Open Letters

22 June 2016
EU Referendum
From discussions with many of my social circle that are going to vote to leave Europe, it is evident that most of them believe that if we leave Europe, we will not have to abide by laws set in the European court of human rights.
I know that this is not true and is a ridiculous reason for voting to leave, but many of the Brexiteers believe this to be the case.

What annoys me even more than the ignorance of these people, is the fact that the remain campaign have not even made this misnomer clear to the electorate.  Many leave voters will vote so based on the biggest mis-belief in history.

If the country vote to leave Europe, it will be the fault of your campaign for failing to present the facts and relying instead on fear tactics, which do not work. why don't you start giving some real fact, starting with this one.

22 June 2016
Steve Hilton

The PM's former adviser Steve Hilton, who you remember jumped ship for Los Angeles last year has made a clever statement:-
The U.K. , EU, and North America are in a new situation: the elite/establishment are in conflict with the rest of us, who are sick and tired of the seeming non-democracy of whichever political stripe which have taken a perpetual grip on power.
They, at least our own elite, may be surprised at the outcome of the referendum.
I hope so!
P, D etc.
14 june 2016
IN Campaign
Dear David Cameron,

     I think you are making a valiant effort to keep
us in Europe, and I commend you for it.

     Perhaps, the couple or so questions I have
seized upon below are simplistic; but I still think 
it would be helpful for you to underline them. 
     With just a few days left before the referendum, I 
would still like the answer to a couple of pertinent
questions, based, naturally, upon the Leave sides'
actual consultation with the relevant parties.
     Firstly, economic.  (1) Have the various car manufacturers
(like Nissan, Honda, etc) given cast iron guarantees that
they will not contemplate leaving the UK on Brexit?  
(2)  Have the various European countries indicated how
long (one, two, three years…more) it will take to conclude
new favourable trade agreements with them?
    Secondly, immigration.   In arranging new trade 
agreements with the individual European countries,
will they – or will they not – demand free movement of
    If there are no definite answers to the above questions,
then Brexit is a shot in the dark, a decision made without
vital (necessary) information.
                                                            Yours faithfully,
                                                        DR FRED F
12 june 2016
Dear Mr Cameron
                            I am a pensioner how dare you try to intimidate us with the threat of scrapping the so called triple lock guarantees free bus passes and free TV licences lets not make a pretence about this when this has been an issue for some time it would have probably been in your next Tory manifesto if you are re-elected so please do not blame it on a Brexit vote if you wish us to stand along side of you to vote to remain then please do not treat as fools why not treat us with some respect present us with an honest balanced  list of pros and cons so we can then make a decision based on true facts nobody can honestly say what will happen if the decision is to leave the EU we did not know what was going to  happen when we joined back in 1975 but we dealt with it whether it turned out  right or wrong as a united country all this referendum has shown is how low some politicians will sink to to get their own way this is not the way we want our elected politicians to behave we want a strong government to look up to who we can trust to lead us  the way forward again as a united country this is not happening so how do you expect to win votes I am afraid this behaviour is unacceptable and is only leading us nearer a brexit vote so please get your act together before it is to late time is short stop the mud slinging and treat us as intelligent people to good honest answers so we make the right decision built on trust not fear
Your Truly

12 June 2016
EU And Pensions Threat
 Being uncommitted in the IN/OUT debate your article in the Sunday Telegraph today made my mind up to vote in favour of leaving the European Union. The indication that pensions would be at risk and similarly free TV licences and bus passes may have to be withdrawn really is so poor an argument appealing to personal greed aimed at a group that you, or your advisors, consider to be more likely to vote OUT. I have, at one time, suggested that the 20 pence per week age related increase in state pension should be stopped as people think of it as an insult. This would save something like £30m annually but this was considered peanuts and would not be politically acceptable. If this is the case what chance is there that you can think of removing billions?
Both parties in the argument are acting like 4th form school children with futile posturing and personal vilification.
Both parties should have examined and published, in a scientific manner without political spin, both the advantages of remaining in and the advantages of leaving in order that the public could decide on what would be in the interests of the nation.
One great concern of mine is the expansionist policy of the EU and at the same time a drive to create a European Army. The expansion is only possible in one direction; East where the barriers are the states under Russian influence (Georgia, etc as examples already) and the eventual move into Turkey with a Muslim influence. This can only lead to confrontation with major powers, which is fatal. We would be better served being remote from any involvement.
One should learn from history. All political organisations that expand eventually collapse with disastrous consequence. 
Finally, I am so fed up with the Conservative Party always trying to destroy itself throughout the time that I have voted for the Conservatives from the days of Anthony Eden. The party has destroyed nearly all their leaders since that time. To mention a few: Home, Macmillan, Thatcher, Major etc. The party seems to have a self-destruct button which it feels obliged to press every few years.
Michael L

27 April 2016
Junior Doctor Strike
Dear Sir,

My husband and I have been very seriously ill for over a year for the first time. 
I have cancer and my husband has spent many months in hospital with leukaemia.

We have been unfailing impressed by the dedication of the junior doctors who have looked after us and concerned by the very long hours some of them routinely seem to work. Nor do they automatically, "clock off" at the end of their shift but finish the job in hand.

Their basic salary in their first year after studying for 5-6 years and a student debt in the region of £70K is just £23K. 

We have taken a keen interest in the current dispute between junior doctors and Jeremy Hunt and studied the details. The 11% proposed, "pay rise" by Jeremy Hunt is disingenuous. This will be met by a drop in real terms of much more as doctors will lose between 25%-50% of their salary by a drop in their antisocial hours pay. 

The hours they will be routinely expected to work for a flat rate will increase from 7 am-7 pm Mondayto Friday to 7 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday

I would like to see Jeremy Hunt try to bully and impose a new contract like that on our MP's and do away with their expenses payments too.

In addition, this will do nothing to provide a 24/7 NHS because the considerable ancillary staff needed to support such a system are not working. If you have been into a hospital over the weekend as often as I have been in the past year then it is like entering the Marie Celeste. The whole place is deserted.   

We unreservedly support the opposition by junior doctors to the imposition of a new, unsafe and unfair contract upon them by Jeremy Hunt. It is not surprising that some of our brightest stars in medicine are opting to leave the profession or England and work abroad only to be replaced by doctors from overseas who often do not have effective language skills and whose medical training may not be as rigorous as our own. 

I would urge Jeremy Hunt to think again. The last thing the public and the NHS needs is another fiasco like this and a disaffected and demoralised medical profession who feel under valued, under paid and bullied.

