreement at the end of WW2 and you have his signature, how can he do anything other than agree to do all that is within his power to stop this inhumane activity ordered by the Assad Regime forces in Syria.
With the support of EU, US, France, Canada, Australia and all other British Empire countries; it would be foolish for Putin to do anything seriously against any support for Syria’s opposition forces.  They definitely do need a helping hand.  They have been through so much over the past two years; it must be unbearable for them.  They cannot give up now can they?
May God be with you in your decisions.
Yours respectfully
             Are you trying to start another world war?
To intervene in another country's internal affairs, however distasteful they may be, is arrogant folly.  Who are we to judge the rights and wrongs of the issue - especially when religious extremists are involved?  How would you like another nation interfering in our own domestic affairs?
Haven't you learned anything from Iraq and Afghanistan, where British lives (and material resources) have been squandered - and all to no avail?
So I disagree most strongly with any proposal to intervene in any way in the Syrian internal conflict.
Your domestic policies in recent times have been absurd - don't expect me to vote for you ever again.
Stanley N.

Dear Prime Minister

I write to you on behalf of myself and many others who find the idea of you endorsing an attack on Syria as not only outrageous and dangerous, but also without justification in view of no concrete evidence confirming that the Assad government were responsible for the alleged attack on the rebel held regions of Damascus. It is our belief that without credible evidence, attacking Syria would be against international law and against the democratic will of the British people for which you will be help accountable at the next general election. If such an attack were to take place on Syria then the outcome could, and would most possibly be catastrophic for the innocent citizens of Syria because you do not have any understanding of the reaction the Assad government might feel justified in taking once you attack their sovereign state. It is with regret that we feel so strongly about this issue that should you and your government pursue this course of action, we would feel it our duty to work hard and invest heavily to assure you and the coalition fail to win the next general election. Most people feel so strongly about what you are planning to do that I believe you would totally miscalculate the feelings of the British people and this miscalculation would I am sure course the downfall of your party which in return would result in the conservative party being redundant for many years to come.  

Yours sincerely

Angela B
Badger Cull 24/08/2013 Dear Sir/ madam,
I am writing to you regarding the government's badger cull policy and the recent imposition of an injunction against protestors.
I want to express my concern and distress at what is an unscientific and cruel death policy that has no real place in a civilized country like the UK purports to be. As a British citizen I cannot accept the bullying tactics of the national farmers union against basic animal welfare. Please rethink this this strategy and stop the brutalizing of nature and allow our right to protest.
Thousands of the UK's citizens find modern farming methods completely barbaric and unhealthy - unnatural impregnation, impoverished environments, overmedication, sickening cruelty in transportation and slaughter the farm animals are made to suffer. Footage from slaughter houses alone shows you that lack of regulation and lack of cctv in these places is where the government should be focusing their resourcs, not on killing badgers.
What moral basis is there for violently and cruelly making badgers suffer and for protecting farmers finances when farmers value farmed animals welfare so little?
Instead of an ethical response,  the government punishes wild animals through large scale slaughter simply for the greed of humans. I urge you to rethink this.
 Sharin G
Disillusioned Tory Voter
Dear Sir,
Thank you for email. I have always voted Conservative but I don't intend to next time as I feel very let down by your party. You promised to do things which you have not done and done other things which you did not mention in your manifesto. The main concerns are:
FOREIGN AID - why are we still borrowing money to send increased amounts of money to other countries, while cutting back on money spent here on important things in this country.
TAX BREAKS FOR MARRIED COUPLES - promised but not done.
GAY MARRIAGE - not mentioned but forced through.
HUGH AMOUNTS OF MONEY SPENT ON 'FREE SCHOOLS' - Route 39 free school in North Devon, 60 pupils, £39 million spent so far and another £50 millions promised!!
John S
15/08/2013 Fracking
Dear Mr Prime Minister Upon hearing the news that you not only support fracking but also expressing that ALL of Britain should 'accept fracking', I was so disappointed that I will now withdraw my support of the Tory party.  You have lost not only my vote, but my family and friends (only 100 of us, so I would imagine you don't really care).   How could you so carelessly support something that not only is NOT a solution to the problems facing an oil guzzling consumerist society but is proven to be damaging to the planet.  When there are already water issues for this island - how could you think that fracking will not effect Britains water tables?  You, personally, have most certainly not properly read the many factual websites and material available.  I had hoped that you and the current Tory party could make a difference. Instead, you've been bought...just like every other government.   What a pity; no wonder the younger generation doesn't bother to vote. Yours sincerely, Ms Lisa D
With regards to the recent 'hot' topic of fracking, I must say that despite being one of your many supporters you are wrong on this issue. For the good of the country, the environment and also the Conservative party this cannot be allowed to happen.
I believe that you are trying to push this for the good of the country and that you sincerely believe in what you are saying, but I cannot agree with your arguments. There is too much evidence of the damage that fracking can cause (including the damage caused by transport links etc), it would undoubtedly be a blight on the landscape for considerable time, and bearing in mind the fact that you are just about to alienate a good many Conservative supporters in the S.E it will be a considerable blight on the party and could well cost the next election.
Regards Andy T
10 August 2013

 Open Letter on EU

Dear Mr Cameron,

I speak for myself, but know many feel the same,  you appear to have the EU at heart more than the British people. 

You have said you would put forward the changes you would like to be made to the EU agreement IF you are back in Government, surely this is not your decision.  You must ask the country what they would be prepared to accept, this should be completed well before the election or any kind of vote by the country on Europe.

There is one thing which seems to be in the news which you can ‘at a stroke’ say you will not agree to – Birth, marriage and death certificates becoming European paperwork.   Europe seems to be filching everything we have, now even our nationality, by stealth.  You can stop this now.

I know there are other points, well known, which could be changed beforehand /not allowed.   The time has come for you to either stand with the people of this country or show you are totally aligned with Europe.

There are people in the country who valued the sacrifice our troops have made in the belief they are making the country better for those they left behind.  How can you face the public unless you make sure it is known you are totally behind Britain, and want it to remain the country in name and deeds that so many have given their lives for.  How can you stand at the Cenotaph in November, honouring the dead of both wars if you haven’t  stood up and said ‘no way you cannot take away our nationality’.

Actions speak louder than words, tell the country what they want to hear – you are not veering towards Europe – Britain will always be the home of the British, not Europeans.

So many are disillusioned, which is regrettable when your government has put in so many needed changes. 


Stafford hospital
Dear Mr Cameron,
                I am writing to express my deepest concerns about the proposed closures to the outstanding Maternity and Paediatric units at Stafford hospital.  I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in January 2013 and I planned to have a second child at Stafford also.  I am disgusted at the proposed closure of both these units.  I find it deeply alarming that financial issues can be the cause of this dreadful decision and that people can actually put a price on potentially the life of a child/mother.
                I also can’t quite understand the financial sense of this.  There will be the same number of babies being born and therefore the same demand for a safe and outstanding service.  I gave birth when the maternity unit at Stafford was ‘rammed’ and from what I know it is an extremely busy and well used unit.  I received excellent care and the professionalism of all the staff I encountered was second to none.  I feel no price can be placed on that of a new born baby or child and if I am lucky enough to have a second child, I will not be taking any chances.  With my daughter I stayed at home for 8 hours prior to going into the maternity unit.  I will not be taking any chances and will be making my way to North Staffs hospital much earlier.  This will in turn cost the NHS more money.  I also gave birth when the weather was horrendously snowy.  Because of the locality of Stafford hospital my husband and I made our way by car.  If we had to travel the distance that it now required I would have called an ambulance – this would incur yet another cost to the NHS.  I feel the people responsible for this proposal have used the previous issues with the hospital in a bid to save money.  They have cut the most expensive services regardless of their excellent reputation and the fact they are well utilised.
                Forgetting about finances, Stafford is a growing town with a large number of primary and secondary schools.  To not have paediatric services is a death sentence to many of the children in this town and saddens me deeply.  I have grave concerns for the world my daughter is growing up in.  The fact a government such as yours places priority of the little money we have on a train line that is already horrendously over budget over the life of another human being is both unethical and immoral!
Hello Prime Minister
Homelessness is a big problem in this country. There are many people sleeping rough on our streets who have got trapped in this situation, and have no-one to turn to. There are also those who suffer from mental health issues and drug addiction. In short, there is no reason that this situation should be, and here’s why.
Our towns and cities are awash with buildings that have been standing empty for months or even years. We all see office blocks in our cities that are unused. Well how about using a few of the floors in these places for the homeless to go and get help, a change of clothes , food, warmth, medical attention and anything else they need to get back on their feet. These locations would not have to be permanent, councils could commandeer them on a temporary basis. Funding could come from charity, government, councils, local businesses and money raised from the assets of criminal activities. Staffing could be performed by volunteers and people out of work (when I was unemployed; I put myself forward for voluntary work. So don’t anyone bleat to me about that one)
Seriously this would not be hard to achieve, we are a throw-away society. So clothes, bedding and other essentials would not be hard to source. Also, how much food do we waste on a daily basis? Quite a lot I would say, just how much perfectly usable food do our big supermarkets destroy each month? Let’s be honest, it could go to better use.
Such places would be ideal, as it would enable the homeless to establish a base where they can work towards getting back into society and all the help they need. These places would also offer the most fundamental thing of a safe place to be. So give me a reason why this can’t be done?
Yours sincerely 
John M.
Atos vs.War Pensioner
Dear Mr Cameron PM
I am a 57yr old war pensioner My pension is set at 80% disabled.  Last week I recievd a letter from my DSS office informing me that I would be receiving a phone call from them then forms then get sent for a medical.
The head injury I received FIGHTING FOR THIS COUNTRY.  Has left me with frontal lobe damage and blindness to one eye.  My condition does not change.  As well as my meagre war pension I get £101 incap benefit which your government want to take from me.  If I was injured before 2005 I wouldn't be getting all this hassle.  There is now a two tear system where the one injured after 2005 are heroes and the rest of us are just a pest.
Can you please tell me how much you are allowed to earn as a result of people like me fighting for your freedom?  Up until now I have been supported Mr Darlings Better Together campaign but as we get treated like shite in this country you can bet that that's stopped as as much as I hate the idea of splitting up the country I fought for I cannot see how the SNP will be any worse than thing are now.
Please treat all us war pensioner the same and please bring back the syaytem where if your injuries are accessed by the MoD at 80% a machine called ATOS cannot change that.
Thank you
Mr William C
Ghana 12 june 2013
Dear Prime Minister,
I write today hoping that you receive this letter. I am a Ghanaian interested in education and safety of Ghanaian studentS abroad. A lot of Ghanaian students were brought to your universities last year and some are to come this year. UK has been a safe heaven for most to learn.
My problem for writing you is that, I have heard that you have invited my president to the UK . Its a good thing but I think the time is now to let him be aware of the inhuman treatments meted of Ghanaian students by the GETFund. Student on this scholarship continue to borrow from friends and I can bet you that from London , Sheffield, Leeds to Newcastle, many GETFund scholarship students are living on ''borrows'' .
I am by this letter praying your office to relay this information to the Ghanaian president to wake to reality and answer the call of the stranded students as such inhuman treatment is an abuse of students and for that matter an abuse of human right.
12 June 2013
Dear David,
I am writing as a tolerant Englishman, I believe all people should be welcome to the UK if they have the right motivation for living here what my gripe is the housing of people. I am a hard working person however due to the prices of house and my slim chances of getting a mortgage due to a bad credit history years ago which seems to be dogging me with lenders even though I was young when I messed about. People seems to be rewarded for being jobless or new to the country.
How can people who contribute nothing to society just get housing  from the council, I pay taxes every month but find myself not able to rent on my own or buy a property, however if I fathered 3 of 4 kids and was jobless I would get housing no problem.
I am not anti-immigration or anti religion I believe they make England a greater country however I do believe there need to be changes with regards to housing and benefits to stop the system being used by people who are not contributing back or ever will contribute back. Surely if you have more than 2 children funding should diminish so people think about there actions.
I have never voted for any member of parliament as I believe they do not reflect real life and understand the concerns of general English people, this is why groups like the EDL and BNP are having more followers which is sad. We should do more to help ENGLISH people getting houses who are actually paying for the ones who don’t work to get theres.
Do you have any thoughts on this matter? To change my mind that are all politicians have no idea what English people want and need!!!
Grahame W
12/06/2013 ImmigrationAnd HandoutsYou Worry me ! ( In fact all Political parties worry  me !!!)

Over the last three years, I find myself becoming more and more fearful of you. You are turning this country into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel a part of! I watch you in parliament, and no, not just  you, but every politician that I see, stand up in parliament sneering at each other, and acting like children !!! (..and if you were my children, I would be ashamed of you all ... What an example to set!)

Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the needs of this country at the forefront, NON of you are doing that, you seem more interested in "one-up-manship ", in scoring off each other, & denigrating each other, to the detriment of this country & its people !!! It seems to be all about YOU as individuals, and not about what you can DO for this country !
It is fast becoming a place that I do not recognize, as the place I always thought, was the best place in the world to be !!!  But no longer !!!

You are not listening to the people of this country !!!
I am watching the deterioration of living standards in this country, (and according to you, on a world stage we are doing better than most countries ... REALLY ???) ... And yet the gap is widening between the "haves" and the "have-nots" . I see our homeless on the streets, our hospitals under-funded, and understaffed, our health system is an absolute mess and a disgrace ... And yet I see multi-millions of pounds  being sent offshore, in aid to other countries, before attending to this country's needs !

I see the "selling off of water rights to foreign interests, WHY...?  Especially when you go to great lengths to tell us that water is a finite resource, & supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it, so that we ensure we have it for the future ? A Carbon Tax,( which you KNOW is just another tax ) which will make NO appreciable difference, to carbon emissions, AT ALL!
A tax, which in spite of all your arguments FOR it, you are doing alone, when other major countries will NOT & DO NOT embrace it, or believe in it !

All that it will do for this country is put working families and small businesses into even more poverty, .....what planet are you on, if you think that the tax we must pay will make even a scrap of difference to the effect of the carbon tax on people? Anyone can see the holes in that argument !!! Do you really think we are that dumb ???

Let's talk about Multiculturalism ......People have come here from other countries, for a better life, for more years than I have been alive ( I am 69 years old !)

Pre & Post war immigrants came for a better life, and settled in and became wonderful contributors to this country, ... all have contributed to the rich diversity of this country, and some descendants have even fought FOR this country, and they have become U.K.citizens and were glad to be ...and they had NO handouts from our Government either, ...they worked hard for everything!
I have never before had a problem with all, or any, race of immigrants coming here. However, I DO NOW !!!

Please tell me why we have areas in towns and on large estates all over the country, where police do NOT, & will NOT go, for fear of their life ?
Please tell me why we can no longer have religion in schools for fear of "OFFENDING" someone ? (The latest little gem is that they are not having or being funded, for chaplains any more, but Counsellors!)
Please tell me why religious Christmas observances are no longer allowed in some schools for fear of OFFENDING someone ? Please tell me HOW Christmas decorations in some stores might OFFEND someone ? Please tell me why we have to have segregated days in some swimming centres for fear of "OFFENDING" someone ? Please tell me why we have some RADICAL clerics demanding Sharia Law in this country when if we were in THEIR country, this would NEVER be allowed? Please tell me why our laws need to be changed, so as not to OFFEND someone ? Please tell me why we are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own country, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ? Please tell me WHY Britons cannot legally wear a bike helmet covering their head in a bank and yet it is ok to wear a Burqa which covers the whole of the face ? And please tell me WHY, when those people who want asylum here can wreck our detention centres and STILL be accepted here ?

What does that say about just who and what are this government's and its opposition's priorities ?
The British people that I speak to have genuine concerns about becoming a second class minority in our own country, and the reasons for it are some of the above. Are you so blind that you cannot see this ? And no, I am NOT racist !!!  If I did not like Catholics or Protestants would I be considered racist ? Of course not!

Why is it, that if we object to what is happening in our country we are immediately labelled RACIST, in an attempt to shut us up ?

We are fighting Radical Muslims in Afghanistan & Iraq , are we not ? I hear you say, yes but the Muslims we have here are "Not like that " . Well how would we know ? Do we hear ANY of them coming out & speaking AGAINST radicals ? I haven't, have you ? Islam is not compatible with ANY of the values that we hold here in Britain ! Are not the experiences of France and the Netherlands a examples of that? Why do you think it would be any different here ? We even have a British born "radical ", whose message is that Britain WILL become a Muslim country, under Sharia Law, & that we had "better get used to it ".

Will all of you show some strength and start sticking up for this country and its people ? We are the people who put you where you are and PAY you to look after our interests !  And you are NOT doing that by any stretch of the imagination !!!  I would appreciate an answer from you, if only to convince me that once again I am not talking to a brick wall !
In case it has escaped all of you I would like to remind you that, in the U.K. Government is FOR THE PEOPLE ... OF THE PEOPLE ... & BY THE PEOPLE ...  Never forget that because you sure have up till now !
Benefits 12/06/2013 When are you going to change things in our country.
I am lucky to have a job at the minute the way things are, I work 3 days a week and can't work any more because there is no extra work.  I am working and I don't feel any benefit, my money is only just covering the bills, as a tax payer surely if you work you should be better off than someone who doesn't why is this not the case and people who are on benefits living a better life, only today on "Lorraine" a woman who has 7 kids claims benefit and gets £2,000 a month and her money has been docked and she's moaning because she won't be able to manage, its a joke and it infuriates me (I don't get £2,000, I get less than that).  Why should people be allowed to keep having children and me/tax payers have to keep paying for it, there should be a rule where you have 2 children and if you choose to have more then you pay yourself you don't get benefit.  I have 1 child and am desperate to have another but the way things are I can't afford one.  ITS NOT FAIR.  I hate living in this country and if there was a chance I could get out I would.  At the end of this year you are going to be letting more people in who don't work come here to have children and claim benefits and its a cycle.  When are you going to wake up and look after the people that do work and do want a nice life for their children.  YOU HAVE BEEN ELECTED FOR A REASON so do something.
You wonder why there is racism in this country, its your fault, you treat people differently.  If you treated everyone the same then there wouldn't be no racism.  The benefits culture has been a long ongoing thing I remember leaving school and my friend went on benefits and only ever got a job about 4 years ago.  It should be said that when you leave school you either go to work or into further education.  If you don't have a job within a couple of months your benefit should be stopped, there is so many people that don't work because they don't have to and sit at home taking drugs and alcohol and abusing the system and the reason this is happening is because they can.  Well they shouldn't be able to.  If you change things then it will be set as a precedent and if people don't like it then they can leave the country.  If I went to another country I would have to abide by their rules and it should be the same here.  I am a british citizen and hate the way this country is. Leanne G
George Rolph is on day 14 of a hunger strike
because he's had his disability benefit stripped from him after an ATOS assesment. He was trying to advertise his plight on Facebook, but today Facebook banned him without reason.He has written an open letter, which was read publicly at St. Georges Hall Liverpool on June 1st 2013. 
Letter below:
“We all know about the growing disconnect in this country between those who claim to lead us and the people they want to lead. We have all seen the ever more intrusive nature of government poking into our daily lives. Right now you are on cameras that are watching you closely. Give them a wave and a cheer. We have witnessed the awful corruption going on, both here in the UK, and in the EU. We have sat and gasped as politicians have openly led us into illegal wars in other lands. All of these things and much more than I have mentioned here leave us feeling soiled as a people. As if we have been dragged unwillingly in some perverts private party. It feels like our land is not our land any more. It has been stolen from us and we are just drones who keep it all ticking over so others can benefit from your labours, while you get fed in drips and drabs, the little bits that fall from the table. We watch as the London Mayor and other politicians take our money to build huge expensive projects, so they can strut around looking proud and having massive ego trips in front of the cameras. Yet, in the midst of this financial splurging, we see the same people hammering the poorest and most vulnerable people in the land. Energy prices are zooming through the roof. That drives all prices up. Yet, at the same time, benefits for the poor are either cut or done away with. A new bedroom tax is imposed which is making people homeless or causing massive problems for people who have to find the money in the face of shrinking income. Make no mistake. This is not accidental. The politicians know EXACTLY what they are doing and they are following a script, the details of which they have hidden from us, but which they are feeding to us a little at a time. Did you notice, for example, that just before the new welfare reforms for the sick and disabled were announced, the media had a propaganda blitz on people faking sickness to scrounge dole money? It is called social psychology and you and I are the targets of it. When those reforms came in I went happily to the ATOS assessment interviews, because I had nothing to hide. I was sick. I was not scrounging anything. I needed help, that is all. Three times I passed. Three times I answered the same questions the same way and passed unfit to work. On the forth time, despite the questions and answers being the same, they took all of my benefits away. Someone, to meet a target set by government, decided to ignore the other three assessment reports and single me out for another kind of treatment. The imposition of total poverty! I knew what was coming to me then, but I was too shocked to think about it. No money to pay rent. No money to pay gas or electricity bills. No money to pay council tax demands. No money to pay the phone bill. No money to buy clothes. No money to buy food. I was facing bailiffs, eviction, hunger and homelessness at 60 years of age. I knew I would not live long on the streets. I knew they were condemning me to certain death. I only had two things left. My dignity and my fighting spirit. I decided to fight back! I decided I would not just tug my forelock and accept my fate as I backed away from my “masters” in government. I decided I did not like the idea of being their serf! I decided to use what they had planned for me, against them. If they wanted me dead OK. I would die, but I would do it exposing them for what they are, and I would do it for all the other sick and disabled people they had already driven to suicide, despair or were about to hurt. I went on hunger strike. I went on Facebook and I began to yell the place down. People began to come and see what all the noise was about. At first a few. Then more. Then more. Then more. I have told them NOT to copy me but to fight with me. I have told them the same truth I am going to tell you now. THIS LAND DOES NOT BELONG TO THE POLITICIANS AND NEITHER DO YOUR LIVES. THIS LAND IS YOURS AND YOUR LIVES ARE YOURS TOO. NO ONE OWNS YOU. NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO ABUSE AND MANIPULATE YOU THROUGH SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OR ECONOMIC TERRORISM. There is however an even deeper truth and it is simply this: YOU, ARE WHERE THE REAL POWER LIES and if you will stand together as one, you can make those politicians that are hurting and killing our people in the name of ideology or profit, back into the public servants they really are. STAND TALL. STAND PROUD. STAND STRONG. You do not need to be violent. You only need to be united. Tell these corrupted, ruthless and vile politicians that you DEMAND your country back. You DEMAND that they take care of our weakest. You DEMAND they withdraw their poverty creating taxes. I am willing to give my life to help those who cannot help themselves. Not because I am special. Or a hero. Or because I want to be famous, but because I have a heart that bleeds for them and I cannot bare what these vermin in Westminster and beyond are doing to our nation. WE MUST STOP ATOS AND WE MUST DO IT FAST. Don’t let them fool you. You do not need to gain power. YOU ARE THE POWER UNDER GOD IN THIS LAND. WILL YOU HELP ME TO FIGHT FOR YOU BY FIGHTING BESIDE ME? God bless you all. Look me up on Facebook and lets get to work.”
As I said above - you can no longer look him up on Facebook because his account was banned today.
Grandparent's Rights 29/05/2013 Dear Mr Cameron    
When will your government  sort out grandparents rights. 
   I am a grandmother of three, in which two of the children have been brought up by me , my grand-daughter is coming up 5 years old and she was brought to me by social services, just after she was six months old and she lived with me and my partner until social services, said that she was to go back home to her mother just before she was to have her second child, then they had to move back in with me until my grandson was 13 weeks old as she was being watched by the social worker and other health professionals due to the care she provided .    I have supported her with both children and even to the extent of buying for the third child in which i have not met. Social services were hell bent on returning my grandchildren to there mother and her new boyfriend even though they were well warned that the future of my grandchildren were in danger but they allowed them to be returned.     In Feb 2013, there was a knock at my front door by a lady that told me she was from child protection team and needed to talk to me regarding to my three grandchildren. After just four months of been returned back into the care of my daughter and her partner all three of my grandchildren had been replaced back into foster care due to my grandson being injured in the groin by my daughter or her boyfriend or another "adults footprint" . They would not tell me much apart from he had been hurt. At that point he was only two years old. And from when the children were taken away from me I was not told anything about the children because my daughter does not want me to know any of the things that are going on as her boyfriend has told her she's not allowed to let me see them, my grandchildren are or should i say very much my life i ring social services and try and find out things and they keep telling me until the government , parliament and who ever else is involved i can not be told anything about the situation. data protection.     Please help me get my grandchildren back in to my life i have not seen them for one year and its tearing me apart i don't want them to forget about me as they are young. Many people will come and go in and out of there lives . Please please help grandparents get rights to see there grandchildren there are so many of us out there just don't know where to turn and don't have the funding to get the advice it's cost me a payment of one thousand pound for advice and a payment to try and be added in to court proceedings and because the judge would not make his mind up he adjourned it for one week and a payment of two thousand pound to be pushed out. Because my daughter has parental rights how can a person have parental rights who has had the children took off them three times. She had legal plus social services on her side and she has ran rings round legal and social services  it's so shocking that she puts the children in danger yet everyone is on her side including this and the other government departments.     No doubts she is still in her three bedroom house and she will be able to keep this indefinitely as the children will be going back at some time with the help of social services yet again for what!!!!!   

                                                                                           signed                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Michelle S NHS 29/05/2013 Dear David
My father was omitted to the John Radcliffe hospital last wednesday, after seeking his doctors referral for severe stomach pains, it was diagnosed as Gaul bladder issues, so far ok, but it ends there,the hospital is dirty the nurses poor, examples, placing blood pressure arm band on the same arm as the one with a catheter in it, when  the other is free, highlighted by my dad,with a so what attitude!  he was then told his op was scheduled for Sat, so no food, nil by mouth, he finally got his op at 5pm Monday, having totally deteriorated from a strong man in pain to a delirious person in pain, no food or drink for three and a half days, who,s blood pressure was very high, because of the stress thinking he was to under go surgery that day, then although allegedly at the top of the list, postponed each day, he asked for food on the Second day, after his op was cancelled by 6pm, and was brought a bag of fruit 3 days out of date. I could supply a lot more detail,  I am so incensed I am still trying I complain to the new version of the Oxford primary care trust, now commission, who make it exceptionally hard to access a complaints email sight and I have also approached Watchdog, on how difficult it is to raise issues surrounding hospital care, my father served over 25 years for his country, in the RAF and is now being treated appallingly

Sue R
Dear Mr Cameron
I hope that your researchers have read and shown you the letter in yesterday’s Guardian from the president elect of the Girls’ School Association in which she reports how your Secretary of State ignores the opinions of experienced and respected teachers as he blindly pursues his overhaul of the education system; truly shocking. I have personal knowledge of a person who has spent his whole adult life in the teaching profession including many years as a headmaster and who was invited to sit on one of Mr Gove’s committees; within a few days all those [including this person] who did not agree with what Mr Gove is doing were removed from the committee; what does this say about him listening to people with experience on the ground?
Then there is the issue of Mr Gove a couple of weeks ago, raising question marks about the Lib Dem leader in the context of Lord Oakshott apparently supporting a “challenge” by Vince Cable for the leadership – all false and untrue so we are told. Is this really proper conduct from a senior member of your Government?
Is Mr Gove a fit and proper person to hold senior [any?] office in Government?
How can the country be expected to support your party with this man in your cabinet?
Yours sincerely
Jennie and Neil
Bedroom Tax
so the dictatorship which is the UK gov has started evicting Britain's most vulnerable and poorest people in society, ( 1940s Germany comes to mind ) with the bedroom tax, i would hang dictators and you Mr Cameron would be the first, crimes on society its called,  these people cant afford giving any more money to gov fat cats and yous have the cheek to be granting yourselves between £10,000 & £20,000 pay rise after the next election, and for what sitting in the house of Parliament and reacting the Muppet show with your other gov cronies, i work in the care industry and have not had a pay rise in over 3 years because the dictatorship is cutting back on council funding , i hope yous and your families choke on your pay rise, theres one thing i will GUARANTEE you , the Conservatives will not get back in power come the next election, I'm going to make it my life's ambition to stir the country up that much with websites, marching, blockades etc, reminding people of the plebs we have in power right now, and what they have done for the bread and butter people of Britain, yous are lining your own pockets from the blood and sweat of Britain's public, you should hold your head in shame but not you , you will hold your head up high, BUT LIKE I SAY YOU WILL NOT GET BACK IN POWER COME THE NEXT ELECTION, ILL GUARANTEE IT, my personal opinion you and people like you are a total waste of skin, a women killed herself because of this and i dare say there will be a lot more , I HOPE YOU CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT, enjoy the power while you can Cameron it will be your last ride in power
Thomas W
Soldier Attack
Dear Mr Cameron
I never get involved in airing my opinions, but I hope that if this young person that died today is a member of the armed British forces that this will not be handled by do-gooders of every cause that is against this country.
I am sick and tired of seeing the army being humiliated at times by people being able to show disrespect when they march through towns, I am fed up with the lack of tolerance that is shown to people that are proud to be British. We are expected to show respect to others and I have always championed the rights of others to be different, but I think that our service personnel should feel safe from this sort of thing at home.
It seems to me that we are not allowed to have our own elected people speak for us.
People speak about human rights for murderers when these people that commit these sorts of things don't have to consider the human rights of the people they maim and kill.
I don't necessarily subscribe to the knee-jerk view that it was Muslims and I know that the majority of all religions wouldn't condone this.
I feel at a loss at how to express how upset I feel for all of us, whatever the colour of our skin or the personal religious beliefs we have, so all I can say is please don't let us down on this.
Thank you for allowing me the chance to vent to you
Yours sincerely
Gwen E.
24/05/2013 Machete Attack On Soldier David
As an ex serviceman who has served in many areas of the world I was totally disgusted with the events of today, I have witnessed at close hand the devastation the ira caused, however today is a different act of savagery that should not be witnessed on the streets of the UK. I have been a Tory voter for many years we need to see some action around this, we can't watch terrorists walk freely in this country, Abu qatada is making a mockery of your government, surely you have the power to get him out of the uk. Our country needs to act now this is shocking and we need to see you being strong and acting in our favour. Dean A. 24/05/2013 Radical approach to Radicalisation Dear Mr Cameron Home Based Terrorism
The real issue here is the enemy within and what we should do about it.  The radicalisation of young Muslim men and converts has been going for years in mosques around the country and on the internet.  We know that from the plots that have been foiled over the last few years. Many of these men are of British origin so the issue of immigration is something of a side issue on this point.
Your Governments policy over this period has been largely reactive.  In adopting that policy it has appeared to these radicals to be weak.  It’s true that this has been largely to appease the mainly peaceful Muslim population.  However this majority of Muslims has failed to respond and help root out the problem of extremism.
Now is the time for the Government to get on the front foot and be proactive.  The majority of people in this country should not be asked to live with the reality of threat these terrorists pose to them in their day to day lives in their own country.  I also find it abhorrent that our brave armed soldiers are once again ordered by your Government not to wear their uniforms in public.  If ever there was an indication of a failed policy that is it.  The duty of a government is to protect its people and plainly at the moment our Government is failing in that duty on this issue.
The Government now needs to get proactive and adopt a front foot stance to show that we are not weak and to give the news that we have woken up and that things will change.  I believe some of the things we should do immediately are:-
1) Deport Abu Qatarda today to Jordan.  That makes a statement.  If there are any consequences from the European and UK courts that retrospective legislation could not cover we should refuse to recognise their judgements on this issue.  In the final resort we should be prepared to use a referendum to show that the Government acted with the overwhelming consent of the people.
2) We should immediately deport all non-British Islamic Clerics and non-British followers and their families who support their creed and introduce legislation that prevents appeals from people being deemed enemies of the state.  Any assets they or their family own in this country should be confiscated and the money donated to victims of terrorism and disabled ex-servicemen charities.
3) All British Muslims known to support this code should be interned in camps specially built for the purpose.  I absolutely know that you and your Government and the elitist political class are not brave enough to take terrorism seriously enough (unlike the USA) to do this and I am afraid we will continue to reap the consequences of that political cowardice.
The camp should be built on one of our remote off shore islands under military control.  No visitors or press should be allowed and its remoteness would enable it to be heavily guarded. There the internees should be subject to a programme of re-education in their Muslim faith andUK citizenship as well as work and not released until the authorities deem them to be no longer a threat.
The force feeding rules should be changed to those the USA uses so that hunger strikes cannot be used as a propaganda tool by creating martyrs.
This would not be our Guantanamo because the intent would be to return the internees to society when their attitudes had been effectively changed via re education by their own community and they present no threat.  It could also be monitored to ensure no torture etc.
4)  Anybody caught or involved in a terrorist act in this country should be liable to have their assets and those of their immediate family including parents confiscated and donated to funds to support the victims of terrorism in the UK and disabled soldier charities.  This would "encourage" Muslim parents (and other parents) to take a less detached view of their offspring’s beliefs and who they are listening to.  It also brings the strong Muslim ethos of family into the mix.  Perhaps offspring’s would think much more before they took or got involved in actions which would beggar their whole family.  I wonder if the July bombers would have been quite so enthusiast if there had been consequences for their family.
This is not racist because as far as I am concerned this should apply to any race, creed or political belief in the UK to commit terrorist acts to forward their aims.
5) The Chinese can sensor the internet to screen out what they do not want their citizens to read why can't we?  The Islamic websites carrying terrorist propaganda should be blocked.  If we need help in that we should ask the Chinese Government!!  Freedom in all aspects including information and communication comes with responsibility.
Sadly Mr Cameron it seems to me that you talk a good battle but in reality little is likely to change and you will stay on the back foot.  I will give you though that Milleband and Clegg would be no better so we can expect lots of words but no pro activity.  Probably lots of calls to the Muslim community to take action which will only fall on deaf ears.  That in turn will encourage more terrorist acts.
I would be ashamed if I was a Prime Minister whose key response to a terrorist attack on a soldier in the heart of London was to order the armed forces not to wear uniform in their home country for fear of attack.  How the Muslim extremists must be laughing at that reaction.  History will I think also judge you as weak and unable to address hard issues with leadership and statesman like resolve.  It is no consolation that Milliband and Clegg would be just as weak. 
One day we will have to draw the line in the sand.  I just wonder how many innocent people will have to die before that happens and how much of that will be down to you
Keith H
Soldier Killed in Woolwich

