One of the Main Culprits
 InThe Financial Crisis
Not Jailed. 'SIR' Fred!
Man who got PM elected
faces Criminal hacking charge
HBOS 3 allowed to get away with £50 billion losses

Bob Diamond is allowed to avoid jail after his role in
fixing LIBOR rates. This is one of the biggest scandals
in UK corporate history causing immeasurable damage.

Liam Fox's best mate allowed to lobby
for defense contracts causing him to resign.

Boss of Bosses Murdoch tries to save his intermediary
with Cameron now being done for Hacking Scandal

Get me into power and i'll give your Boss the Power

Milly Dowler's Mum victim of Murdoch Hacking
'We're all in this together'
MILLY They even Hacked a dead girl's phone
Cameron and Murdoch interwoven through their Right hand
 Men and women now facing Criminal Charges.

Murdoch still pulling the strings
Osborne trying to solicit funds for the Tories
from Russian Oligarch
National Press run in the Murdoch interest not
in the national interest

Laws ashamed of his sexuality but
Happy to profit from it.

Michael Aschroft bankrolled the Tories into office.
When they got in with a little help from their Lib Dem
friends he got in to the House of Lords. he had promised to resolve his tax status before becoming Lord Ashcroft but he never did and the government
let it slide adding to the cesspit of corruption that is the
unelected House of Lords.

The BOND Anti-Corruption Group sent a letter to the Prime Minister encouraging the continuation of the role of Anti-Corruption Champion.
In particular the group asked for:
  1. the continuance of the role of the Anti-Corruption Champion, with a clear remit to initiate, coordinate, and oversee anti-corruption activity across Whitehall;
  2. the development and publication of a strategy or action plan which would allow Parliament and other stakeholders to judge what progress has been achieved, accompanied by an opportunity for Parliament to review or debate progress; and,
  3. the focus of the role being both on the UK and overseas. The group noted that there has been ambiguity about the role’s remit, but that in the experience of our respective organisations the links between corruption overseas and in the UK, not least in areas such as organised crime, bribery and money laundering, make it imperative that the role should include a remit for tackling corruption both at home and overseas.
The Anti-Corruption Group within Bond has the following core members: Article 19, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Corruption Watch, Global Witness, ONE, Public Concern at Work, Tearfund, The Corner House, Transparency International-UK, and TIRI.