Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cash For Access- Corruption is tearing society apart

Once again we see the sad spectacle of a Tory
treasurer beholden to the money of fund managers. No wonder there has been no prosecutions of any note amongst the banking community. No wonder the moral slant of this government is so heavily biased to special interest groups. It's a fix. Ordinary people are beginning to smell the stench and are turning away from political parties to civil disobedience. It would not be an exaggeration to say that corruption in this country has reached the levels of a second world country. Another sad watermark in the inexorable decline of collective responsibilty that has been fostered by the conservative party and New Labour previously. What Tony Blair championed, David Cameron has emboldened. Namely a political class that wants to get all it can and jump ship before the vessel starts going down. Gone are the promises of checks on  lobbying by a party that has embarassingly ditched the mantra of 'we are all in this together'. Notions of a 'Big Society' will also be best remembered by its more fitting acronym. As riots and strike action begin to take over it is our failure to clean up our politics that will be their catalyst. We've had debt before and we can probably do austerity better than most countries but it is lack of fair play that irks the population into a confrontation between the 99% and the 1%. That 1% includes the political class that has become so out of touch with the public at large that it is  not aware it has become unrepresentative of the interests of any of it.
   What can we do? Say no more to the mockery of a party policing itself. Cameron's latest appointment
of Lord Gold to investigate the Cruddas affair has already been flagged as flawed due to the peer's
special interest links. So we hold them to account using freedom of information requests. Follow the money trail of donations and favours granted and use the magnifying glass of transparency to burn through their varying cloaks of respectability. Oh and sign this e-petition!