Monday, 21 September 2015

Ashcroft Turns on Cameron to send Twitter into 'Piggate' Meltdown

Michael Ashcroft who famously financed Cameron's prime ministerial ambitions has now turned on him spectacularly by helping coauthor a biography called 'Call me Dave'. Included is a bizarre story of a sex act
with a dead pig's head as part of a ritual in the 'Piers Gaveston Society'
in his time at Oxford. There is also accusations of drug use. Aside from
the collective yawn that the PM apparently had some fun at Eton and
Oxford the pig story seems to have caught the imagination of the Twitterati
who cannot stop having fun with this. The details of the Pig Molestation known as 'PM' will be spared lest it's seared into your minds. My advice is that you don't Google it and if you're an undergraduate enjoy yourself, it won't stop you being Prime Minister!!! Whatever he got up to in his undergraduate days, they do not compare in their vulgarity to how he has screwed the poor in this country and is continuing to do so with the ideologically driven program of austerity and bad economics. Those with their snouts in the trough beware!