Good Morning Mr Cameron,
I hope you slept well last night.I didn't,after the appalling murder of the soldier.I think it is time you got your act together and stop concentrating all your energies on the same sex marriage.Our country is under very great threat from Muslim fanatics. it is time you realised this.Our country is Christian,whether you like it or not,but we tolerate law abiding members of other faiths living here.It is time to get strong with people who don't.This just would not have happened in Spain,Muslims live there,but have to be law abiding,the Spanish are intolerant of people who are not.;we are too soft.Now we have to have our proud soldiers being told not to wear their uniforms when out of duty,how shameful is that! They are always told to “Wear your uniform with pride”now they cannot even do that.How shameful.They are being advised not to wear their “Help for Heroes” tee shirts,absolutely awful.
You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this situation to develop.Too many mosques,spawning too many fanatics.A gentleman on TV has just said”the situation has gone too far,we have all had enough”,and I agree .My grandson wants to join the Marines,I am now going to actively deter him.
I am a law abiding white haired ,65 year old Tory supporter,not a fanatic.When I was little,I remember Enoch Powell making his famous “ rivers of blood” speech,and everyone said how wrong he was.How right he was!
we all know that you need votes,especially from the large Muslim communities,but you need to get rid of the Muslim fanatics,and others,who should not be here.In Spain they are deported within 24 hours,why cant we do the same.
Given that it is often quoted by Muslims that “The only true God is Allah” and that the rest of us are Infidels,what is going to happen to we Infidels?Are we going to be completely taken over by Allah,it can happen,remember Enoch Powell.
I have a Muslim gentleman living near me,married to a Christian lady, lovely people, both tolerant of each others Faith,but in these large towns and cities there are place where it is dangerous for white Christians to go. In our own country!!!
You really need to get strong,stop namby pambying around,or you will lose a hell of a lot of votes from we “ordinary” people in the next Election.
Diane C.
17/05/2013 Tory Unease
Dear Prime Minister
I have been active in the Conservative Party since 1956 .
You have lost my trust in you personally and many of those I know and trust have a similar view.
Edward Heath said to Sir Alec Douglas Hume 'If I had told the country that I was signing up to a European State .They would not have voted 'Yes''.
Why did we loose votes to UKIP? Just look at the map ! Wind farms; Immigrant agricultural workers;and HS2 to Birmingham and beyond.
I understand the constraints of Coalition Government, but your number 10 clique ignores the views of  members of the Conservative Party at your peril and unfortuneatly the members in Parliament.
I am a direct descendent of a signatory of the American Declaration of Independance, but I do not approve of 'Presidential' style of leadership. Sir please be a leader ( as an Old Harrovian to an Old Etonian.)
Yours disappointed,but no defector to UKIP
Bill W
Tory Councillor concerned about Europe 14/05/2013 Dear Prime Minister, Now that the Local Election dust is settling I am convinced that you and others have got to give serious thought to how we lessen the political legislation which our European membership is subjecting us to.
I have successfully retained my Northumberland Council seat but in my rural ward I lost a considerable number of votes to the UKIP candidate.
My area has no problem with European people coming in and taking jobs and benefits so I can only assume that the UKIP protest vote relates to the feeling that we are continually losing our identity to European legislation.
When I voted for our nation to become a part of Europe I understood that I was supporting a trading relationship which would sustain the economy of our country.
Over the years we have allowed European legislation to become so predominant in our systems that we have almost lost our British identity. 
As a grass roots Conservative I suggest that unless in the short term you can reassure myself and others like me that our Party will not be subserviant to Europe you are risking we Conservatives being overcome by UKIP in a big way.
Anthony. Councillor Anthony Murray,
14/05/2013 Afghanistan
Dear Leader of Britain,
With regard to Afghanistan and as you are our leader of Britain, I send the following:
I note the French ambassador to Afghanistan had this to say about that country last week in Kabul. The Afghan project, I am paraphrasing, is on thin ice and that, collectively, the West was responsible for a chunk of what went wrong, though Afghans were also responsible. The West had done a good job of fighting terrorism, but that most of that was done on Pakistani soil, not on the Afghan side of the border. And without fundamental changes in how Afghanistan did business, the Afghan government, and by extension the West's investment in it, would come to little.  He went on to say that drugs from Afghanistan caused more casualties that terrorism in Russia and Europe. Moreover, Western governments would be hard-put to make the case for continued spending on Afghanistan if it remains the world's largest heroin supplier.
Have Western governments learnt nothing from Iraq? After spending many millions of dollars and pounds (not to mention many, many lives) the situation in Iraq today is truly horrible. It would have been much, much better for Britain not to have become involved in that disaster. Not to follow without consideration the foolish (correct adjective) administration of George W. Bush. But you can blame the previous government for it, and in particular Mr. Tony Blair.
I would value it if you would carefully consider the above. Do you want to live in a better world?
With my best wishes,
Ralph B
14/05/2013 Education
Dear Mr Cameron ,
 As a mature mother of three you might expect that I would know the answer to the question, ‘Who is school for?’ As a young mother I never questioned the ‘raison d’etre’ for our schools, it just seemed obvious. It is only recently that I have realised that our education system has lost sight of its purpose. I would like to relate a couple of recent experiences to you.
 Two years ago my son was due to start secondary school and so we dutifully visited our local schools in order to make an informed decision (although in reality there was no choice). Nevertheless we wanted to get a ‘feel’ for the school our child was most likely to attend. My husband and I made an initial visit without our son so that we could get a first impression.                                                                I believe the school is the third largest in the UK and yet we managed to complete the entire tour without seeing a single class, just the odd child crossing the campus. We were shown the new sports hall (empty), the year 7 toilets (fortunately also empty), the weedy gravelled area where the buses arrive, the housing estate on the perimeter, where the covered walkway would be etc., etc. True there were some parents who ventured to ask questions about education, and true, the bursar showing us around did his best to answer them. We were then taken to a room where we were met by the head teacher. He congratulated us on surviving the tour, told us about the pupil tracking system, how he had managed to secure more money, how he intended to secure even more money, and what was wrong with all the other local schools. 
On our second visit we were accompanied by our son. We were hopeful of experiencing the ‘hustle and bustle’ and humanity of the school. Sadly not. We were subjected to an almost identical tour although there were a few additions. We were told, whilst looking at the adjacent housing estate, about the number of fatalities there had been amongst students crossing the main road. We were shown the ‘inclusion’ room and taken to the truancy office where our 10/11 year olds were told how much their parents would be fined if they missed school. The highlight of our tour was undoubtedly our visit to the foyer of the sixth form centre where we were shown the door to the refurbished staff toilets! On the way out I looked down at my son to see what his reaction was to this introduction to what was almost certainly going to be his next school. There was no enthusiasm, there was no excitement, there was no inspiration. There was just a dull acceptance. Then he said, ‘Don’t worry Mum, at least I know where the toilets are!’                                                                                                                                        Disappointed as we all were, we planned to attend the open evening where we were promised we could see some classrooms and activities. Fortunately a few students had been persuaded to stay after school to point us in the right direction, show us the laser cutter and lend their arm to the dramatic bubble experiment.
Time has passed and my son is now in year 8. We recently attended a parent/teacher evening in order to discuss GCSE options. We spent most of the evening being told how able our son is, how he should do this or that subject because he could be sure of a good grade. In fact those teachers most desperate for him to do their subject said he was practically there already. There was no mention of the exciting courses or indeed much enthusiasm on the part of the teachers. Then we went to see the Food Technology teacher. My son had shown no particular desire to take this subject at GCSE and so the look of alarm on the teacher’s face was unnecessary. On seeing my child she said something like, ‘Please tell me you’re not thinking of taking this at GCSE!’ Apparently cooking is not his thing. Thinking about this after I began to realise that school is no longer a place where you learn skills you don’t already have. Can it be right that aged 12/13 you can only study things you are already good at or know how to do? It would certainly make it easier for the teachers, but is that why schools exist? It might put the school higher up the league table but is that why schools exist? It might mean that the Secretary of State can claim a rise in GCSE grades but is that why schools exist?  Should my child leave school with 11A*s but unable to feed himself properly or cook for his family?  Some people will say that you can learn an important life skill like cooking at home but the same could be said of sex education, citizenship, religious studies, textiles, childcare etc., etc. I will of course use my own limited culinary skills to address the deficit in my own child’s education but there will be children for whom this is not the case. However food technology is not my crusade. I use this only as an example to illustrate my concern that grades are more important than children. My child won’t be leaving school to join the business world – he’s already in it. He is a commodity.
We have all heard of ‘child-centred education’, ‘putting children first’, ‘every child matters’, but what does it really mean? On his first day at secondary school my child was given an examination number which he is supposed to wear around his neck. It is the most important thing about my child.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs A Q
10/05/2013 Pension Fairness?
Dear Mr Cameron
I am a retired lady of 63 who worked and paid the reduced rate National Insurance rate for over forty years and was always told that I would received 60% of my husbands pension entitlements when he reached 65 which will be in 2018.  I am now told that from 2016 this will not be the case and I will not receive this money.  Please tell me how I am now supposed to live and how the goal post can be changed at this stage of my life.  I have been a tax payer all my life and have never had any benefits apart from £13.00 a week pension I currently receive.  Do you think this is fare?
Yours sincerely
Linda S.
Good Evening,
I am a Lib Dem supporter, but you might also be interested to know that I have known Nigel Evans since 1978.  He was President of the Students Union at Swansea University and I was a Liberal.  Since then I have followed his career at a distance, but never has there been any suggestion of impropriety.  I would like to add my voice in his support that, OK, he's gay, fine, but no way would he be aggressive or abusive.  This smacks to me of UKIP plying its trade.  And while I'm on this matter - I see my Mother every 6-8 weeks and every time I see her, she becomes more convinced that UKIP is the answer, although she's always been Con/Lib Dem in the past - and what paper does she read 'The Daily Express' - say no more.

Diana D.

Dear Mr Cameron,
           The reasons I voted for UKIP instead of Conservative on May 2nd are:
1.  Immigration.     We were not consulted about the flood of immigrants coming to live in the U.K.   It is not our country anymore.  Overcrowding, violence, jobs,  housing, health and energy problems all stem from too much immigration.
2.  Windfarms.  On and Off shore.   They are costly, unsightly and inefficient.  They are being built by foreign companies being paid large subsidies.   Do stop anymore wind farm development from now on and base our enegy on gas,nuclear and coal.   Say no to Brussels.  Why have we recently closed perfectly good power stations instead of modifying them?   Persue tidal power to see if it can generate electricity at competitive prices.  It is a reliable source of energy.
3. HS 2..  Cancel it.   It is costly and will spoil the countryside.  It has already ruined the lives of people living along the proposed line, all  to save 15 minutes of journey time.  Instead,  develop existing rail bottlenecks.
4. EU .     Withdraw from the EU and all its obligations.   It will save us billions of pounds and free us to run our own country.  We have a trade deficit with Europe in any case.
I hope you will consider these reasons why I changed my vote.
                                        Yours sincerely,
                                                      Judith A.
Dear Mr Cameron,
 We write to congratulate & thank you for your  decision to  support the CHOGM in Colombo in November by attending. We agree with  you whole heartedly that the best way to promote change in SL for the better is by engaging with rather than isolating Sri Lanka.
We also note that Commonwealth and Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt as well as many UK Parliamentarians such as Conservative MP's Ian Pasely Jn , & James Wharton who have visited Sri Lanka extensively in the past few months,  have    confirmed especially  in the Parliamentary debate of the 8th of Jan 2012 that the impressive realities of Sri Lanka today in terms of ethnic reconciliation, post war reconstruction and upholding Commonwealth values, are quite different from the allegations of human rights violations originated and orchestrated by the Tiger Diaspora. They are best known for sustaining three decades of terrorism in Sri Lanka through funding and misinformation. 
The Labor MP Siobhain McDonagh ,who moved the motion of the 8th of January 2012 , " Sri Lanka and the United Nations responsibility to protect" to pour criticism on Sri Lanka, when asked conceded that she had never visited Sri Lanka and was depending on information provided , presumably by the tiger Diaspora. This is true for many vocal critics of Sri Lanka.

This includes the likes of   the  Canadian Prime  Minister Harper, arguably pitching for the three hundred thousand Tamil votes in marginal electorates in Canada, who continue to regurgitate these Tiger allegations  like Labor MP Siobhain McDonagh without  first hand  verification  and are now advocating boycott of the best opportunity to do so , the CHOGM .

Clearly there are improvements to be made in Sri Lanka. These  as you have indicated is unlikely to be achieved by boycotting the CHOGM but by engaging with Sri Lanka.
We in New Zealand are very pleased at the announcement that our PM John Key will follow the lead of the Australian government to support and attend the CHOGM. The Australian decision follows   extensive visits to Sri Lanka by many  parliamentarians on different occasions, ( just like the UK Parliamentarians) led by foreign minister   Bob  Carr and  deputy opposition leader Julie  Bishop and well researched Australian TV documentaries, all confirming similar conclusions to those of the UK parliamentarians referred to above.
If the Diaspora of the  worlds most brutal terrorists are permitted to turn tables on their victims, using the CHOGM, it will only make a mockery of the CHOGM.

Thank you again for not permitting this to happen  by attending the CHOGM in Colombo.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Chula R
To Mr. Cameron, Firstly, I am not a UKIP supporter, I have voted Conservative all my life.   But oh boy, are you and Hague toeing a thin line!   The Nation has spoken, yet still you ignore our opinion.   Why must we wait a further 4 years just to get a referendum - and then what?   Another 5 to 10 years to put this Country's wishes through? Perhaps you sit back and think the average Brit doesn't have the facts, would not understand why we must stay in Europe, to let them tell us what to do, and suffer all the immigrants - So tell us!   Give us a good reason for your intransigence, or come the General Election we might just not believe in you any more and vote in UKIP to get the job done. We have told you - we want out of Europe - DO IT NOW or at least get it STARTED NOW before this great country becomes just an annex ruled by Brussels. With Regards. FRED L
Dear David Cameron,
When are you going to wake up to the facts?  All the excuses that you and your party have made re the number of seats won by UKIP are, just that; excuses.
Whilst I have always voted Conservative I will support UKIP next time, albeit in the Local, European or General Election.
The reason why is, and you personally, have not accepted this although more than 100 of your MP’s have, is the EU and Immigration plus the European Court of Human Rights.
Wake up before it is too late and if you have the balls act now and prove me wrong, put Qatada and his family on the next plane to Jordon and argue about it afterwards like other EU countries have done in similar circumstances.
Wait until after the next General Election in 2015 and you will be yesterdays man.
Raymond  C
4 may 2013 Housing
Good morning ,
It is your new role which has encouraged me to write to you today. I am sure I am not the only layperson who may be thinking about how “economic stimulus” can be achieved in this country, however, bearing in mind your new remit, I thought I would put forward my ideas.
Due to the changes in the welfare benefits and the so-called “bedroom tax”, which I appreciate is not it’s preferred term but unfortunately has become it’s adopted term. I believe there is an opportunity to make the necessary changes to address the issue of social housing shortages which would be advantageous to the political party who instigates these changes.
The “key areas” which need to be looked at in greater detail, once all the relevant data has been pooled, collated and headlined are as follows:
  • The number of houses currently occupied by a single person where there is no requirement for additional bedrooms for children/adults.
  • The number of houses currently occupied by a single or couple who are classed as elderly and receive housing benefits.
  • The number of families on the national social housing waiting list.
I am almost positive that the figures will confirm that the “demand” outstrips the “supply” but at the same time it will also confirm the amount of “wasted accommodation” i.e. spare bedrooms are currently being underused.
I believe the answer to this issue is investment in the short-term, which in the long-term will save money whilst stimulating the country’s economy. This can be achieved by the following:
  • The building of numerous new social housing specifically for the elderly and young professionals, specifically one bedroom bungalows adapted for disabilities and low rise apartment blocks. Thus building and associated industries will have new work.
  • The upgrade of existing social housing for families who would move into the properties once the elderly and/or young professionals have vacated for the new suitable housing stock. Which will encourage DIY and the knock on effect within the retail sector.
  • The reduction of the waiting list and families living in bed and breakfast properties thus saving huge costs.
  • The reduction of elderly people going into care, which is expensive, by ensuring the bungalows are warden controlled. Plus reduced associated costs with care in the community.
I don’t believe I have covered all areas as succinctly as I would like, but I hope you can see what I am proposing is certainly worth taking seriously? As you are aware the “grey vote” is a very important vote these days, especially with the growing population of “over 60’s” who still taking voting seriously. Unlike the younger generations who have an apathy towards voting. Therefore, if you appear to be looking after this important demographic group by being forward-thinking for their needs and concerns, it can only be a “win win” situation for the Government in general and a positive step to re-election.
Thank you for your time. I may only be a little fish in a very large pond, but sometimes from the tiniest acorns grow the biggest trees.
2 May 2013 Wealthy Pensioners in Local Elections
I didn’t think it was possible to feel more contempt than I do for the entire political tribe of wealthy millionaire Metropolitan liberal politicians, but today I do. It doesn’t matter a hoot what party you are from – you are all absolutely Stepford-wife identical in you lack of understanding for us, the ordinary pensioner citizen.
With your gold plated pensions (paid for by us – often via the EU), millionaire houses and usually, complete lack of experience of real life, you have no idea what it feels like to be a pensioner on a fixed income– particularly when living outside the South East.
As for giving back money to government who would simply waste it as it always does, on airy fairy ideas to bolster their own expenses and pay. Dear heaven.
We older people face a future in which inflation/derisory savings rates are destroying (in fact, have destroyed) whatever pension income was left us by Gordon Brown. And, we still try to have enough put aside for almost certain astronomic care home/health/social costs in the future, so that we can retain some dignity in our old age. Do you have ANY idea what that feels like? The fear? The anxiety?
The fact that a huge pensioner labour force – acting as Carers as well as Volunteering money and time for charity -  saves the State and Society unbelievably enormous sums of money – is irrelevant to you, as you take yhour skiing holidays in the most expensive parts of Switzerland and pick up your children from their expensive London schools; whilst lecturing the rest of us daily about our ‘duty’.  I know my duty. I have done it all my life.
Oh yes; it’s good to be a minister in Britain. Hang about in  Parliament for a year or two (preferably with a rich wife and/or inherited wealth and/or some good Directorships) and then you can swan off to make zillions from the contacts you’ve made whilst ‘working’ as a British politician. No wonder you are all Blairites – what a terrific example Blair, Mandelson and Brown have been. Who needs ermine? Only complete hypocrites and 2nd raters like Prescott.
Oh yes indeed: UKIP on Thursday, without a shadow of a doubt. You can have no idea how much contempt some of us who have worked and paid taxes and ‘done without’ our entire lives have, for you, our political class, whose only idea of ‘giving’ is to ensure that someone ELSE (ie the taxpayer) does it.
Yours furiously
28/04/2013 Syria
Dear Editor:
I am writing after seeing what is going on in the world today specifically pertaining to Syria.
The first responsibility of the world leaders is to save lives of civilians and to make sure the damage to buildings and infrastructure is contained.
As per the news of chemicals weapons usage today; can we trust one doctor's account; who knows who let off chemical weapons. It is deja vu all over again of 10 years ago when false and lies were told about Nuclear weapons in Iraq.
What results have been achieved since then ? Nothing but death and destruction. Only this week the largest number of deaths recorded in Iraq since the end of war (aggression) by bombs.
I cannot fathom the world leaders been so aloof and irresponsible about the huge issue of Syria. Why they have not negotiated with the Assad regime. He is cornered along with millions of others who support him; will they go down without fighting and killing ? It would be wise to stop this madness right now and stop supplying arms to the rebels as those arms will eventually will be used against the West and Western interest; Afghanistan and Libya are a good example.
My suggestion to the world leaders is to negotiate a gradual giving up of power by the Assad regime over the next three or five years. The world leaders should stop this madness, otherwise the whole country will not fall into total civil war and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. I am aware of the fact Assad regimes involvement in Lebanon over the last fifty years or so. However, after Assad regime goes in the next three to five years a more responsible Syria can be built.
  • the decision to keep Assad and his regime for the next three to five years will benefit the country as a way of reconciliation
  • the infra-structure of governing is still in place will stay somewhat intact
  • with President Assad the Free Syria members can jointly rule Syria till the time set is up three to five years when the time expires for Assad regime to go then a general elections can take place
  • Syrians have been ruled by the Baath Party for over 40 years what's another three to five years ? Especially if the International community is watching from hereon how the country is governed. 
  • the above mention action may not stop all the blood shed but will contain it
  • refugees to return to their homes and the task of rebuilding of Syria can begin
  • it is a solution based on forgiveness
  • what a welcome it will be to have concept of Forgiveness introduced to the Arabs & the Middle East where conflicts seem to go on and on without either side forgiving 
My request is that you be kind enough to publish my letter in the Sunday edition and I will be ever so grateful and hopefully this letter can help save lives. Lives of children, the sick and the old.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Justin A
28/04/2013 David Cameron comments on Suarez  Dear Mr Cameron,
I would like to remind you that commenting on the Luis Suarez biting incident during LFC's match with Chelsea FC last Sunday isn't what the nation, and especially we Liverpool FC supporters, want or expect you to be doing. Frankly, I don't hold much faith that you are especially well briefed on the game as a whole anyway, let alone the incident you felt it's your place to remark on. 
It looks suspiciously like questionable Political game playing and will likely serve only to harm you and, more to the point, Mr Suarez who may in fact need support far more than arbitrary and ill advised criticism from the highest office in the land. In my view you have only exacerbated the situation and your intervention is at best unhelpful.
I therefore politely suggest that you please now desist from such utterances and concentrate on your own work, as you will appreciate the Football authorities can deal with Mr Suarez, as indeed can the club and individual themselves. 
PS, LFC supporter
26/04/2013 Jobs And Agencies
I work all hours I have to to pay all my bills and provide for my children,I totally agree with all you doing and its makes me feel better seeing all the people that's sat at home doing nothing starting to pay bills I have to,But I'm surprised with everyone complaining there's no jobs for them which in fact if the job centre worked with agency's that employers use for jobs then they would have a job or get rid of agency's and employers would have to employ people the old fashion way. But they don't they use agency's as they know they can get rid of people without all the hassle, also agency's don't share the work out as I know one person who works at the agency have 6 jobs which in fact is 6 peoples jobs if the agency's were to go and employers hire staff the way its meant to be,I THINK SOMEONE NEEDS TO LOOK INTO AGENCIES TO SEE HOW MANY JOBS ACTUALLY ARE BEING SENT THERE FROM BUSINESSES WHICH WILL HELP WITH JOBS AND STOP PEOPLE MOANING ABOUT JOBS.i have a 17 year old son who every week is trying to get a job with no luck and I have not brought my kids up to go on benefits they have seen me and there dad work all hours and know if you want anything you work for it but what help is there with not being giving a chance cos all the jobs are with agencies
Marie B.
21/04/2013 Colonialism And An African View on Immigration. Dear Mr. Cameron, As a Kenyan living here in London, I am absolutely angry that you think our country is a dumping ground for your problems of asylum seekers.  Why Kenya?  When will the west stop meddling with Middle East and Africa?  Haven't you caused enough problems.    I do not think any western government would want people to see this documentary which exposes their evil work in foreign  land - disgusting.   Having watched the 4 part series in Aljazeera television about the "THE SECRETS OF THE SEVEN SISTERS - Mobil, Gulf, Shell, BP. Exxon, Texaco and Chevron - how the west have been using wars in Middle East for oil and now using African countries for their resources but when those country men and women seek asylum  in the countries which started wars in their motherland, you want to dump them because they are a problem to your country, how dare you Cameron?  Kenya do not need you any more nor do we need your bribe money.  After all you did not recognize the election because your chosen puppet Odinga who would have sold the country to the highest western bidder did not win but you still want to use our beloved country as a place where you can dump your immigrations problems and therefore increase your chance to be elected again in the next general election in 2015 fat chance with that -majority of the people cannot wait to see the back of the conservative party even it means they have to elect the likes of UKIP party. Cameron, how would you feel if, Kenya did what you are intending to do to them?  Do you think the British people would welcome it with both  hands - well done Cameron!!, I do not think so, they would crucify you and demand that you step down as their prime minister.  Likewise, us Kenyans, we are educated and smarter now, will fight this ridiculous idea of yours and let the whole world know of your intentions.  We already have enough problems of our own with Somalis living in our country as refugees and we do not want  an influx of your failed asylum seekers in our country - deport them to their own countries but then again you do not have those powers because the legal team who are funded by legal aid uses their human rights power to keep the likes of Abukatada in the country.   Build your own warehouses here in Britain whatever part - I do not care, but to think that you want your problems will be solved by another country by bribing them with your dirty funds, this is unscrupulous behavior and should not be entertained. You really do not care about other nations, do you Cameron? As long as you, your wife and children are catered for and live in a nice mansion and getting nice package every month.  The nations struggling because of the meddling of the west are still suffering but you know what, that does not matter to you because their problems are not on your backyard and as such not your problem.  Your problem is to be seen doing something the British wants done, get rid of immigration problems.  How about returning the stolen money from the resources your people have enjoyed.  Using the stolen money to re-build those countries so that they can return to their native countries.  They are only here because the west caused those wars and because they want to live here, on the contrary.  Who want to live in a country where you are discriminated against because your name is not English and getting jobs is a job itself because although majority of these people are so educated, English is not their first language, and as such have strong English accents andfinding work in this country proves to be very difficult.  If the western governments had not destabilized their governments, these people would not be seeking asylum here or any western nations. Yours disgusted Kenyan Rose G 21/04/2013 We're All Thatcherites? Dear Sir, I don't think that what I have written will be of much help in the forthcoming local elections but I think that it could be stressed at the next general election. I am nearly 77 now and I have seen and heard all that has gone on in politics from my days at a grammar school years ago.
Margaret Thatcher's Worst Legacy Now that all the pomp and ceremony are over, and the remains of the late Margaret Thatcher have been dealt with in the customary manner, we can look back calmly at the policies she promoted to see what developed from them.
The most devastating policy she promoted was the subsidised sale of council houses to council tenants. The shorter term effect of that policy was to convert the difference between the intrinsic value of a property and the buying cost into a relatively easy means to get richer more quickly. The selling price of a one time council house usually exceeded the cost of buying it by a large margin. Very soon the shortage of other available houses caused their market values to exceed their intrinsic values. For a time the market values lagged behind the cost of purchases so it was still possible for a person to start buying a house with a mortgage and find that its market value had risen within a few months. This was shown by the practice known as "gazumping" where the selling price was raised after a prospective buyer was almost committed to making a purchase. Many people were able to make substantial sums because the selling prices of houses exceeded their purchase prices for a considerable time.
Margaret Thatcher's right wing policies were considered to be worth copying by the Republican administration in the USA. A house buying boom began there soon after the one that had started in Britain. The results were similar. Those with the resources to buy houses relatively cheaply at the start of the boom were the ones who made the biggest profits from the differences between intrinsic values and scarcity values. Those who made the least profits or no profit at all were those who had smaller incomes who were tempted to buy houses after seeing the profits that others had made previously.
One fact of life that few people take note of is the impossibility of predicting what the future will be like. During Mrs. Tratcher's time a photographer would certainly have liked to own a Nikon or Canon or even a Hasselblad. Kodak and others produced excellent films for these cameras then. Now the company that was Kodak is now practically defunct. Hardly anyone uses chemically processed films anymore. Digital cameras can do everything that their film predecessors could do without the need to wait for the films to be processed to see what the resulting photos would look like.
Nobody, even those living in Cambridge, would have foreseen that the company that produced the BBC computer would become the biggest player in the field of the computer chips fitted to today's smartphones. Acorn, later callled ARM, designed the super efficient computer chips fitted to most of the smartphones available today.
These two developments are examples of the way the economies of companies can change dramatically over a relatively short time, a shorter time than the length of a typical mortgage contract. Sadly, thousands of people who started to buy houses when they were in well paid jobs have since lost their jobs and found it impossible to keep up the payments on their mortgages. The banks and other organisations who financed those mortgages found that they had accumulated an enormous number of bad debts. Some banks went into liquidation and others had to be bailed out by governments.
In Britain, the coalition government has tried to find ways to reduce the deficit in the national finances by progressively reducing expenditure. The present deficit is at least partially caused by and made up from the profits that some made during the housing boom plus the accumulated interest.
As a bystander I note the difference between the present government's policies and those apparently advocated by Margaret Thatcher. Mrs. Thatcher encouraged ordinary people to borrow money to invest in their futures by buying houses. The present government seems to treat borrowing money to invest in the future as an anathema. As a retired engineer I know what happens when an organisation is short of money. Investment in future development is the first thing to be reduced. That, in turn, makes an organisation less efficient and competitive in the future. It is a policy that is doomed to inevitable failure, even if the progress towards failure is imperceptibly slow. The only practical alternative is a measured gamble. If the gamble fails, the general situation is hardly any worse. If the gamble succeeds, everyone wins. The present government has used exhortation to try to persuade the banks to lend more money to developing companies to enable them to become more profitable. Why is it that this coalition government does not apply to itself the advice it offers to developing companies? Could it be that the idea of borrowing now to invest in the future was conceived by someone with the wrong sort of politics as seen by the present government?
Wilfred J 19/04/2013 Thatcher's Legacy
Like many I was appalled at the scenes of protest at the funeral of the late Hon Margaret Thatcher yesterday.
Margaret Thatcher has taken the blame for many things which were not her making.
Here are a few…
If we look back at the 1970s, we find a rent act in place. This rent act stopped landlords increasing their rents. This meant that many properties could not be properly maintained, and unreasonable tenants could not be evicted.
This is the basis for the boom in property that followed which had nothing to do with Margaret Thatcher other than, she provided the means for people to own their own home by enabling the release of money for that purpose. For some reason people seem to believe it was just council tenants that were able to buy, but it was all tenants in a certain age group, that were suddenly able to be referred to a building society and walk out with a mortgage after proving a small deposit.
Now, none of the above would have been possible without the rent act brought in by the former Labour Government.
What the presence of the rent act did In 1979 under the new Conservative Government, was to give incentive to landlords who were fed up of the fixed rents, not being able to afford to maintain their properties, and having tenants they could not evict. Landlords were quick to grab the opportunity to market their properties, having paid off their tenants. Some received handshakes of £10,000 each! A lot of money in 1979! This, the tenants used as a deposit on their first home of their own.
Margaret Thatcher’s belief may have been…”So you think it’s easy owning your own home and dealing with tenants…well we shall see” In other words, she was clever enough to understand that the only way the people would ever appreciate the problem of being a landlord, was to make them homeowners and landlords themselves.
Then, there was the matter of the miners and the strikes. Rubbish all over the streets and constant unrest and roaring inflation. Those people in outdated and uncompetitive industries would have lost their jobs anyway. Let me give you pause for thought here. Supposing you had a factory and you relied on exports. You had an overseas market but you were situated 200 miles from your nearest port. It was costing you thousands of pounds in transport and you needed to up and move to get closer. Would you seriously not move because it would mean laying off your workforce? Would you seriously be expected not to move because the local pub or sweetshop would close if you did? Britain is an island. It relies on exports without which your factory could not exist ..anywhere!
Then, there was the matter of the high interest rates of the late 1980s. I believe that neither the Conservative Government or Margaret Thatcher had anything to do with this. This was down to people lying about their earnings and arranging for employers to claim they were earning more than they were in order that they could obtain a mortgage. This was happening all over Britain. No P60 was required. No wage slips were required. Hence the market went mad and prices were held high. Once the lenders found out (You can blame computers for this one) they realised that their investment was threatened and the market hence collapsed. Suddenly lenders started asking for wage slips and P60s and this is what caused the bubble to burst. But none of this had anything to do with Margaret Thatcher. She had in her Christian beliefs and her good nature given to others rights to own a home. It was the people that brought her down by their greed and their lack of responsibility. But, the responsibility was not theirs aloneLenders may have already been aware.  It is worth noting that the increase in property prices in the 1980s, had fuelled foreign investment. For the truth to have been revealed earlier would have caused the crisis earlier and that may have kept the investment away. Also, it was not Margaret Thatcher’s fault that people chose to re-mortgage their property in order to access the equity in it, to buy other things. But this did fuel growth, albeit on debt.
Short term gain for long term pain? Not really, when we assess the pain caused to people by change we need to look at how the world may be in 10 or 20 years from that change. Sometimes, short term gain may be better than no gain at all.
As a leftish person myself, may I be brave enough to say that in my personal opinion I believe Margaret Thatcher may have been the greatest Communist of all. She not only gave people rights to own their own home, but she also made it possible for them to claim their mortgage payments off the state when they got out of work. Now, if that isn’t caring about people then I don’t know what is.
Best regards,
Dick L
Thatcher Protests
anything untoward that happens tomorow will be a result of people being disgusted at the money and time given to an insane old bag. Are you that far removed from the vox pop that you think you can stop people from registering their feelings with force along the route, everyone remembers the misery of thatcherite policies and will not stand for the lies being perpetrated by this totally over the top farce.
robert w.
16/04/2013 Affordable Housing
Dear Mr Cameron, 
Here’s a question to open my letter: 
Why are you making us buy New Build Properties that are grossly over-expensive? 
I am running out of options now so am writing to yourselves in the hope that I may be able to get some answers. 
Here is my situation. I am a 24 year old married Mum of one who works as many hours as possible in line with childcare and my husband works (full-time) also. 
Currently we live in a one-bedroomed council flat in Basildon with our 18 month old daughter and are desperate to move to a larger home as space is now at a premium. I’m not expecting the government to pay our way with a larger council home but given the amount of undeserving cases that have been awarded homes locally I will take one if it is offered. 
In the meantime I have been looking at alternatives within the private sector. I felt that I may find an answer but, have only found more reasons to be angry at the current housing crisis this country faces. 
My husband and I have an income of approximately £23,000 per year jointly. of which judging by online research and reading various texts on the matter is about £3000 below average. To clarify, my research has concluded that the average income is £26,000. 
Yes I will say it again £26,000...
So why is it when I look at these ‘affordable’ shared ownership properties which have full government support do they in large part state a minimum income of at least £27,000 for a rubbish shoe box is required. Or to have a place that somewhat resembles a home even worse £32,000 is required.  
Also I’ll let you into a little secret 
They are really bad value for money! 
I found one (the only one) that had a recommended sole income of £16,000 but it was for a one-bedroomed flat which is pointless for us. But may be handy if somebody would like a 25% stake in a flat said to be worth £97,500 in a rough part of Basildon (yes you thought it was all rough - this place is the worst of the worst) when the average re-sale equivalent home in the area is £75,000 and based on my experience much larger.     
New builds are at a premium but the premium is so far greater that you are encouraging myself and many other 20-somethings to sign into negative equity. This surely will only create a bottle-neck in the housing market where those poor souls who have signed into shared ownership will not be able to sell and work their way up the ladder causing another nail to be hammered into the coffin of our stagnated housing market. 
To make matters worse you’re all supporting it with your Firstbuy, Homebuy, 20% deposit schemes on new builds only e.t.c. 
I used to think any stake in a property was a good one, now my aspirations (rather bizarrely for a well-educated, emergent worker) are a (not so) lovely council house as buying for me, shared ownership is all I can afford but there’s no way I’m touching it. 
I may have to go off and private rent to get more space but then troubles emerge there as well.
To privately rent a home of the size required for my family to not be overcrowded the rent would roughly be £750 per month. I believe we may be entitled to a small amount of housing benefit and feel that we would make ends meet but have no disposable income. 
This is fine, but the private lettings market is not regulated very well. If I sign a tenancy agreement I am at the mercy of the landlord, he or she could ask us to leave at any point after our initial tenancy (6 months-1 year at best in my experience) runs out. This would mean a lifetime of hauling my child here, there and everywhere and never having the stable home I would so love to give her, and my husband, and myself. 
With no disposable income from privately renting, we will have no way of ever saving to buy a home on the open market, as thus stated shared ownership is just not financially sensible. 
Also it has to be considered that to even get into privately rented accommodation we will need about £2000 upfront by the time advance rent, deposit and admin charges are added together. Not very helpful if you do end up moving around a lot due to the instability of private renting, this is because most letting agencies will require admin fees per person per move and will not transfer deposits over from one property another. This means we could have to find a lot of money, very quickly on a repeat basis and with no disposable income, this becomes very hard. 
Also on a side note: letting agents in this area charge about £300 admin fees which seems grossly unfair given the little amount of work undertaken in referencing. 
If only I had about £15,000 deposit to buy on the open market, that £750 would go into paying my mortgage and give my family some security and my husband and I a pension fund in years to come as we could downsize and live off of the difference. We’ll have to rely on yourselves now for our pensions as well. 
I thought because of this ‘bedroom tax’ we may be able to get a mutual exchange . We’ve had two viewings but on one of them our dodgy neighbour was on the scene and put the viewers off and the other one didn’t like our location. We are to keep trying but, living in a first floor flat opposite an alcohol/drug addict in an isolated part of town I think our chances are somewhat slim. 
Hopefully the council may be able to transfer us to a larger home but they don’t even know how long it will take and judging by some households I know who are one-bedroomed with 5 year olds, I’m guessing it won’t be any time soon. 
Ideally I would love to buy a home on the open market but with little FTB mortgage flexibility from banks and at least £15,000 lacking from my bank account I doubt this will be possible. Anyway, I know so many people who don’t work/ have just arrived to the UK who have got their council house and are sitting pretty, why should I commit myself to a large mortgage repayment when I could rent the same thing from the council for a fraction of the price, and not have all the responsibilities associated with home ownership. 
I guess I’m not looking for any specific answers but just some sort of acknowledgement of the total property wasteland that us 20-something years olds have been forced to inherit would be nice. Also, in addition some sort of commitment to over-hauling the housing situation properly would be great, so that us youngsters may be able to afford a home and get on in life paying our VAT on home improvements and bumping up the market again in the process (I think the economy would love that). 
I know you’re into private homes being conservatives, but maybe a few more council homes wouldn’t go amiss either? Even go a step further and make sure they’re reserved for workers and leave mucking about in private rented to those who can’t be bothered to get up in the morning. Maybe have some grey area covering off lone-parents and people who are disabled as some people in those areas struggle in private rented also. 
Also any information or help regarding my situation would be great, bearing in mind: 
  • I was an A grade school student
  • I have 5 A Levels
  • I have worked since the 17th June 2004 (2 days after my 16th birthday) 
  • My child was planned 
  • I got married first 
  • I can afford to feed and clothe my child - just need a secure home in this ludicrous housing system ( I could have stayed in work and bought a house I suppose but doubt we would have earned enough even then, and we would never have had children in that case, anyway we need kids as well to pay for the aging populations pensions)
  • Thus stated, but we both work.
  • We do not live materialistic lifestyles. 
  • Nursery is very expensive and it’s not like I can claim a free place when our daughter turns two so I can work more hours as we don’t claim unemployment benefits/aren’t immigrants. 
That’s all for now! 
Thatcher's Funeral 15/04/2013 Dear Mr Cameron,
I am not a politically minded person but I vote every year for what I consider to be a better Britain. What purpose has this letter? I don't honestly know, I've lost any faith I had in the political system.
I wouldn't know how much it will cost for this funeral, at a guess £10 million pounds.
You cannot believe how much this saddens me when all you have to do is take a look around Great Britain and see British citizens from all walks of life deprived, starving and homeless. The NHS cannot cope, people need medication, care and attention. These are the elderly, teenagers and even children who cannot help themselves.
God almighty from all those who carry the can, for those with the power, can not a single one of you see what is wrong with this picture?
I could go on but what is the point. I pity you Mr Cameron and your loyal flock, and I wonder how can you sleep at night.
NOTE: Friends of Paul Gascoine all pitched in to help him get better. What a much better way to organise Mrs Thatchers funeral rather than take more from people who have none to give.
It's all wrong, you must know that.
Mr McDonald
15/04/2013 Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
Dear PM,
I understand that royalties due from the download of the above song are paid to a company owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber.Could it not be suggested to him to donate these royalties to a Charity such as the Thatcher Foundation.It would good to let it backfire on the downloaders dont you think?
Best regards,
George C
Thatcher's Death And Funeral Costs
Dear Sir,
I wish to register my protest against MPs claiming £3750 in expenses in order to return to parliament for the emergency debate over the death of Margaret Thatcher. This is not a protest against Margaret Thatcher, as I believe she did good and bad. I do not hate the person, but did disagree with some of her policies. However, I respected her as a person.
a)      There is nothing to debate. She is dead. What is the point of debating that?
b)      If I am called into “work” when on holiday, I get my holiday back and possibly a little overtime.
c)       We are in very difficult times of very severe cutbacks and austerity, where every pennysave is a penny earned. According to You, our own prime minister ,”we are all in it together”. As such, I expect everyone to make cuts, not just me. This expense is unneeded and if the debate had waited one week, it would not be payable.
d)      I believe the figure is far too high for a 2nd class day return rail ticket.
I therefore request that you raise an issue, motion or whatever it is in parliament to have these expenses returned by everyone who claimed them,  and they receive travel expenses (second class) only.
Brian B
Immigration issues surrounding "the brightest and the best"
Dear Mr Cameron,
I understand that you want to ensure that those who come to the UK are "the brightest and the best", who can contribute to the country's economy. However, I do not agree that the current immigration rules will achieve this vision. Infact, if you conduct a simple research across organisations, you will find proof that the UK immigration rules frustrates "the brightest and the best".
I migrated to the UK three years ago. After completing my Masters degree, I was offered a job as a Trainee Lecturer. For the past two years, I have been teaching students with high functioning autism and Aspergers syndrome. My work has been commended by both internal senior management and external bodies, which has earned my organisation a nomination for a national education award. My work permit (Tier 1 PSW) is now due for renewal, but unfortunately the new immigration rules does not make any provision for me. The only option I have for extending my work permit is through the Tier 2 route (possessing a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed employer). However, my employer is not a licensed sponsor. 
In the past three months, I have been headhunted and offered two different jobs from other organisations. Again, I have not been able to accept any of this offers due to my work permit status. Both organisations are at the verge of rescinding the offers as I have not been able to sort out my work permit. I am finding it very hard to work around this immigration rules. I understand that the rules are to help stop the "something for nothing culture", but what extra support can you give to immigrants who genuinely work hard and make valuable contributions to the economy?
Miss M
Conservative Concerns

