Monday, 5 August 2013

The Scandal Of The Current Banking System Articulated

After three years in office Cameron has done absolutely nothing to clean up the banking system
and not a single banker has been put behind bars. The tired excuse that politicians and bankers
cannot be held to account because 'no laws were broken' is as big a lie as the fact that we need
this financial thievery as it is too great a part of our economy. Existing laws of fraud and even
jeopardising national security have been violated there is just a failure of the political class to
act. Also the more reliant we become on a false economy of nominal money on computer
screens the more the real economy suffers. The current state of affairs is a gross betrayal of
the Nation state and UK citizens who are striving to make a living without destroying society.

Cameron faces backlash on Internet Porn

Cameron's Pr fodder on internet porn reveals a disturbing lack of understanding on how the internet
actually works. At internet security conferences most of the experts agree that the current set up
where police actually monitor existing sites have proven to be the greatest success in breaking up pedophile rings. Whilst we now know that privacy on the internet is a myth, There is a suspicion
that the government may use false security arguments to impose a de facto tax on the internet for
UK citizens. It's attempts so far through various quangos have failed largely due to the backlash
in the internet community. The video response below articulates some of the anger at the stupidity of
Cameron's position