I hope you will pass on our concerns

Anne G

EU Referendum
20 April 2016
Dear David & George,
Having had the utmost respect for you in trying to get the UK’s finances back in shape for the longer term and ensuring the UK is ahead of the curve in cutting future public expenditure  - unlike in Japan, the US and virtually the whole of Europe, your own credibility is now slowly being eroded by some of the ‘EU stay clap trap’ you are coming out with and trying to scare the electorate into voting to stay,  in line with your own personal misguided ideas (which to be honest lack your usual far sighted vision).  Based on your latest outburst this morning (in relation to the costs to families in Britain of coming out) your ability to run the country is now seriously coming into question.  I would expect you both to be pedalling more factual based arguments as opposed to hot air and ‘scaremongering spin’.  You should both be ashamed and I would expect you to both act more professionally and responsibly given the positions you both hold!!
Firstly, David’s jaunts to Brussels to ‘secure a deal‘  appears not to be worth the paper it is written on (this comment has nothing to do with the various Leave organisations – this is based on comments from ex-learned EU officials who used to work in the EU council and ECJ areas).
I am also greatly confused at your overall stance - given further closer political and financial integration within the EU remains the EU’s stated main aim and objective going forward and is what we were baulking at in the first place.  Why stay in an organisation whose main objectives going forward are  completely at odds with what we actually want - irrespective of whether we ‘apparently’ have some ‘very questionable’ agreed waivers (that could actually turn out to be completely worthless).  This does not make any sense in any circumstances.
Staying within a centralised power hungry EU is also completely at odds with your own personal policies and views of in terms of being very much in favour devolution and decentralisation of power.
Your latest claims this morning about the potential loss (of £4,300) to every family in the UK look seriously flawed and I would welcome your further clarification of how these figures have been arrived at (and the assumptions used) so that the British people can make a proper educated judgement on the merits of these (and what appear to be ‘ludicrous’) assertions?
Your figures assume the worst if we vote to leave and appear based on hot air and hugely overinflated unquantifiable guesstimates!!!!!!!, they do not factor in:-
  • Our ability to negotiate free trade agreements elsewhere, thus generating further wealth for the UK economy 
  • The EU are far more dependent on us as a market into which they can sell their goods and services and that a huge amount of trade will in fact continue between the EU and Britain. 
  • The fact that it costs the average UK tax payer 2p in basic rate income tax for us to be a member of the EU (currently estimated to be £8bn per year – source HMRC).  In the average household with two earning £25,000 a year gross this is the equivalent of around £6,000 per annum cost – FACT  !!!
Are we really going to come out of Europe, sit on our hands and do nothing about improving trade with the rest of the world – I don’t think so!.  Granted it may take a little time but it is not about the next 12 months or 2 years it is about 5, 10  years (and beyond) down the line.
Do you remember the same scare stories being banded about in 1992 when Norman pulled us out of the ERM.  Back then the same wild scare stories were in abundance from the ‘Pro Europeans’ of our imminent demise.  You may recall the actual reality was in fact completely the opposite, our economy blossomed and instead of the hundreds of thousand of jobs being destroyed we actually ended up creating the equivalent numbers!!    
If the government was switched on and had a really smart Chancellor in charge, they would be ensuring that the building of an overly expensive (which I understand is also of a flawed design and on which the government have granted ridiculously mega expensive ongoing price guarantees in terms of buying the electricity it generates) nuclear reactor was not built by a French company at the present time (who despite being 85% owned by the French government are in effect getting heavy government subsidies which I would suggest if they were very closely examined contravene EU subsidy rules).  They would instead ensure this was put on hold and used as a future bargaining tool in what could be some future tough trade negotiations if the British people vote to leave the EU.  The problems this company have had in terms of cost overruns and delays does not inspire one with any confidence that they are fit for purpose and we should not be entrusting them with such an important project – not to mention their parlous finances could see them going bump before the project is even 25% completed!!!!!!!!!
From reading about the subject, I understand better nuclear designs exist which could now easily be built within the ever expanding cost predictions for the current EDF nuclear plant project.  The costs associated with the building of the EDF plant have now risen to levels that would suggest one or two of the original options (previously discounted on cost grounds) are actually now more cost effective over the longer term and of better design.
A Last Thought or two?
If staying in the EU turns out to be the wrong decision, we are caught in the EU with both hands tied behind our backs.  If leaving the EU ultimately turns out to be the wrong decision and is as bad as many of the fearful ‘STAY’ camp suggest, then at least we have both hands free, can roll our sleeves up, get stuck in and create/change our own destiny – our great country has done it before!!
In my opinion, Britain’s exit will not bring down the EU – although it could be the beginning of the end.   I understand several other countries are now positioning themselves for going down the referendum route.  
No one ever asks the question or considers the consequences of where the UK could find itself if the EU breaks up in the future and we are still a part of it at that point?.   I would suggest this is a major risk of voting to STAY IN.  
Are we better already being outside the EU before it breaks up?  I certainly think it will be less painful to leave now in an orderly fashion (and have put in place other arrangements to help bolster our economy) than be part of a messy breakup further down the line.  I think it is very naive to assume the EU will never implode or break down!!   France could well be the domino that could ultimately topples the EU, post their 2017 elections!!
Gary H

16 April 2016
Vote Leave

Dear Mr Cameron, I believe this campaign may be your downfall. why oh why did you put this issue into the manifesto. You have managed to divide the country and the repercussions will be felt for a very long time. I am of the older generation and have seen how some of the EU laws have distorted our country. I want to leave as I don't want the expansion to include Turkey into the EU. I didn't agree with allowing Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. Although I have to concede that the Polish people are hard working and have integrated well. We are supposed to be in charge of our borders but we have let the most undesirable people in. As for the Muslim population, there are very many good citizens. The problem is their culture is not compatible with European views and they would like us to change. Some of  their ideas of keeping women uneducated and not being allowed to speak English so that they can participate into our country. There are no go areas and how can you get them to engage with general life. Some of the children of the Muslims are being torn apart and are becoming very confused. I want to stop any immigration into this country except people who are willing to accept our way of life and can speak  English,we are full, our services cannot cope. I want to protect the people already here.
It is common sense that if you overcrowd people trouble occurs.If you had come back from your discussions with the EU with something positive but you came back with a damp squid.Sorry Mr Cameron. I am a conservative. I am now very dissatisfied.

Jane C

13 April 2016
EU Pamphlet
As a former Tory voter, until 2010, I am finding your attitude to telling lies and using untrue statements especially in this latest booklet.
Firstly, I believe along with millions of others that it  is out of order to use Taxpayers money to push your views.  It was stated that the Government would not take a lead role in the referendum, another lie. This money would have been better used to save the Steel Industry.