  1. Immigration: Under the LABOUR Government immigration has soared and there is considerable anxiety amongst the public as to when this will end.  People all over the country are totally fed up of the abuse of our immigration policies. We need to close down all the various loop holes and put extra funds to support Border Controls and stamp out the following:-
    • Health Tourists-  – Visitors who come from all over the world  the Commonwealth and the EU to use our health facilities Free- Get them to take out Health Insurance from a reputable Company represented in the UK  before issuing a visa. Most of these Health Tourists are jumping the queue to get our free treatment. They should be requested to put down a BANK’s surety or Bond or a deposit of £5,000 before any treatment is administered. There has got to be a deterrent and you need to move on this fast. 
    • Economic Migrants from Europe and Asia using our Social system for their own benefit. This was recently highlighted in the Daily Telegraph of April 3rd where the Poles are taking full advantage of our benefit system. How many Poles pay Income Tax – they are all self employed where payment is cash.
    • Sham marriages mostly carried out by Immigrant priests fromAfrica.
    • Curtail the immigration from Poland/Romania/Albania/Bulgaria etc and introduce a quota system - Our prisons are already full of foreign criminals about 1,500.
    • The use of cheap labour is driving our best to seek employment in Australia/NZ and the States.
    • Student Visas and Sham colleges which do not exist.
    • The opening up of our borders to ROMANIANS AND BULGARIANS will be a disaster and even Clegg recognises this for the first time. The Romanians have one qualification- Organised crime ,as was illustrated when they robbed a Jewellery shop recently. They even went as far as to say for them prison is a “HOLIDAY”

  1. Referendum will be a Vote winner makes no mistake about that. If An IN/OUT vote is called the OUT vote will be a winner. You have to move faster and call for this VOTE now today which will catch the EVERYONE on the wrong foot. Everyone for the last 5 years states that TRADE with EUROPE IS 40% - incorrect we buy from Europe more than Europe buys from us. Half of Europe is in deep recession –GreeceSpainPortugalItaly, and Eastern Europe. If it was not for British investment in Spain its economy would have collapsed a long time ago. The British are buying houses and spending money in Spain and Portugal. We buy and trade more with Germany buying their Cars and France we drink more Champagnethan they do. Boeing and Airbus engines are manufactured in the UK. It is Europewho needs us not the other way round. Our Army is the finest in the world and now even the French wants our help. Where were the French when we needed them inIRAQ- even the Americans were upset and stopped eating FRENCH FRIES. We have a larger trading bloc in ChinaIndia and the Commonwealth and Europe knows that we are a Kingpin in these countries and like to use our influence. I would push for a referendum today on our terms and conditions. Get rid also of the European Court who have worked against us as far as deportations are concerned. We can stay in the European market but get out today or labour and the conservatives are going to lose out to UKIP who are already a force to be reckoned. I would also ignore the Americans because they only look after their own interests as John Prescott said on Question Time. Having worked for an American Company I should know betters their attitude, their bottom line is Dollars.

  1. GAY MARRIAGES  - If legislation is allowed to proceed on the basis that these be allowed to be held in churches will be a sure vote loser. We have to come out strongly against Gay Marriages in churches. Why are we even discussing this issue when the Gay population represents only 0.05 % of the population?  This will be a major issue at the election and could be a vote loser. I am a Catholic and marriage as defined is between a Man and a Woman so let us not try and change GODS LAW. Our Bishop of Portsmouth Rt Rev Philip Egan states in an open letter to Mr. Cameron” There is no sanction whatsoever in the Bible and the Judaeo-Christian tradition for Gay marriage. I cannot see how anyone who claims to be a Christian can possibly justify what you are intending to do”
Dan A.
Welfare Reform

At last someone has had the gumption to reform the Welfare system. Back in 1973 I and my family desperately needed the safety net of the welfare system. Since then I have worked hard and prospered reasonably well and am very grateful for the assistance provided for that short period by the state. And that is precisely what it was originally intended to do.

Since then Benefits have become a way of life for lots of people. You only have to listen to the hysterical rhetoric that abounds when any talk of reform is proposed. I am tired of paying taxes only to see them being squandered in this bottomless pit of benefits paid to people who can quite plainly do some sort of work.

I regard George Osbournes comments on Mick Philpott as entirely appropriate. Setting aside his heinous crime, he is the archetypal ''Benefit Scrounger''. He made a damn good living out of the taxpayer. And he is one of many. The system has created this type of person. It is human nature that if you can get something for nothing you will. It is up to Government to put in place systems that prevent this and protect the taxpayer from being exploited by the unscrupulous. This applies whether it is UK citizens or migrants.

Keep up the good work and don't be put off by that idiot Ed Ball's. As the name suggest he does talk a load of  ''*****''

Kind Regards
David W
Child Welfare
please please please sort out this ridiclous csa system, the father of my 2 children have got away with years of not paying for his children and dodging the system, he will get a job and when the csa finally catches up with him, usually six months plus time, he will stop working and claim dole so he only has to pay £5 per week for 2 children. then he will get another job and that takes the csa six months or more to find him and he will do it all over again. he goes on holidays a few times a year, got big massive tvs in his house, having his rent paid, his partner works cash in hand down the local pub and they drive round in new cars. these people should just have £5 a week to live on and the rest of their dole should be paid to their kids upbringing. the csa system is absolutley messed up, you are failing these kids big time and you need to sort it out. please email me back so i know you have acknoledged this and not just binned it off like you do with this whole csa system
thanks jill w
31/03/2013 Government waste
Would the Prime Minister agree that it is a flagrant waste of public funds to spend billions of pounds in order to save 15 minutes on the train journey from London to Leeds. By the time this (witless?) project comes to fruition, many of those who have funded it will be dead and it any event, 15 minutes is scarcely critical to 99.9% of journeys and certainly does not justify all the disruption resulting from the establishment of this preposterous idea. Why does every prime minister have to leave his legacy which is nothing more than his personal erection? Tony Blair left us with Iraq, Gordon Brown managed to make us skint and now we are looking towards chaos over the next 20 years as David Cameron's personal erection leaves us with far more pain than gain.
Has the Prime Minister seen the state of our roads? Whilst he is crashing through virgin (small 'v') countryside to no useful purpose, we are crashing into the latest potholes, destroying the suspension on our vehicles without a hope in hell of recompense. Even the motorways are deteriorating beyond recognition. And on the subject of journey time, a 20 mile section of the M62 from junction 24 to the M1 has been subject to a 50 m.p.h. speed restriction for the past two years increasing the journey time, not by 15 minutes but by more than 28% for every one of the many thousands of vehicles using that road on a daily basis. Ironically, the signs indicate "My dad works on this site, please drive carefully", provoking the response, "tell your dad to get his a**e in gear so that the traffic can flow normally".
Maybe we will all breathe a massive sigh of relief if and when any future government sets policy with a practical benefit.
Peter H
Gay Marriage
Dear Mr Cameron,
This is very sad to say, but no matter which way you look at this issue, your coalition government and all MP’s agreeing with same sex marriage have made a direct attack on the church, which appears to be illegally using the law to legislate the moral grounds of marriage, which is the sanctity of the church for making Christians feel more persecuted than any other faith, because the people have the power in UK general and local elections. Mr. Cameron should now seriously reconsider his role as a leader in what is a Christian Country. Christians’ should be free to practice their faith in this so called Christian country.Now let us have a look a the complete picture
How can it be that a Christian’ can be prosecuted in a UK court of law for standing up for their faith by not renting out their Motel, Guest house and or apartments to same sex couples, but same sex couples can urge Parliament for the same rights of marriage as the church even though it is against the Constitution of the church.

How can UK law empower employers to sack Christian employee for standing up for their wrights by not performing marriages?

The fact of the matter is that David Cameron’s government and all MP’s agreeing with same sex marriages seams to do pretty well when supporting other faiths, apart from the Christian faith.  But it is time for them to start support their own.  Parliament may use strategy by mentioning a scripture here and there during their speech, but it does not fool the people.


Development workers
I  have just received in the post my council tax charges for this year , including a little message from Leader of Sheffield City Council Julie Dore informing me of a further 50 million pounds worth of savings we have to make as a city.
Apparently in Julies words our City Council  will find more efficient, smarter ways of running things.
Many frontline services will have to reduce their budgets.
Which brings me on to the reason I am writing this.
If we are so short of money and have to tighten our belts make cuts backs to existing services, then why oh why did two of our local councillors see fit to create a job for one of their associates.
Our Community is in uproar and are desperate for answers which they don’t seem to be getting.
I have now spoken to other local people and several community groups who all share this major concern.
I will know explain my concerns and hope that someone will be able to justify what has happened as I have voted labour all my life but am feeling increasingly let down by my local councillors.
A community development worker was appointed to our ward with money that came through the East assembly, we already have development workers in our area so in this time of cutbacks we were all surprised it was deemed we needed another.
What is more surprising that no one in the community even knew that the job for the development worker was being advertised.
It wasn’t  put on the council job vacancies or through VAS or the assemblies or even local community groups , the people found it had been advertised in the local paper Sheffield Star, but when they saw the advert (see attached ad) suspicions started to be raised.
At very best it can only be described as misleading, where does it refer to a Community Development worker? Based at a Community centre?, as the only way you can reply is by the web address it would have been helpful if they had put the end of it in!!!
You could go on the community centres website to look at the job but only if you knew the job existed because you have to type in development worker or job to bring it up (see attached).
Hardly surprising they only had one applicant for the job which happened to be Naseem Howley  the voluntary secretary of the community centre, who sits on the committee there with one of the local councillors Lynne Rooney and has close links to the other local councillor Martin Lawton , who also formed the interview panel along with the treasure of the community centre.
Even though the advertised job only had one applicant it was not re advertised.
Also the funding which came through the East assembly was for £20.000 for the post of development worker(see attached) but then has been split into two positions the other being facilities manager at the community centre, Naseem  got both of the positions.
How is it possible for  our elected members, who are elected by us to spend our money with total disregard for what our community really wants.
Please tell me why anyone in our community should vote for these councillors???I really do feel let down by the labour party I hope you will take this matter seriously.
Sam S

Underclass 21/03/2013
David Cameron
I am a lifelong conservative what you are doing to the poor people in this country is deplorable If taxes have to be raised for welfare let the rich do it You are creating an underclass Of course with your background you wouldn't know what that was I do and we did well and are prepared to pay to make sure that the poor sick and ,vulnerable are looked after The benefit scroungers are there but are nothing compared to the real needy We will along with our family and many friends never ever vote for you again God knows who we will vote for because you are all low grade humans
Margaret C 19/03/2013 Cold Weather Payments 3 years and look at your failures. I hope you're watching ch4 tonight. Cold weather payments should only be for those on benefits in the first place and any age. Most pensioners are in homes. Young people with coin meters are suffering. Help them you bastard. Chris J 18/03/2013 Cameron's Policies
Mr Cameron,
I do not understand what your real policies are. Before you where elected you promised the genuine people in need of assistance that the will be protected, why have you lied ? You talked such a good talk that l actually voted for you!! never again will l make that mistake, you are actually a bare faced liar. I am sure even you must realise that your time at number 10 has been less than fruitful in terms of equal  distribution of wealth. You remind me of an over zealous prefect trying to prove himself as a leader when in fact you are  acting like the crazy over zealous mad man Adolf Hitler with his hatred of socialist and whoever else you are targeting.
First they came for the Socialists, and l did not speak out-
Because l was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and l did not speak out-
Because l was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and l did not speak out-
Because l was not a jew.
Then the came for me-and there was no one left to speak out.
By Martin Neimoller (1892-1984 )
First they came for the Socialists, and l did not speak out-
Because l was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and l did not speak out-
Because l was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the poor and I did not speak  out-
I am poor.
Then they came for the disabled and l did not speak out-
Because l am not disabled.
Who and what will they come for next the Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, Blacks, Philipines,
Human Rights, Freedom of Speech,
NHS, Education ( THEY ARE ALMOST THERE ) Social Housing, Benefits, they are in the process of eradicating. 
Who will speak out for you now whe there is no one left to speak out.
The above is what the the Conservative Government have been aiming for under David Camerons Tory elite since 2010 side kicks....Fact.
16/03/2013 Alcohol Pricing Dear Sir,
            The  subject is the alcohol pricing. Forget the price per unit as this will affect the majority of people who enjoy a drink. Tackle the "binge" drinkers head on by charging them  for the cost they incur with the police and ambulance staff in sorting out the trouble caused by excessive drinking. Once these people have received a bill from the Police or the Hospital for call out fees, they will think twice should there be a next time. If they can afford to drink to excess then they can afford the consequences' of a monetary cost for trouble.

May i also include in this first time letter to anyone official that we as a nation MUST Protect the Protectors in its broadest terms. Teachers have to be better protected from retribution from the law when common sense should prevail. 

                      Yours faithfully
                            Richard G E
07/03/2013 Syria Can't you see what is really happening here. You will be arming jihady groups. You need to preserve the modernist Assad. You have the chance to catch all those terrorists that have been hiding and waiting for this opportunity. William Hague is looking the wrong way. Chris G GREED I am currently watching a documentary on B.B.C. 2 about poor kids in America. A six year old girl is sleeping on a pile of cushions in a motel because bankers have stolen all of the money from some of the poorest people in American society. The same bankers who's bonus's you want to protect. I see you have cultivated a special relationship with bankers. You scratch their backs, they stick a knife in yours. I am disgusted that my so called leader intends to protect a greedy corrupt minority at the expense of poor honest decent hard working people. You are such a unbelievable scum bag and no mistake.   Steve.H HUMAN RIGHTS
our Human Rights are being breached by our government with the new bedroom tax, the idea is to cut benefit of anyone whom has a spare room, this will result in rent arrears being incurred followed  by eviction this breaches the right to home and possessions law, because it will cause homelessness for many .
I believe it breaches these three below,
 the right to respect for private and family life;
the right to an effective remedy;
the right to the peaceful enjoyment of possessions;
These people find themselves with spare rooms due to circumstance not by choice, children grow up and leave the family home, I have been trying to down size my house for three years now, and the problem is there are not enough smaller properties for this to be possible therefore it is a circumstance that one finds themselves in.
The onus should be on the councils to assist these people and to reclaim the space, not financially penalise the already poor.
07/03/2013 OBESITY Hi David ther are so much talk about obesity and people are getting to fat and the health service have to pick up the pieces.  I totally agreed.  May I suggest the answer to all this,  I believed the government shoul give free gym and yoga classes.  Hence not only the Health service would benefit but theyoung people who spent lots of their time in pubs.  Crime rates will fall as well as hospital.
May be you should learn from MAURITIUS.  There the government give free gym and yoga classes.
I thank you for your attention in this matter, look forward to hear from you.
03/03/2013 Eastleigh and UKIP
Dear Cameron,
The 'deeply shameful' scandal at Mid Staffs Hospital is the worst in a generation in the NHS but it has hardly elicited a beep from Mr Hunt. The possible threat to our energy supply and the criticism of a vital company like Centrica for being successful similarly evoked no response from Mr Davey. There is no point in being green with no lights on. This ministerial silence, particularly during the Eastleigh by-election, was very unfortunate.
I presume these ministers have your complete confidence and can say what they want, while you have many other problems on your plate. So why do they say nothing? Scared, lack of ambition? Whatever it is, there is no excuse and it just leaves the public wondering what is important to you and your government.  
Martin W
Dear Prime Minister,
I appreciate that you would like to promote equality by promoting gay marriage but I believe that the issue is misguided. I am a gay man who is in a civil partnership and have discussed the gay marriage issue with my gay friends. None want or need it and cannot understand why the subject is so much in the forefront of Tory policy.Gay people are truly grateful for civil partnership which gives us protection as well as recognition but marriage is not being sort. This is only for a few radical Gay commentators who insist on marriage to obtain equality. But we have equality through civil partnership so please drop the subject and concentrate on some very difficult issues which affect everyone. If you look at the Eastleigh election result you may have finished ahead of UKIP had the gay issue not annoyed so many voters.
I voted for the Conservatives at the last election but am now steering towards UKIP as I am unhappy with interference from Brussels on UK domestic policy and concerned with the arrival of so many Romanians and Bulgarians at the end of this year. You clearly would like to stop this development but you are  powerless to stop it. I believe that you should hold a referendum on the subject before the next election not after it. This will allow the people of this country to have a say on such an important subject but I sense that you are afraid of the outcome. Food for thought!.
Yours faithfully,
Gerald A.
Why is this Conservative,or any other political party,finding it so hard ,to say immigration is draining our country
of money.
If you want to come and live in the u.k.and don't have a job,then you should have the means to provide for yourself.
You should not expect the tax payers of the country to pay for you i.e.Go on benefits,or get medical treatment,and you
should live by our laws,if you do not accept these conditions,then you should not apply to come here.

This Mr Cameron,is what the people of the u.k. want to hear from politicians,maybe then you wont have to be so hard on 
the decent working people,and pensioners of the country.
Come down from your ivory towers,and really Listen to the People.
                                                                                            Mrs M H.
Dear Sir
Do not be surprised at the result - you were warned that long standing conservative voters would no longer vote for you after the ridiculous gay marriage vote.
It is a pity you are no listening to voters - instead of such controversial looking after minority parties you should be using your energies to sort out the economic crisis.
Stop pussy-footing around with small welfare changes - STOP child benefits after no more the THREE children and for unmarried young girls (would solve the teenage pregnancy and large families in one fell swoop and most of the child poverty and vandalism). I would have loved 4 children, but could only afford to keep 2 - we did not get benefits. A child is not a RIGHT for anyone - it should be a blessing to a married couple and no-one should have a child which they cannot afford to keep themselves.
Do as you promised - PROMOTE MARRIAGE (proper marriage of one man to one woman) Make divorce harder to get to encourage couples to work out their differences.
Bring back GRAMMAR SCHOOLS - children do NOT have the same abilities - it is necessary to help the academically bright children - they are the inventors and business of the future - whilst also helping those who are better with their hands and in other ways.
STOP giving FREE NHS to everyone coming in this country.
CHARGE vehicles coming into our country (the same way as they do in Austria and Switzerland) - these massive lorries are ruining our roads and environment but contributing nothing. They do not even buy fuel here but come loaded with diesel which is cheaper everywhere else.
BRING BACK DISCIPLINE and respect and stop bowing to European Judges and Parliament. BRING BACK COMMONSENSE and justice for the victim - NOT the criminal.
NO Legal Aid for immigrants and people you want to deport!!
STOP persecuting Christians who have always done so much to make this country and its ideals.
I don't suppose you will listen at all or even read this - but one can hope that you see sense before it is too late.
Mrs J K
Dear Mr Cameron
Are you so scared of the Liberal Democrats that you are going to let them win the next election?
Make policies now that will remove the human rights act that allows undesirables to remain in this country; stop the Romanians and Bulgarians now as this country does not have infrastructure to deal with educating their children, their health costs, etc, they bring nothing with them except a huge burden for the welfare bill; and please spell it out to all that think a mansion tax would be a good thing!
We have already told our builder that we will now not go ahead with building work to extend our home this year due to the threat of the mansion tax which means his electricians, plumbers, carpenter and architect will not get work from us again.  If this comes in, we can not afford it having paid millions in corporation tax and personal tax (unlike those that live on islands and take huge amounts of money from the UK high street and air and rail each year!).  Our children will return to the state education system, we will not eat out at restaurants, we will not take holidays, we will not employ staff, we will not keep working to run a business that employs thousands of mums and dads as there is no point.  Our pension is worth nothing and our savings are fading away due to policies brought in  by you.
We will keep voting UKIP because there is not one party that now represents hard working families that are law abiding, tax paying and do their bit for the community and the general health of this country and industry.
I give hours raising money for our local hospice and donate considerable amount, but this will now stop due to the threat of the mansion tax.  We are looking to move abroad to help our children find work and a better future as there is no future here for families with family values only those that wish to come here and rape our welfare state and change England for the worst.
Please introduce the policies that will put this country right and let everyone see that it is the LibDems that are holding you back. Or is it them or just you do not have the balls to do it?
Our elderly would be better off in prison than care homes as they would get daily exercise, food, warmth and would not be dumped at A&E with no one!  Where are their human rights?
Thank you 
Sally P.
02/03/2013 HOMELESSNESS Mr. Cameron,

You may recall one of Tony Blairs many unfulfilled promises, when he said in 1997, " Britains Homeless is a no-brainer" and he pledged to eliminate the Homeless Problem in his first term.
When he left office the number of homeless people on city streets had grown substantially.
And it still continues to grow.

Take a walk through the centre of your constituency city of Oxford to witness it for yourself, which I'm sure you have. It is a disgrace and testament to the growing disparity between the rich and the poor and to the total lack of care in society today.

2015 is creeping up on you and instead of making a stand to protect  Britains Bankers bonuses,
why not take up TBs pledge this week and make it happen. You need to leave office with the public remembering that you actually achieved something!
I and many other people may continue to vote for you instead of turning to Mr. Farage

John W
CLARITY ON EUROPE Dear David Cameron, I have listened to your argument that Europe brings benefits but needs renegotiation in the cold light of day. You are providing ammunition to your naysayers by not saying what you don't like about the current deal. Please tell us, and Europe, so that we can tell you where we agree and disagree. That way you will start the process of renegotiation and prove your word.
There will be those on the left and far right who will tell you what can't be done. There always are. But if you are openly standing up for what you believe to be right then you will be confronting UKIP. UKIP are winning respect because they are clear about what they think is right and what they will do. I happen to believe you are more right than they are, so come and lead so I have a choice of leaders to follow. P.M 26/02/2013 Nuclear Energy Dear David Cameron,
When I was a young man, I worked for ICI.  At that time it was run mostly by people with an engineering background, with accountants just to keep the finances in order.
They pursued a policy of research into new products and processes, and had a continual stream of good ideas which helped them stay ahead of their competitors.
As financial times got hard, the accountants gradually axed the research facilities, and there were no more new ideas to commercialise.  ICI went into a decline until it broke up and was sold off.
During the same period Britain had a number of government funded "establishments" which served the country with much the same supply of good ideas as the engineering research departments had served ICI.
Sadly these establishments are no more, and we are no longer at the cutting edge of technological development.
Are such establishments not the seed banks from which we grow our technology and hence the new jobs which are essential for our future prosperity?
There is The Weinberg Foundation at Somerset House, which is a not for profit organisation, affiliated to the House of Lords, which is looking at the potential offered by Thorium as a nuclear fuel.
This is not a novel process rather it was researched at the Oak Ridge Laboratory  in Tennessee.  The Thorium process was dropped in favour of the Uranium process because the latter produced the Plutonium which was needed by Britain and the USA for Cold War armaments.  It is this very lack of production of transuranic elements which makes it so suitable for civil nuclear reactors.  In addition it is possible to use the Thorium process to dispose of the accumulated surplus fissionable material presently causing us a headache at Sellafield.
I urge you to task the National Nuclear Laboratory, the Weinberg Foundation or any other suitable body, with preparing a plan to actively pursue the research into Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR) with a view to building a pilot/research reactor on the path to building a full scale electricity generating system.
I note there is much activity in India and China with hardware in the process of construction and the US company Flibe Energy claims to be progressing towards having a demonstration reactor up and running by mid 2015
25/02/2013 Romanian and Bulgarian Immigration Thanks for the increased state pension!   WOW
Just done my calculations following notices of coding from HM Revenue.  Due to an increase equivalent to £17 per month from the State Pension and no increase in the tax free allowance I now have to pay £9 per month extra on my private pensions. This leaves me about £8 per calendar month better off this year.
How does this equate to rise in cost of living
How does this equate to anything?
What are you going to reward pensioners with?
Stop ALL immigration NOW not after the next five years and look after the people who have lived here all there lives.
I shall be looking to vote BNP next time if you do nothing but waffle. (Or perhaps I should emigrate to Romania?)
25/02/2013 Mental health Can't believe you let these incompetent and disrespectful organisation run PIPS. Already having trouble as they are disregarding clinical opinion. They are preventing me from doing my job as a CPN in NHS as I'm always having to fight back for my clients who have mental health conditions. And they're trying to force my client to work despite having a job.  Look at the news and see how you make the stigma rise. It's inhumane as you let your millionaires carry on dancing to the tune of gluttony. No one should be suffering, but you're letting it happen to the vulnerable. Utter cruelty and a modern day violation of human rights.
20/02/2013 Supermarket Horse Meat Right. Tesco et al owe us all bigtime for inadequate governance of their food products. They've avoided doing their own checks, probably since the microwave first arrived in 80s. They are culpable for the horse meat contamination and should be forced to compensate the public coffers to the amount of billions.
Do em Dave.
25/02/2013 Manufacturers are obviously going to be deliberately slow in getting rid of contaminated stock they now find worthless. They will keep on feeding us shit they have packed away, unless monitors are introduced to enforce them not to. Introduce fines. We were in the NHS for far less gravity.

Child Trust Funds
Dear David Cameron,
Please will you prevent F&C Trust Fund robbing parents of our much valued Child Trust Fund with the flat rate fee of £25/year. F&C now have a captive market into which they can dip whenever they like and effectively rob taxpayers all over again. 
My twin children's CTF + top-up will be wiped out within a few years at this rate with the new flat fee of £20 and F&C fund manager fees. This means the tax payer is yet again funding corporate greed. The entire CTF shovels more taxpayers money into the pockets of wealthy fund managers. 
Can you to allow us to transfer our CTF into Junior ISA. By not merging CTFs/Junior ISAs, you are effectively punishing parents to show your contempt for a Gordon Brown policy you didn't like. This is petty and destructive. I don't want a single penny of my CTF (taxes/top-ups I already paid for) going to this FILTH!!! 
Remember your comments about Banks/Corporations who act as a 'moral hazard' to society. There is visible corruption at every level of the elite institutions in our society and this Coalition is doing nothing serious to tackle it. 
Your policy is effectively a 'Robbers Charter'.
If this Coalition does not get a grip on the wealthy who are still robbing the electorate you'll be buried at the next election. I will be consulting as many parents as I can throughout the Richmond Borough. I will be writing in national newspapers on the same issue and making a public appeal to you, through social networking to oppose this disgusting 'robbers tax'. That's lots of squeezed parents who cannot properly transfer their CTFs because Fund managers cartels will charge the flat fee on CTFs.
Thank you for you attention
04/02/2013 Gay Marriage Dear Mr Cameron

I am writing to express my support for the views set out in the letter from the twenty Conservative Constituency Chairmen and other senior Conservatives on the issue of single-sex marriage.  As a Conservative supporter and activist for over thirty years, I am dismayed that a Conservative prime minister is seeking to force through legislation which will fundamentally redefine marriage and destroy its meaning.  I have always believed that it is the function of Conservatives to defend our institutions, and not to undermine them.  Marriage is a fundamental human institution that pre-dates the British Parliament and the Christian Church, and neither has the authority to redefine it.  This attempt to do so amounts to a usurpation on the part of the State that verges on totalitarianism.

