Tuesday, 30 September 2014

UKIP Converts explain their anger

I hope you can understand why having been promised a brighter future it appears that nothing has changed:-
“Osborne’s four myths mean he hits the poor and helps the rich”
 But beneath the hyperbole and soundbites, a divisive philosophy underpins the chancellor’s economic narrative. The wealthy and rich need to be better off through tax cuts as an incentive to work and save, while the poor and disadvantaged need to be made worse off and suffer welfare cuts as an incentive to work. This will only increase the current high level of inequality in the UK ,
As usual, the chancellor repeated the mantra that: “We are all in it together”. We are not. And the policies of this Conservative government as laid out by the chancellor will lead to further divisions and rising inequality.

David Cameron interview: those who work hard will be rewarded

David Cameron set out some of his priorities for 2012 on a train journey back to London from the North West.

So in 2014 having trusted his promises this is what has really happened
This is what represents a lifetime paying full contributions and illustrates how this penal tax system really works.( 16 –65)
1) you will be stuck with a “K” prefixed tax code,(One that nobody wants)
This means that although my income is only £27000 I am taxed at 30% to claw back my age allowance,which I would have thought would be a fair reward for a lifetime's contribution.
Theses are the facts that make the UKIP ideas more palatable.
Yours sincerely,
B and M Miller