You state in your booklet that we are safer in the EU and that we control our borders.
If so please explain how today in Hull migrants were caught exiting a lorry, Yesterday, they were running loose in Wiltshire, a week or two ago 2 lorries carrying 26 migrants in each were caught in Kent. When this happens the questions are,
1.  Why are these migrants not returned from whence they came?
2 How did they get through the border so easily? I read today thet the French have stopped the scanning of lorries, please confirm if this is true. If so why aren't you telling the border agency to ignore this dictat. The safety of this country is more important
3. When are you going to stop pussyfooting around with the EU.

Another lie is what you say about your re-negotiations. Nothing you have put forward has been included in any EU Treaty, therefore, it could easily be voted down after the referendum 
You promised that Child Benefit would not be paid to children living abroad, but that did not happen. We are now going to pay at the local rate where the child lives. Therefore, that means more administration to deal with 28 rates of child benefit.
You promised to reduce immigration to 10's of thousands. Total lies, you have no control over EU population that wants to come here. You have even agreed to the EU scheme to allow Ukraine in, and then you are planning to let Turkey in. This is another 100 million or so allowed to move to the UK. 

To add oil to the fire you let the migrants practice Sharia law by having their own courts. This should be stopped forthwith. I, with millions of others are fed up feeling like a stranger in my own country.  MY parents and grandparents fought to free this country now you are giving it away for free.

Can you also explain why it is permisable to have State Owned companies from France, Germany China and Spain run our Utility Services and Power stations yet you are against any form of Nationalised Industry of UK origin.

Last but by no means least, please explain why you are allowing the German Bourse to take over the London Stock Exchange. This is an iconic British 
business essential to the economy of the UK. No other country would allow this to happen.


John C

26 feb 2016
Eu Referendum
Good afternoon 

I left Cornwall in 2003 and have always been a great supporter of the conservative party for many years (althought not a member), and I personally voted for you last year in the general election. I still have the right to vote as I hold a British passport, and will be voting in the referendum in June to stay in Europe. As a brit living in France I am writing to ask you why you are supporting the no vote.

There are many expats living throughout the European community and are extremely worried if the UK leave the EC. It has been muted that the SI will be taken away, and the state pension will be frozen as in Australia and New Zealand to name two proposed changes, and I am sure that there are many others. I will seriously have to re-consider my future living in France as if I lose all my present rights, I may have to return to the UK for financial reasons.

If I go back to Britain then I will be an added burden to the health system, as the national health will have to physically look after me and provide me with a doctor and dentist  At present Britain repays France for health care for pensioners, and certain older people require more care as you will appreciate that getting older creates new health issues - new knees or hips, dementia, cancer, diabese to mention a few. These people will also be entitled to winter fuel allowance, bus passes, free perscriptions, eye tests, without any other means tested benefits and so the list goes on..........................

The other point I would like to make is the problem at Calais and Dunkirk with refuges and migrants who wish to go to Britain. At present the gendarmes try to stop these people but I am sure that if Britain leaves the EU, they will do nothing and turn a blind eye to prevent these people who are desparately trying to get into Britain whatever means possible, whether on a lorry, train or worse still via the tunnel. This problem and financial burden will be the responsibilty of the UK to repatriate these people. 

I hope you understand my reasonings and opinion and I would very much appreciate your views on to why you think its best to leave the EU. 
Yours faithfully,
Mrs Karen B

Dear Prime Minister,

One of the many relationships which will require attention if it is foolishly decided to detach the UK from the EU, is the UK’s major shareholding in the ECB. Judging from the published information, The Bank of England is the third largest shareholder by a considerable margin & does not have a seat on the Board! Also, the shares are not transferable.

I will be surprised if a majority of the UK Electorate proves to be in favour of leaving the EU. I will be thankful to die uninjured in battle & having three sons now too old to be conscripted to fight in a war.The existence of the EU must have had some influence in that happy outcome.

I wish you luck……and a long life!

yours sincerely,

Michael L

Dear Prime Minister

As a business woman and employer of over 100 staff I feel compelled to write to you re the serious matter of the euro election !

As a euro undecided conservative voter I feel helpless and frustrated that  the media / politicians are making this election a party political / personality based contest when I JUST want to hear the facts - unbiased and factual - no scare tactics ! Who is going to shake them all up and give the electorate the true facts without in- fighting and childish digs ??

I have never written or complained about anything in my life before so this issue is really important to me - I am a European and proud of it but I want to make the right decision for my children's sake let alone my own business interests !

I hope this is not just trashed and something is actually done !!

Thank you for your time

Kind regards

Jane H.

RT Hon Prime Minister,
We Thank you for your untiring efforts to remain with  refined EU membership.
We cannot forget the proverb : United we stand  & devided we fall.
We see the slide down of Pounds in the world Trading.
The loss of EU Membership may render many unforeseen problems.
We must all remain united to safeguard the Security & economic strength of the United Kingdom.
Losing  EU strength may open an avenue for Scotland to  depart from UK  Union.
We pray that ALMIGHTY GOD  help UK  to remain  united for the Economic strength betterment & safety 
of the Country.
We Muslims are not IS but  love the country we live in.
Our Children were born & brought up here & We certainly Pray to ALMIGHTY GOD to save UK  from all perils & from all  enemies .
Thanking You,
Yours Respectfully,
Ahmed & Friends  In Redbridge .

Dear Prime Minister,
I watched your interview with Andrew Marr on t.v. today.  You suggested those who love our country should vote to stay in the E U . This has made me, and probably many others, very angry.  I am just one of those who helped put you in power. My Membership Number of the Conservative Party is B128120.  You came over as extremely arrogant and seemed to be trying to scare people into staying in the E U.  This amazes me and in the way Tony Blair's Government was eventually brought down by forgetting the "ordinary people" (i.e. Mr Brown's gaff caught  in a recording), this will happen to you and your Party.  
My husband and I are probably typical of the older generation. My parents supported the Conservatives - with generous donations, votes etc. My darling father was one of the fortunate ones who came back from the Battle Front in the 1st World War. He never spoke of it but I have his wonderful diaries and medals of which I am so proud. I wonder what he would think now , seeing the power Angela Merkel wields overs us!  My late dear brother also lost health and 2 years fighting in the Korean War.....  I could go on. Instead of going to Brussels and having to beg for meaningless small concessions, in my humble view you should go and speak with ordinary voters. People whose GP's surgeries are so busy, - 3 weeks waiting to see a Doctor is common. Schools bursting at the seams. Places like Barking where we visited a friend and felt we were in a foreign country. I am not a "little Brittainer". I have lived and worked in Africa and worked for the U N.  My husband and I love this country Mr Cameron so please stop trying to scare people. Please realise that many many people young and old do not want to ruled by unelected, fat salaried pen pushers in Brussels and, as a Christian ,I pray the people of this country  will realise we at last have a chance to make this country different.
I will end with this quotation by  Laurens van de Post:-
"I am sure one cannot love life enough but I believe  too, one mustn't confuse love of life and certain things in it. One cannot pick the moment as one pleases and say 'Enough! This is all I want. This is how it is henceforth to be'...Life is its own journey , presupposes its own movement and change; and one tries to arrest them at one's eternal peril. "  I believe the truth, especially in that last phrase.  People of this country are tired of voting, knowing that inmany of the daily matters  with which we have to deal, we have no say! Criminals who stay for years because of the Human so called rights ! Stop talking about the small stuff Prime Minister and have more respect and humility that you actually might be wrong.