As single-sex marriage has been promoted as an item of Conservative policy, I am having to consider very carefully, whether I should renew my membership of the Party, or whether I should resign.

Yours sincerely
Peter H

Dear David Cameron,
I believe that the reason you have so much controversial opinions over gay marriage is because the word marriage is made up word to do with the church and religion so I would like to make a suggestion that could overcome this problem it is my belief that it is not the union of same sex marriages that is a problem to anyone, it is the name marriage, wedding, can I suggest you continue with your quest but why not use a new modern name that has the same meaning as marriage and wedding this word is Hymeneals same sex couples could ask to have aHymeneals in replace of saying I want a wedding this could be made possible in a church or in a registry office, I hope this will help you good luck,
Best regards Diane K
Dear Prime minister, My wife and I are writing to protest your policy of gay or same sex marriage. My wife on religious grounds and myself on custom and usage over hundreds of years and also on biological grounds - it is against nature. We believe you are opening a can of unintended consequences which you have not begun to imagine and in fact you are undermining marriage which in the past you said you supported. Also we do not accept the findings of the OFT report on fuel. This a whitewash so that you can continue your outrageous tax and duty on petrol and diesel. If you took some of this off fuel the freed money would go back into general economy and help to get it going which is what you say you want. The OFT says there is no profiteering - wrong - last year I sent you and or the Chancellor an instance of this near where I used to live, what was done? Nothing. You go off to other parts of the world apparently trying to help the poor and disadvantaged people there, all very good. What about doing this a bit more obviously here, at the moment you and the Government seem totally out of touch with ordinary people and their problems. With your privileged background how can you begin to know what it is like at or near the bottom of the pile. My wife and I are pensioners and paid up members of the Conservative Party. We believe you are driving your natural supporters away either into voting for the Independence party, or worse still the LibDems or Labour. or not voting at all. It is up to you. We firmly believe you going about the digging of your own political grave and that of our Party. When in a hole - stop digging ! Yours sincerely Brian and Helen H
Dear David
Well done Mr Grayling - at last someone is talking sense!  Cushy prisons do NOT deter criminals.
Also, for the benefit of David Cameron (who I saw as a saviour when he was up for election) I dont know why you are messing about sorting out lawas for the minorities when there are such important issues to face as our struggling economy!
As a wife of 53 years, I was considerably affronted to hear the BBC this week, describe the partner of the evil woman who murdered the pensioner as WIFE! Marriage is the union between man and woman and to pro-create children - impossible except by artificial means between same-sex. Gay people have all the rights of everyone else with civil partnership. Gay marriage is a step too far!!!
As I have said before, if this becomes law I will NEVER vote Tory agaiN!!!!
Mrs J K
Dear Mr Cameron
For 58 years I have note missed a vote and every one has been for the Conservative Party despite at times having many misgivings. I have also contributed modest amounts to party funds.
I am not a homophobe  and I have had no problem with civil partnerships although I  feared at the time that these were opening the door to pressure groups to want Gay Marriage. This has now happened in a very short time. I now find  that your intention to bring forward a bill enabling Gay Marriage is a bridge too far. Despite stated assurances that the rights of Christians and other faith groups will be protected you must know that when the 'Human Rights' activists get going any so called protection will be eroded. The unforeseen consequences of your hasty bill will surely bring yourself and your party down. I suggest you read what happened in Massachusetts.
If this bill is passed on your watch the Conservative Party has seen the last of my votes and my money.
Brian M
Dear David
I am a Conservative councillor (Wiltshire) and am horrified and depressed by the number of hitherto staunch Conservative supporters who are resigning their memberships because of your support for Gay Marriage.
This policy, which, so far as I am aware, has never been part of our manifesto, is firmly associated with you and your leadership. You would be wrong to dismiss or underestimate the damage it is doing to you and our party.
Richard B
01 feb 2013


Dear Mr. Cameron I would like to ask why the Child Support Agency Enforcement section, based in Manchester, are allowed to get away with initiating totally unnecessary court appearances. Between 2005 and 2010 the representatives of the CSA Enforcement section took me to court on five separate occasions. This was not because I was not paying my support assessment but because I was not paying it on the correct DAY of certain months. In spite of the fact that I WAS paying what I owed each month, I was still found guilty of ‘wilful non-payment’ because I couldn’t always pay on the correct DAY. Being Self-Employed, to get myself off the dole, I did not always have the money on the correct DAY of the month but I always managed to pay in the correct MONTH. In normal business circumstances this just would not happen to anyone and I would like to know who foots the bill for these unnecessary court appearances? In addition, the overwhelming stress this has caused myself and my family over the years has been almost unbearable. The stress of being separated from your children is bad enough but to allow a government organisation to exacerbate that stress, unduly, is just scandalous. I would also like to point out that I have paid over £1,000 in fees to lawyers to try and defend these ridiculous court cases but I had to give up since no-one seems to be able to stop the CSA Enforcements section in Manchester from taking you to court for not paying on the correct DAY of the month. These representatives have absolutely no interest in your circumstances and they are only interested in sending individuals to JAIL. This is their sole requirement of the judge, if the judge finds in their favour. I have been fortunate to be heard by a sympathetic judge who understands that a Self-employed person can’t always guarantee a certain amount of money can be paid on a particular DAY in the month. Of course, I also could show the judge proof that my payments were, in fact, quite up-to-date. However, while I avoided a jail sentence each time, I was still found guilty of 'wilful non-payment' which is a completely unfair judgement. The only way I could stop the CSA representatives taking me to court was to continually pay what I owed on the EXACT DAY the payments were due. Invariably, self-employment doesn't always bring clock-work regular payments in and, it will come as no surprise that there were other ocassions on which I could not make my payment on the correct DAY of the month... 5 in total and a court appearance for each one of them. At each appearance I could prove that all my payments were completely up-to-date but still was found guilty of 'wilful non-payment'. How absurd it this? Not to mention unduly and unnecessarily stressful for me at an already extremely stressful time! In closing, I would again like to ask... “Who is actually paying for these court cases? Me? Or the taxpayer”. Whoever is paying for them I believe is being well and truly scammed by this Manchester division of the CSA and the fees ought to be refunded. I also don’t believe that this kind of farcical court case takes place anywhere else in the country. I can at least vouch for Glasgow and London, having lived in both cities and never having had this kind of treatment from the CSA divisions in those cities. Only in Manchester, so are they scamming fees? Thank you for time. Best regards
25/02/2013 Europe Speech Dear Mr Cameron I am writing to express my concern regarding the news that the UK is expecting a huge influx of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals. Having travelled in Europe over the years, to my knowledge, as UK citizens and members of the EU, we are not entitled to access any other European countries welfare benefits sysem if we were to live there. In Greece for instance, you need to work two full summer seasons in the tourist industry and pay the necessary IKA to then become entitled to their equivalent of "unemployment benefit" in the winter months when there is no longer any work available. What I do not understand, and would really appreciate an explanation of, is why we cannot introduce the same sort of rules in the UK? Why can't we say to any immigrants, whether from Europe or elsewhere, that they need to work in the UK and pay income tax and NI for 2 full years before they would become entitled to any social welfare, whether that be financial benefits or social housing? It seems such a simple way of ensuring that people who come to our country are coming for the right reasons, because they wish to start a new life, work and contribute to the economy. I feel that it would also greatly help race relations between UK nationals and our immigrant population. Perhaps people would no longer feel that there are immigrants coming to our country who in some instances do nothing to contribute to it. This is patently unfair and needs to be addressed. I have personally spoken to a Polish immigrant who told me that he obtains welfare benefits including child benefit here in the UK where he is resident which he then sends home to Poland where his wife and children live! I have copied our local MP here in Exeter and UKIP into this email as I would be very interested to hear their views on this subject also. With many thanksYvonne E.
Dear Mr. Cameron.
First, please excuse my poor English, I'am from Germany.
I like to thank you very much for your words today in subject of the EU and their politics.
No politician in my country would dare to say what you have said even if they may have the same opinion.
I'm absolutely sure many people here don't approve all the 'things' coming from Bruxelles, but Frau Merkel says, everything is "alternativlos", meaning we have no choice.
It's so great that you plan to give your people a choice. That's democracy !!
Please stay strong, don't back off with your opinion.
Fight the bureaucratic monster naned EU.
With all my best wishes and greetings from Berlin,
Marion E
25/01/2013 NHS
Dear Rt Hon David Cameron MP,
The NHS is in crisis- more than three years ago you promised that the NHS was safe in your hands; that there would be no more top down reorganisations; that frontline services would be protected and health spending in real terms would increase.
I am writing to ask you to stand by your promises to protect the NHS and to:
•Protect our NHS: Stop the privatisation and fragmentation of NHS services. Private profits have no place in our national health service
• Stop wasting our money on a big top down reorganisation, and carry out a full consultation of the impact of the Health and Social Care Act 2012
• Invest in our NHS: For a start you can provide the real increase in NHS funding you promised.
• Stop using our NHS savings to pay off the deficit and recycle it back into improving servicing and investing in NHS staff.
Mr prime minister you have a choice. Turn back and save our NHS for future generations or go down in history as the leader responsible for the destruction of the NHS.
The NHS founded upon the principle of a first class provision of health care free at the point of use runs through the fabric of our country.
When founded this principle was admired and emulated around the world.
The people of this country did, do and will always look upon the NHS with pride and admiration.
Subsequently the Prime Minister who allows the NHS to be eroded and damaged by privatisation and underinvestment under his stewardship will render himself and his party unelectable.
Furthermore the epitaph that will echo down the generations will read "David Cameron PM 2010 - 2015 Failed to support the single unifying principle of British Society and condemned his party to the wilderness"
The NHS is a principle that people of all backgrounds and all political hues unite around and believe passionately in.
It is not too late to change tack on this issue and i myself will be the first to applaud you if you do so.
This is the single most important issue of a generation and a groundswell of support exists around this.
I implore you with all the lessons that we can learn from history to honour your promises and stand by our NHS and go down in history as a great ally of the NHS not a quisling hatchet man who laid the foundations of the breakup of a healthcare system that is the pride of the world.
Further more I believe that our positions as citizens and your position as both member of parliament and as prime minister is a position of stewardship. The provisions laid out by our ancestors are not ours to erode, we do not own them but it is our job to simply preserve and enhance these provisions. If we fail to do this then we have collectively betrayed future generations.
Yours in the spirit of democracy
George W


MP accountability

Dear Sir,

I delivered a petition to each of your party head offices on December 8th 2012 regarding the inappropriate behaviour of the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries and the lack of opportunity for her constituents to complain. My petition has over 700 signatories from the constituency and around the country from people who believe voters should not have to wait until 2015 to hold to account an absentee MP who shows such blatant disregard for her constituents. So far I have had no response from any of your offices.

The right of ‘Recall’ was something that was promised by all three party leaders prior to the last General Election as a response to the expenses scandal but so far there are no signs of this legislation reaching Parliament. I have had the opportunity to ask various MPs directly (including the Deputy Prime Minister) about Recall and have been told that the delay is due to problems defining the level of inappropriateness required to trigger a recall election. I understand that the bar needs to be set at a reasonable level but at the moment that bar is set at a 12 month prison sentence which, I am sure we can all agree, is far too high.
I have heard from people around the country who are equally unhappy with their MPs behaviour, be it poor attendance in the Commons, reluctance to act upon constituency issues or breaking a pre-election promise. The problem with the current system is that MPs can seemingly act however they want without reprisal and can continue to do so until 2015. The five year fixed term Parliament was voted through almost instantly yet Recall has been brushed under the carpet leaving voters without a voice. As long as it is MPs deciding on this matter, the situation is unlikely to change.
I, and the signatories to my petition, would appreciate being kept informed as to how Recall legislation is progressing and how you would be expecting your respective MPs to be voting when it reaches the Commons. This is an important issue that had cross party consensus prior to the 2010 election. We hope that it will not turn out to be another failure in the democratic process.
Jonathan P
11/01/2013 Jobseeker Dear David Cameron
I am a jobseeker and looking for a job in the education, but when you register with a supply agency you have to pay the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) which cost £44.00, you can’t start a job in the education if you don’t have this paper.
Or sometimes, it will be deducted to your first wage and when your work as a teaching assistant, the salary is £50, 00 or less so for a day your first wage cover the cost of the CRB.
The problem is if you register with ten supply agencies, you still have to pay £44.00 at the end it cost you £440, 00 or more and maybe you don’t get a job.
So why is it not possible to have one general CRB for all agency or employers?
In France the CRB is free and you can do it online and you can have more than one exemplar and it is still free.
So, I hope the condition to get a CRB will change soon to help people to get a job quickly. I don’t mind to pay one but not ten.

Miss L Diabetes 20/12/2012 Dear Sir Our son Arron who is 36 has been a diabetic for 21 years. Over the last 12 months he has been really ill with stomach problems as a result of his diabetes. His Diabetic team at Heartlands Hospital Birmingham started talking to him about insulin pump therapy a while ago. Arron researched pumps and found one he thought would be a great help to him (Omnipod) We were shocked to find out that the diabetic team once they had agreed with Arron that a pump would be a great benefit to him told us that they would have to get funding in place and it had been taking months to put funding in place for other people. Arron arranged to have a trial with a pump albeit a tubed pump not the one he wants, this has been arranged for Monday 17th Dec 2012. We have been to the hospital with Arron again today and before the appointment started we were told that our PCT has run out of funds for insulin pumps, NO FUNDS, the doctor does not know when they would have the funds again. He said they still think Arron would benefit from a pump and will still apply for funding. We were told that Solihull PCT still has funds for pumps and so do other hospitals in the country. We as a country have the lowest amount of diabetics on insulin pumps. Myself and my wife have worked and contributed to the NHS since we were 15 years old, our parents contributed to the NHS and in our close family of brothers, sisters, their partners and children as a family have 42 people all working contributing to the NHS and have done so since leaving school, none of us are on benefits. Arron has not taken the easy option and left work to go on benefits, which he could have quite easily have done with his symptoms. We are very proud of him for doing this knowing how ill he has been. Arron is married with two children 8 & 10 and Joanne his wife has two part time jobs. I get really annoyed when we hear people can come in to this country and get treatment on the NHS and have never contributed to it, also sitting in the hospital waiting room watching people who are waiting for translators before they can go in for their appointment with the doctor. We would very much apprieciate your help in anyway you can to help Arron get the pump that would change his life. We will not stop trying to help our son and do whatever we have to do to get him this pump kind regards Tom



Mr Cameron,As a former Conservative party supporter( I stopped supporting the party when you pushed gay marriage and reneging on a referendum) I'm praying every night that UKIP gets stronger when you lose many backbenchers to their party. The country needs a good third party as the LibDems and you are like two peas in a pod.I believe you will lose the next election (and here,s the rub) to Labour another pro gay marriage and pro Europe party. Maggies Conservative party is long dead and gone exactly like the Democratic Party of President Kennedy.After watching a stunning performance by Nigel Farage and others on Newsnight last night Im hoping more of the British people will vote to leave the vast casino called Europe when the referendum is given to us as promised by you. Frank K
Gay Marriage 20/12/2012 Dear Mr Cameron While I am sure that the votes of two pensioners willl not concern you I felt I had to write and make our feelings known. We applauded the legal rights of civil partnership as fair and just. However we cannot and will not vote for a conservative party that endorses gau marriage. We have always voted conservative as had our parents so it will be strange and uncomforable but we will not vote conservative at the next election if it sdtays. We may well not be able to vote at all. Suzanne and Michael H
Mr Cameron

The PRESS and newspapers want the " freedom " to scandalise, monster, villify to sell newspapers

This is not " freedom " of the press - this is making up and inventing stories to paste on the front pages to sell newspapers

You are not dealing with the element of " freedom " - you are dealing with fabrication, invention, putting together lies or half truths

You are dealing with an instrument that is a WEAPON and can topple governments as lethal as an atomic bomb

SELF REGULATION always fail and grows into corruption and abuse
The Police could not self regulate - the Courts can not self regulate - the Newspapers cannot self regulate
SELF REGULATION has ALWAYS been sought by a covert group with vested interested in concealing the true nature/ activity and business
England is a cess pool of corruption and abuse because of self regulation " freedom "
SELF REGULATION is ALWAYS abused, undermined and forced to fail
The Police promise to self regulate on Professional Standards - they simply used that power to not investigate themselves even though they were committing crimes
NEWSPAPERS are still under the thumb of Murdoch that wants a Big Brother State controlled by his newspapers and the Police
The Police want a return to the dark ages where they gave the press the stories, the press would print those stories, sell their newspapers and make the Police seem like the heroes so the Chief of the Police could continue to earn £15,000 a month whilst forcing the Treasury to pay billions in bogus and false criminal investigations
If you do not regulate the press we will go back to the dark ages where the newspapers control us
And we do not want to be controlled by the newspapers
And we do not want the Police to be able to " sell " stories to the press so the press in turn keeps them in power
You are dealing with Murdoch, his alliance with Straw, his sinister concept of " competitive investigative journalism " and a weapon capable of toppling Governments
We have fought SO HARD to oust Labour you CANNOT let us slip back into the Police-Fascist-State-Newspaper country
You have a ONCE IN LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to get the Laws approved to STOP the newspapers from controlling us
NEWSPAPERS and PRESS are a weapon capable of toppling Governments

Military Families
A message to David Cameron, you have never lived nor will I presume have ever lived in the home of the British Army. Well I’m Janine and I’ve recently turned 18, I’ve lived here in Aldershot all my life. I and my sisters were born here, yet because my 2 sisters chose to marry men in the army they are not entitled to be housed in social housing in the town where they were born. So, could you please tell me why other nationalities are welcome to come into this town and get help straight away?
My sisters were told that they made themselves intentionally homeless as their husbands no longer wished to stay in the forces. So, does this also apply to other nationalities too? (I.e. Nepalese-Pol­ish.) Mr. Cameron you stated on the television that forces personnel would be given priority housing, which was yet again obviously another lie. You and Joanna Lumley should give up your nice accommodations and live in Aldershot for a while. We are not a racist town, we are just simply a fed up town! My sister Julie and her husband Thomas will be evicted from the army quarters soon, and they still won’t help them get housed. I did some research on Joanna; she has 2 homes, one in London and one in Scotland.
I think she should let my sister have one for Christmas so she don't have to worry about being homeless at Christmas with her husband and 2 babies, who are both under the age of 2.
Thomas was in the Irish Guards. He had served and risked his life fighting for our country in Iraq; he also did several exercises around the world. But the government is now failing them when they need it. It’s just wrong!
Think about what is happening.
Yours sincerely,
Janine E
Leveson Report 05/12/12
Dear Prime Minister
The Solution :
The answer to the outrageous behaviour of the British press is relatively simple and does not necessarily require the introduction of any legislation to achieve compliance. It can be achieved by the creation of a Press Authority (P.A.) that is independent of both politicians and the press themselves.
It would be funded by a levy on the press, say a percentage based upon circulation or gross profit. The latter would be more effective as circulation declines and new media assumes greater prominence.
The role of the P.A. would be to prosecute using existing laws, errant press behaviour on behalf of deserving cases such as the Dowler or McCann  family and seek both justice and compensation from the newspapers involved, on behalf of the victims. The P.A. would also be empowered to take action itself, without the need of a request from any individual in those cases which it deemed were, ‘In the public interest.’     
The P.A. would be able to increase its levy upon the press industry in line with the work load that falls upon it. A self-penalising way of ensuring a  more responsible reporting environment. The polluter pays principle.
The Benefits:
Under the current state of affairs, the law is only accessible to the wealthy. This proposal would provide an avenue of legal recourse to those deserving cases that the press have traditionally been able to ignore.
No political interference.
No requirement for new legislation.
Speedy introduction.
The tsunami of miscreant behaviour by the British press in recent times has resulted in a determined groundswell of public opinion that will not allow a further repeat of the old ‘self regulation’ fiasco to continue. This is the once and for all opportunity to squeeze them where it hurts, in their deep pockets.
Dear Mr Cameron
I am increasingly disgusted with the care of the elderley in the NHS and the lack of support of Social Services. My 95 year old grandmother was in hopsital from April this year to early August after a broken leg. When it came to discharging her after this extended stay in hospital it was recognised that some changes needed to happen at home and that she needed further support. As my mother (an only child) passed away some years ago the responsibilty for helping my Nan falls to myself and my sister. My Nan asked me and my husband if we would move in with her (with our 4 year old) we agreed and tried to liaise with the hopsital to organise the changes that needed to happen to the house and the timings of the her discharge - they refused to talk to us as she is mentally fit and therefore, they said they could just discuss it with her and she wanted to come home. Of course she wanted to come home. We had to put our lives on hold and rush around ensuring the changes were made in record time. She then when back into hopsital on the 17th September having suddenly what appeared to be a stroke but in fact was an unidentified episode of confusion. She has had various issues and has been in hospital since. About two weeks ago we had a phone call to say she had had a massive stroke. We rushed in to be at her bedside, had the last rights etc. The next day she came round as if nothing had happened. No tests had been done to confirm a stroke. They didn't know why she had been like she was and weren't interested in finding out. They just said she was now medically fit and could come home but would need further care. My nan worked hard all her life at times running businesses with my grandfather at other times employed in various jobs. She saved her money and therefore, is now over the threshold that requires she pays for care. (I wish she'd had more holidays). But not only does she has to pay - the arguements for and against this another matter, but social services won't even help you organise this care expecting the family to do it instead. We know nothing about care or where to start and what would they do if we didn't help? or there was no family? Do they expect my 95 year old grandmother to sort it out herself ??? We have dutifully started the process of finding out about care. On Sunday we had another phonecall saying that she had a stroke - my husband had to ask the question - are you sure - we've been here before. The nurse that had phoned wasn't even aware of the previous episode ! Another problem - lack of reading the notes, no consistency of care so they don't know the patient ! My sister then received a phone call this morning hassling her about getting the care sorted to get Nanny out of hospital ! I am sure NHS and social services think that we are all experts about getting this stuff done and that we were just sat around waiting for something like this to do. We both have young families, work, life to contend with as well. As it happens my sister has been trying to sort it out and it turns out having phone round all the local agencies that none of them can do the evening care that social services have told us my nan requires. What do we do now. We are getting hassle from the hospital, the care has no capacity, our nan is having "epidsodes" that aren't strokes but nobody seems to know what they are. This is a very stressful situation. And in conjunction with all this my husband, my daughter and I have turned our lives upside down to move in and help with the situation. One of social services previous suggestions was that I or my husband should do some of the care. Well I have rheumatoid Arthritis and can't physically manage to do any care. As for my husband he already deserves a medal for moving in with my nan (almost equivalent of moving in with Mother in law - would you agree to this Mr Cameron ?!) but he can't be expected to do care for her. I voted for the conseratives but this is one area you are definitely failing. This is the generation that fought in a war and as I previously mentioned if she had had more holidays and spoilt herself more in life then she wouldn't be above the money threshold and social services would be sorting all of the care situation out. You wonder why my generation isn't saving for the future this is why. Look where it has got our grandparents !
Kind Regards

Rachel M


Mr Cameron
I am a serving police officer and was privileged to be able to work in London for the Olympics during August. Part of my 10 day duty included patrolling the Athletes Village for 4 days and I was there when you visited on the Thursday prior to the closing ceremony (you then watched the BMX event with David Beckham)
I have always been a fan of yours and a Conservative voter so was excited at the prospect of meeting you. However, I was subsequently instructed to keep my officers out of sight because you do not like seeing police; this message was communicated via the protection officers with you. I sought clarification on this comment and was told that you do not like the police and do not like meeting them. I was taken aback by these comments but remained somewhat speptical about the validity of this information.
The following day the comedian Eddie Izzard visited the Village and we were all told to meet with him because he loves the police and wanted his photo taken with us, which was lovely and a complete contrast to the previous day.
I returned to Force and was still somewhat sceptical about the message I had been given in relation to you not wanting to see the police but sadly your dislike of us was reinforced by senior colleagues who had had personal experience of this. This was further corroborated by your speech at the Tory conference when you did not thank the police for their work in keeping the Olympics safe nor acknowledge the fact that we had any part to play. From a personal perspective, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Olympics, the hours were tough; I was being picked up from our accommodation at 0400hrs and returning between 1700hrs - 1800hrs.
As previously mentioned. I have always been a supporter of yours but feel disappointed and let down by your attitude towards the police. I am however a great believer in there being 2 sides to every story and would like to give you the opportunity to respond to the issues I have raised. You may also wish to convince me why I should continue voting for the Tory party when I was treated in such a lowly way by you.
I am very proud of my job and the work that I do and would like to invite you to visit Portsmouth to see the work that my colleagues and I are doing and the professional manner in which we conduct ourselves. Last year Penny Mordaunt, the MP for Portsmouth North, met with the police and partner agencies in the wake of the London riots and her interaction with us was very positive.
Kind regards

PCC Elections 31/12/2012 Dear Sir,                 Please consider the following questions.          Why are the two candidates for my area (Dyfed Powys) being presented as Party Political representatives, when they are supposed to be impartial and the PCC applicants, according to the Home Office website, are not being elected on Party Political grounds.          Why are the current Chief Constables not to be trusted to run their areas competently, having been appointed to these senior positions by the Home Office in the first place?          Why is time and money being spent on these elections for the public to do the job of the Home Office for them?          What happens if the turn-out is so low that the views of the potential electorate can not be truly assessed?                                                          Yours Faithfully,                                                                      Mr Geoff T Global Economy 30/10/2012
Dear Prime Minister
There is only one thing that is on my mind right now and that is the state of the global economy.
What preventative measures are the government taking to stop our country being dragged into
a financial collapse. I say dragged as the eventual cause isn't the governments fault, the fault sits
firmly with the banks & the leading corporations of the world. Can they not see that forcing the 
printing of more money to deal with the debt crisis is futile.
You cannot solve inflation by creating more inflation, this seems logical to me but the banks seem
to be blind or just plainly ignore this situation. If you have more money you have more debt more
debt equals more interest more interest equals more money so on and so fourth but this system
has a precipice. It will come to a point in which the population cannot pay the amount of interest
on the loans created from debt and with that in mind how can the interest be paid.
It can't, it's that simple. People, companies and countries will default on a massive scale putting
the insurance companies into the firing line. If they default it all ends. We owe more money
than any other country in the world and although we are slightly alleviating the debt situation with
the "austerity measures". If everyone starts to withdraw money and bonds, public, companies and
governments included we will have a hyper-inflation situation. The primary cause of this is going
to be the devaluing of the Dollar, which is going to happen very soon. Since most global trade is
with the Dollar how are we going to trade for food to feed the people of this country. We cannot
rely on help from the World Bank or the IMF Since the U.S Government holds the largest votes in both
During the Second World War, a total of 14.5 million acres of land were requisitioned by the State.
Yet even with that measure taken, we had to enforce ration books. At that time the population of
the UK was at 47 million. Right now our population is at 62 million, so reason states even with all
the land requisitioned you cannot feed all of the people of the UK. This may seem alarmist but the
facts and figures point to an eventual collapse of the monetary system. So what do we do? the
banks answer to this is buy gold, silver, precious stones and rare metals for trade when it all goes
wrong. This cannot work yet they don't seem to see this.
I see the governments job as to serve the welfare of the people. If this situation happens with no
system to implement you have FAILED US completely. So my question is here again,
what are YOU going to do to protect the people you swore to protect.
Yours Sincerely

Dear David Cameron
I know that it sound good to say that we are out of recession but i am very sorry to say that we're not, i think you're needing to get someone who has been living in the real world instead of your higher class lifestyle to do the accounts for Britain then you would see the real picture. And for going to shut do the transit factory’ that’s why this country is falling apart because your move all the industries abroad and all the immigrants over here. i could give you a couple of ideas what to do but you would not want them because you don't listen to the people of Britain like you should be doing, but il give you them anyway.
  1. start to pay for medical help as we are the only country in the world that has free medical care, the reason for this would be that you are cutting back on nursing and things like that which is wrong when you should be cutting back on giving the ones taking methadone if they can pay for the drugs they take they can pay for the medical care they need.
  2. Come out the euro because ever since Britain has gone into the euro, we have done nothing but bail out other countries.
  3. The human rights law this needs to be looked at because this is working out better for the criminals. You want to know why your prisons are so crowded. It’s because you're giving the criminals a better lifestyle inside than outside I mean what would you rather have, a wide screen TV, PlayStation, Xbox you call that punishment. I call that a holiday camp.
  4. Stop the immigrants coming in because they have overrun the country and undercut Britain’s own people what I mean by this Is that there are immigrants with no trades taking trade persons jobs for less pay and that’s why the country has also falling into recession because less tax would be getting paid and more benefits would be getting paid out for the unemployed.
  5. stop making cuts to the important thing like the rescue services and the armed forces because these are important things to our country if you were wanting to make cuts you should think about cutting the big banker bonuses because I’m sure they would do the same job without the bonus, if not there would be someone out there happy to fill the spot.
I think that’s enough the now I would make my voice heard if I knew how to become a MP, but my letter to you will do the know ,and I hope to hear back from you.
You’re sincerely
Gary L.


24 oct 2012

Dear Mr. Cameron,

As a regular overseas viewer of Look North (everyday) I was disappointed at the recent interviews with the prospective new PCC’s and their performance in answering the questions on this programme the other evening. Disappointment is an understatement I think that should really be disgusted at the way they a. tried to say how they would handle the current issue facing West Yorkshire PCC and b. how they would deal and direct the drugs issue.

