Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Protest Against G8 and the Scandal of Hunger

All across Europe there are mass protest movements against austerity and it's consequences which are imposed on nation states by the IMF. The 'Drop the Debt' or 'Jubilee campaign' highlighted that in
fact this has been the main cause of hunger in Africa in the last century. Namely a concerted effort on the part of creditor nations to keep Africa in a state of debt to get their natural resources at dirt cheap
prices. The world bank and international banking system have been complicit in this by extending massive loans to successive corrupt leaders. After a few years in office they were allowed to flee
abroad with billions of dollars in Swiss bank accounts while being allowed to put this stolen money as debt on their country's balance sheet. This has resulted in many countries being in a state of 'debt slavery' whereby they are spending more per annum on illegally accrued debt interest repayment than education, health and welfare combined. This crooked system is now beginning to resonate in Europe as the IMF is essentially following the same formula. By voicing your concern at the G8 summit in Belfast on the 15th June or in Hyde Park on the 8th June you can shine a light on the corruption of politicians and the banking system.