Yours sincerely,

Marine S

Dear Mr Cameron
I must congratulate you very warmly on your outcome of your EU negotiations. You have managed greatly to exceed my expectations and those if any reasonable and thinking person. I trust and hope that  commonsense will prevail in the country as we vote in the referendum and that not too many of your colleagues oppose you;. 
I believe that those who wish to remain in the EU are much less vocal than those who wish to leave, a silent major, I hope.
I hope you have a well earned rest with your family and I wish you well, for all our sakes, in the forthcoming campaign.
I am not affiliated un any way with the Conservative Party, I am simply an objective and grateful member of the public.
Yours sincerely

John B

Dear Sir,

The debate regarding whether or not the UK should remain part of the EU will now start to gather pace.

I am totally split on this, but one thing that everyone wants is the UK to be given control of how it runs it’s Country. 

The biggest thing on everyone’s mind is the number of migrant coming into the country, we must be give control on who we let in, we must be able to say only those that will add benefit to our country and who will not be a drain on resources and benefits will be allowed in. We do not want hear that benefits for migrant is to be frozen, this implies that after a period of time they will then get it and then the problem returns, they should not get anything unless they have lived here for a minimum of 10 years, are employed and have paid sufficient monies into the country in terms of taxes and NI contributions etc.

We the British People & Government have been saying for years that the migrant issue is becoming a problem, but the German Government could not see this, and now they too are crying wolf on this, how times have changed.

If we can get control of our Country, in terms of setting our laws and who we allow into the Country I believe people would welcome staying in the EU, but if we can’t get this control I think we will be out.

Yours sincerely

Robert S

Dear Sir,

 Instead of running a campaign based on fact and logical argument, it's now very clear that the vote leave campaign is NOT going to be given the same opportunities to explain their points.
On a BBC interview just now, 2 comments were allowed by the 'stay in' side, against only one for the 'vote leave' side. The BBC interviewer herself, then rubbished the arguments put by the 'vote leave' side, didn't allow a comeback, and then gave the last word to the 'stay in' side, who again simply just repeated that to leave would be a leap in the dark.
It's clear that this is all being staged managed, and this vote will have no legitimacy, because real unbiased media coverage, is being stacked in favour of the vote to stay in campaign.


Dear David,
                    on 1st Aug last I wrote to you :
'' many of us are struggling to understand why anyone in their right mind in the 21st cent  would want to be part of a 19th cent POLITICAL social engineering retread like the European Union masquerading as a 'Trading Block'
which doesn't believe in democracy, the sovereignty of the individual or the democratically expressed will of the people...but rather that all should be controlled by an unelected, nepotistic, self -serving EU 'elite' ?''

Since already :
1)the 'red card' system you cite is exposed as so almost unworkable in practice as to be irrelevant
2) the immigrant Benefits delay has been dismissed as likely to be legally challenged as invalid and you have already admitted that it would hardly affect net immigration anyway.
3) the last time you achieved a 'historic agreement' for taxpayers not to have to bail out the eurozone it was simply ignored in the Greek crisis
and 4) Jean Claude Juncker has already re-stated that the 'Euro is the currency of the EU', and that 'every closer union' remains a part of EU treaties'
ii is hard to see what exactly your 'draft agreement' has actually achieved, much less how it addresses the main concerns of many British people about loss of Sovereignty and being swamped by uncontrolled immigration and associated security issues especially terrorism.

    These are a fundamental matters for Britain's future in the 21st century, and you haven't really successfully addressed the real issues involved at all.

Yours sincerely,
                         Andy P

Dear Mr Cameron-
If you think that what you have ‘negotiated’ puts the UK in a stronger position within the EU then the only person you are deluding is yourself. Despite your manifesto pledge to get immigration under control, precisely the opposite has happened and yet you don’t seem able to admit that this is exactly what the majority of people within the UK are most concerned about. The burocrats and politicians at the EU are ploughing on with their social experiment without due regard to sentiment either here in the UK or within the domain of the EU. 
Yes, it may be good that our economy is doing better than most others- the reason why we have an immigration crisis- but to a large degree that only benefits business as that gives them access to plentiful and cheap labour. I am NOT against immigration per se. If you have a job to come to then fine. If you don’t, then don’t come here. We are an island and we simply can’t take any more people. What your stance should have been is control of our own borders. There is something fundamentally wrong when you can’t do this. Just preventing access to benefits for a time will do nothing to curb the numbers coming here. You are wrong if you think it will. EU migrants and others are not really concerned about the benefit system, they come to work, but they are allowed in whether they have a job or not. This is WRONG. We should control things as the Australians do, a points based system and tight control over who is accepted in and who isn’t. We as a nation would be much better off leaving. No more horrendous contributions, no more inanely stupid convention on human ‘rights’ ( fancy not being able to deport criminals ). If our businesses are competitive and make or sell things people want, being outside of the EU will make no difference. Hear what James Dyson has to say. I was hoping that you would have been a lot tougher with the Eurocrats and their insane agenda. Should you have been able to get back control of our borders as well as parliament taking precedence over EU legislation, I may well have voted to stay in. With the pathetic outcome that you claim is an advance for the UK, I am most definitely voting to leave. It’s a shame as up until now I had held you in very high regard- a statesman- but this latest tussle with Donald Tusk and his cronies has left you in a very bad light.

Yours sincerely

Mark W

Dear Prime minister David cameron

As an old Englishman, from Merseyside,  living in Denmark for a long time now I am very impressed about your results as prime minister and today I read in the Danish news that more English people are likely to vote for UK to stay in the EU and as tradesman, transport world,  I think about the problem that organizations that don’t grow usually disappear and the car and lorry makers over the whole world are good examples of that and I would be very worried if any countries left the EU and I would also think that if UK left they most likely would lose lots of customers in the other UK countries.

Another thing that has impressed me about EU is that war threats in Europe have disappeared since starting. And UK is very respected and our language is now very popular over the whole EU.

Another thing that could help both UK and Denmark is maybe changing their currency to Euro so that the their trade rates are the same all the time with all the other countries that are users. Of course the British pound has really dropped these last few weeks and that means that the British products are cheaper now.