Being both a senior manager and a management consultant during my working life I was amazed that these candidates didn’t appear to understand what is required of the role let alone have the basic knowledge or skills to carry them out. They appeared to opt for out dealing with the matter in any sensible or reasonable way, they choose words like untenable, and resign etc. They demonstrated clearly to me and I guess most other professional managers that they had no experience what so ever of managing people or organizations let alone any ability to deal with the issues contained therein.
I would be most interested to know how do these people became the nominees and what experience they bring to enable them to take up this position.
In recent months I have tried to find out how apply for this position all to no avail since i’ve not seen it advertised anywhere. I should add that by living abroad I might not have the details of where it could have been advertised either so i could be wrong on this point.
Surely we should be looking for someone who has the strength of character and managerial ability and knowledge to carry out this job and do what is sadly lacking and represent the interests of the regional people and tax payers. They in my opinion should be free of political bias and also as in the case of the independent candidate free of any collusion with his former colleagues. I am a firm believer that a good manager can manage people and organizations no matter how diverse they might be and this surely is a case requiring that kind of person.
Sadly I am now in retirement but would have loved the opportunity and challenge of taking up this role which I am sure I would have able to carry out.
I appreciate full well that talk is cheap but surely someone with true and logical vision should be looking more closely at this very high profile position and setting out clear criteria as to the attributes needed. Oh to be younger again and fight for the right issues.
There is such a lot more I’d like to comment about on this issue about the candidates and the way this exercise is being carried out. Is this simply another “fait accompli” and a poor effort at doing the right thing.
My apologies, I realize that I will be accused of taking the easy option and living abroad but I am still a brit and more, a yorkshire man who still cares about his country I also apologize for going on but I do feel this issue is going to be yet another fudge and we, the tax payer, will be left with yet another high paid job being carried out by a second rate individual.
Can you please review the criteria for the people who are standing as candidates!
Yours sincerely
Jimmy Saville 24/10/2012 Dear Mr.Cameron I am contacting you in relation to the allegations against Mr.Saville. I am writing to you as the father of a young boy, and one that feels desperately disappointed by the apparent failures of the BBC. I am contacting you to request your backing for me to withhold my T.V licence payments, until I see a vast and clear investigation into the alleged assaults of these poor young boys and girls. As it stands, I feel physically sick that any of my money has lined the pockets of a corporation that may have been involved in such failings to the well being of young children, moreover I will be expecting a rebate of any monies paid , of which I will be arranging to be donated to a reputable child protection charity . I do not expect you to completely agree with my stand point. However I would hope that we can stand shoulder to shoulder, as both a father and also as a citizen of a great country that does not contribute to any type of such behavior. I would greatly appreciate your time and feed back in regards to this issue. Many thanks in advance Mr Nik B

Conference Speech
Dear Prime Minister
There is only one thing that is on my mind right now and that is the state of the global economy.
What preventative measures are the government taking to stop our country being dragged into
a financial collapse. I say dragged as the eventual cause isn't the governments fault, the fault sits
firmly with the banks & the leading corporations of the world. Can they not see that forcing the 
printing of more money to deal with the debt crisis is futile.
You cannot solve inflation by creating more inflation, this seems logical to me but the banks seem
to be blind or just plainly ignore this situation. If you have more money you have more debt more
debt equals more interest more interest equals more money so on and so fourth but this system
has a precipice. It will come to a point in which the population cannot pay the amount of interest
on the loans created from debt and with that in mind how can the interest be paid.
It can't, it's that simple. People, companies and countries will default on a massive scale putting
the insurance companies into the firing line. If they default it all ends. We owe more money
than any other country in the world and although we are slightly alleviating the debt situation with
the "austerity measures". If everyone starts to withdraw money and bonds, public, companies and
governments included we will have a hyper-inflation situation. The primary cause of this is going
to be the devaluing of the Dollar, which is going to happen very soon. Since most global trade is
with the Dollar how are we going to trade for food to feed the people of this country. We cannot
rely on help from the World Bank or the IMF Since the U.S Government holds the largest votes in both
During the Second World War, a total of 14.5 million acres of land were requisitioned by the State.
Yet even with that measure taken, we had to enforce ration books. At that time the population of
the UK was at 47 million. Right now our population is at 62 million, so reason states even with all
the land requisitioned you cannot feed all of the people of the UK. This may seem alarmist but the
facts and figures point to an eventual collapse of the monetary system. So what do we do? the
banks answer to this is buy gold, silver, precious stones and rare metals for trade when it all goes
wrong. This cannot work yet they don't seem to see this.
I see the governments job as to serve the welfare of the people. If this situation happens with no
system to implement you have FAILED US completely. So my question is here again,
what are YOU going to do to protect the people you swore to protect.
Yours Sincerely


Dear Sir
About two and a half years ago i got made redundant i was a one of one to be finished in the department, but this is not so relevant.
I started claiming ESA due to my disability, at the age of six i was diagnosed with stills decease it's a form of junior arthritis over thew years it's developed into chronic rheumatoid arthritis and at the age of sixteen the operations started.
But the main operations started when is was 37 i had both hips replaced, four years later the left knee replaced, about four years after that i had my right shoulder replaced since then i have had a second left knee, a second left hip,a right shoulder, both feet triple fused and last a left shoulder replaced this has all been in the last 20 years, and in all that time i worked until being made redundant.
Now i need some help on the money front i cant get any due to the cut backs that have been made i understand that some people take the micky with what they are claiming and are perfectly able to work.
I claimed ESA for 365 days that's the maximum amount i had a medical yesterday and i have been told i have a limited capability to work but pray tell who will give me a job with all these operations i am a liability i can't do manual work, i can't stand for long, i can't sit for long the only job i could do is administration in an office
but company's only want young girls as these tend to be front of office jobs and is a greet and meet and looks are everything and image.
I have applied for over 700 hundred jobs in the two and a bit years i went to Portland collage and did a accounts course but the funding got cut so i was only able to do level one.
So can you tell me how we supposed to live on just my wife's income when we have to pay ALL are own bills with no help from anyone ??????????
Philip O
Dear Mr Cameron,
Following the breaking news about the tax arrangements for certain BBC employees I was just wondering if the government is aware just how widespread these arrangements are. I have recently been made redundant from a job I had for 8 years with Dairy Crest in Liverpool. In my search for a new job I have registered with many employment agencies as well as applying for permanent positions, and sending my CV out.
Every one of these employment agencies now want to pay you through an umbrella company, or want you to become self employed. Neither of these things appeal to me, however they then try to sell the scheme to you with the selling point- you wont pay as much tax.
I just thought I would point out that this is not only going on a the BBC, but up and down the country.
Yours Sincerely
Peter M
Mr Cameron, I would like to ask if you think that Mr Mitchell's much denied and much reported 'Pleb' comment aimed at Police Officers, is indicative of your governments attitude to the Police? I say this as I am aware that in Tom Windsor's reform agenda, one of the things he alludes to is that Police should see themselves as above the likes of blue collar workers, on a par with other 'highbrow' professions. Speaking personally, having attended private school, and having worked in a factory, as well as spending a short( due to injury), time in the Army, and having been a Special Constable, a volunteer with the Prince of Wales Community Venture and currently a 21 year veteran of the Police Service, I find the suggestion deplorable. Police officers should, and all I know are, proud of what they are, and are not embarrassed by their roots and backgrounds. And the only members of this countries' society I see myself as above, and better than, are criminals and anyone who's low moral standards allow them to take advantage of the weak, and those who need protection.
Stuart R


Dear Mr Cameron
I am horrified to see the amount and frequency of flooding that is occurring in all parts of England now.
It does not in the least surprise me that so many decent, hardworking, people are now having their homes flooded. Flooding that has never occurred before.
Since the privatisation of water and sewage, things have become progressively worse and worse.  
The fact is: drains are not being cleaned out as often as they used to be, rivers are not being dredged as often as they used to be, and the roadside edges of kerbs are not being kept clear of weeds and leaves etc, as they used to be. All these factors mean that the drainage facilities we have are not able to cope as well as they would have done years ago, because they are invariably somewhat blocked.
Getting matters dealt with has also become difficult now. I contacted the Chairman of our village Parish Council (I worked as Acting Parish Clerk for a while some years back) regarding the amount of straw lying at the side of the road and blowing into the drains, which they are nicely filling up. His reply was that he would not do anything about it. I then contacted Hertfordshire County Council regarding the same matter and await seeing if they do anything about it. But I am not hopeful. This is how we go on now. Nobody wishes to take responsibility or one is just fobbed off.
How much longer do you think the people of this country are going to stand for all the excuses we are given, so that privatised companies with shareholders, can ensure they make a profit? And, as far as I am aware, these companies are mostly foreign owned.
And still your party wishes to push for more privatisation when it patently is not working for the benefit of the people of this country. 
As someone who worked for an MP for a while, I have to say that I learnt government could not dictate to privatised companies.  
Perhaps. Mr Cameron, you should consider our european connection a little more seriously. We desperately need far more money spending on our own infrastructure. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the present way of doing things is not working. We put far too much money into Europe. It is time we considered our own needs first now.
We have far too many excuses proffered and apologising has become far too easy as a let out.
What is needed is action to right these wrongs.
Yours sincerely
David C
Andrew Mitchell Plebs Comment 25/09/2012
Some months ago I wrote to you to voice my displeasure in the actions and demeanour of Mr Andrew Mitchell.
I believe I labelled him aloof and arrogant in the extreme , living in a privileged silver spooned world , you retorted by defending this man and refuted my opinions completely.
I think that the recent alleged foul mouth outrage at our brave police officers ,( in a time when two of our police women were tragically murdered ) is disgraceful in the extreme, the words "plebs" and "morons" that is also allegedly used , absolutely corroborate my view of this man.
Do you still hold the same view of Mr Mitchell ? and what do you think of his alleged assault on our Police Officers.
This man shows a complete contempt for the laws of our country and adds to the posh toxic view of the out of touch Tories.
What role model does this man provide to our children and teenagers who we try to encourage to respect the Police and the laws of the land.
Why does the Prime Minister still support a man of this type ?
Mr Cameron must sack Mitchell for the sake of decency now ...unless of course you still think he is wonderful?
Peter C
Andrew Mitchell Plebs Comment 25/09/2012
Dear Sir,
Firstly, I doubt you will print this on the forum – perhaps I might have a bit more faith in the party I have supported for 40 years if you did reply, even if to lamely defend your position. Over the last two years, I have been struggling to find reasons to continue supporting and actively working for the Conservative Party – the leading figures and the motivations of these figures are a long way removed from those of the Conservative Party before Labour domination at the polls. I gave up that struggle yesterday when I realised that the police are telling the truth in the Mitchell case and that if I either swore at a police officer or threatened one with words like “you haven’t heard the last of this”, I would be arrested.
Why is Andrew Mitchell immune from arrest and possible prosecution? Because of the ‘club’ he belongs – an arrogant bunch of Conservatives who think those that don’t have the privilege they have (money, Eton schooling, etc) are worthless, lesser members of society – what farce are they actually playing out when the stand by the Cenotaph each year. Do they actually a damn? I think not BUT it is the ‘place to be’ on Remembrance Day to ‘keep up appearances’.
I believe Andrew Mitchell said every word it is claimed he said. He should be treated like the rest of us in that situation. If he isn’t, it is another nail in the coffin for the Conservatives to not win the next election. I never thought I would ever say this, having been Chairman of various branches and an active supporter since the age of 15, but I hope they don’t win again. Susan P
Police Pay 13/09/2012 Dear Mr Cameron I write this letter as I feel completely betrayed by this government. What you are doing to the public sector is criminal. As a police officer for 7 years, I am disgusted by what this government is doing. You are making the public sector suffer for your mistakes and are clearly attacking the police service the most. Your intentions for pay and conditions are ridiculous. Thousands of police officers are rallying against you, along with teachers and members of the NHS. This is not because we are reluctant to change, as we accept higher contributions may be necessary in the current climate. This is because you have gone too far. You have frozen our pay, when the cost of living is increasing. The police pension alone has risen making bills harder to pay. Thousands of police officers feel betrayed and worthless and are seeking legal advice with regards to your clear breach of legislation, all those years ago with the pension reform. You are being toldthat you are hitting the police too hard and that morale is its lowest sincemany can remember, yet you ignore this. You are being told that the goodwill ofofficers is being lost but are ignorant to what that means. It means all theextra hours work that go unclaimed, all the specialist posts that do not reallyachieve any extra payments. The shift changes at short notice etc etc. You haveno idea of the sacrifices police officers make day in day out, whilst you liveyou comfortable life surrounded by police, both armed and unarmed who like mego without to protect you and your families. We sacrifice time with ourchildren, miss valuable time with them that we will never get back, because ofshift work and again protecting other families. Police officers made the decision to sign up for the service fully accepting the risks to their safety, on the basis that they were sworn to serve 30 years. They also accepted conditions that were passed in parliament that they could not strike as long asour sacrifices were recognised via pay and conditions. Our pension is hardearn't and paid for by us. You keep many truths from the public about thepolice service and the suffers that we and our families endure. You allow themto think that they pay massive amounts for our pensions, which is not true. Many don't understand, hence you have possible false support for attacking our pensions. It was good to see that people were actually shocked at the recent panorama episode, many seeing a brief and more accurate insight to our role. I can't help but bebaffled at the reluctance to bring in your own reforms against politicians payand pensions. Surely you should also be stopping your financial perks andsecond home allowances, like the police housing allowance that was abolished years ago. This government ismaking every police officer suffer. Families are breaking down and marriages are failing because of the pressures this job brings already, but now you are attacking the service more. How can you morally feel it is ok to say to onegroup of officers that their pension is safe as they have 10 years or lessleft, but to the ones standing next to them that they face working an extra 10years with £50-60,000 more in pension payments. The extra service will clearlyreduce their average life expectancy upon retirement, which is already low forshift workers. The home secretary keeps stating that it is necessary to do thisand that police pension is still good! Does that make it morally and legallyfair to breach police joining conditions and parliament. Does that make it ok to destroy morale and goodwill in our service, to have to then changelegislation to make your underhand tactics work. The answer is no and it is notnecessary. It has been proven to you that he pension is self sustainable. Thisis more to do with personal agendas and complete ignorance and respect for wha tpolice officers and their families suffer and sacrifice. You appear toforget that the officers who fall within the more than 10 years to do band,have already seen a lot taken from them by the government. Housing allowancebeing the significant one, along with pay freezes and CRTP payments. What youare doing is not right and thousands of officers are balloting for legalaction, because this is clearly an attack on the police. How can you discriminate one group of officers based on length of service. The obvious isbecause the 10 year bracket meant paying out less, but this is wrong. It hasbeen proven that money can be saved in many areas, including the millionswasted in failed government schemes and the millions thrown at offenders andnon tax paying people that abuse our services and immigration laws. You are being toldby thousands of officers that enough is enough, we are suffering too much. Themain area of resentment for this government is your proposal regarding thelength of service. It is wrong and we will all see increases in the deaths ofserving officers. The legal and moral thing to do, is if you are intent onbringing in these changes then make it a condition for the next generation ofofficers joining the police service. They will then know the conditions theyare signing up too and can plan their lives accordingly. Public servants runthis country and make it work so you can have your standard of life. Surely youcan see the danger signs of what you are doing and the costs to the economy,with strikes and ballots increasing. Tensions are high and increasing. Willofficers stand firm risking injury to protect areas or will they step asidefearing if they get injured they may be retired from the service to save money.These are the things going through every police officers head at this difficulttime. We are more often than not selfless to these risks. I strongly urge youto stop this and reconsider your proposals. We are all suffering, but policeofficers are feeling the strain more than most. We are fed up of subjectingourselves and our families to harm and pressures with no protection/supportfrom this government. Times will only ever get harder in the future and communities will come together more and more. There will be more mass disorders and riots with great threats to our communities and country alike. What will beyour protection, who will protect people who cannot protect themselves. Well if this government has it their way, it will be thousands of overage police officers, who's bodies are battered from 40 plus years of shift work, assaults and stress of horrible things that you and many are fortunate enough to never experience. I will be sending  acopy of this letter to my federation and also posting copies to parliamentary members, including Mr Cameron and the home secretary. Yours sincerely Jacklyn W NHS 08/09/2012 Dear Mr Cameron, I am very concerned as to what your intentions are for the NHS, by appointing  the MPJermy Hunt. Considering his rather dubious dealing with James Murdoch??? And his public, announcment of his oppinion that NHS is a 60 year mistake, I feel he baised and will break the NHS further up. I feel there should be someone in charge who has better moral compass, and humanistic outlook, not a man like Jeremy Hunt, I vote no confidence in him as an MP, let alone someone in charge of Englands most valued treasure, the NHS. There is a saying if you haven't got your health you have nothing! If you continue to destroy the NHS, you destroy it's people and then will be savages....... As you make people in our society powerless ton help our young, sick, old and that is something that we destroy society................ Again I vote no confidence in your conduct Mr Cameron for the choosing a man like Hunt, as he will kill our rights for a fair health care system. I look forward to hearing what qaulifies Mr Hunt for such an important role as being in charge of NHS??? Best Jo B Health Tourism 27/08/2012 Dear Mr Cameron European nationals who move to Spain for more than three months must now prove that they have enough money not to be a burden on the state with the announcement of a new ministerial order. Expats who have made the move must provide a work contract or other documents confirming that they have enough money to live without the support of the Spanish government. For retirees or those who are unable to work, the new order also requires them to provide proof that they are covered by health insurance. The move has been criticised by opponents who say that it goes against the ‘free movement’ principle within the EU. Under EU law, citizens of member states are entitled to receive health care in any member country. However, the Spanish government has invoked article 7 of the 2004 EU directive on free movement, which gives EU member states the power to define it ‘without prejudice to national border controls’ which means that entry conditions can be imposed on other EU citizens by member governments. The Spanish government is hopeful that €1 billion a year will be saved through not having to provide such high levels of medical care to expats. The country has become a favourite destination for ‘health tourists’ from other EU countries, attracted by short waiting lists, cheap treatment and excellent hospitals.
Why doesn't the UK adopt a similar stance and save more than €1 billion? Regards Steve L
Burma 21/08/2012 Dear David Cameron (prime minister) I am extremely concerned and frustrated as to why my government in is ignoring the situation in Burma and also our national media. The treatment of thousands of Rohingya muslims who are persecuted and butchered in their own country is unbearable and to me seems like my government is turning a blind eye to the whole situation there. Are the Rohingya people not human? We can clearly see through other means what is happening in Burma and this is clear evidence of double standards in parliament and i am losing hope locally to. I am well aware that Burma has had problems in the past and that the Rohingya muslims have been rendered stateless in Burma and have experienced systematic discrimination and exclusion for decades. Its appalling and the Burmese government should recognise them as citizens with full rights and protection. This has been going on for so long under the watch of my government, why? So i humbly request you, Mr Cameron to do what you can in your powers to highlight the mistreatment of Rohingya muslims who are tortured and treated with cruelty, inhumanly and punished. You have good influence around the world and i am confident that if you take  a step to pursue this issue then positive changes will come about. Also can you request Rt Hon William Hague MP and the Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP to put weight on the issue (as yet i haven't seen them do) and to use their influence (through their departments) on the people within their contacts nationally and internationally to address the issue and to bring this punishment of Rohingya muslims to an end and to bring to justice those responsible. Can you also put your utmost emphasis  whilst contacting your cabinet members  to ask them to ensure that they ask the relevant local and international aid agencies to begin to help, without further delay, those that are persecuted so they have access to humanitarian assistance and protection. I hope i have made my self clear on this issue and its very upsetting to me and my family to see this act of ethnic cleansing taking place in this day and age. We here in the UK fight for others rights and democracy to bring about a change in countries far away. Its now time (very late coming) to stand up for 'democracy' and the rights of the Rohingya people and break the silence. I have children and i know you have to. For the sake of the innocent children BUTCHERED in Rohingya, PLEASE do something! Yours sincerely Mohammed S Oxford olympics 20/08/2012 Sir, may I congratulate you on deciding not to add Olympic medallists to the Honours List. An Olympic Gold medal is the highest honour that a sportsperson can achieve. To give them some meaningless, antiquated title not only demeans them, but relegates them to a genre of mostly has-beens! Even Lord Coe is more respected and acknowledged as plain Seb Coe. Negative!!! Why must each successive Government interfere with education? Admittedly I attended school in the golden 50s and education has advanced in some respects, BUT it now appears to be a lottery, where the people buying the most tickets win. Let me ilustrate this with personal examples: 1. Our eldest granddaughter has a good mental ability which derives from her parents, but she is seriously thinking of not trying for University, but settling for a "rustic" career. 2. Our grandson (in Ewell) was consigned to, and has attended a local school from age 4 to 7.Now he has been allocated to Junior School  away from all except one of his class mates. It was bad enough that he was by far the youngest in his class and of sensitive disposition, but now he is to be thrown into a new school. We are only too well aware of the affect this can have. As a Civil Servant (now retired), I was moved around the country, and on one occasion we moved when our eldest daughter was 6, from Yorkshire to Hants, and her progress dropped dramatically. Fortunately we prevailed and she has been successful. Finally, the Economy. The nation currently has a problem with DOGS attacking humans (and fouling public areas). Solution (or partly!). Bring back dog licences at an economic rate, ie a minimum of 260 pounds  per annum. This would ensure all dogs are really wanted and registered, and the fee would cover the cost of administration plus extra for the Exchequer. All due regards

Care home fees set to rise in Huddersfield

One is bound to ask how the council arrives at the figure of £432.10 per week minimum to look after one person
After all our government in their wisdom says that the full basic State Pension in 2012/13 is £107.45 per week for a single person. And is less than double this amount for a married couple, if you add on the guaranteed credit element this guarantees a minimum of £142-70p for single people and £217-90p for a married couple.
When we pensioners have to go it alone then the Government and the Council both say we have to manage with the above amounts and pay our own rents pay our own heating and energy bills buy our own food and all other incidental payments conducive with living and staying alive.
We get a little help with the rent (not much) and we still pay Council tax and water rates.
As you can see the total above plus a little housing benefit is half the amount the Council is proposing and it is for TWO people per week.
I am 67 years old on basic state pension living with my Wife.
I can’t wait until I am 80 to get an extra 25p a week pension!
But even then I will have to save that for four week to buy a loaf of bread!
Working People 12/08/2012 Dear Prime Minister, I live in my two bedroom flat with my husband and my two children (age 9and 3), my husband works full time and we pay full rent. We cant get on the property ladder as banks will just not lend to those on a lower incomes, so we rent from a social land lord. On Friday i rang to apply for a three bedroom house only to be told i wasn't eligible because my children could share until my eldest was 10 in 7 months time. I explained that my housing officer had told me to apply because where i live has become unsuitable for my family. Firstly i would like to know why you would think it would be OK for a 9 year old girl (that has hit puberty) to share with a 3 year old boy, and secondly why i am not eligible when i pay my whole rent so bedroom tax would never be an issue. I would like to know why the working person is hit time and time again its unfair not only do we pay our taxes but i am unable to improve the life of my family because i cant afford to buy my own home!!!!!!! Jen.D Missing Britons 16 august 2012 Dear PM I have recently read about several UK citizen who are either missing or have been held against their will: Adam Jones (only 13), David Simpson and Timmy MacColl. These are British citizens, what is being done about them. They have been gone for months and in Adam's case years! These are just the ones that I have read about in the newspapers so I wonder how many more are out there that haven't been able to get media attention. Do you not look after your own citizens? Olympics 16 august 2012
Dear Mr Cameron
Inspiring a generation
Although I am a Liberal Democrat I have developed a grudging respect for you over the past few years:  I don’t agree with all you have done but I feel you have managed a very difficult situation reasonably well.  However my respect for you has plummeted following your unashamedly opportunist, knee-jerk attempt to use the fantastic success of Team GB 2012 for your own ends.
You seem to conveniently forget that the 2012 crop of Olympians are, by your own admission, not the product of the oxymoron of “compulsory team sports”.  The 1996 Atlanta team probably were: we could easily return to those bad old days by 2028.  The evidence of the 2012 success is that the system is NOT broken, so this is not the time for a radical change of direction.  This is the time to build on the system which has produced this magnificent success, not to destroy it.
Everybody who knows anything about the development of young people in sport knows that the key ingredients for success are to build skills and enjoyment from a young age.  That’s not just my opinion: look at the Barcelona FC development programme, where trainees are not allowed to take part in competitive games.  Competitive games from an early age just convince most children that sport is not for them, and is directly responsible for our overweight, sedentary adult population.  If we continue to do what we’ve always done we’ll get what we’ve always got.
We do indeed need to inspire, not coerce, a generation: to get on a bike; into a pool; into a boat; into a gym; into the great British countryside; into a dance studio; and yes onto a sports field if that’s what they are inspired to do.  I have no doubts that the School Sports Partnerships and the 2-hour target had their faults, but they were a first-ever attempt to take a strategic, long-term view of a deep-seated problem. 
To inspire a generation we need vision, imagination, leadership and even money.  We need to look at the evidence of what works in the 21st century rather than adhere to some 19th century dogma.  I would implore you to take a long, hard look at how to build on what is working rather than take us back to a system which so manifestly failed so many generations in the past.
Yours sincerely
Tony T. Women In Politics 10 august 2012 Dear prime minister, If moving the agenda on for women and getting more woman into politics remains one of your personal strategic goals, then we have a long way to go. As a woman councillor in grassroots local politics it has been my bitter personal experience that male politicians are allowed to get away with bulling, vilification, and inappropriate physical contact.  If one try's to report such matters and you are told to be careful not to rock the boat...."think about your career," If you wish to inspire more women into the political arena then you need to consider a seismic change to take place at local level.  Tribal behaviour cannot be tolerated, legitimate whistle blowing should not be a career limiting move and importantly woman should have real equal opportunitynot simply the rherotic. Until then, regrettably, within the conservative heartlands, woman councillors like myself will continue to suffer in silence without support from the  "male, pale and stale brigade." You may be assured I will not promoting politics to my 11 year old daughter. NHS 30 July 2012 Dear Prime Minister
You are quoted as saying 'We all revere the NHS'  ( re : Olympic Ceremony) .How come your    Chancellor . is hell bent on draconian  cuts to the service ( alongside all the other unprecedented cuts to other essential public services that are  in the pipeline )
It surely is time to  get rid of Osborne ,before he brings this country to it's knees. Even the IMF, city businesses etc are asking for a change of course before its too late. We need investment NOW so that people have jobs and spending power .which will let businesses thrive.  
Invest in an affordable home building programme now .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy W
A pensioner
30 july 2012
Dear Mr. Cameron,
I have taken note of your comments re a certain Conservative M.P’s comments on Blair’s Circus..
YOU are hopelessly wrong!
He was quite correct.
The whole of the opening ceremony, with the exception of the final lighting of the Olympic cauldron, was an utter shambles.
The vast majority of the foreign public have stated-“what on earth was it all about?” I’m sure that the majority of young British persons would certainly not have  had a clue as to  what it was all about either. Sport? No way. Let’s face it in most schools British history is no longer taught.
Read the U.S.A., Indian & Australian papers etc.
They all, without fail considered the opening ceremony an utter farce and asked “what was it all about”. 
The answer of course, was the way to spend £27,000,000 of public funds (just on the opening ceremony). We could have repaired some of our schools which are falling apart!
Read the innumerable comment on all the various sites. All, without any doubts report their feelings on a too long Blair Show!
For goodness sake leave that man well alone if you wish to remain in power. He is poison……
I felt so very sorry for Her Majesty.
There she was at 86, having entertained foreign dignitaries all day; then quite correctly coming to open, no doubt what she hoped would be a ceremony to fill the British chest with pride.
She didn’t smile once during the long & boring ceremony.
I don’t blame her at all.
Were the organisers, (were there any?) attempting to poke unpleasant fun at the monarchy?? It certainly seemed that way.
Cost of the whole Olympic (Blair) Games… How many billions will it cost?
Please give the nation an HONEST answer.
How on earth is Britain able to afford that amount in the middle of a recession ?
Who is going to pay for the shambles Mr. Cameron?
Why, of course, Joe Public…
Why was the commentary initially in French?
As a sop to our illicit E.U. friends???
I am sure that the French must have been laughing their socks off.. 
We, the British people want nothing whatsoever to do with that political, self gratification, money grabbing organisation.
I note that belonging to the E.U. costs the average British family £750 per annum!   Yes, Mr. Cameron EACH family.
Please ensure that we leave the E.U. a.s.a.p.
Two countries in Europe continue to make satisfactory progress- neither are within the E.U. !!!!!
Yours hopefully,
Robert C P.
Small Business 29 JULY 2012 Dear Mr Cameron, I  am writing to you with the hope that you can give me maybe some hope or inspiration as at this moment in my life I feel extremely despondent and disappointed. I endeavour to start at the beginning in the hope that you will take the time to read the whole letter. My name is Judy Perry I am a single parent of three mixed race girls. When my youngest daughter started school I had been on income support for 5 years. I approached the benefits office in Gloucester where i was advised not to go back into work due to the lack of financial benefit it would provide, leaving me in fact worse off. In ignorance of this advice I began working part-time, feeling a lot better in myself for becoming part of the work force again. Although working and looking after three girls full time with absoloutely no support from their father financially or emotionally I was fortunate enough to be put in the position where i was able to purchase my council house after 3 years. I became more at ease with life after being classed as homeless for eighteen months, and moving twenty times in total. My house being a prefabricated three bedroom house was although considered in todays climate somewhat inexpensive to buy was extremely difficult to come by and again a gamble as to whether it would then be possible to sell. At ten my youngest daughter was starting seniors school due to previously being put up a year, and my eldest was fifteen and able to look after her meaning i was able to work longer hours full time.  Looking to further the potential of not only myself but the business i worked for, i made an offer to the owner of the salon with the intention of moulding it to the best it could be. In her acceptance I took out money against my mortgage to raise enough funds to buy the salon, employing just one stylist and one apprentice. With a great deal of hard work and dedication I made the salon far more successful than i could have imagined eventually taking on another 2 stylists. Everything appeared to be running smoothly with the business looking healthy and growing accordingly. However, when i hit the VAT threshold only venturing over it by no more than a thousand pounds, the state of my business rapidly decreased. In light of this i felt it extremely unfair that small businesses like myself must pay tax on their whole earnings if they go over the VAT threshold by only a very small amount. Despondently I continued running my business although against the odds financial i knew that i was providing a good service to regular customers and employing a small amount of staff. Last year i was approached by a local businessman developing a new housing estate asking me if i would be interested in opening another salon.  I jumped at the chance and unfortunately had to take a bank loan to hopefully fund my new venture making sure i could get the money in time i received my loan in june of last year. Due to building difficulties the building wasnt ready until october /november so the loan of 500 pounds a month was still having to be paid! I signed for the new salon in october and began paying rent however electricity couldnt be installed until the 29th dec !! Leaving my loan disappearing rapidly before any work could start on the new salon which had to be from scratch as it was just a shell. We eventually opened on the 28th february I now employ 9 staff three of which were on jobseekers allowance Financially I am up to my limit with a loan I cannot get a bigger overdraft I  had to borrow money off a friend so that i could pay the first months wages! I have now been trading and have finished my fifth month unfortunately my self assessment and VAT were due this month after continually paying outstanding bills for the new premises and just managing to keep my head above water I was broken into and approx £3800 worth of stock was stolen and a considerable amount of damage done to the property! I am now unable to take a wage this month as there is no money in the business at all as i have just payed £11000 in tax and VAT. With staff wages due to be paid tomorrow I am feeling very low and depressed about mine, my staff and my salons future.  My youngest daughter has just finished her first year at birmingham city university studying law passing a year younger than all her peers  My middle daughter is a line manager with santander in gloucester  My eldest daughter has just become a qualified beauty therapist and is hoping to take a position within my salon as you can imagine i am worried that her future is in doubt . Please could you give me some hope and some sort of understanding as to what i am supposed to do i do not wish to lose my house as i have worked so very hard to be a good member of society however after voting for yourself in the last election i feel that living and working hard in this country is similar to fighting a losing battle. I would hope that you could give me some inspiration  I am already on the flat rate for VAT but with the two salons together am clearly over the bracket. It would have been far more helpful if i could have traded maybe for 1 year at least before paying out so much tax! I realise your time is valued and my letter may come across as longwinded, however, i felt it important you have some insight into my background, and therefore understand my position and the disadvantages it presents. Although without wishing to sound like several members of our society who quickly condemn our system, i must ask you where is the incentive for people like myself? Sincerely, Judy P Olympics 28 July 2012
The number of empty seats ( not all in premium locations) at the swimming & tennis and other events has forced me to write & complain why am I forced to stay at home and watch the games on TV ( I might as well be in China ), when I have been trying daily/hourly for the past few weeks without any success to purchase a range of tickets.I am fully aware some events have shown availability but every time I attempted to purchase the Ticketmaster system responded  none available particularly the athletics, so I hope next week all the seats will be taken and not given away to people in London.
As I live in the far South West the additional costs to attend the events in London will be high. however, as a taxpayer for over 45 years and never out of work  and now retired I was looking forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity.However, it seems corporate hospitality and big business once again ignore their responsibilities.
You need investigate this as a matter of some urgency as spending £9.5 billion to have partially empty stadiums is not acceptable.
John S
Gay Marriage 26 July 2012
Dear Mr Cameron
It is with sadness I read in the news that you are determined to endorse the gay community scene and introduce gay marriage by 2015.
Whilst you have three years to work on this proposal I would like to draw to your attention that Great Britain was (once) a Christian country with Christian standards, now watered down to accommodate the Islamic community in the country.
The human rights agenda focuses on the right of the individual and gay scene another nail in the coffin for Britain.     I am sure that you know that there are two cities buried at the south of the Dead Sea due to their sexual activity; remember Lot's wife?   
I have to ask you whether you are certain that you are prepared to face God (as we all are) at sometime in future and explain why you have supported something that is contrary to his laws and standards.    Is this a risk that you are prepared to chance?
If the gay community are to have their standards formally accepted as part of UK life, why can the Christian community not have a televised church service on BBC1 & ITV each Sunday morning.
Surely this is a further example of the double standards within all areas of government life.   Duck ponds for MPs at tax payer expense was another.
God will have the final word on the matter.
Yours sincerely P.E
Bank Lending 25 July 2012
Dear David,
    I note the latest news that the economy has shrunk again for the third quarter running and I’m afraid it’s down to the banks again. With a Bank of England base rate of 0.5%, I recently applied to my bank (Halifax Plc) for a personal loan to have my house rewired. The amount requested was £4,000 over 36 months which worked out at an extortionate 24.9% APR but I was immediately offered £16,500 over 60 months at 18.2% APR over the internet based on my income. How can the Government expect growth in the economy when a record low Bank of England base rate and the quantitative easing of billions of pounds to the banks to lend results in such a high APR?
    When I can only afford to borrow £4,000, why are the Halifax offering me £16,500? Isn’t this where it all started to go wrong years ago? I’m refusing to borrow at such a high interest rate and have put back this essential work on my house until sanity returns. The electrical contractors tendering for the work will have to find another source of income.
    The work of the Bank of England and the Government are not being passed on to the public. It’s said that the cost of bailing out the banks was the equivalent of giving 60,000 to every taxpayer. It would have been better for the Bank of England to have given those billions of pounds straight to the taxpayer and allow them to recapitalise and rescue the banks by paying off their mortgages and bad debts, using what’s left over to spend and grow the economy.
George E
Job Seekers Direct 17 july 2012 Dear David,  I am sending you this email to advise you that the system as currently set up for ‘’out of work’’ individuals to telephone into ‘’Job Seekers Direct’’ is an expensive 0845—number, consideration should be urgently given to make calls by job seekers are free whether by landline or mobile phones. When a job seeker goes onto the ‘’Job Seekers Direct’’ website, chooses a job to apply for, the individual has to phone in and obtain details to apply for the job on offer, this is not fair, people looking for jobs spend up to an hour waiting for a reply and listening to soppy music which is enough to brainwash the individual. Individuals just give up if they are spending their benefits and savings on expensive calls to   ‘’Job Seekers Direct’’. We are ALL aware that 0845—numbers are expensive and people without a job do not have unlimited cash to spend on telephone calls. Can you URGENTLY review this situation as ‘’Tax Credits’’ telephone calls are free to individuals that call in on a 0345-- number. I am a lifetime Conservative voter and I am a supporter on what you are trying to do for our country since the total mess that the labour party have left the Nation in, I look to you to get something done on this small but important matter that out of work people are putting up with in trying to get a Job IN THE CURRENT JOB MARKET TURMOIL! I remain a staunch Conservative supporter. Military Covenant 15 July 2012 I served for 12 years and the so called covenant hasn't got any better since then. You're loosing the support of the basic squaddie despite what the senior brass say. This image is all over military Facebook pages. Cpl (retired) Andrew M Ex Royal Signals. Spec-Op 7 july 2012 It comes as a surprise that you government is petting rid of 20,000 trained soldiers and replacing them with half trained civilians, would you like a part time civil servant looking after you affairs, while your willing to put them in life threatening positions, the regulars know that a soldier who has trained with him for months and years can watch his back, with your new plans he has to watch a civilian unsure of his abilities. You would not. Try it. Part timers are ok but not until they have reached the competence of the professional.  In a world that has so many unstable governments, countries that are multi-Tribal not National  the lives of our soldiers when future government puts them in for our national interest will be on your conscience for ever. peter d  ex ! Staffords Benefit Claimants
20 june 2012
Hello Mr Cameron,
I understand your thinking about stopping benefit cheats but I believe you have created a far bigger hole for this country.
I have worked all my life and in 2009 was made redundant from a job I loved and worked at for more than 15 years. A week later I was diagnosed with cancer. Never claimed a benefit in my life up until now. You decided to cut benefits so whilst I was in recovery from gruelling surgery chemo and radio I had to look for a job. I took a temporary job in the hope that I could secure a permanent job. The job was hard going and it very nearly sent me under as I was not ready to go back to work but had no choice. Anyway the temporary contract ended in December 2011. I have been searching for a job every day, in fact it has become my job. Now because six months have passed I am no longer entitled to job seekers allowance and we have to live on my husbands wage. I have a 14 year old son. Three of us living on £14,000 is not much especially when we had to live on credit cards for nearly two years whilst I was ill. Consequently we have massive debt, a large mortgage, no benefits to claim. We are living hand to mouth and from charity from friends and family. We are STRUGGLING to survive. I am willing to work. I have taken courses to help me get a job. I consider myself a professional, I have a professional qualification apart from the usual A and O levels and now extra qualifications. I have lots and lots of experience but I cant get a job. Employers can cherry pick but even after an interview they do not have the decency to inform or reply. Why should I suffer like this the next step is cardboard city! However I know couples where none of them work and they have a better income than we do just with benefits. They know that if one of them gets a full time job they lose their benefits and become POOR like us.
The very people you are trying to 'smoke out' are benefitting from the system and the people who are genuine and want to work are penalised and have to live in poverty. Yes people on benefits have the life of riley, no worries and if they do have debt oh yes they can get it all wiped clean with an IVA. No the wonder this country is on its knees. Decent people like myself are becoming more and more likely to have to live on the streets whereas all your benefit cheats are celebrating because they know how to work the system.
I sold two black sacks of clothes for £3.18pence  so I could pay my bus fare to go on a course to help me get a job.
I am laying down the gauntlet to you and your politicians to get it right. Let me work for you. I would soon sort the system out. You have politicians, like yourself who have never suffered a day in your life writing new processes for benefits. They need to be written by the people for the people! I am a decent professional person looking for a job. I have had a bit of bad luck with redundancy and illness but I am forced into living below the breadline. Where is any of this right? How can this be helping the country? Its sinking the country further and further down.
Yes I can name names of people and friends of friends who live on benefits and pretend to look for work. Never worked a day in their lives!
I would love you to reply but I can't think of what you are going to say.

