Sunday, 7 April 2013

Working People (Skivers) Are Bearing The Brunt For Cameron's Financial Sodom And Gomorrah

As the MP's are considering whether to ban the 'HBOS 3' who managed to lose the bank over £50 billion through bad lending (not even casino banking) the punishment for those who had nothing
to do with causing the financial mess is stigma, shame and in some cases suicide. Somehow  MP's
do not see it fit to bring criminal charges against these bank bosses as part of what can only be described as a feudal pact. George Osborne's muddying of the waters by somehow linking the Philpott tragedy with the welfare bill is a prime example of instant headline politics with no respect for the tragedy or the facts of the case involved. Perhaps Cameron would like to hear from one of
our reader's Steve. Steve is not in the cabinet but he makes a damn good case about how people
in his predicament are being maliciously and grotesquely misrepresented by the coalition.
The only punishment for these 3 HBOS financial gangsters is they may not get a job in the financial sector again

Good afternoon sir,
I am a skiver.
Although, in fairness, I don't actually feel too much like a skiver.
I'm married with 2 sons (17 and 22, thank you for asking, one at uni and one at college), I'm 51 with a disability. I work (2 jobs) for 33 hours a week and care for my 80 year old father who has cancer and is housebound. He lives an hour away and I'm the nearest to him.
I only earn £13,500 p.a and don't qualify for any disability benefits as I am not disabled enough (?)
However, I am a skiver - I DO receive Child Benefit, Working Tax Benefit and Child Tax Credit.
According to your mouthpiece, the press, I am lazy, addicted to drink or drugs, not really poor(!?), cheat the system, have an easy life(ha ha lucky old me) AND I've also caused the deficit!
I wish I had something more than a 20 year old car to show for it, maybe a 2nd home or a duckpond!
As a lifelong supporter of your party I've defended the cuts and the rhetoric from this coalition as something we have to live with due to the last governments mismanagement.
However, after listening to the rubbish coming from Mr Hague and the ill informed comments from my local MP, Mr Ruffley, I've decided to say farewell.
This will mean nothing to you, it's just one vote from a skiver, but I just felt that I needed to let you know.
I don't expect a reply,
Time to go and cheat the system again, oh no I'm can't I busy at work. Maybe another day.