Another strange idea I have is about all these millions of people coming up to Europe now from those threatened countries – this idea is most likely wrong but it is also based on the trade idea of one can’t save your way out of a problem but only work your way out of it and the idea is that all those countries in the EU start a new principal that countries that have a  lot of people leaving on account of the country’s problems that countries that accept them are allowed to send a bill per person to the countries they leave.

Right master – I hope you understand my strange ideas and of course you know I am not a politician.

Good luck with the future and I hope you continue as prime minister

Best regards

Douglas R

Dear Mr Cameron,
I applaud you for recognising the power of the English language as an important tool for integration, it is most certainly a means to build bridges between communities and enable a greater understanding of one another. However, I cannot understand how one who is versed himself in said language, could in one sentence, burn those same bridges, and isolate the very community which it was meant to "help".
Muslims make up a mere 5% of the population of England and Wales, half of which were born here.  If we say, even with overestimating, that half of that figure is immigrant Muslim women, unable to speak English, is it wise to use such devisive language when talking about potentially only 1.25% of the whole population in a climate when we are already under such scrutiny? Is not better to help all 12% of the immigrant population without division?
Calling Muslim women "traditionally submissive" in the context of our roles in our communities will unfortunately not feel as though we are  being reached out to, but may feel rather more like kicking us when we are down. More worryingly, threatening to send those who do not improve English "back home" has something disconcertingly "Trump-esque" about it.  Not words I thought I would hear on these shores.
Certainly, there are pockets of communities throughout the UK which could benefit from better community cohesion, facilitated by breaking down language barriers, but dear Mr. Cameron, this is not something which has been possible since the budget for English Language courses for immigrants were slashed in 2011.
I fear that your words may contribute to creating a division between "them" and 'Us", Muslim and non-Muslim. We are your valuable allies Mr Cameron, you will do us a dis-service by alienating us in this way.
Let us shine a light for a change on the many thousands of Muslims who make Britain "Great" through their contributions at every level of society.
The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a dynamic force which is striving peacefully against the very stereotypes that you have acceded to.  Ahmadi Muslim women are certainly not traditionally submissive, we are a vibrant and active part of British society.
We are every type of British woman. Not only hard working home-makers and mothers, the cornerstones of our families, but your doctors, nurses, teachers, restauranteurs, and engineers, we comprise thousands of volunteers tirelessly fundraising throughout the year for British causes.
I assure you Mr Cameron, the English language is not the greatest issue facing Great Britain today, it is fear and division. Let us unite, not divide, and turn to the other 98.5% of the population to see what we can do to help them too.

Sabah J

Dear Mr Cameron


Myself and others totally agree with your comments in question time on Wednesday with reference to the terminology bunch, having said that I would have used stronger words but I know you can't.

How did these children get to Calais in the first place? Obviously not on their own.  If they are taken into this country you can bet your life their family will suddenly appear and that will raise another problem with the Labour luvvies and all the do gooders.

Calais is in France the last time I looked on the map and is a safe country so they should look after them, end of story.

Don't be baited by all the opposition, standing firm makes people think you are strong and standing up for your OWN.

Corbyn and Co. are definitely not, in my opinion, fit to be elected and govern this country.

I do however think we SHOULD  leave the EU, it has been nothing but trouble to the people of this country and I am not talking money I am talking our culture and the English people.

I have read quite a few blogs this morning and all of them side with your opinion reference Calais, some obviously vote for you and some don't but they all shared your views.

Thought I would share this with you and your ministers.

25 Feb 2016
Junior Doctors

Dear Mr Cameron,
Please see the email I have sent to Mr Hunt. 
I voted Conservative in the last election, but if you continue to treat our doctors in such a shabby, disrespectful way, I will not be voting for you again.
Yours sincerely,
Claire S

Dear Mr Hunt,
I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider imposing the new contract upon junior doctors.
You seem to lack any understanding of the type of people who become doctors. By the time they qualify, they have already shown that they are dedicated to helping people, working long hours and not expecting huge financial rewards. They have had to dedicate themselves to this profession probably since their GCSE's, studying harder than most university students, qualifying, but not knowing where they will end up as the job allocations for F1 & F2's is such a lottery.
Then, although they are told there is a working time directive, most have to sign a disclaimer to say they will work extra hours when they start thier jobs. My daughter has to work the most ridiculous rota, just so that it can look like she is being kept to this directive. Often, because rotas are made up late, she cannot book holidays. In most jobs, even if you don't take your holiday, you get the pay, but not in the NHS. She among with all junior doctors has to work long hours and study for exams, which she has to pay for herself. Often there is no time for a break, let alone go to the loo!
And then you treat doctors in this shabby way and in the media you make out that doctors are being so unreasonable. It is a ridiculous and disrespectful way to treat a marvellous profession, upon which we all, maybe even you, rely when we are ill.
Yours sincerely,
Claire S

25 Feb 2016
Dress Code PMQ'S

Mr Cameron,

What on earth has Corben's dress code got to do with running
the country.  I was always brought up to never judge a book
by it's cover and to this date I never have.  It's a pity your
mother didn't bring you up the same way.

Your copy cat dress code when visiting factories... no jacket and
rolled up shirt sleeves, is fooling no one.

Take note
Jack P.

24 Feb 2016
Cameron on Israel

Dear Mr Cameron,
We write to you in response to the PMQ question  and your answer below:

- Imran Hussain: Last week, together with several of my hon. Friends, I visited Palestine, where we went to the home of Nora and her family, who have lived in the old city of East Jerusalem since 1953. Israeli settlers, however, are now trying to force Nora from her home of over 60 years. There are many other cases like that. Does the Prime Minister agree with me that illegal settlements and constructions are a major roadblock that hinder peaceful negotiations? What are this Government doing to help prevent these infringements into Palestinian lives and land?
- David Cameron: The hon. Gentleman’s question is incredibly important. I am well known as a strong friend of Israel, but I have to say that the first time I visited Jerusalem, had a proper tour around that wonderful city and saw what has happened with the effective encirclement of East Jerusalem—occupied East Jerusalem— I found it genuinely shocking. What this Government have consistently done and go on doing is to say that we are supporters of Israel, but we do not support illegal settlements and we do not support what is happening in East Jerusalem. It is very important for this capital city to be maintained in the way it was in the past.

We would remind you that the actions taken by the British Government to date objecting to the illegal actions undertaken by the Government of Israel have little or no effect. Israel ignores the British Government’s diplomatic rebukes and continues with its illegal agenda. Is your Government going to  recognise this fact and take stronger actions and  put real pressures on Israel to cease these illegal actions in order achieve the wishes you expressed in reply to the question asked by Imran Hussain MP?