Marie W
12 June 2012 Gay Marriage An Open Letter to The Right Honourable David Cameron MP What are you doing? The ‘Church’ and ‘State’ must not Divorce. I am a traditional, young-at-heart seventy-two year old, who cannot quite believe what is happening in this once Great Britain. The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, the Catholic Church, and the likewise feeling millions are all correct in their assertions. You wish us all to believe that you value your weekly meeting with The Queen. I have every confidence that her counsel would be right and in agreement with the aforementioned. Marriage is quite simply one man and one woman, nothing else. It is not too late.- Changing your mind, or reneging on a commitment is not new to you - But You must Act Now. Yours sincerely Ian R Elliott 28/05/2012 Dear Cameron, It is good to hear that you are now ready to take the 'tough decisions'. I presume that these include all or most of the following: 1. Implement most if not all of the Beechcroft Report, as you and the Government are committed to helping business. Ignore minor objections from Messrs Clegg & Cable, particularly the latter. As Business Secretary, he wholly committed to reducing red tape and helping business. If he objects he can always resign. He would be happier with Labour. 2. Put House of Lords Reform, Gay Marriage and HS2 on the backburner until 2015. It would be irresponsible to spend valuable Parliamentary on them in these difficult times. 3. Commit no more money to saving the Euro and Greece. 4. Push hard for an orderly and swift withdrawal from the Euro by Greece. 5. Build the promised nuclear power stations. I am sure that other items in the 'lunatic fringe' category will disappear shortly, e.g. Free IVF for those with cancer and HIV, gay couples and women over 40. With your well-known support and interest in children, you could not possibly allow such anti-children measures. Lower entry requirements for children from poorer familes. If you make all or most of these tough decisions as you promised, you may have some chance of retaining peoples' trust and of surviving until 2015. I can only wish you Good Luck. Game Over if you fail to take the decisions. 05/05/2012 Dear Mr Cameron. I have been a life long conservative voter but I will not be any more. I have worked all my life on an average salary, never been on strike, have never claimed any benefits, have bought my own house, paid my taxes in full. I do not qualify for council tax rebates or any other consessions and have carefully saved money for my retirement, but  just when I am about to get my state pension and enjoy the fruits of my own efforts, you attack me and many other people, with a so called ' granny' tax. Is it no surprise that the coalition have done badly in the recent local elections when you attack the very people who made this country what it is today? To make matters worse, Labour will now probably take control of our local council, so it is highly likely that council tax will go up, after several years of no rises, which will be another slap in the face for council tax paying pensioners. You have betrayed us pensioners Mr Cameron, your only hope is that your millionaire friends will come to your rescue and give you a job when you lose office in 2015. You reap what you sow !! Yours unhappily James H Newcastle under Lyme Staffs 20/04/2012 Pensions Dear Mr Cameron, Firstly, I would like to say how let down I feel by you and your party. I am  a woman of 57 who was born 1st July 1954.  I have continuously worked from the age of 18 and have never claimed any benefits.  I have brought up 2 children aswell as working and have juggled the two together.  Now my children are grown up I now have the responsibilty of caring for my two elderly parents who are both disabled and living at home, this I now juggle with work. My husband is older than me and the one thing that kept me going was the thought that when I reached 60 I could retire with my husband and have a bit more time together to enjoy life. Unfortunately, because I voted conservative in the last election this is no longer the case and yes before you tell me it was being put forward by Labour, they were only increasing by 2  years and not the 6 years you have so kindly increased my pension age to.  Whilst I understand everyone has to contribute something to getting the country back on its feet, I feel very disappointed that you have hit people who have done the right thing and worked all their lives paying contributions to the state only to be told that the government are not keeping to their side of the bargain and paying me my state pension at 60 years old when it should be due.  Whilst on this subject, I have been told that you only need 30 years stamp to claim a pension, well on my calculation, I have paid 40 years stamp so far, so please tell me why I cannot retire at 60 . How fair do you think it is when someone who has not paid into the system and never worked can claim benefits.  Another thing is, if the people retired at the correct age then there would be more work for younger people getting them off benefits and help to pay for their pensions. This is the first time I have ever felt so strongly about an issue whereby I need to complain to you. I would also like to say that it was me who persuaded all my family to vote for you as I had always voted conservative as I felt they looked after those people that put themselves out and worked but........never again. I have totally lost faith in you and your party. Yours sincerely Barbara S Education 12/04/2012  I write as a parent of a 6 year old and a 3 year old and I am increasingly becoming concerned about the growing slant of education towards what makes life easier for the adults (be those teachers, parents, carers, etc). > As a working parent and a school Governor I wonder often when did school become about 'child care'? The fact we have to tick an Ofsted box that offers before and after school clubs surely blurs the boundaries between education and childcare? I am also growing concerned by the potential extension to the length of a school day and the shortening of school holidays. Who do all these initiatives benefit? Not the children surely? > > I understand it's right that parents are encouraged to work and given the flexibility to do so but the cost to childhood is too high already and growing. I feel my husband and I are becoming a rare breed of "family" that had children because we wanted to be parents in all senses, not just in name. My husband and I both work; we might not be flying up the career ladder but we compromise our careers to be parents to our children. We forgo many material items because being a parent is more important than a big house, new car, foreign holidays. I know on my death bed I won't be thinking I wish I'd spent more time at work, had a bigger house or a faster car and spent less time with my children to get those things! Instead my dying wish would be that we become a society (led by Government) that values being a "family" in every sense of the word.  What about the children? When did the value of childhood become so low it was acceptable to outsource it to someone else? Susie H Mother -  Investment Analyst - School Governor Public Spending 11/04/12 As a lifelong conservative voter , I am in favour of the measures being taken to cut unnecessary spending, and particularly to stop giving benefits to people who are not entitled to them. In the process of assessing these benefits I felt sure that all vulnerable people would be protected from the cuts. I have  a ‘learning disabled ‘ foster brother, who claimed no benefits until he reached his 50’s , as he worked ( paid tax and national insurance )and was supported by my parents until they died in 2003 and 2006. He is, now in need of support and benefits , as he cannot read or write and has medical conditions which make it difficult to work. He does however volunteer part time for a charity. Sadly, he has been let down twice in the last year by having his benefits stopped suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving him with no money for food and no explanation. He is under the care of Bexley Council and it seems that his local job centre decided to write to him ( a letter he has not received) telling him to attend a medical. When he did not turn up to the medical ( understandably when you consider that a) he had no letter and  b) even if he did he could not read it ) his benefits were stopped - with no explanation! Apparently, on his file at the job centre it is very clearly marked that he is a vulnerable person and there are various contact numbers which could have been used to alert him or his carers to the problem. I am appalled at the distress that all this has caused him . Please can I ask that someone look into this intolerable situation , as I suspect that he is not alone in struggling with these problems. Yours sincerely, Sara  H 08/04/12 Dear Mr Cameron NHS Reform I am fundamentally in favour of the majority of your reforms.  Nevertheless I thought I would share  with you my recent experiences because some of them were very positive and some poor. I must start by praising  my local district nurses and the value of their contribution to my health care.  The team from Yorkley Health Centre, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire came in daily for weeks dressing a wound that was infected after an open hysterectomy at Cheltenham Hospital.  Patient, kind, gentle, caring and considerate - wonderful women who reflect the true old fashioned standards of nursing care. Cheltenham hospital did seem cleaner than Gloucester Royal but it was not a pleasant experience as there were times when I had to share toilets with male patients and that was truly unpleasant  for a variety of reasons...smells, strangers, hygiene standards. In neither Gloucester, Cheltenham, nor Lydney cottage hospital did anyone clean up the toilet seats and floor after a person used the facilities.  They were not hygienic when I needed to go and use it.  It would have helped if there had been disinfectant spray and cleaning materials available actually in each toilet...surely not to much to ask. I also failed to see how it can be hygienic and healthy to have the practice of people leaving their paper bowls of poo and urine inside the toilet cubicles for the nurses to collect and test later.  This was what we were asked to do in Gloucester Royal and it was disgusting as the nurses never did get around to collecting the bowls and they stank.  Please note that there were also no fans to remove smells in any of the toilet facilities nor even sprays to remove smells.  That mean that those smells came out into the ward and was horrible for the people with the beds nearest to the toilets every time the door opened. £1200 has been the cost to me for repairing the damage done to my teeth as a result of the tubes being pushed in/out of my mouth for the hysterectomy.  If that was not bad enough I was asked to sign a paper releasing the NHS from responsibility for damage whilst I was on the trolly just outside of the operating theatre.  This felt like duress and really should never be repeated!  I was very pleased to be discharged from Cheltenham 42 hours after an open hysterectomy as I just wanted my own bed and surroundings.  However, once I got outside I realised that I was not really fit to be sent home.  I had to be loaded into our vehicle by my husband and a porter as I was doubled up in pain and with no working stomach muscles.  It was a real fiasco when on the 30 mile journey home I needed the toilet and was a sight almost crawling into a pub’s facilities.  Getting me back into the car was almost beyond my 76 yr old husband’s muscles! I am diabetic and thus very prone to infection.  I asked for antibiotics before I left Cheltenham Hospital but was told that I would not need them.  Well, they were wrong.  Four days later I awoke to find pink goo flooding out of my stomach!  I had no idea what was going on and thankfully the out of hours’ doctor sent in the district nurses.  They said they could manage the infection and got me antibiotics from the GP and after 5 weeks yes, I did heal.  I will always believe that this could have been avoided if anyone had paid attention to my request before I left the hospital.  To me this was the hospital shifting the budgetary implications onto the GP budget.  Too sceptical do you think? I have been ill one way or another for over 6 months and seen a variety of the GP’s at Yorkley Health Centre always with great service and support and care. I cannot fault the help I received from my GP’s and their admittance of me as an emergency when the blood tests showed I was in real trouble.  It turned out that after a bout of salmonella I managed to grow a very large diverticular abscess.  The Consultant, Mr Fowler, was wonderful and managed to use antibiotics to shrink the abscess and I went home after 4 days. Prior to hospital I had middle of the night home visits from two out of hours’ doctors.  The first was called to take a look at my leg that had swelled within hours of a different set of the initial antibiotic treatment tried by the GP’s.  He was a very arrogant young man who did not introduce himself and took one look at my leg and correctly diagnosed it as a drug reaction and told me to stop all medicines.  He then went on to say that my GP’s should not have put me on anything (even though I was in terrible pain) without having tested me first.  He was efficient but cold and when you are that ill it was not kind. A few days later the pain had become much worse so on the Sunday night another out of hours doctor came and he was kind and gentle which made such a difference.  He immediately put me on morphine and then when that had not helped the pain added in some ibuprophen which finally did the trick.  He also said that something was “cooking” and I needed urgent ultra sound to identify it.  He made this recommendation to my GP. My GP did make an urgent referral for ultra sound but told me that urgent could mean anything up to 2 weeks!  Luckily I got the opportunity after a few days because we could rush around and get me in on someone else’s cancelled appointment.  Now from what I gather I could have had that abscess burst in that time, if it had been allowed to continue, so my understanding that it could have become life threatening. During the ultrasound it was also found that I had polyps inside my womb and when these were removed by day surgery later it was found that they contained severely pre-cancerous cells.  Thus, the hysterectomy. My GP did follow up blood work and found my white blood cell count was of concern and had my husband drive me 20 miles up to Gloucester Royal Hospital to be admitted  as an emergency via A&E.  This worked quite well.  The only complaint I would make was that I was sweating through layers of clothes all over my body so that the chair in the waiting room of A&E was visibly wet with my sweat and I could not get anyone to clean it before the next people sat there.  Not very hygienic in my opinion and how often does that kind of thing happen? A&E soon found me a bed on a gastro surgical ward (5a) and I was put to bed late that night.  The next morning the Consultant Surgeon Mr Fowler came to see me and he was lovely.  He had me put on an intravenous drip using the sliding scale for my insulin and started antibiotics via a drip and had a catheter put in.  Catheters are a bigger deal than I had realised but there you go.  I could see that even though I had canellas in each hand and the catheter I was in the best place and glad to be taken care of.  My first complaint about being on the ward, however, was the first night.  My immune system is poor due to my diabetes at the best of times and there was a Health Care Assistant across the room from me coughing and sneezing over the patient there.  I told her she was not to come near me and she didn’t, but in my opinion she should never have been allowed near any patients with that kind of runny cold.  How can that improve any patient’s health?  I did contract a cold which I do put down to her and that added to my general misery unnecessarily in my opinion and could have been avoided. I was in a room with 5 other women and we all jollied each other along which was great.  Nevertheless I witnessed some disturbing scenarios:- a) one young woman had been there 2 ½ weeks with bowel trouble and it was after that time that a different consultant saw her and said that part of the trouble had been that whilst she was being treated to move her bowels she had also been given so much opiate that it was counteracting the enemas etc.  We all overheard each other’s conversations with the consultants as just pulling curtains around a bed does not provide privacy.  He turned out to be correct and she had suffered for days prior to that for no apparent reason except that no one had realised the impact of the drug combination.  Is that not worrying? b) there was a lady in her 70’s who kept having panic attacks and I repeatedly witnessed the nurses and health care assistants, deliberately putting the call button out of her reach.  Cruel?  A sign of the nurses being over-stretched?  She would lay there asking for someone to please help her and it was so distressing the rest of us took to using our call buttons and going out into the corridors to find nursing staff to comfort the old lady.  That was not what we, as patients, should have had to deal with, I would suggest. c) regularly all of us were subject to drugs not arriving on time.  Worrying when you are told by the doctors that you need x and the nurses do y.  They were constantly overstretched and understaffed and that includes the health care assistants.  I noticed that a lot of what would have been traditional nursing  care  is now carried out by less well qualified (if at all qualified) health care assistants and presumably this is a way of saving money.  d) some of the staff were extremely kind and caring and some were not.  Some of the nurses were snappy and one was actually nasty to another woman on my ward...reducing  the patient to tears.  Quite a shock and not what you need when you are ill.  I could see she was not handling the stress, but that really is not good enough care.  It made me feel vulnerable to witness this as when you are unable to get out of bed you are trapped with whatever the NHS provides. e) one night as I was getting a bit better I went out to the nurses’ station around 4am to get an extra blanket as it was so cold in the room.  Getting the blanket was no problem.  To my surprise I discovered that there was one nurse and one health care assistant to take care of 24 of us at that time of night.  Well, you might be thinking everyone would be asleep so no problem.  Not true.  There were old men going around on their Zimmer frames and one old man who was violent to staff and anyone who got near.  In my opinion, it is no wonder staff feel unable to cope when they are  put under such pressure. At all times it looked as if the front line staff were under-resourced. f) food was sometimes very good.  Generally the menus lacked nutrition for someone who is a vegetarian.  My first main mean was described as vegetable bake.  It actually was a very few greens and carrots in mashed potatoes and then deep fat fried.  This was served along with mashed potato.  No protein whatsoever!  I did ask to speak to a dietician or nutritionist whilst there but no one ever came.  My experience says that good nutrition is a factor in health so I think the ignorance shown in the menus was a concern. That is only one example of poor nutrition at a time when people need excellent nutrition in order to support recovery. g)  pushing a large mop around the centre of the ward floor is not my idea of cleaning let alone disinfecting!  One of the cleaners did dust the curtain rails but that just meant the dust fell down on the beds!  When I projectile vomited all over the curtains it was 2 days before they were changed –  how is that hygienic?  I hope that you will take on board my experiences and perhaps seek more information from other patients.  This was a real eye opener as I had never been in hospital before and I now dread ever having to be there again. Sincerely Susan Jane Gay Marriage 3/4/2012 Dear Mr Cameron, I am sick of seeing the clip on TV of you supporting gay marriage “because I am a Conservative”.  I, too, am a Conservative but I do not support the concept of gay marriage.  I am neither religious nor homophobic: there are gays amongst my family and friends. Civil Partnerships cater for gay relationships perfectly well and there is no need to further discriminate against the straight community.  You will, no doubt, be well aware of the c4m website which now has nearly 400,000 signatories, the vast majority of whom will be ordinary citizens like my wife and I (yes, wife, not spouse).  I am not aware of any comparable site with such massive support for gay marriage. If you wish to continue to show support for gay marriage may I suggest you do so in a personal capacity and not as a Conservative nor on behalf of the government.  It gives me no pleasure in telling you that I find you, George Osborne and this government desperately underwhelming.  If you try to ram this gay marriage proposal through Parliament you will lose my vote for the first time in my 75 years.  And I am not alone. Pensions 25/03/12 Sir We respectfully request your help and assistance to ensure the total abolitionof the budget 2012 measure which freezes tax threshold for pensioners. May we add that inflation is much higher for pensioners: - our CPI linkedState Pension increases merely highlight the annual fall in our standard ofliving  In the same way Gordon Brown was out of touch, the Chancellor’s problem is that his advisers are outof line with what pensioners think: - and only serve to tip over our simmeringanger into boiling rage. We hope you are able to positively support us. Thank you for your time. John and Joan 24/03/2012 Dear Mr Cameron I agree totally  with your stance and recent actions  to reduce alcohol abuse via a minimum price per unit, this action is long overdue.  However, I would suggest that a total ban on the sale of any alcohol in supermarkets would also reap great rewards to the same ends. On another matter, can I take this opportunity to complain bitterly about the freezing of age related tax allowance for pensioners.  I turned 65  in January of this year and, still feeling fit, I decided to continue working whilst still in receipt of my pension.  I was, however shocked to find that the earnings limit for pensioners was as low as £24,000 per year as opposed to £100.000 for those under the age of 65.  This seems to me like an extra tax on those of us who have saved for our retirement via private pensions and who are still able and want to keep on working; it strikes me as if I would have been as well off relying on state hand outs like so many others these days.  We must get away from the idea in this country, that those who have worked all their lives, paid taxes and contributed to society must, in retirement, be brought down to the lowest common denominator.  Those who have taken responsibility for themselves and their families all their lives should, in retirement, be able to reap the benefit of their hard work and thrift.  It certainly doesn't seems to be this way at the moment. Thank you for all of your hard work and demonstrating that coalition can work. God Bless You Derick S QUANTITIVE  EASING 22/03/20112 WHY  QUANTITIVE  EASING  ? The Bank of England has recently introduced another £ 75bn. into the economy through the mechanism known as Quantitive Easing. The Government hopes that the banks will use this money to boost the economy and to make loans to business. In reality, the banks use most of the money to buy shares on the stock market, it goes up and we hear how we are heading out of recession and forecasters make predictions about a promising future, especially for pensioners. The banks then take their profits and we hear how the millions wiped off share values affect jobs and pensions. It is the old story of the bankers playing their old games using taxpayer supported money to create their large bonuses. What business actually needs are loans and overdraft facilities, at a reasonable cost, supported by a Government guarantee scheme. This would allow banks to operate in a non-speculative way and make a reasonable profit from providing a service. Business would be able to grow and provide some of the much needed jobs. James Hancock ( North West member of the Great Ignored ) A Good Common Man. ( “When good men do nothing etc”  Edmund Burke ) 15/03/2012 Work Till You Drop I am getting more depressed each day I read thepapers and listen to news .I have worked like many other women from 15 andstill working at 57 I have been thinking just another 3 years to work,and then I can retire what a mistake it looks like another 9 years or will itbe when I drop. In the news today you read a person with agoraphobicgets the same benefits as I do working full time In my working years I have taken 12 weeks maternityother than that I have never had any benefits. The Government should help the working class There are too many people taking from the pot and notputting anything in. I feel I will still be no better off than a person thathas never worked when if I do retire, but I am proud to say I have worked forwhat I have got. L R Wakefield Adoption 10/3/12 Dear Mr Cameron, I am writing to you due to the media reports that you want to speed up the adoption process in the UK as mother who was coerced into surrendering. My story is that I was a 19 year who worked for the civil service when I fell pregnant. I wanted to raise my son so I quiet long enough not to be pressured into having an abortion by my parents. My reasoning behind this was that they had pressured my sister into aborting her baby when she was 15 years. Adoption never crossed my mind. However when my parents found out I was pregnant they arranged everything as it was too late for me to have an abortion. The tactics used by my parents included: -I was told that I would be an unfit to be a mother. -I was told that I would be inadequate as a mother. -I was told that keeping my baby would be selfish. -I was told that I couldn’t give my son what the adopters could give him. -It was stressed to me that my baby “needed a two-parent family.” -It was stressed to me that the needs of my baby came before my own needs and that I could not fulfill my baby’s needs. -I were told that if I did not surrender my baby, that my baby would be taken by social services because I would be sacked because I chose to keep my baby and I would be kicked out (by my parents) so he would be removed from me because I was homeless. -I was told that adoption was the unselfish option because I was “thinking about what was best for my baby.” -That my son would be better off without me. The adoption agency’s tactics included: -I was told to think only of the joy that “I would give to a couple who could not have children of their own.” -I was told that if I changed your mind, you would be disappointing a couple who deserved a baby. -I was told that I should not keep my baby as I would be letting down the adopters down. -I was told that I couldn’t stop the adoption when my baby was about 6 weeks old. My son was born on the 3rd August and his adoption was finalized late January 1982. He went straight to the hospital nursery. The first time I asked to see him I was taken to him and was allowed to hold him. After that I was told I was “too ill to see him”. I received on letter from his adopters but post reunion I found out they had written three. I believedwhat I was told at the time that if I kept my son I would lose my job so I wouldn’t be able to claim any benefits as I would be choosing my son over my job. I was also told by my parents they would make sure I would be homeless and make sure I didn’t get alternative accommodation. They received three letters which they believed were from me but I never wrote them any letters. Post reunion I found out that I couldn’t consent to surrender my son until he was 6 weeks old. I wasn’t told my rights, I didn’t see any paperwork until I requested to see it post reunion and it is questionable I signed anything although I don’t believe I did. I was expected to get on with my life, forget about my son, I would never be allowed to search and he would be too happy with his adopters to search for me. My son did start searching for me when he was 18 and found my family. They lied for years telling him they didn’t know where I was. I found my son when he was 23 so it blew apart all the lies behind him being adopted. My son was in foster care for about 5/6 weeks before he went to his adopters. The adoption agency told me it was better that I didn’t know where he was in case I agreed to the adoption. I didn’t know when the adoption was finalized. I do believe my signature was forged on the Consent to Relinquish form.I have since tried to see the form but nobody has told me where it is even though I was told I could see it. I have even been told it has been lost after I was told I could see the form. I wasn’t counseled before my son was adopted nor did I know of the lifelong implications, risks, and emotional consequences of surrender. Nor did I know what options that would enable you to keep your baby (i.e. financial assistance, temporary foster care, or filing through court for child support from your baby’s father). Nobody explained my legal rights or that I would have to sign a Consent to Relinquish form.I was pressured to decide on adoption while still pregnant although I refused to agree to adoption of my son. I wasn’t given a chance to prove I could care for my son. In reality my rights as a mother included: ·I had the right to see my baby after he was born. ·I had the right to hold, nurse, and care for my baby. ·I had the right to know what my legal rights were and to know about the Consent to Relinquish form. ·I had the right to care for my baby without feeling pressured to decide about adoption within ANY certain time period. ·I had the right to adequate financial support which would have enabled you to keep and raise your baby if I had lost my job. What happened to me was common place for young, unwed mothers post WWII through to the 1970’s. Mothers started more support from family members from the 1970’s and they knew what their rights were to get benefits.However coerced adoptions didn’t drop dramatically until the 1980’s. In 2005 Mr Blair made it public knowledge that he wanted to see a rise in adoptions which I understood to be from foster care. Many people believed this was a good way to get children who needed a family out of foster care. The reality has been an increase of babies and young children being removed from their parents as they are easier to adopt than older children. One abused child is one too many and one child dying of abuse is one too many. However there has been an increase of forced adoptions for reasons including the mother is considered by social workers as too stupid despite having family support, the mother has been in foster care, depression/post natal depression so may be a danger to her child and false allegation (which have been proven to be false but adoption still goes ahead. I do believe that adoption practices from the 1940’s to the present day should be investigated. I also believe that mothers who have been coerced into surrendering should have a public apology. Regards Pip H 06/02/2012 Dear Mr. Cameron, My wife of nearly forty years, my best friend of fifty three years and business partner, cannot sleep and is permanently downcast and tearful, due directly to bankers irresponsible behavoir. In particular the Bank of Scotland and Platform plc.  Their unsympathetic, uncaring attitude with their "financial cleansing", intimidation, harassment and victimization.  It has to stop now before Guy Fawkes and Oliver Cromwell again become householod names.  We and thousands of others need help before it is too late and in particular us, as by the 10th February we will be picked clean! Derek Hamilton C 28/01/12 Mr. Cameron Is  this another Liam Fox situation, let the censure build and then persuade this very fat and greedy cat to give back the money he's taken from every clerk and 'retail assistant' who pays tax.  And tory pundits warbling away about having to reward the money moguls or they forsake us, like avaricious off spring, doesn't hack it. Where they should go is back to school I'd say to learn basic economics, or in the case of the RBS bloke possibly prison.Give their jobs to smart unemployed middle managers who'd do it for a fraction of the price, they couldn't do a worse job.             20/01/2012 Dear Mr. Cameron, I am writing to you on behalf of myself and my wife in TOTAL DISPAIR about the way HMRC is wasting time and money on one of the most basic things which is our PAYE coding notices.  As higher rate tax payers, we are obliged to complete a self assessment tax return each year, which we duly do at our expense through our accountant.  This is done in good time and as we are both employed by a company, the return is a very straightforward affair. You can imagine our frustration when we receive our new coding notices following our tax return to see that they are always without exception incorrect.  Our accountant, again at our expense, then calls and writes to the Inland Revenue to educate them on how to complete a coding notice for us correctly (trust me, this is exactly how it works as the people working in HMRC do not understand what they are doing) and then request a new coding notice (at HMRC’s staff and postage costs) be sent to us.  Upon receipt of the new notice which has been corrected, we are happy to continue to pay our rightful share of tax and NI to help the country.  Within a couple of weeks, HMRC have then written to us again with yet another new coding notice for the following tax year which in no way reflects the previous coding notice that we have just spent time and money to correct.  Again, we have to go through the same laborious process highlighted above to get things corrected while at the same time spending our money with our accountant! Please be assured that this is not a “one off” experience with HMRC- as a middle aged man who has done self assessment tax returns for years, it happens every year without fail!!  If I am representative of the entire population (I do not know anyone for whom HMRC get their tax return and coding notice right first time), I am staggered by the cost of rectifying such basic mistakes which our country pays for every year. We are living in difficult times, but as Conservative supporter we know that you are doing the right thing to sort out our UK Plc finances for the long term benefit of everyone.  However, I have to urge all within Whitehall and the Government to address the inefficiencies and waste in the HMRC system.  As a private sector worker, such mistakes would not be tolerated at all as we would go bust if it were the case!! Furthermore, we work for a UK subsidiary of a Swiss company and regularly visit Switzerland on business.  Our Swiss colleagues react in total disbelief when we tell them of how our country is run and how things never work properly- perhaps some time spent with their civil service would open our Government’s eyes as to the standards which are achievable.   Can I please urge you to address these costly basic errors through the employment of people within HMRC who can train their subordinates to a level where they are efficient and take a pride and responsibility in their job, because at the moment, this is sadly lacking! I welcome your comments and feedback in due course- I am off to my accountants now to again sort out mine and wife’s my tax coding notice which means I am not doing the job I am paid for and therefore not generating wealth for our country!! Best regards, Dr. A 14/01/2012 Dear David In the last election, I voted for Conservatives as I believed you would manage the country’s finances in a fair way. I understand cuts have to be made but these should be fair. There are four in our family and there is only one wage coming in. The harder I work and the more I try to progress within my job, the more I am losing out, due to loss of tax credits, child benefits and also I may be taxed at the higher rate. Other parents, with two wages coming into the house, have a luxury lifestyle on potentially £75,000 or more. They don’t have to pay higher tax. My wife is disabled and wants to work but can’t. If you are going to make disabled payments means tested, we will penalised even further by having more benefits taken off us. This affects other people too. This is very unfair on the disabled person and their partner, as their partner has to earn a living and look after the disabled person too. These families are trying to struggle through on one wage. The partners wage shouldn’t even come in to a disabled person’s benefits. It is now getting to the stage, where people like me would be better off taking a very low paid job with no responsibilities and claiming all the benefits. But I don’t want to do this. I would like to have a good career and try and pay the bills; and my wife, as a part time voluntary worker, would like to try and do her bit where she can. Also, as we struggle to pay our bills, wages remain the same or at similar levels; whereas wealthy business owners put their prices up 10 % several times per year. I am highly trained and well qualified and I struggle to pay my bills; yet business owners charge whatever they want and use the system to pay as little tax as possible. For many small business owners, their income looks low on paper and they are then entitled to benefits. Wouldn’t it be better to change the current unfair system to a system that taxes households with a joint income of more the £70,000 or more, instead of taxing and penalising a family with one income, who are struggling to pay their bills and getting deeper into debt? Also businesses should pay more tax and make less profit. Taking account current difficulties, some of the profits that  businesses make are totally unreasonable. I look forward to your reply with anticipation and hope that you will change the current system to a fairer one for all. Thank you. Yours sincerely Gregg H 13/01/2012 Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to urge your administration to reconsider its policy with respect to the planned cuts in child benefit.  We are a classic example of a middle income family that will be unfairly impacted by the policy of considering only individual incomes instead of total household income.  Whilst I earn £46000 per annum, my partner has been unemployed for the last 17 months.  Therefore, we stand to have our child benefit cut, in contrast to families with nearly double our household income where the earnings are evenly distributed among two earners.  This amounts to an extremely unfair, regressive tax policy.  We do not accept the excuse that it would be too complicated to consider joint household incomes when calculating tax benefits - this approach is utilised routinely in the United States, so it should be achievable in the United Kingdom. We do not believe in living off state benefits, therefore my partner has not applied for the job seekers allowance and we have coped since 2010 by carefully managing our family's monthly budget.  However, the combination of rising cost of living and my frozen public sector salary has meant that the few hundred pounds in disposable income we have each month is diminishing with time. Therefore, losing the child benefit would be a tremendous blow to our family finances.  We recognise that the government has to make difficult decisions during these challenging economic times, but please Mr. Cameron ensure that the cuts are fair.  Kind regards, 10/01/12 We had that 30 years ago with intercity 125 and how prominent are they now. The network is clogged because it's not run efficiently. How many trains never have enough carriages and people and kids are standing (a matter for health & safety). Where are the studies and protocol of preventing overcrowding  surely they have stats on passenger usage to help match it with adequate carrAiges. Thankfully The trains are better now. What's the point of carving up the landscape to save half hour of a trip. If you need to get there quick, fly or drive.  