Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Assange Makes UK Look Like a Banana Republic

 A veritable Scarlett Pimpernel of our day, the Wikileaks
chief has managed to outwit and outmanoeuvre the British
authorities. All the time he has managed to have more journalistic scoops in the digital age than most journalists
achieve in a lifetime. Surely, that, coupled with his
legendary ego, has rallied the old media (the landed gentry of this medium) to turn against him. Having consulted a junior
lawyer while all the big wigs were on holiday, Hague thought it was wise that Britain should consider storming the Ecuadorian Embassy. It was sobering to hear a former attorney general expose it as a legal gaffe of the highest order and completely in contravention of international law. So Britain was once again left looking like the bad guys with egg on their face. Worse still that we are left to look as if we are carrying out America's bidding against one of our most cherished ideals, The Freedom of Speech. This is not a constitutional amendment or afterthought but a God given right. In America ,The Land of the Hyperbole, politicians have asked for him to be strung up. They are looking for his aextradition via Sweden on what suspiciously reeks of trumped up charges even though he is only wanted for questioning. He has not refused to be interviewed by Swedish police if his security can be guaranteed. The sort of courtesy the home secretary has extended to the likes of Abu Qatada.
The private alleged to be behind the leak is behind bars as he has violated his military oath. The journalist is now standing on a balcony of a Latin American country's embassy espousing the virtues and sanctity of Free Speech. The scene is Kafkaesque, a grand spectacle which Assange has every intention to relish. This small embassy's balcony has been catapulted to the dock of universal justice and the jury overwhelming find him innocent of exposing war crimes. If Britain as a country cannot show itself to champion Free Speech above any other, then it's once prized position in the world will be irreversibly damaged. As Cameron continues to reshuffle everything that is good and decent with the perversity of injustice and inequity no doubt David Laws will find himself in the cabinet later
today. Some Laws that break laws for personal gain it seems are worth protecting!