Patrick & Deborah 

10 feb 2016
Mr Cameron, how can you allow the police and local councils seize possessions belonging to homeless people? Whatever happened to their human rights or don't the homeless get human rights anymore. Many of the homeless guys in Leeds have been given such possessions by generous volunteers that have gone out of their way to help these people, feed them, water them, clothe them and even give them shelter in the form of tents and sleeping bags. But you and your government are seizing such items, why? I mean if you are not prepared to help get them off the streets, then at least allow these volunteers to continue giving them such items and at least allow them to keep them in their possession. You could say by allowing to the police and local councils seize their belongings, one could say that was a criminal offence in the form of theft. What have you got to say about that?
The amount of people that are on the streets of Leeds homeless is growing daily, yet the local council do nothing to help get them re-housed, claiming that their are not enough properties available to re-house them. I find this very ironic, in the 21st century the amount of homeless people there are around, yet you and your government allow these so called refugees into Britain and the local councils miraculously find them all housing accommodation. Therefore why can't they deal with our own homeless people first. I could go on, but I will stick to my point that I have raised here. Homelessness is not a disease, it is something that is bestowed upon us due to a number of reasons beyond our control and you nor your government are lifting a finger to resolve.
Over to you Mr Cameron, I really look forward to seeing your reply regarding this issue..

Matt R

17th Dec 2015
Dear Mr Cameron                                                           

Having heard the News on BBC TV this evening it makes me very angry at the apparent lack of progress in your negotiations.

It is at least more encouraging that the latest poll shows the number of people in favour of BREXIT to be increasing. As I said in my letter a few days ago, my impression is that the Europeans don’t take seriously your threat of BREXIT or that of Parliament and even the population, and as a consequence are in no mood to offer concessions.

It’s time to take a tough stand and tell the Europeans that if reasonable concessions are not made to Britain, you will personally recommend a NO vote in any referendum
As I’ve said before I personally would like us to stay IN, in the best interests of the country, but I feel the Europeans are just taking us for a ride.

Unfortunately I feel that some of  the recent “ ANTI “ vote is based on the likely influx of refugees which is a tragic situation on which I feel on humanitarian grounds we should accept, although more should be done to encourage many of them to fight for their country rather than risk British lives fighting for them.

HOWEVER. More should be done to deter Economic Migrants

George Osborne’s policy of reducing benefits to encourage more people to work rather than live on benefits is a good one, but ironic when firms employing people on low wages claim they would shut down if forced to pay higher rates , but yet these same organisations are employing  immigrants from European and other  countries, because, even on our low wages, they earn more than in their own country, and possibly don’t get the social benefit payments there anyway : CRAZY.

Would it not be possible to subsidise such organisations at something less than the benefits which we pay, to give jobs to British workers, in preference to unskilled Europeans, at least temporarily

Great pity when this Government has done much to improve the economy & lives of a lot of people

The cost of running the European Parliament is a disgrace with 2 centres in Brussels & 
Strasburg in addition to the huge salaries and expenses paid to Euro MP’s and bureaucrats.

It’s time for a change & unless you can negotiate some meaningful concessions, I personally will vote for BREXIT and find that my family and many of my friends share the same view. The great pity is that so many people have lost faith in Politicians and take the view “Why should I bother, no one takes any notice”


Dear Mr D Cameron,

In recent years, I have personally been watching you closely on television. Through the Sun news paper and watching clips of prime minister question times through you tube.

I actually thought you were the best person for the job as prime minister to be the leader of the United Kingdom and it's people that live here. But just like prime ministers before you. It's a complete shambles and lies. All you care about is your own advancement. You don't care what the British people want or don't want as long as it fits in with your own goals! 

I recently watched a clip on YouTube and to my amazement and disgust you actually didn't want to give the citizens of the United Kingdom the right in a vote on the Referendum on staying in or out of the EU!

I am like millions of people in the United Kingdom, are British, not European and would rather be governed by a British government, not a EU government!  United Kingdom may be a European country but that is it.  You are also trying to fix it through the immigrants that live in the United Kingdom and Universities to try and build a Yes campaign to make sure we stay in the EU!

How can you justify on paying the EU parliament £55 million a day? All this money could be put to good use for our own people! Having more police back on our streets that you decided to reduce including having one of the worlds best Armed Forces that you have decided to reduce considerably!

I'm not anti Europe, but I'm very much anti EU! You like many people in UK parliament are not for or with the people. You are for yourselves and like many people. You disgust me and have a lot of explaining to do.

If you or anyone else try to fix the vote so we stay in the EU. Then you and many others should be charged with treason as you are like many others before you, giving our country away. Germany tried to take over Europe during the First and Second World War. But now they have actually one by doing this politically as they dominate the EU parliament.

Stephen L

Dear Prime Minister,

SIR- There have been some recent suggestions that Cameron might call a referendum on EU membership next year. His argument is that this would give the opposition less time to prepare its anti-campaign. This seems to ignore the fact that the EU in its present shambolic state presents the strongest possible argument for Britain not joining it; witness its inept handling of the migrants, Greece and the Ukraine.
I await Cameron's promised campaign to assemble a group of member states determined to reform the EU. If this takes until 2018, so be it. As things stand, I can see no possible reason to vote for joining the EU. Over to you. Mr Cameron.
Martin G

Dear Mr Cameron

 I am so disgusted about the plans to start even more fracking in this country. There are so many reasons why this should not happen ANYWHERE due to pollution and contamination of underground water systems to name just a few. How can you SELL off out countryside? its not yours to sell. It is for all our future generations to come, our children grand children...  

Our country is slowly but surely being managed and manipulated by huge corporations for money, greed.  You have also effectively put a stop to solar power, and other green initiatives. 

I voted for the green party in the election and hope that more people will vote green in the future and over turn the changes that have continued with your party and leadership. I hope you can sleep well at night.


Aryanna J

Dear Mr Cameron,
I am Meredith C, a member of your constituency. I am deeply concerned about our relations in Syria and the international community.

I urge you to put all your efforts into supporting and helping The Rojavan Syrian Kurds (not to be mistaken for the Iraqi Kurds) and stop or lessen your support for Turkey.  The Syrian Kurds are a very promising and optimistic group to be coming out of the Middle East.  They have gender equality, religious tolerance, sustainability, direct democracy and are well organized.  They have the power to save Syria and change the Middle East but they need support and recognition.

Erdogan is a dictator, Turkey is becoming, or arguable already is, an Islamic state. He is committing terrible crimes. You are supporting the wrong people.

Do the right thing and we can help save of the Middle East, save the refugee crisis and gain the respect of the international community.  Stop making the same mistakes of history.