How many people will this actually benefit? Minimal. Yet we will all be forced to see our money go where we don't want it and see other essential services suffer at the expense. The reason France have it is because it's a massive country compared to ours and land is less of an issue. This is another whimsical legacy making, damp Squibb. Trains should be privatised totally. Look at the fiasco that happened with the new rolling stock left dormant in the southern counties that was a labour half subsidised half private. The gov is always picking up the pieces. That's why these companies love to share the project as they walk away when it all goes wrong and we end up paying again for mistakes. People need to make the most of what we've got. Where's the carbon foot now. If you work in London move nearer! We can't commit to this when we've got issues of priority to fix! We need to build houses quickly. We should not be having this desperation of homelessness in our culture still. I see this everyday in my job. We need to look after the UK..!! before we go from one fantastical project to the next....!!! Regards HS2 08/01/2012 Dear Mr. Cameron I'm sure the decision has already been made, but this is a last ditch attempt. I'm begging you not to approve the HS2. It will have a devastating effect on my life! I live in Great Missenden, and work all over South Bucks. Every road/route I take will be affected by the building/destruction. To get to Chesham from Missenden will be a nightmare, we will have to go to Amersham and then down through Chesham Bois, this road is already chokka in the rush hour. The A413 runs through from Amersham, both Missendens and through Wendover and on to Aylesbury, I work in all those places as an Art tutor for Adult Learning, and the disruption just doesn't bare thinking of. We are such a small county, surly we don't need to carve a channel right through the middle of us? You know how nice it is round here, you must drive past our house when you go to Checkers. It wont be so nice when the roads are clogged up with huge lorries taking soil away night and day, when trains whizz past all the time, God knows what the noise will be, no-one seems to be able to tell me how loud it will be here, the 'pro' lot say 'oh, you'll hardly hear it at all, whereas the 'anti' camp  say it will be deafening, somewhere in the middle seems likely...Is it that your Government has made promises to Europe and will loose face if you don't go ahead with it? As I've heard the trains are being made in Germany. I've even heard that the Chinese have money in it too? Or is it that too many people are set to make vast sums of money out of it, and hang the consequences? Video conferencing is getting more common, the need to actually be at a meeting in person in declining. Surly we need to be encouraging folk not to go whizzing about, carbon footprints and all that...The thought of all those ancient woodlands being destroyed just about breaks my heart. If it goes through, we will have to m BLove away, leave the country, it will just be too upsetting to stay and watch everything being spoiled. Please Mr. Cameron, I voted for you in the election, please don't do this. Yours BL Pensions 7/01/2012 Hello Mr Cameron I would like to comment on the current unrest in the pensions sector. Your predecessors (Gordon Brown) carved up the final salary pensions by extracting excessive taxes which then precipitated the demise of the final salary pensions. The current unrest caused by your government's policy on reducing the public sector pensions to the point that their union is calling strikes with the subsequent dissatisfaction by their members. Basically the same policy - squeeze the workers who keep you and your members on salaries 2-3 times the national average. In industry this level of salary would pretty much go straight in the bank while you live on your expenses - with the recent incidents in fraudulent claims by certain MP's it seems that there may be the same policy here in government! Whilst not accusing anyone, it does seem that there is a parallel here. Please don't misunderstand me here. I realise that the pensions crisis initiated by the demographic changes and lack of planning by past chancellors - you seem unfortunately to have had to pick up the poison chalice and had to make hard decisions to rectify funding for the pensioners of the future. There seems to be a thread throughout the various parties when they come to power - this policy seem to be "lets squeeze the lowest paid workers" so that they will be living in poverty in their old age. If they do have property worth any serious level, the inheritance tax kicks in and takes 40% above £325k when they die - lets face it, that level is nothing in this current economic climate. The higher paid workers in the public sector do have exceptional benefits in terms of pensions, certainly I would have like to retire on an index linked non contributory pension of 2/3 of my final salary! My position in this, is that in all my working life I have paid in to a company pension since the age of 21 - I'm now 64 and facing retirement with a pension totalling around £400 per month. Not a figure I can expect to be able to live on in the future. In this respect I feel as though subsequent governments have seriously let me down. We are all recommended to carry out financial planning throughout our working lives. When you struggle to make ends meet earning around the national average salary and bringing up a family, this is sometimes very difficult - more so that the banks have pulled the rug from under our feet in recent years. Best regards Dr Mike G 11/12/11 Dear Mr Cameron, I suspect that I am one of millions, and, in truth, probably everyone in the country who is not sure what the future holds now that we seem to stand alone in Europe.11/12/11 I do applaud you for standing firm. Perhaps part of the problem has been that we have ceased to be masters of our own destiny with the ever increasing interference of European laws. My fear is that ever greater European integration will be of long term harm to our economy. We are an offshore island; logistically we are at a disadvantage. If, through economic/fiscal union we become like any other European state in terms of tax,employment/health & safety law etc then why would multi national companies opt to put their facilities in the UK. See the way Mr Sarkozy lauded Google setting up their Paris office. He would love to get his hands on other multi national businesses especially if they were to switch from London to Paris. When we ‘stood alone’ at the start of WW11 it soon became ‘our finest hour’ History has given us a perhaps much under used prize in The Commonwealth and I do wonder whether you should call a meeting of Commonwealth Heads [ at least for you to consult with the heads of Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand] to explain to them the current position. Is increasing our trade links with the Commonwealth a viable plan ….is this the moment to embrace the trading opportunities with the ‘new world’ rather than our over blown European neighbours? History has also ensured that English is the international business language. This has given us an advantage in trade but that is being eroded as it is noticeable that EU business managers are becoming fluent English speakers. Such a discussion with Commonwealth leaders must happen now before anything further materialises about our future in the EU. By embracing them at this time means they are part of the process. We could never seriously turn to them after the event if they had not been consulted. France, nor Germany nor any of the other EU countries have a Commonwealth and I for one say ‘thank goodness’. We have this prize and with the Queen having her Diamond Jubilee next year, perfect timing. Start the fight, reduce the Corporation Tax rate for all UK based companies down to a rate that keeps them hereand attracts them here as the jobs & PAYE/NIC/VAT that that will generate will far outweigh the drop in Corporation Tax take. I think it was disgraceful the way that you were treated by the rest of the EU leaders. I felt very sorry for you at the way Mr Sarkozy ignored your hand of friendship and you were left to sit on your own. Who do they think they are! With best wishes, Ralph G Time to let the nation have the facts. A broadcast to the nation spelling out what is at stake, include the advantages of staying in Europe, what it really costs us and what benefits we get, what our alternatives would be. Dear David, I just wanted to write and give you my whole hearted support on your decision to veto a treaty which could in the future have taken considerable powers away from us and limit our ability to determine our own future. During the 1990’s I spent many long ours trying to negotiate with some of our continental ‘friends’ to set up working partnerships on significant joint projects and found them extremely intransigent on occasions. I learnt the hard way that if you give an inch they quickly take a mile and there comes a point when you simply have to say ‘no’ and mean it. I know from my own experiences that you faced a very difficult task and came through it very well indeed. I have always believed in a common market but largely limited to free trade only, most definitely not a federal Europe. Kind regards and congratulations on a job well done. 29/11/2011 Dear David Cameron I fully support the striking public sector workers today. These are the workforce who carry out work for the public good and whose earnings are low compared to the private sector, yet you are slicing away at their standard of living, making permanent alterations to their pay and conditions to fix a short term problem that they did not create, indeed were never in a position to be able to create. Why is this sector being made to pay financial penalties for the current financial crisis, and not the one that brought it about? Where are the taxes on the financial sector that would avoid hard working, lower income families being brought down? Yesterday you talked about public sector workers as though they are not also tax payers. Is it your belief that those who work hard for the benefit of everyone else are parasitic when it comes to pay and pensions? These people are the backbone of society on which everyone else relies and they deserve respect. Yours sincerely Clare J 27/11/2011 Dear Mr Cameron, After reading many newspaper articles and listening to various radio phone ins I felt that it was only appropriate that I was to share with you my idea with regards to the protection of our shores. The on-going threat from acts of terrorism and the continued ill feeling towards immigration within our country is growing and I liken it to that of a pressure cooker waiting to explode. During these times of austerity and great need for the treasury to make savings where it can is totally understandable especially after the previous governments wilful neglect of the country’s finances. One part of the austerity package is the cut to our armed forces, this is regrettable to say the least because I feel our armed service personnel are amongst the best in the world and we will be a poorer nation without them. Now this is where my idea comes into effect, we cut the numbers of our military on the frontline in line with the cut backs but not in a way of leaving them on the scrap heap. We launch a brand new UK Border Agency where these service personnel protect our shores from the real threat of terrorism, the threat of mass illegal immigration and asylum seeking and the trafficking of people and drugs. This will send out a clear and distinct message across the world that we are no longer to be seen as a soft touch and that we now have our fingers on the pulse and do what is necessary to protect our shores and its civilians. The use of the military service personnel is where I feel that this idea is attractive and that is that if we as a nation were ever in the need to protect itself we would then have the necessary personnel within the border agency that could step up to the mark, this making them the highest possible trained personnel at our borders and in turn making them our first line of defence, our national guard. The feel good factor this would create within our country would be in my opinion astronomical. We would become the country once more that we yearn for; strong, powerful and leading the way. Let’s crackdown on illegal immigration and bogus asylum seeking, put an end to people and drug trafficking. This is what the nation’s people want and we can do it if we really want to. Instead of being soft Britain we can once again become Great Britain, The emphasis being on great, we are leaders not followers. Jason O’Brien. 26/11/2011 Dear Mr Cameron I am a supporter of the Tory Party and have been most of my life. My father was a keen and loyal supporter before me and a party member despite a very poor and deprived upbringing in Wales. He learnt that sitting on ones hands waiting for the State to act was not the way to progress. The reason I am writing is my total frustration with the excessive high pay and bonuses of senior executives and bankers. Something has to be done by government but it must not entail government interference in the setting of pay levels. Having listened to various luminaries wringing their hands on the subject I have a few suggestions which might help. If you do not consider these of merit then just ignore this letter and do not feel the need to reply. I realise just how busy those governing the country must be and I would not want your time wasted. The essence of my proposal is that government must act to ensure proper transparency to senior level remuneration to ensure that cosy remuneration committees cannot get away with defrauding share holders (that is what is happening at the moment in many cases) without the act being visible to all. I propose that all bonuses and pay rises above agreed cut-off levels should be evaluated by an independent body of experts (like the IFS is one for government finance). This body should review bonus schemes when they are proposed and then the resulting payouts. They should also review senior pay rises. They should be reporting on issues such as value for money, fairness to shareholders, are the challenges set reasonable, is there undue risk involved to the company and do bonuses reflect real achievement and not just luck and such like. I am sure your experts would be able to produce a complete list of criteria. I suggest the reports should be open to all to read. Perhaps, on reflection there could be two parts, a confidential part provided only to the company (and government) and summary which would be issued to all, shareholders and the public alike. It will clearly be tricky setting up such an independent body but since it will be paid for by the companies then it will cost the government nothing! Perhaps several of the big accountancy firms could be persuaded to set it up and second some of their senior staff to the organisation to run it. The procedure would be optional but perhaps those salaries that go through this process would pay a lower income tax rate at the highest level (say 40%) whereas those that don’t use the scheme pay 60%! Thank you for reading my proposals Yours Sincerely John Williams Surrey 24/11/2011 To David Cameron, Hello my name is Vikki Johnson and I have been a psychiatric nurse for the last 12 Years and I am very proud of our health service. What really disappoints me is the lies you said before the election that front line services would not be affected. Frontline services are being cut, FACT and I know this because I have seen frontline services cut and whole teams disappear. Is it time to be honest about what is going on as people will respect you more because currently there is no respect for you or the government within the NHS. That leads me onto my pension. Currently I can retire at 60 but you want to increase that by 8 years!!! This is not acceptable, I cannot continue in my job until I am 68, I work in the community with very high risk mental health clients who have highly complex needs and feel it would be impossible to work till I am 68. I believe my own safety would be placed at risk, never mind the fact that I would end up physically and mentally unwell! I do not mind working a little longer and paying more into my pension to retire at 62-63. When I am 63 I will have completed 40 years service, have I not earn't the right to retire by then! I work well above my contracted hours and don't get paid any overtime! I do it because I love my job and I genuinely care for my clients. I feel currently you are taking advantage of nurses and you are not understanding the physical and mental strain the job can put on you. Mental health nurses used to have mental health officer status that meant they could retire earlier than general nurses as the extra/additional stress and strain of the job was acknowledged. Nothing has changed since then other than clients have become more complex and more dangerous. The strain, stress and physical demands that the job puts on firemen and police is recognised and they continue to retire earlier. Yes they pay more in their pensions but like I said I don't mind that, it's working till 68 thats the problem. I feel it's physically and emotionally impossible to work until then without putting yourself or clients at risk of significant harm. Can't see myself attempting to restrain a 6ft 4 psychotic male at 68!!! Not safe. Please do not send corporate response as I will find that offensive. Yours sincerely Vikki Johnson Senior dual diagnosis nurses 20/11/11 Dear David Cameron, Are you seriously on the same planet as the rest of us???? I was a single parent to 18yr old twin boys who are both studying, at University, who both have £12 a day to live on, thats not just for food that's for every study material needed as well, Daniel is studying at Stoke University who charge them 50p a copy to photocopy ,so it has become cheaper to buy him a printer for his room, why the rip off of prices it doesn't cost that in the high street. Neale is studying at wolverhampton who don't charge???? I am now married and living in a council house without my children as the ceiling is failing in on one of the bedrooms and Lichfield council seem to be in no rush to rectify this ,so I have to move out every Friday and go and live with relatives so I can spend time with my children....see us council inhabitants are not all scrounging neglectful parents you are always harping on about. In August I was contacted by the CSA and asked if I still wanted to chase payment from my boys father as up to now he has evaded every single payment demand going.....As you may have guessed i asked them to pursue it and then was told he owed me £20.000 and don't worry the CSA were not giving up on it......WELL I HATE TO SAY THE OBVIOUS BUT YOU CLEARLY HAVE FAILED MY CHILDREN FOR THE LAST 18YEARS AND DON'T EVEN BOTHER SAYING YOU WEREN'T IN GOVERNMENT THEN BECAUSE QUITE FRANKLY YOU ARE ALL AS BAD AS EACH OTHER!!!!! My husband has been out of work since April this year, last week we send 198 job applications off and this is probably nearer to the mark of what we send of every week. Boots, Marks and Spencers,Argos,B&M,Local pubs do not want workers my husband age as he is too old apparently at 40??The usual excuse is he's too old, over experience, one even told him he wasn't qualified in stacking shelves??? We are not all dodging work or work shy, we would just like a job, I have even tried to get a second job as I only work part time earning £157 a week but we are not entitled to anything because apparently according to you and your government I am earning too much???? How much exactly does your wife spend on the weekly shop probably not £42 as we are living on. do you not realise the mess this country is in and how demoralizing and depressing it is.....No wonder the unemployed are depressed as we are looked at as the lowest of the low....so well done what a fantastic job you are not doing. Further more why the hell do politicians get expenses...if we have to work away and hotel costs are incurred I have to pay that out of my own pocket, I PAY FOR MY BREAKFAST,LUNCH,DINNER AND SNACKS AND DO NOT EXPECT ANYBODY ELSE TOO,why don't you do like the Australians and stick them in the cheapest accommodation and group them altogether???? Sarahjane H 16 nov 2011 Sir, If I go into overdraft by 10p on my account which I have had with Lloyds for 60 years, I get a £20 fine and interest if not paid within a few days. If the banks were charged similar penalties on the billions that I and all my fellow taxpayers had to lend them, they would have to pay off their debts as a priority, as indeed we all do. Perhaps you would solve the bonus culture at a stroke. From a hitherto staunch Conservative voter, who is worrying that we pensioners are being trampled on - John G. 12 november 2011 Mr Cameron, Please do not attack Iran. It will do nothing for you, or your reputation, the British Government or the British people. It will create a new level of threat and hatred towards us. You will not win a war there and you will only create global anger at the British people who will be the ones who suffer. You will spend billions of pounds, hundreds of military personnel will die in the process and you will only be remembered as Tony Blair will which is not about the good things but about the unnecessary war he dished out. War will not solve your concern. Clever negotiation, your education and truce will. Do not make the UK the worlds number 2 bully. Please consider using your brains and negotiate your resolution rather than force your way with military muscle. I hope that my 3 month old son will not grow up in a world riddled with your war effort and spend his life dodging threats and attacks from the countries we have attacked. Don't throw the first stone. Thanks, Rob 11 nov 2011 Dear Prime Minister A thousand years ago the society of this country consisted of a monarch some nobles who had 99% of the wealth. Roll on a thousand years what do we have a monarch, nobles and now a bunch of greedy bankers and business bosses getting obscene amounts of money I use the word get because they certainly don’t earn it.So in a thousand years nothing has changed.I am an O.A.P. I left school at 14 years retired at 66 years never had more than 14 days a year off work and never took any benefits. I am surviving on a basic pension just. If the so called elite were paid a more realistic amount of money we wouldn’t be in the mess we are. To these people prices are of no consequence it makes no difference to them. Pay good money to get the best, that hasn’t worked.As a member of the poor I find decisions that affect me are made by the extremely rich and I don’t expect to get much sympathy from a prime minister who is surrounded by a gang of multimillionaires.My reason for this letter is that I support the protesters outside St Pauls and those in other towns and countries. I believe that there are many more thousand people like myself we may not be marching down the streets but we support them .I hope they can make a difference but I doubt it nothing has changed in a thousand years Yours sincerely G Adam 28 oct 2011 Dear Mr Cameron If last nights BBC Panorama has any accuracy, ... ..... ... to allow Moussa Koussa to go of out of the UK free gives the impression of a despicable omission showing no leadership, worse a total lack of moral sensibility ... it highlights a UK relationship to war and torture previously incomprehensible to the normal citizen and equates to cynical deeds of hated tyrants ... will the British Government step up to the moral plate ??? Probably not? ... if I remember correctly the only reason General Augusto Pinochet was detained in the UK only because of an international arrest warrant raised by other concerned parties outside of the UK government (i.e. from Spain) .... Regarding the Moussa Koussa episode, in moral and public relations terms you and William Hague are made to look as if you are with either with a bunch of dupes or have lowered to an unimagined level of either cynicism, degradation or cowardice. ... you can speak about the big picture but often the sacrifice of even one life or principle to tyrannical aspirations is one too many ... those who go along seem like fools ... as Donald Rumsfeld made his colleagues like Colin Powell find out ... As leaders of a western country the upholders of truth, right and 'democracy' ..... to claim the role of moral leadership of western society?? .... it's a joke ... I can't describe my revulsion ... no wonder Muslims revolt and we have riots and protests ... no leadership just words, words, words, "let me be perfectly (un)clear" ... isn't it time for to stand for something good, do you do that anymore ........???? Start reform with yourself!!! Stop blaming others. No wonder this country is in trouble .... no body believes leadership ... it has been destroyed by you and the others ... attacking the wrong people ... I am shocked ... it all points to what many call a "fractured consensus" nobody believes that leadership, particularly in government and media is worthy of any honour or trust ... full of power-mongering, lies and greed. Be a Gandhi, Christ or a Mandela thats presumably why you are a leader!!! To make a difference!!! It is sad ... desperate .... worse for our society than can be imagined ... forget the rioters of Wandsworth and the Bullingdon Club ..... this is 1,000 times worse ... give everything to war criminals, 'corrupt bankers', business leaders and politicians, bring a few easy small targets to trial as examples and meanwhile continue exploiting, taxing, raping the working people and the poor ... that's the current attitude ... ... I am sad that this note lacks respect but as I mentioned in my note to New York's Mayor Bloomberg most current leadership deserves the opposite. Colin M David...When you were in Opposition, and also before the last Election, you PROMISED...to have a Referendum regarding our membership to the EU. This position was clearly stated by you. I therefore voted for the Conservative Party at the last Election ....as did many people where I live [in North Wales]....assuming you would keep your stated position on having a Referendum on the EU. You are now forcing our Conservative Member of Parliament to voted against this Referendum.....plus stating you will not now hold a Referendum on the EU....this is a disgrace. Obviously also we had to vote for the Conservatives...to get Labour out, due to there total mismanagement of the economy. Anybody with a ounce of common sense, knows that the Southern Europe States, cannot and will not live in the same Economic Zone frame work as the Northern European States....Oil and Water....they do not mix....historically this is a fact.....classically look now at the Greeks. Italians, and French !! We do not want to be controlled by Europe, financially or politically. What we originally voted for many years ago was for a 'Free Trade Area' within the European Zone...nothing else. With a strong and well lead Government we can compete with any Nation.....but this Government must be seen to promote and assist ALL businesses to expand, dev elope new technologies and to Export....thus employing people. The incentives and the possibility of making good profits must be there for all to see. Regards, Richard D 16 OCT 2011 My family have always voted conservative but I am dismayed to say the least at the injustices in place which are persecuting the poor, vulnerable and the sick the very people you said you would protect, From what I can see you have not kept to any promises in your manifesto other than the hell bent determination to change the welfare system. It may be that your reforms are meant to weed out the non genuine sick, or shirkers, however the innocent are suffering with your harsh changes. My Daughter Stacey HAS been in full time employment for the last 4 years, having been to college before that, Stacey has suffered with depression since she was 14 this is something that myself and my Father and my Grandmother have suffered with and have been hospitalised with. Stacey has took quite a lot of sick leave during this occupation due to her depression in August of this year her company made her redundant, Stacey is not well at moment and as applied for ESA this was awarded on 1st September 2011, her GP was reluctant to issue her with a sick note as he informed me that ESA do not like GP`s issuing sick note on the grounds of depression I find this appalling. The government have no rights to refuse to acknowledge mental illness and to make GP`s feel guilty for correctly stating that a depressed person is not fit for work. My Daughter`s GP as issued a sick note for 2 months and stated he as no idea what he can do after this period which ends on the 28th October 2011. ESA will expect my Daughter to provide sick notes till they have received the Limited Capability Work Test forms that have just arrived and to continue sending sick notes till they decide if they have enough information for them to decide what ESA group they will put my Daughter in if any. It is a dreadful situation when the GP is being made to feel he should not issue any further sick notes, what is my Daughter meant to do she is so unwell. On top of this because she lives alone in a 2 bedroomed private rented property and is under 25 she is only eligible to £48.50 housing benefit her rent is £80 a week. Where are all these 1 bedroomed places that single people are meant to occupy? I can see what the governments intentions are concerning issuing housing benefit but this is so unfair on young single people who have lost their jobs. This policy is adding to a mental health sufferers state of health, my Daughter as enough to worry about without the added knowledge that she may become homeless because she cannot pay her rent. My Daughter also applied to have the housing benefit back dated to the 1st September 2011 this as been turned down as we were on a caravan holiday, we take the same 2 weeks holiday every year and the very first Monday after the holiday I let the council know that my Daughter had lost her job whilst we were away, this rule is so unfair on top of all the other rules, even people on job seekers allowance are allowed their holidays without losing benefit why should a person who as worked and been made redundant whilst on this holiday not be allowed to take the holiday they have always taken without losing benefit? The third injustice my Daughter will receive £53 a week ESA this is unbelievable how can anyone be expected to live on that? can you possibly justify this pittance especially when fuel prices, food and energy prices have risen to a record high yet this benefit as remained the same. How can you pay gas, electric, tv licence, water rates, telephone, food, clothing, house insurance, car tax, car insurance, repair bills etc. We live in a rural area my Daughter needed a car or do you regard this as a luxury? if you do the bus fares are also expensive so how would you be able to regularly travel looking for work if you were able? and a phone may be regarded as a luxury? to my Daughter it`s a necessity being house bound at times due to her condition and living alone, perhaps you regard house insurance as a non necessity? I would say it is wreck less not to have it for the safety of my Daughter. Our GP surgery no longer as a Welfare Rights Officer, local Citizen Advice Bureaus are closing and our local Unemployed Workers Centre is struggling to remain open the only people who suffer by these actions are the poor, sick and the vulnerable so how is one to believe these are the people you wish to protect? I understand that ACOS are to find any means to pass sick people fit for work this cannot be acceptable to pass genuinely sick people fit for work, where are all these jobs that you wish the sick to take up? So many of the reforms that your government is proposing to carry out are making the poor much poorer, and the sick and disabled suffer more than they already do I do not expect you to neither care or understand this, how can a government relate to the financial struggle or the suffering of the sick and disabled when they have not experienced these situations themselves. This government does not relate to the lower working class and seem to act in a prejudice manner towards this group of people. The fear and hopelessness you have created is real and very unfair. Why is it that you choose to target the very people who can ill afford your severe reforms. Yet the bankers and the rich remain as wealthy and as privileged and this group would not feel any sanctions in the way the vulnerable in society do. It hurts when I hear you say we are all in this together, why what sacrifices is it that you and your government are making? and what is it that you are going without? lets be honest the public accidentally found out about all the perks and expenses that MP`s have been enjoying for who knows how long and would still have been doing so had this not all have come out in the open. It is only the lower class that know hard ship and suffering, pain, misery, and despair and your policies are adding to this. I would have personally have liked to have confronted you in person to ask you to justify your policy's, however I realise that you are trained by your advisors to avoid giving straight answers to straight questions and to dodge issues. I would have liked to have had the opportunity of bumping into you as I am visiting Parliament on Tuesday a guest of our MP Dennis Skinner this man is in touch with the people as he as worked and lived among them he relates to the struggling and suffering I wish you had some idea of how bad things are for ordinary people. As my other Daughter who teaches as commented we feel cheated and deceived by this government. Susan E 15 oct 2010 Dear Sir, I am 61 and I have been diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer, this disease is incurable. Prostate Cancer is curable. Over 30,000 men in the UK aged over 50, will contract Prostate Cancer and 1 in 3 will die from the disease. I have a lesser chance than that. Why? because my cancer was not found soon enough. If men had a national screening programme from 50 + my cancer WOULD have been found sooner, and maybe it might have also been found soon enough for it only to be a swollen prostate and nothing more sinister. I have had my future plans destroyed. I implore you to make money available to fund a screening programme. You never know, it could save your life, as well as others. Yours faithfully, Barry J May I offer the following advice a) For the good of the Country and b) For your own Political survival. When announcing the unpopular but necessary spending cuts on 20th October, you must also announce significant Tax increases for those "With the broadest shoulders". The vast majority of the electorate will applaud you, on the basis of "Fairness" if those earning say over £1m or even £500,000 pay what I would call a "CREDIT CRISIS TAX LEVY" OF 10 OR 20% ABOVE THE HIGHEST TAX RATE FOR A FIXED 2 YEAR PERIOD. I don't know how much this would bring in, but it could help to reduce some of the most sensitive cuts. It would also let those least able to survive the cuts to see that the rich are playing their part in helping out the Country. The 2 year limit lets the rich know it is a temporary levy to help us over the worst. That would undermine for decades your political opponents. Please pass this to your Chancellor. Yours, ROY MCCORMICK Dear Mr Cameron I am watching PMQ at the moment. I have grown up children, I have always voted Conservative, but I am shocked by your initial performance today. Mr Miliband got the upper hand, what has happened? You were clearly uncomfortable with your response to his question about child benefits. There are few people in the country who agree with you that the proposed changes are right. Whilst we all agree that the wealthier earners should contribute to getting the country out of the horrendous mess that we are in, the proposals on child benefit are clearly unfair. Why not just answer that these proposals will be reviewed. If you do not agree that they are unfair, then there will be little hope for the future. What staggers me is that there are obviously some very talented people working in the Treasury who should have stated the obvious, so that this embarrassment could have been avoided. It would have been much easier to end child benefit at age 16! Finally, when you were in opposition, you stated continually that the Prime Minister should answer the question. I couldn't agree more. Now you are Prime Minister, please don't be hypocritical, just answer the question. Thank you. Kind regards David Milford Dear Mr Cameron I am a public sector worker who has given twenty five years of service to this country and am now subject to a two year pay freeze, a squeeze on my pension and have been subject to the crippling taxation measures of the previous administration. Imagine my surprise this morning when it was announced that benefit claimaints will receive an increase of 3.1% from April and another increase in the following April if inflation is still in positive territory. What sort of country rewards those who do not contribute while punishing those who do? You gave a speech last week about all of the country having to contribute apparently this does not apply to benefit claimaints and instead of worrying about 'gold plated' public sector pensions you really need to be looking at the gold plated benefits that give a standard of living far and above what is required. I was a Conservative supporter at the last election I am not sure I will be at the next. Regards Paul Turpin. Dear Mr. Cameron I am a 65 year old woman, now retired. I am so pleased that you are reviewing the benefits system. I really do hope that you will change the system and that people who are able to work do so. I have two grown up children and never expected anyone to pay for me to have them, I would in fact have loved to have had more but knew that to give them a decent start in life I had to stop at two. We all have choices in life and I do feel that the benefits system that is in place at the moment gives out the wrong signals and some people feel that they can have as many children as they want and not have to work to support them and themselves. I am very pleased that the Conservatives are in power (along with the Libdems) and I know that you stand for the same values as me and my husband. On a personal note we lost our eleven year old granddaughter to Cancer on 9th May 2009, I know that it has totally devastated our family and I feel for you and your wife and family over the death of your little boy. With kind regards Liz Nicholls (Mrs.) Hi While I support you need to make cuts re the child benefit do you realise that people on £45.000 year don, t get luxuries are not rich and barely survive on this. We have a high mortgage and pay all our bills and have no money left at the end of the month due to the high cost of living.Our child benefit helps towards the children s sporting activities without this they wouldnt be able to do sport after school.What I am angry is that your taking it away from the single earners and not where a family jointly takes home £80.000 are you not suppose to be targetting them. There the ones with the money, I find this totally unfair. what do you suppose to do about this otherwise the rich will become richer and the middle class stuck in poverty. You also say there are jobs out there it took my husband 18 months to get an I T job as a project manager and he applied for 1000 s of jobs and no luck if it was nt for benefits how would we survived we would nt of ended up with no home for our children ,I m angry that you have reduced the mortgage you pay for people out of work can this not be means tested on whether people have worked and want to work, during the time my husband was out of work he would have a taken a job for £10,000 but we could nt have paid the mortgage on this if you agreed to take a job with low pay could you help these type of people by given them help with the mortgage and council tax . Diane Capon 9/7/2010 Hi I am writing to you as someone who is concerned at the approach you are taking to cutting housing benefit. In my view the main concern is that you are doing this as a 'one size fits all' policy. Rents in London are extremely expensive., particularly in places such as Kensington and Chelsea, where,for example, you can pay £525.00 a week for a two bedroom flat. If you set a cap at £400, someone who is unemployed, would have to find an extra £125.00 a week based on this sum. Rents vary across the country, and if a cap is set, it would make more sense to do thi different rates, according to where, and how expensive rents are, in each borough and area across the country. I also think that there will be a knock on effect, because people who normally do not mind renting their private properties to the unemployed, will not bother any more, which in turn will reduce housing stock available to people in this unfortunate position. I cannot tell you how to run the country but I just think that this policy will, in my view create a much bigger problem in the near and immediate future and will put more pressure on the government to build new affordable housing both for renting and purchasing. Dear Mr Cameron 22June 2010 Furthermore, this does not only apply to people who are unemployed it will also affect people who work who are on low incomes. Because their are people, because their earnings are low, are still in receipt of some housing benefit assistance towards paying their rent. I was very pleased to hear you are happy to receive views from the public. Here is my experience as a National Health administrative worker. For over 8 years, I have been employed as a secretary by a hospital in Kent. When I first started, things were not perfect, but the service worked. There were too many clinics for the hours allocated, but we all worked very hard, pulled together and made sure the job was done. We had little input from management, which seemed happy to leave us to our own devices, knowing that we would do what was necessary. Unfortunately, as the years have gone on, the service has deteriorated markedly. For some reason, management of our department has increased significantly - I now have the regular, almost saturating, input of 3 managers, who do not actually work in our department and have no idea how it works, although they like to pretend they do. They employ staff to sit and work alongside me, without even asking what is required in the department - the decision as to whom they chose is theirs and theirs alone. It doesn't seem to matter that they send people who cannot, or will not do the work, as long as they have somebody sitting on the seat, they seem to feel their job has been done. Ours is an extremely busy department, requiring huge commitment and experience, yet we do not seem ever to get the right people for the job. Whilst our Trust sprouts on about policies of "fairness", those working at grass roots level know this is not what we get. It is an unfair system, often headed by unfair managers, who seem only to pay lip service to such policy. The same came be said for other policies such as Health and Safety and Data Protection - they all sound very good on paper, but in practise, they are just nuisance policies, which are too expensive or unrealistic to every really be put in place. At a time when we are told we must desperately save money, we are ordered to go on training course, the content of which we already know, often only too well! The week before last, for example, I had to go on an hour long course, as did scores of other people, which was headed by three Trainers - one delivered the blurb (which everybody I spoke to knew already), another stood and looked pretty by a projection screen, whilst the third member of their team sat looking at us, the audience. We were all given a nice handout to take away to add to the many piles of paperwork we have accumulated and which, as things stand, we will never have the time to look at. Whilst I do realise that we have to train to stay ahead of the game, I am not convinced that many of the courses we MUST attend, which take us away from our mountain of duties, are at all necessary (I will not even mention the CRS system here!). We work in an environment in which unfairness rules and in which the wasting of time and resources is common practise. In my department we now have typists who do not (maybe cannot) type, appointments clerks who do not make appointments and managers who do not seem to know how to, or even what, to manage. I mean this in all honesty. We have one side of an office working flat out, whilst the other side has very little to do. Whereas they were once expected to help, staff sitting opposite me can now absolve themselves of this responsibility and chat to each others, seemingly endorsed by managers who have told them they must help because they are now deemed a separate department. I would like to say that I am very much in agreement with your proposed cooperative schemes, where staff who are doing jobs can manage themselves. In my department, we used to do this anyway, before managers decided that they could do it better - perhaps this is why we are in such a pickle! I have been a secretary for over 30 years and believe I do a very good job and know what I am doing. It can be very upsetting and counter-productive when the powers that be try to tell you how to do your job, even when you know that they are very wrong. The people paying for these mistakes are the patients and the public (via their purse). I would certainly embrace such a scheme because at least then, I would be left to do the job I am good at doing, whilst at the same time helping the people we are there to serve. Any advice you can give me here would be much appreciated. Please, Mr Cameron, restore some order to the sinking ship that is the NHS and free us from these expensive chains of bureaucracy before we all disappear under water. Yours sincerely Vanda Krutnik Mr Cameron I have been told Police Pension won't be touched or changed under a Conservative government, there are lots of flaws in this argument considering that police numbers have dramatically increased and a report revealed by Sir Ronnie Flanagan under Labour the number must go dow, paper work cut and getting more out of the beat, the Police budget particularly London is huge, there is big budget deficit and the Police are receiving the best pension schemes some more than serving soldiers, care workers, paramedics. This needs to cut. The trust in Public and Police highlighted in cases such as Fiona Pilkington in which the police were out of touch with her concerns and after years of bullying from youths committs suicide. It's not always about having high numbers if you can achieve a good effect with lower personnel. The government has run out of cash and will be allocating massive contributions to Police Officers. Police personnel in London contribute 11% of their monthly salary they also receive the best conditions and benefits of service. Upon retirement they can receive a over a colossal £110,000 lump sum tax free and £1,458 monthly allowance. (This does take in account wage increases to come so the total figures will be much higher for the lump sum and monthly allowance, also some officer salaries vary i.e. sergeant, PCs) There are over 33,000 Metropolitan Police Officer in London. In effect the Government is contributing the vast majority over of their pension. From 2006 the scheme for which there are much less Officers on the scheme is less generous but still very high. Police Officer do deserve a good pension for the work they do but this is excessive in the context of Army Personal who have a much lower pension and a higher risk job this is unfair. With a massive budget deficient and how how does the government expect this to be paid as well as all the other huge public sector pensions, the debt will continue to rise and tax and cuts to some hard pressed services will be the only solution. What will the conservative do about Police pensions? Thanks, Terrence, E11 London 10 may 2010 David, As a supporter of your party all my life (I'm now 67 years of age) please pander no longer to the Lib Dems. The right strategy, in my view, is to back off and let them get on with it. In 6 or even 12 months time, there will be another election. You will trounce them. Bide your time and we we have a proper government and a proper Prime Minister. It's yours for the taking - but not right now. My very best wishes, Bernard.   10 may 2010 Dear Mr Cameron my family voted for you because we believed in you 1.Family values 2.taking responsibility 3.taking economic cuts now ,we know they are necessary and we believe there is alot of wasted money in goverment and the civil service and the creation of qwangocratic red tape measures that give jobs to people with no purpose to gain a result . 