Friday, 8 June 2012

The Leveson Inquiry - How much worse can it get?

Having seen the co-chair of the conservative party exposed for fiddling expenses one could
forgive the British electorate for thinking that corruption is the sine qua non of involvement
in Tory politics. The word 'Tory' here is used in the broad sense of the word to include New Labour.
There are two very disturbing aspects to Baroness Warsi's case. First she is the anthropomorphic
personification of the odd turban at the Tory party conferences of the '80's which gave a veneer
of inclusivity but was anything but such. Secondly despite being universally reviled by the Muslim community as being wholly unrepresentative of Muslims in this country she is the most senior Muslim
in government. Through an appointment that was a bow to tokenism without any meritocratic justification she was meant to be the acceptable face of Islam. One that has let down an already maligned community and one which the Tory whips would now rather veil and send off to a madrassah.
As it turns out she is part of the Cameron kleptocracy that pays lip service to faith values but wholly
goes against them. In the faith narrative this is as wholly disturbing for Christians as for Muslims.
Cameron applies the same diluted and non-committal attitude to the Christian faith morphing into a flag of convenience rather than a practising faith. In the context of the moral bankruptcy which has characterised his dealings with the banks and the widespread hardships they have caused this is the recipe for further social unrest. As the Leveson enquiry unfolds the deep seated almost semi-masonic layers of corruption are unravelling.
'Love thy neighbour' it seems was reserved for the elite of the Chipping Norton Set. A wholly crooked pact with the devil to obtain power and serve the elite. Even 'Deep Throat' the nebulous source of the Watergate scandal would have problems swallowing some of the revelations that are coming out of the Leveson Inquiry. Were it not a time of national economic crisis Cameron could not survive this series of humiliations. However the two are not unrelated. His corruption allows him to pursue a policy which is driving small and medium size businesses to the wall. How? By leaving them out of the scam that is the bank bailouts. Government is using taxpayer money to bailout banks who in turn are using the money to buy government bonds instead of lending to businesses and foster growth. You see the business of banking has actually done quite well out of the banking collapse as have their Mignons, The Cameroons. It is just the ordinary workers and business people that are being driven deeper into recession.
   Were Cameron to take a lesson from his own reading of St. Paul's letter to the Romans at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in front of the Commonwealth.

' Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.'

 Then perhaps he could drop the rabble rousing 'multiculturalism has failed' shtick and refrain from
lecturing Merkel's Christian democratic party whose work ethic has allowed them to create one of the
most vibrant economies in history. Their manufacturing base means that 1 in 4 cars in China are now Audi's. Merkel's Germany is not beholden to Europe: it runs it. We on the other hand are taking a false pleasure in watching from the sidelines with Cameron  blowing hot air against the German sails. For we are as dependant on the future of Europe given that more than 50% of our exports go there. We are part of the problem, we're just not part of the conversation that will solve it. The schadenfreude over not being in the Euro is also misjudged. The argument goes that we unlike our European partners have not lost our sovereignty. The truth is we have, just not to Frau Merkel and her cohorts but to Goldman Sachs ET AL. by being overly reliant on the financial sector and allowing them to run a racket of a government which stifles the growth we need for diversification.