Your sincerely 
Meredith C

This country is A total disgrace with immigrants coming in all the while (that I have no objection too) and yet we have our own on our streets that could do with our help! I have Just seen a homeless woman in a complete state that clearly needed medical attention but she said she was fine and it totally screwed my insides so I bought her a cup of tea and some lunch. About time this country paid attention to everyone and made a bigger point of our own homelessness that's in Britain. Homes being made because there are too many of us, threats and terror which you all allowed into this country in the first place! at what point do any of you discuss the rise in homelessness unless it's migrants none of you and what a disgrace that is.
Our own financial state at its own strain due to giving out too much and us of Great Britain paying for their privilege even to the familes husbands that work in this country from Poland gets to send child tax credit home to their families! Is it any wonder that Poland do not want that taking away, as it's going back into their own economy. Why should I pay my taxes and give up my state pension due to floors in this counties handouts?? Please explain because this is total rubbish

Best Regards
Cheryl C

Syrian Migrants
29 September 2015

Dear Prime Minister,
I wrote this before the recent articles by Charles Moore and Janet Daley. They make the same point in a much more impressive way , that this is your moment to stand up and be counted as you promised- no ifs and no buts. You can now demonstrate an absolute commitment to achieving reform of the EU, supported by a top professional committee for the negotiations- not known to exist at present.
Then and only then will I consider a vote for Britain to remain in the EU. Until then, it would be illogical, dishonest, and ludicrously optimistic, to vote to join the present shambles where there has been an awful lack of leadership. It is not up to Germany to make valid decisions for the EU on migrants or anything else..
It is a great moment for you as leader with so much at stake and I look forward and very much hope that you will achieve the vital reforms- Europe needs you..
with all best wishes for the future. 
Martin G

Syria and ISIS
31st July 2015  

Dear Cameron

While you have some nasty problems with people coming into the country to solve it in the long term certain actions should be taken.

We have got to get peace in Syria and if that means supporting Assad so what. He is no worse than the other rulers in the region. If we could do that at least the people from Syria could return with plenty of work to do. Iraq we need to secure it for  a proper government. This may mean troops on the ground but it would be worth it. Libya is probably slightly more difficult and probably needs splitting into smaller countries but even that would be worth it in the long term. Egypt is reasonably stable and getting rid of ISIL in the other areas would probably concentrate the mind. Ethiopia is more difficult as is South Sudan but I am sure something could be worked out with the aid of US mussel. 

Stability in the Middle East (action would have to be taken against Israel especially when they go pinching land etc) is a must and although it has been difficult in the past because so many fraction seem to want to fight each other it is not impossible.

I am not sure if the US want peace and that may be a problem. At last they seem to be trying to make friend with Iran but now they must act with Russia so that there is peace in the Ukraine (an interesting problem with many sides stirring up trouble).

I wish you all the best in getting your team all to move towards the same solution and getting the long term solution as the main goal. Short term you may stop a few people but we have got to get work for people in their own countries and this also may mean bringing down the tariff barriers for some of the exports and also we should look at the tax situation where some holiday companies sent all their profits home and pay little tax +
in the countries in which they work. 

Best regards


29 march 2015
Banker's Above the Law
Hi Prime Minister,
I am a member of the conservative party. I watched the HSBC board in front of a commons select committee, lying there teeth off that they new nothing about what was going on with the tax dodging of rich clients in their branch in Switzerland. When is the government going to start prosecuting bankers. I am fed up with the government of this country ie Conservative and Labour not prosecuting bankers, they seem to have a get out of jail free card, why is that, are they above the law, because from where I am standing that is exactly how it looks like.

Kirke A

25 march 2015
Cameron's Wealth Blindspot

Dear  Sir,

 I see that the boss of the RBS has admitted it was “ outrageous” to pay staff bonuses of 421 million pounds after a seventh consecutive year of losses. Ross McEwan conceded that the public were right to be angry about the figure. This is from a man who turned down a pay rise but was still awarded 1.5 million in share options.  The RBS racked up loses of 3.5 billion pounds, taking that total top nearly 50 billion since it was BAILED OUT BY TAXPAYERS in 2008. Even though, apparently, the bonus pool has been cut by 21%, it is still outrageous that the RBS still continues to pay out bonuses when they are making, and continue to make significant losses. As a taxpayer yourself, aren’t you a tad annoyed, too? My question is: How can the RBS be permitted to do this while still making significant losses. Not only is it immoral, it is against all good business ethics and principles of fairness. It is immoral and unethical that the taxpayer  is still bailing them out. The RBS know this only too well but still continue to make the taxpayer pay up for their ineptitude.  There are not enough checks and controls in place to stop this. They seem to be able to act with impunity. The British government won’t intervene, it seems. Why not?  Morals and principles count for very little these days, eh?

> Funnily(?) enough Lloyd’s Banking Group will put 130 million in the national coffers after announcing it can pay dividends to its shareholders for the first time since taxpayers rescued it in 2008. Payments totalling 535 million will go to three million shareholders including the government which owns 24%. The bank announced annual profits last year of 1.8 billion, up from 415 million in 2013.  One city analyst said Lloyds was “ riding the wave of a resurgent U.K economy.” The question must be asked: IF Lloyds’ can make huge profits and pay out dividends to its shareholders, e.t.c during a resurgent U.K economy (fact) how come the RBS wasn’t been able to do the same? And yet the RBS are still handing out huge bonuses when they are making significant losses. So much for Ross McEwan saying “ My priority for RBS is to ensure that customers are its heart and soul.”  With these facts who can believe him? Go figure!


Chris B

19 march 2015

Bedroom Tax

Dear Mr Cameron

I hope the British people  vote to throw you out of power, the poor people you sanction and your party are a joke,  including Ian Duncan Smith. You don't know the meaning of the word struggle seeing your face in the paper and TV everyday makes me sick you are a joke to this country. How can you say our country is broke when you give millions of pounds away. We are a proud people, we sold everything what we owned under the Tories. Ian Duncan Smith said he can live on £53 a week he talks rubbish just like your party come to the real world millionaires you lot -what a joke- rob poor people they won't vote for you you don't deserve our votes can't wait to see you thrown out of power and get rid of the Tories all you talk about is cut backs can't wait for the election I know 300 votes you won't get rather back Ed Milliband than a party like yours hope to see Ed Milliband in power up the Labour Party down the Tories, I will have a drink ready for your departure now the people will speak even Mr Clegg is against you. We have homeless people on our streets and food banks that is what you stand for nothing don't give them help if everybody had a job which is impossible and your for the rich and against the poor you jumped up little pip squeak what right do you have to cut peoples money when struggling to pay bills not like you lot loads of money you all should be ashamed always against the poor and the unjust council tax and bedroom tax, Tories again as always.

18 March 2015

Cameron's Daughter and Top Gear

Dear Mr Cameron

Until the present issue concerning  Jeremy Clarkson was commented upon by yourself saying that you hoped it got sorted out soon - your children enjoy Top Gear, I had complete trust in your judgement and had no concerns about voting for you in the next election.