4.we want the working population to be rewarded for there efforts not those on benefit.I have worked for 40 years ,I stll enjoy my work.I despise the goverment that continues to overspend . You wish to cut salaries to yourself and your tory members by 5% ,we respect that . I have run a business for 27 years and i have tried cutting costs desperately for the last three years .I think i have my head above water now. 5 you offer a transparency of open politics .you come across as honest and believing in what is important for britain and its people. DO NOT STOP BELIEVING AND TELLING US THAT .the majority of the nation voted for you because weTRUSTyou above any other goverment.The most important thing I do in my job as a hotelier in a local community is to be trusted and people always come back. Liberal dems talking with labour STINKS.Clegg said he would talk with the party who had tha most votes.I thought he was a man of integrity.He is now talking with labour before your negotiations have finished. If lab and lib dems form a pact then the markets will dive and the country will be in a deeper crisis. Let them Keep with what you believe there will be another election and you will get a majority because no one will trust the lib dems . would you not like to have an enviroment where recession does not affect the british who have homes .Try this for a suggestion everyone over the age of 18 is entitled to a mortgage of say 4.5% fixed for life perhaps they should pay a deposit 20%. then whenever a country hits recession every 12 to 15 years it does not make a difference to the mortgage payer It means that if goverment ,bank of england and banks do there jobs well they will win i.e .5% interest they will make good profit .If they do there jobs badly they will suffer however the money they earn in the good times will pay for there poor management .Unless of course they spend it all during the good times ,as Labour has managed to do . Why should'nt a goverment and bank work like a normal business. Remember we are all happy with our lot until we compare it with someone else. if we had the same mortgage payments we would all be in the same boat. Regulation on fuel is an idea that we like as we can budget accordingley.We forget that in 2008 when petrol reached £1.35 per ltr we went into recession.we blamed banks but we had to spend 20% less because we still had to buy the petrol. It happened in the 70's the oil went up drastically and we went into recession. Oil holds the world the world to ransom and whichever goverment is in ,,it makes no difference . can you make a difference Mr Cameron ? Regards John Richardson P S You probably will not even read this message which saddens me ,but just maybe! Dear David,     I am increasingly becoming angry with myself for voting conservatives and urging my family to do so as well. Please stop begging to form a coalition with Mr Clegg in such a demeaning way. If u really want to do the best for the country look for a coalition with labour. Have u considered HRH The Queen, bring her back and let her rule us and take the country forward. Lib dems walked away with less seats than last time how come he is deciding who rules us?????????????????????????????? F JUNO 19 Jan 2010 Dear Mr Cameron, I hope you will take the time to read this as it just might give you some ideas to shock and shake this country into the 22nd centenary! I’ve spent much time suffering from our NHS inadequacies over the last few years and I think I have a lot to rant about. However as I sit down to start my rant I think about the other issues currently plaguing our country and realised that I don’t know where to start. Initially, yes of course it’s our slowly dying NHS service, under staffed and under funded, ah but what about our Armed forces suffering the same deprivation or our Education service which is also under funded and ill equipped. What about our police force having to pound the streets, not for our protection but their own lively hoods! We’re all overweight apparently but leisure centres all over the country are threatened with closure. The list of decay for our country is endless. We expect our NHS staff force to work for salaries that don’t reflect their dedication or takes into consideration their personal situations when dictating new terms and conditions of work. It’s the same in education, our police force and our armed forces. None of these bodies, the majority of which are totally gutted by the way they are being treated. Many are so passionate about the jobs that they do, it really hurts when they don’t get the tools to do the job properly and then are penalised for not doing a good job! How unfair is that? These people are the ground force of this country and if we don’t start taking pride in them and show the squaddies, student doctors & nurses, trainee teachers and police cadets to name but a few, that they are cared about and admired for entering such professions and show those who have stood the test of time in these professions that they are respected, then the attitude of this country will continue to become one of complacency and arrogance which I believe is the attitude we are currently breeding in this country. OK not every young person goes out to get paralytic every weekend and not everyone is rude, offensive and discourteous. However ask any one working in the above professions how many they come across during their working week and I guarantee it will be many. Of course we have to bear in mind that these ‘young’ people have acquired these attitudes from their peers and so think its ok to behave in such a manor. With role models such as Amie Winehouse and Britney Spears constantly being paraded in the media, its nor the wonder that people think they can be insolent and are so confident with this manner that it spills out into our streets and onto people who don’t deserve this attitude. We live in a country called Great Britain for goodness sake and quite frankly I’d like to know where the Great has gone? Come on Mr Cameron get real with the general public and get tough with those who don’t want to face up to the facts of life in 2010 recession Briton i.e. Bankers who think they are worth such huge bonuses, politicians who think they can play the system for their own gain and dole spongers. All these people who think its clever to make false claims on our money. Many people despised Margaret Thatcher for her forthright attitude but right now we need a leader who has the guts to stand up and tell it like it is. Most of the people in this country want to work are happy to work hard but little by little the opportunity to earn is being taken away in the name of profit. Surely in this current climate companies should, rather than close up and take their employment abroad to exploit poor countries that offer cheap labour just work with their current workforce as if offered a salary reduction or redundancy I believe that many would agree to a temporary salary reduction. As a government you should encourage businesses to look at ways to make this a viable option. I want to vote for a strong-minded, focused government and at the moment know one is focusing on issues that concern the people of this country. It seems that the most important thing for you at the moment is point scoring over Labour, getting one over on Gordon. Not what we want to see and hear right now thanks. We want someone who is listening to all, from baby to pensioner and everyone in between. Get real with education, NHS, Policing, Armed forces etc. Its all very well touring the country meeting delegates from all these areas but if you don’t actually sit down and talk to those carrying out the work on the ground you’ll never hope to make the right changes – if indeed change is needed. Some off the wall ideas: All children in secondary education 3rd yrs (aged 14 up) should start school at 11am and finish at 6pm. It’s been scientifically proven that, especially teenage boys function better later in the day. Surely if teachers had more receptive pupils it must make their job easier? Most NHS trusts make their workforce pay to park and parking is at a premium in most NHS properties. If a nurse parks in a public space he/she can get a parking ticket, this is so unfair as they would not have parked there if there had been adequate spaces available for staff in the first place. They certainly should not have to arrive at work hours before their shift just to get a parking space and they most certainly should not have to pay. The bureaucracy that the police have to go through is well documented. Surely there has to be a more common sense approach to allow the ‘bobby on the beat’ to sort out ‘unruly kids’ or minor incidents on the streets with verbal reprimands rather than tones of red tape which equal the minor incidents get left and we have a minority culture that thinks if they can get away with minor stuff why not try something more daring and on it goes. Surely with today’s technology we can equip our police forces with webcams in their uniforms which they can activate to record situations. I can phone people up to do a questionnaire and inform them that they may be recorded for training purposes, why can’t policemen be given the same criteria, i.e. A gang of youths outside a newsagents causing a nuisance so police have been called. When they arrive the first thing they say to the group is that they may be videoed for training purposes. I think that most of those ‘young people would soon disappear. As for our armed forces – they should not be sent to fight/keep the peace or train other countries forces without every piece of current up-to-date equipment. No one else in this country is asked to carry out their jobs without the right equipment are they? You couldn’t do your job without today’s technology why should they? You currently have my vote Mr Cameron but do start getting tough – sod class wars, you need to get people to see beyond status. Good luck. Regards Jane Pitcher 04/sep 09 Dear Mr Cameron, Having watched yet another programme on TV detailing the appauling behaviour of drunk men and women in our cities, I am writing to you to ask if you could consider some proposals for the future government of this country to do something to address this issue. Our current incumbants seem unable or unwilling to consider this seriously as a problem at all. At least in Scotland they do seem determined to take positive steps towards helping the situation. One of my main concerns is for the cost of it all. It would appear that an individual can take up the time of four police officers, a police van, and time of the court all for a £60 fine. As a hard working tax payer this means that I am funding the rest of the cost of their drunken behaviour. Surely if off licences were to be fined a minimum of £50,000 for selling to under age youths then there would be a real incentive for them to adhere to the law. Children caught drinking could be sentenced to work with the police to catch out offending shops and indeed rewarded for their help so that they would be working with rather than against the police to address the problem. Given the opportunity to be at Alton Towers for a day with their friends under close supervision from social workers would be preferable to spending an evening on a cold street corner. This could be funded from the large fines imposed on the retailers. I attach some links which demonstrate the difference between Scotland and England on this matter. Our current 'government' is either unwilling or unable to do anything to change our current situation. I can only hope that your government will make changes and give us a country to be proud of again instead of having the constant barrage of shamefull images on our screens daily. Yours Sincerely S. J. Findlay 16/07/2009 Dear David I have been a loyal supporter of the Conservative Party for 20 years and have served in secretarial roles for local village associations in several villages I have lived in. (when I was at least 20 years younger than other committee members). I still cannot get over our last prospective parliamentary candidate, Ed Matts, making such a hash against Jim Knight. I told Ed that it should have been a "gimmee". You and your team have the perfect opportunity to cleanse the country of the administration that has systematically bought this country to its knees. Do not squander it. It was patently apparent that Brown succeeding Blair set the Tory "opportunity clock" ticking. Brown is the least respected PM in history and will get his just reward at the next election. You cannot afford to and will not miss this chance. You have the opportunity to bury the Labour party and put them away for several terms if not permanently. However, you have to reach out and grab the electorate NOW. The old cliche is "Differentiate or Die". Right now I'm probably in a similar position to many people who do not see blue sky between the two parties. If I don't see it - how does the unemployed 23 year old disillusioned graduate see it? Or the 16 year old who has just left school and has no hope under Labour? (ie. The nations future) I am a 42 year old ex Corporate Software Sales Manager who sees massive potential and success, but also frustration that the Conservative Party is not maximising traction with the masses at this critical time. Please concentrate on articulating the message to the people who may make the difference to your success at the next election. Why exactly should they vote Conservative? How will you give them opportunity to prosper? What's in it for them to work for a Conservative government? Innovation? Improvisation? All the things that made us great once and can do it again. I realise that there are many macro issues that require your time and attention. I'm sure Brown relishes this time to divert the nation's attention from the micro issues. Do not lose sight of the insecurity and potential of the man on the street. Two hundred years ago we had the Industrial Revolution. You have the opportunity to move this country through the next 20 years that will potentially affect our world standing for the next two hundred. Seize it! mark A MP's Expenses 25 may 2009 To Whom it May Concern The June Elections and the BNP There is a small window of opportunity to face the BNP head on and challenge their rise and likelihood of success in gaining seats in the June elections. However, this window is about to slam shut. If the main political parties choose to continue to bury their heads and refuse to confront them then their success will be on your conscience. But the implications of this will be felt by all of us. I understand that at present the onus is on saving your own face following the recent expenses scandals and to be seen to concentrate on dealing with this. But do not misread public feeling a second time. Do not let the BNP walk in the back door because you are still focusing on your own wounds. Please choose to do the right this for this country and communities across it. You have the power and the resources to reach the communities and estates where we know that this repulsive party prey on the disillusioned, ill informed, and frequently the socially isolated or excluded. What they realise is however is that their votes still count at the polls. With promises of loyalty and empathy they take advantage of the fact that no other parties bother with these people. The votes that they pick up from general racists and fascists have already found their way there by their own accord. But why all of a sudden do they seem to have swollen in popularity? We all know where this is heading. You only have to read quotes and see their current tactics, including their youth movement and increasing use of media, to know that they are gathering pace and funding. I urge you to get out there and talk to the people that are turning to the BNP, and focus some of your energies on challenging them directly. I think that you will be surprised on the impact that this will have on yourselves. I for one am at a total loss as to who to vote for in June. Like many I am sick of the lot of you. If I saw one of you with enough social conscience and love for true British values, respect for those who have died fighting fascism; regard for our current liberties and freedom that will be compromised by the rise of the BNP, I would have the answer to my dilemma. I would vote for the party with the back bone. Make no mistake about it. The shame of the BNP would be felt by all who consider themselves British. We would all be cast as ethnocentric and racist if we allow them to find representation in Europe and Parliament in our name. What would their success now mean for us all in the future? This would undoubtedly be the thin end of the wedge. This is a group that go into communities and teach people that the Nazi's never used gas chambers and stories of them committing mass murder are lies. The scary thing is that people are believing them. They are also teaching these people that there is no place in our country for non-whites, Jews and homosexuals. I for one am hugely worried and scared for where this is heading. More so than duck islands and second mortgages. British politics has been truly rocked in recent weeks and together we will rebuild it, and peoples faith will be restored. But what chance does it have for reflecting real British values of truth and tolerance if we watch our main political powers turn a blind eye to the hatred being spread in the name of “Britishness”. Your faithfully Charlotte G Hunt Dear Mr Cameron I have been following the scandal of expenses (along with the rest of the country), and have to say I am totally disgusted with the way some MP’s have STOLEN tax payers money in order to ‘feather their own nests’. I spent 10 months recently in temporary accommodation, whilst waiting to be allocated a home for me & my daughter. Whilst in temporary accommodation, our furniture was stored in a garage provided by my local Council. This was not wind or weather tight & subsequently destroyed all of my furniture. However as the Council made it clear that I stored my furniture at my own risk, & as it was uninsureable because it was a garage, there was no point in asking the council for help. I work part time, although I am reasonably well paid, I get assistance with my rent along with child & working tax credits. However, I do not have enough spare cash after paying all my bills to just go out & replace all my furniture. My next door neighbour, who is unemployed with a young son, advised me to apply for a Crisis Loan to assist me with obtaining basic furniture, i.e. a bed for myself & my daughter, a cooker, small fridge with freezer compartment and washing machine as my daughter suffers with eczema. My daughter & I are attempting to grow our own food in our small rear garden. Hopefully this will prove successful, although we shall have to wait & see, but without a fridge or freezer, storing this food will be almost impossible. Hopefully this will save money on food bills, whilst encouraging my daughter to continually eat healthily. I duly applied only to receive a telephone call informing me that my application would not be considered, because I have no debts (only due to the fact that I was declared bankrupt in 2006 because of a life changing circumstance being my daughter. I therefore cannot obtain any sort of credit for at least another 2 years & would hope to avoid this even after this time). The gentleman informed me that I could therefore obtain these items through other means, either by hire purchase, a loan or rental agreement. He stated that neither beds, fridges or cookers are essential items of furniture. Apparently a family of 4 can get by with a four ring camping stove & a microwave. My daughter is 4 & has been brought up to eat a healthy diet. On Easter Sunday morning she duly went & found her easter eggs, only to take a bite from one, before demolishing a packet of cherry tomatoes brought the previous day. I am quite proud of the fact that my child knows exactly what foods are healthy, but obviously being able to buy fresh food when I have no way of keeping it fresh because of lack of a fridge, I am not sure how long this will last. Washing machines are classed as a luxury item & normal people like myself who do not have one are expected to travel to laundrettes, spend an absolute fortune from our meagre resources in order to keep ourselves clean, tidy & presentable. The gentleman who gave me this information, also stated that I, in fact, earned more than he did, & he therefore felt the decision was fair. I appealed the decision and managed to secure £450 which must be paid back at £17.00 per week to purchase 2 beds and a cooker. The Crisis Loan people still insist that a fridge and washing machine are not essential items of furniture. I therefore feel that should you win the next election, or if you manage to table changes to the current system, which clearly allows MP’s to spend the same tax payers money that is used to assist people like me with things such as a Crisis Loan, you should employ the people who make the decisions regarding what are essential items of furniture for a Crisis Loan to be granted, to instead take over scrutinising the MP’s expenses. Clearly, if fridges, washing machines, beds and cookers are not deemed to be an essential item of furniture, even though purchasing & using fresh food is almost impossible without a fridge & a decent nights sleep is essential to general well being, a 42” surround sound plasma TV, massage chair, moat cleaning and swimming pool maintenance, to name but a few would most definitely not get past them. This in turn would save us all a fortune & make it possible to put more money back into things such as health care, an increase in pensions for the elderly, pay rise for Nurses, Police, Fire fighters & who knows, maybe even pay for decent equipment for those civil servants who do actually put their lives on the line each time they go to work – yes our Soldiers. I have to say that I have been quite impressed with your handling of the situation so far, but would like to enquire as to how Anne Main, our MP for St. Albans can justify her second home claims allowance. It is my understanding that Mrs Main lives in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. Her second home is in Harpenden and is in fact owned by her daughter. Apparently Mrs Main undertakes a Surgery on a Friday & then stays with her daughter overnight. Harpenden to Beaconsfield could be made by Cab if Mrs Main did not want to drive herself at a fraction of the cost of a second home expenses claim. Also, the train service to Buckinghamshire stops at midnight, the same as it does to Harpenden & therefore I am unsure how Mrs Main can justify classing her daughters house as her second home, when her main residence is close enough to both her constituents and Central London so as to make the requirement of a second home obsolete. I would be quite interested to hear your views on both the stance of the Crisis Loan people, who clearly think it is acceptable to state that beds, cookers, fridges & washing machines are not essential items of furniture, whilst the same pot of Tax payers money (of which I am one of the millions of tax paying contributers) can be used by MP’s to purchase non-essential items of furniture, etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Mandy Pedersen Dear David, I, like you and so many party activists like me, have viewed the revelations of the past days with a mixed sense of sadness, disgust and shame. There is also a real fear – a dread - for where this will leave the British political system and the attitude of the British people in the coming years. It was already tough trying to get people to accept that the price of democracy is ‘politics’ – that was before this fiasco – it is twice as hard now. I applaud your swift action in dealing with the fraudsters – I hope and trust that you will support the calls for criminal charges to be brought against those who have so blatantly committed criminal acts, for only such action will assure the British people that our Law recognises neither fear nor favour. That being so, I would guess that you and those trust worthy confidents in your circle will be reviewing the individuals on our side of the House who may fall into the aforementioned category, for I am sure there are still more stones to be turned. This would of coarse leave a hiatus and potentially the party would be weakened through a lack of experienced individuals with political savvy who could replace them.... or would it. It seems to me that the candidate selection process is flawed. Too much emphasis has been put on the ‘politically correct’ – female, black, graduate, homosexual, young, yuppie - instead of the qualities required to run GB UK: proven track record in management skills, commercial experience, financial acumen, political awareness, fairness, people skills. People who have been out there experiencing the successes and failures of real life. These are the only qualities that should be considered when selecting candidates for the list. I have been appalled to meet, and to hear of others who have met, confirmed candidates who have virtually none of these qualities – even to the point of never having served on a committee or managed a team of people! How were they selected? On the other hand, I know of a man who has been a District Councillor for fourteen very challenging years, and Deputy Leader for over six of those – successfully managing a budget of some £80m with neither fear nor favour, who was turned down by the selection panel when he would have been an ideal candidate. He is not alone. I continually meet other activists at conference and elsewhere who are puzzled by the apparent reluctance of the Party leaders to acknowledge the value of these true Conservatives who give of their time and energies for the benefit of their constituents and not for their own self importance and bank balances. They are the people whose track records should surpass all other considerations – they are the true servants of the people and should be recognised regardless of colour, creed, sexual orientation or age. In conclusion therefore, in the unfortunate but inevitable event that there will be some casualties among our ranks in the coming weeks and months, I urge you to invite those who were turned down by the selection panel to re-apply and this time consider their track records in the political arena before everything else. These vacant seats can be then be filled by tried and trusted, truly experienced competent men and women whose backgrounds are proof of their dedication to the people and whose life experiences stand would stand up to public scrutiny. You need to send out a clear message to the Members and electorate in general that the Conservative Party has cleaned up its act and future Tory PPC’s will be selected on merit and not on favour, old school tie, affluence, accent or the absurdity of ‘Political Correctness’ of which we are all weary. I should finish by stating very clearly that I have no issue with our own PPC, Damian Collins, for whom I have great respect and who I am sure will fill Michael’s shoes admirably at the next GE. Yours sincerely, Gillian M Monk JP Chairman – North Downs West Conservatives Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Association (Patron Club Member) as more revelations are exposed the shabbiness of many of our mps is revealed. i still believe that an election is needed to resolve this. all mps need a new mandate based on the trust of the people. all mps should be dealt with by our legal system, prosecutions in some cases must follow. it's not good enough for parliament to deal with this themselves..honourable members must not be above the law. D.Smith dear mr cameron,i was quite amazed to read this morning after the speaker had resigned.that he was to recieve £77,000 a year pension and also possibly become a peer. i find this quite wrong as it was his own doing after his expenses claim for example £4000 for his wife to go shopping in a taxi,whats wrong with a bus like most of us have to do, and various other fraudulant claims he has made.i dont think many members are very street-wise they only tend to line their own pockets and get as much as they can from us the taxpayer.all we get in return is higher taxes at regular intervals that usually are sneaked in at the back door.I am utterly disgusted with the whole affair and think parliament should have a total clearout of all the crooks and burgulars that preside there.i am not tarring everbody with the same brush,but i do think there are a lot more untowards to come to light over the coming weeks.also i read there is to be a new independant body to be formed to govern and agree on members salary and perks.no doubt this will be made up of government department cronies.why cant a % of the panel be members of the public,the normal man or woman off the street,and then maybe replaced every two years so no complacency can take place. i look forward to your reply and thoughts on this matter. regards----VIC ATKINSON. PS.=== i note in my local paper that mathew taylor is to publish on-line all his expenses for the past 22 years,what a great idea,then we can really see who has been working the system.by the way i have voted lib dems for the past 15 years,but not this year i am going to give your party a chance to run our country other than an un-elected prime minister Dear Sirs - I certainly hope that as a regular conservative voter – the Wintertons are fully assessed by the party scrutiny board over what can only be described as excessive expenses which are decidedly not in the best interest of the taxpayers/Macclesfield constituents and that Nicholas Winterton does not deem himself to be ‘above’ this process as clearly both Wintertons have acted in self-interest and not in the ‘spirit’ of the rules – Notwithstanding all MP’s should if they wish to be career parliamentarians be guided by ‘honour’ and ‘service’ – Will we have a choice at the next election? As I certainly would hesitate to vote conservative again if presented by ‘no choice’ and having to vote a ‘Winterton ‘ once again! They may have ceased claiming since they were scrutinised initially but it still leaves an unacceptable ‘taste’! Furthermore will the local association make any recommendations or assessments on behalf of the local voters?? Yours faithfully Sir Nicholas and Ann Winterton claim £80,000 on flat held in trust for their children: MPs' expenses Sir Nicholas Winterton and his wife Ann, who are both Tory MPs, claimed more than £80,000 in rent for a small London flat that was owned by a trust controlled by their children. Patricia Whittaker Dear Mr Cameron I have just received a leaflet through my door, addressed to me personally, regarding the forthcoming European elections. What disturbs me about this is that I can find nothing at all about your plans regarding the unimpeded immigration into this country. This is not racist, merely practical. We live on a tiny island and we have NO MORE ROOM. Are the Conservatives going to halt the never ending tide of people who come into this country, take jobs, jump council housing lists etc. The list is endless. I have voted Conservative all my life, but I have to say that I will vote for whichever party promises to get out of Europe, and means it. The trouble that all politicians have at the moment is that no-one seriously believes that whatever they promise in an election manifesto will be carried out. As for MPs expenses I believe that an immediate General Election should be called and that ALL MPs who have claimed expenses not directly concerned with their jobs should not be allowed to stand and indeed be barred for life from ever standing again. Ann Duvall I wish to make a formal complaint against the following members of Parliament: Conservative MP Anthony Steen After hearing an interview undertaken with Anthony Steen (I will not call him mister, as that title is a title of respect), I am appalled, angry and completely incensed that I, as a voter and tax payer of this country, should have to endure the arrogant insinuations of this Member of Parliament. As a voter and tax payer of this country, I feel that I should have the right to know what representatives are doing in, and for, the United Kingdom. To say that it is “none of my business” and that I am “jealous” is above and beyond the level of arrogance of a human being, let alone a person that is paid for by my hard earned tax pounds and is elected to be a representative of my fellow citizens of this country. I feel that I have every right to know exactly where my tax pounds are paying for. Considering people across this country are losing their jobs and homes on a daily basis, I cannot, in all good conscience, justify the fact to myself or my family that this Member claimed more on expenses that a “middle class working family” would earn in a year! I would like an explanation to the following: An explanation of the statement of Anthony Steen commenting that he should have been more “clever, therefore he would have gotten away with it”. An explanation as to why Anthony Steen does not think that constituents should not be angry? An explanation as to why Anthony Steen does not think that the Freedom of Information Act should not apply in these circumstances. After all, it is my hard earned money that has paid for this man to be my representative. I implore the Commissioner for Standards to advise me as to whether there will be a preliminary enquiry into the conduct of Anthony Steen and what measure, if any, the Commissioner of Standards and indeed, the Leader of the Conservative Party intend to take. I would like a formal apology as a citizen of the United Kingdom for this Member’s remarks. I look forward to your reply in due course. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Heather Tindall Dear Mr. Cameron .... I feel compelled to write because I am beginning to think that "all about me are losing their heads". The level of self-delusion across the political parties is quite incredible. Examples in the Conservative party :- 1. Nadine Corries who is under the impression that the ACA is part and parcel of an MP's salary while for some esoteric rationale it has to remain hush-hush 2. Anthony Steen believing he is entitled to have the taxpayer pay for the forestry of his trees and the public have no right to interfere with his "private life" 3. Andrew McKay insisting that 75% of the constituency meeting he attended yesterday was applauding him and seemingly backing him) 4. The anonymous MP whose letter was read out on Radio 4 today. These people are deluding themselves - their interests are not those of the public but self interest. Perhaps they did not enter politics with the object of making money but they are certainly doing it now and this is not why they were elected. Do they realise how insulting it is to listen to their attempts at justification. Why can't they simply admit that they have been fools and put themselves at the mercy of their constituents instead of trying to hang on like grim death to their ill gotten gains - better still let them offer their resignations as proof of belated goodwill. Do they not realise that these revelations are hard to swallow by people who are daily afraid that they will lose their job, their home, their way of life let alone having any prospect of improvement. No, we are not all perfect and we are all guilty of something but we are not representing the interests of the voters. Furthermore, the cross party meeting with Michael Martin deciding on what expenses are claimable - more delusion - you must get rid of this iniquitous idea of being able to claim for food. Wherever one is, one has to eat and MPs should not be subsidised in this way - there can be no justification whatever, and it is simply opening the floodgates for excessive claims. My late father was a very principled man and whatever his expenses were for entertainment he always claimed less then the receipt because he believed that he had benefited too and also he did not want to take advantage of the companies he worked for. "Cometh the hour, cometh the man" David Cameron, please carpe diem and push for parliamentary reform. Things could be different. Please do not delude yourself - do not fall into this trap. Helen Lawson 16 may 2009 Sir, I am a Conservative supporter. I feel that the current expenses row is not only immoral but does actually weaken/attack democracy itself. MPs should be proud to be part of the government of the country and if need be do it for free. I do accept they need a salary and they need a place to live in London as well as their constituency. Suggestion. A new MP can find a suitable house in London and the country will pay for it and for any work needing to be done, maintainence etc. BUT when they cease to be an MP the house reverts to the country again. People have to live and plan for the future on their salary why should not MPs. Jim Whyte Dear Mr Cameron, 12/05/09 I am a life long Tory and still vote in Bristol West You must take extreme action against the following. If they are not prepared to sue the Daily Telegraph for libel, you should withdraw the Whip and effectively end their careers Douglas Hogg, the former agriculture secretary, submitted a claim form including more than £2,000 for the moat around his country estate to be cleared. The taxpayer also helped meet the cost of a full-time housekeeper, including her car. The public finances also helped pay for work to Mr Hogg’s stables and for his piano to be tuned. Sir Michael Spicer, the Conservatives’ most senior backbench MP, claimed £5,650 in nine months for his garden to be maintained. In December 2006, he submitted a detailed invoice which included “hedge cutting ... helipad”, although he claimed last night that the “helipad” was a “family joke”. The Conservative grandee successfully claimed for the costs of hanging a chandelier in his main manor house. James Arbuthnot, the Conservative chairman of the defence select committee, announced last night that he would be repaying money he had claimed from the taxpayer to clean his swimming pool. This was among a series of payments made to maintain a country residence he rented before buying a £2 million home without a mortgage in 2007. David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, spent more than £10,000 of taxpayers’ money on home renovations and furnishings, including a new £5,700 portico at his home in Yorkshire. David Heathcoat-Amory claimed for more than £380 of horse manure for his garden. Michael Ancram, who is the Marquess of Lothian, claimed more than £14,000 a year in expenses while owning three properties, none of which have a mortgage and are worth an estimated £8 million. Sir Alan Haselhurst, the Deputy Speaker, has claimed £142,119 for his country home over the last seven years, despite having no mortgage to pay. He has charged the taxpayer almost £12,000 over five years for gardening bills at his farmhouse in Essex. Stewart Jackson, a shadow minister, billed the taxpayer for more than £11,000 in professional fees when buying a new home in Peterborough within a year of being elected to Parliament. He claimed more than £300 for work on a swimming pool and hundreds more for work to a “summer room”. Last night he agreed to repay the money claimed for the swimming pool. Yours sincerely, r.seyer Dear Mr Cameron 23/11/08 Am I the only one who can see what will happen with the 2.5% VAT cut - surely this is a buyers market, retailers are desperate to sell and are reducing prices anyway - all it means that retailers will not have to lower there prices so much and pocket some or all of this 2.5%?? Consumers are not going to benefit. In addition all we are doing is handing billions of pounds of our tax over to foreign companies since we import quite a lot of Christmas merchandise ie toys, electronics etc I despair at this government for its lack of intellect and thinking things through ie 10p tax for example and it's incredible and blind thinking that the good times were here to stay and they continued to borrow when we should have been paying down debt. They did nothing to stop what was going on because they needed to keep to their agenda. But I am so frustrated that the Conservatives are not highlighting what's going on ie the huge burgeoning public sector that is increasing its unproductive jobs (see today's Sunday Times) - surely money should be saved in these areas and directed to capital projects which in the long term will be an investment for this country. Its hard working people of this country who are paying for jobs like a nuisance response manager in Reading BC and it drives me mad that our priorities are totally insane in this economic environment. But enough is enough and I had to write this to you - you need to speak out and be straight with people. Rgds J Darby Dear Mr.Cameron 20/10/08 You must now practice what (you) preach! David Osborne was incredibly stupid to leak the conversation where Mandelson slated Brown. Obviously Rothschild's allegation stems from this. Whether true or not, the mud will stick to Osborne.and if you let it, to the Conservative Party. We have had enough of sleaze allegations in the past, which did us irreparable harm. Osborne, regrettably, must go. Keith Newmark President ribble Valley Cons.Asc. Dear Mr. Cameron 18/07/08 Last night I watched a BBC programme which highlighted certain people who were making benefit claims in various names. In one case the couple in question had over one hundred false identities. Surely with todays knowledge of DNA anyone who is making a claim should have this test done as a matter of course. Once the details are on record it should then be easy to ensure no multiple claims are made by this individual. People should have the right to refuse on Religious or other grounds but if they do then any benefits stop, we have got to stop pussyfooting around with this politically correct business, we are just being made fools of. I am sure a data base with this information would save the country millions each year. As someone who worked full time for over 32 years for the same employer I am now unfortunate to find myself in need of benefits due to a chronic illness and as such I would have no problem in having a DNA test in order to continue receipt of this much needed money. Unfortunately I have also found myself loosing out with the removal of the 10p tax band, but that is something else entirely. I feel that a huge shake up of the Child Benefit System is needed, governments should stop paying children to have children. I truely believe that part of today's problems with youths is because they are born into households where the parents are no more than children themselves. If an underage girl gets pregnant she should not be able to make endless claims and the father should be named and prosecuted. Far too many of today's youngsters are not facing up to the reality of their actions. If Child Benefit was payable for the first two children only I am certain that huge families that exist on all sorts of benefits would become a thing of the past. It is an insult to working tax payers when these people brag about the amounts the get for nothing. This counrty is facing bankruptcy and drastic action is needed if we are to hold our heads up in the world. We cannot continue as we are or Britain will end up no better than a third world country. I do hope that at the next Election this present government is ousted and I wish you much success. I realise that very hard decisions will have to be made in all aspects of life and that many will not be popular but can someone please please put the Great back into this country. Yours sincerely Elizabeth Slater Dear Mr Cameron 02/oct/08 I really enjoyed the first part of your speech today. It was like a breath of fresh and I found myself in agreement with all of it, much to my surprise. And then you mentioned the "T" word at which point I switched over. You cannot expect to be taken seriously by anyone except die hard Tories if you are going to talk about repairing our damaged society and then mention Mrs Thatcher in favourable terms. It was she who did more damage to our society than anyone else, except maybe the Luftwaffe. By officially sanctioning greed and self interest and declaring that society did not exist she has done harm to our country. By smashing the mining communities, privatising the utilities, running down our ailing industries in favour of a free for all in the City of London she sowed the seeds for the current extortionate fuel hikes and the banking debacle which threatens us all. It is no credit to New Labour that they persisted with a Thatcherite agenda. So, if you want the floating voter to actually vote for I suggest you keep your admiration for that Lincolnshire woman quiet. Regards, Jon Ingram One Amidst Many Letters of Condolences: Dear Mr & Mrs Cameron 26/02/09 It is indeed with a heavy heart that yesterday the country heard of the death of your son; the pain coupled, with joy which you all are now going through, many of us can relate to. We give thanks to God for the life of this little one, albiet a short one but it is obvious for us all to see the joy he brought to your family; a joy that will never be forgotten. We also give thanks that he suffers no more and is now in the arms of our Lord's, together with so many little ones we have lost. May you all find peace in the knowledge and understanding that this little life was a gift of great magnitude which has touched all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Kindest regards and blessings Ruth James
how can you have developed a firm policy on fox hunting and not presented a concrete policy on extreme poverty faced by millions around the world?Anon