The 1967 Abortion Act was introduced in this country by the Liberal Democrat David Steele to end backstreet abortions and introduce the framework under which a woman can legally have a termination. However even Lord Steele has admitted that he had never envisaged the situation
whereby we have over 300,000 abortions per year in the UK. The matter has been brought to the fore again after a sting by the Telegraph captured two doctors on video agreeing to carry out an abortion simply because the mother didn't want to have a girl. Before signing off on the abortion the doctor is heard saying 'that's female infanticide'. The brazen nature of the signing off shows that there is systematic flouting of the lax laws that are currently in place. Pro-Life campaigners were further exacerbated by the fact that the Crown Prosecution service saw no merit in prosecuting the two doctors involved. While this has still left the door open for private prosecutions it has confirmed how little value society places on rights of the unborn child.
  The Abortion industry is so successful in the UK that their representatives even saw it fit to defend
abortions due to gender bias claiming that there may be an argument that having a female baby
may adversely effect the mental health of the mother. To put it simply the law is in an unholy mess.
Very few politicians are willing to stand up and be counted on this issue simply because the
immorality of the procedures plays second fiddle to the large number of constituents that have
actually had abortions.
   For many the campaign against abortion is a matter of a christian faith that maintains human life
is sacred at the point of conception. For others this is about women's rights, an old argument that
was resolved during the sixties and does not need to be revisited. However a lot has changed since
then. Not least our ability to see in 3D ultrasound the emotions of a humanoid being that has
fingernails, yawns and the ability to feel pain. That is why our current limit of 24 weeks for
abortions is so horribly wrong. At this age a baby can survive outside the womb and you can
have the bizarre situation where in the same hospital doctors are doing their utmost to save
a baby of that age while in another room they could be killing a baby of the same age. The BBC
has had a big role to play in this argument by refusing to broadcast the full horror of the procedure.

Telegraph Sting