Wednesday, 2 December 2015

'That Glib And Oily Art To Speak And Purpose Not' King Lear Act 1 Scene 1

Syria will end up being Cameron's Libya...Only Libya was Cameron's Libya. Perhaps it will be Cameron's Iraq... Oh wait Cameron is already bombing Iraq. So why one might ask would he be in a mad rush to join the traffic jam above Raqqa?
It's really difficult to ascertain unless one looks more closely at the narcissism that beset his political predecessor.
For domestic politics bombing makes sense. Labour looks in disarray, Cameron goes up in the polls
and our PM can take his rightful place at the table of powerful world leaders. Only it's a
playbook we've seen one too many times with catastrophic long term consequences. After the
Newsnight debate (which most MP's voting would do well to watch) the overriding sentiment
as articulated by Matthew Paris is that people in big UK cities will feel less secure following a
bombing campaign. There is bound to be further civilian casualties as too many planes are chasing
too few targets. There is also the fact there is no appetite for 'boots on the ground' which are
necessary to consolidate territorial gain. Cameron is trying to bomb away an ideology and to do so
is peddling an outright lie by saying that there are 70,000 moderate rebels to take over. He has
provided no evidence for this and were it not for the strength of emotion post the Paris massacre
he would be called out on this. He claims that it is our duty to answer the call of our allies but
showed little sign of this when they asked to be helped with the intake of Syrian refugees. The
plight of refugees is also most likely to get worse only now Britain cannot wash her hands of any
moral responsibility. As further evidence of his utter lack of judgement the last time he asked to
bomb Syria it was to immobilise Isis's current enemy Assad. We know now, with the benefit of
hindsight, that Putin would not have countenanced that and we would have ended up in an
escalation. As Turkey has shown this is a very trigger happy and nervous area and it is
unfathomable why the British parliament is giving succour to one man's political vanity when by far
the best arguments are for staying out.