Immediately I heard your comment two thoughts came into my head as follows

  1. Jeremy Clarkson  makes a lot of money for the BBC and so did Jimmy Saville.  I hope this factor won't be a deciding one as to whether or not he is still employed by the BBC
  2. The recent case of the footballer being too much of a role model by the fans meant that (in part anyway) he was not employable as a footballer.  Although Jeremy Clarkson is older, many people "worship him" and will, I would assume, think that it's OK - just a laugh - to refer to people in the way he has.  I would think that the reason he says words that he shouldn't in a quiet way, often, is a sign that he knows he shouldn't be saying them.  Also, even if the number plate issue in The Falklands was an accident, he should have noticed it - it is very obvious to me.  No one can prove he is lying but I think there have been too many instances now to believe him.

As far as my trust in you is concerned, I hope that this was a slip up on your part.  We all say things that we later regret because we are human.  I'm very well aware of that and if that is the case, the comment will not affect my  voting plan.

I hope you understand my concerns and would appreciate your comments on this matter.

Dot H

4 dec 2015
Government Waste
Dear Sir
I am now retired but during my career I have worked for 3 Local Authorities, one Conservative controlled and two Labour controlled.
There is so much waste in the Labour controlled councils that there is plenty of room for cost cutting.  Non-jobs, such as Nutrition Officer, playground Officers, Children Centres where advice is given to immigrant mothers how to claim benefits is just the tip of the iceberg.

I watched the Autumn Statement by the Rt Hon George Osborne and was very impressed with his knowledge and no nonsense way he explained the situation.  I am sure there were things he did not say which would have been unpalatable, but he is right severe cuts have to be made and if you can cut through the burocracy you will find so much waste on left wing ideologies that are well hidden by those in positions of power.  I have met people that have been walking around with pieces of paper in their hands for 30 years. The same people do all their work in the morning and then do crosswords all afternoon.  An audit should be conducted in all areas of Local Authorities, NHS and eEducation to weed out all this waste.
Yours faithfully
Patricia H

5 march 2015
Dear Mr Cameron

I feel compelled to write regarding the latest gang who have been grooming girls in Oxford. While I applaud your decision to prosecute people who do not doe the right thing when they know someone is in this position I am angry that it has taken you until now to do anything about the failures of adults in a position to help these girls.

Why have you not taken any action when all the other gangs have been discovered, why do you wait until it is on your constituency doorstep.

I have never voted conservative in my life but do feel you have done a fairly good job considering the way of the world, but I feel you are taking things too far now.  You do not seem to have any idea of the hardship being caused to the disabled with this new EESA benefit. My husband and I are £400 per month worst off since he was taken off incapacity and put onto EESA, despite the fact he has been unable to work following an horrific works accident. After 12 months on EESA he was told it was being cut to £200 then 3 months later it was stopped as apparently we have to much money coming in each week. The problem is it does not take into consideration the out goings. We still have a mortgage and we are now in arrears.

Kathy B

5 March2015
Coalition Possibilites
Dear Mr Cameron
Current thinking seems to be that the up-coming election will result in no clear single party majority, and that some kind of coalition will be the outcome.
Despite living in a solidly Labour area (Leeds North East), and being served by a Labour MP for whom I have considerable respect (Fabian Hamilton) I have always been, and will remain, a Conservative voter.
However, following the unseemly scramble by all parties to persuade Scottish voters to vote "no" by offering all kinds of devolutionary inducements, I am concerned that my interests as an English resident and voter have beenseverely compromised, and mostly overlooked.

The minority parties are queueing up with ill-disguised glee to claim that they will hold the "balance of power". The latest is the Northern Ireland First Minister, who now stands alongside UKIP, the SNP, etc as someone who believes that he will be able to wield influence that is quite disproportionate to the democratic position of his party. The one common theme from all of them is that they intend to wring out of any potential partnership concessions that will bring huge benefits to their own supporters, despite being in a serious minority. As an English voter, I have been looking in vain for some progress on the issue of protection from these minority interests, so that we will not finish up paying for any of these concessions, nor having to live with decisions that have been taken through coalition agreements set up for the cynical reasons of being in power, and that will be severely detrimental to my interests as an English person. To be blunt, I am not interested in having Nicola Sturgeon having any say in my affairs, any more than I am interested in having a say in hers. I am happy for the Scots to stew in their own juice.

I wake up screaming at the thought of Milliband and Balls being handed back control of a country that they helped to wreck under the previous Labour Government, by doing some kind of shady deal with the SNP - whom I possibly dislike even more than I do Labour.

I am looking to you to provide some reassurance that something will be done to stop the kind of betrayal of the English electorate that I have described, by putting measures in place that will protect us, no matter what the outcome of the election.

I wish you well - I think the things you have done have been courageous and necessary, and we are in a much better place as a result. I'm sorry the boundary reforms were thwarted by the Lib Dems, and hope they will be achieved before the next election. I hope that the SNP wipes out Labour in Scotland, and that they then don't just become surrogate Labour MP's by climbing into bed with Milliband.

I would welcome (and, actually, expect) a reply from you that will allay my fears.

Many thanks

Kind regards

David H

1 March 2015
Drugs Policy
Dear Sir,
From the German online magazine 'Spiegel online' I have learned that you plan to cut sickness benefits for dependent drug users, alcohol addicts as well as for overweight people who refuse drug addiction treatment by therapy.
I am a Canadian citizen living in Switzerland and I am a member of an internet platform for overweight people 'das dicke Forum'. The keynote of the founders of this platform is to help plus-size people to accept themselves just the way they are, to live there lives now. To understand that they have the right to live and to be a part of society without discrimination for their weight. There is no overweight person, who is overweight on purpose.
In my opinion your announcemet to cut these benefits strengthens the negative public perception of overweight people as huggish, will-less and lazy. You promote the public chase for the scapegoat guilty of the current financial shortages.
The addictions mentioned above are recognized diseases and I find it quite cynical to announce the cut of benefits for the unteachables. Addiction aid can work with patience alone. Cost reduction in this field is totally counterproductive.
I trust that you will review the announcement of a cost reduction in the field of addiction aid during your election campaign on behalf of the protection of the socially disadvantaged.
Yours faithfully,
Heidi R

10 FEBRUARY 2015
Dear Mr Cameron,

Could you please explain to me why when I reach 60 years old in July this year I will not be entitled to the winter allowance, free prescriptions etc. until I reach my state pension age (66 years old) because I live in Gloucester; yet if I lived 30 odd miles down the road (Chepstow) I would be entitled to all the allowances when I reach 60 years old, this hardly seems fair when I’ve paid my dues all my working life.

Kind Regards
Mr Paul  E