Sunday, 12 February 2012

From Democracy To Kleptocracy

As leader of the opposition Cameron used to pull up to Houses of Parliament on his bike, chauffeur in tow, casually exchanging a few words of concern with the peace protesters outside Parliament Square. Now he is straddling the world stage, reduced to an arms salesman and ready to carry out the whimsical demands of foreign kleptocratic monarchs. Those whimsical demands include a total disregard for human rights and a war on Iran as exposed by Wikileaks.
For many the AL-Yamama trial was the day justice died in this country. The day when Saudis showed that they are above British justice by threatening to withdraw an arms contract if all charges against Prince Bandar for receiving bribes weren't dropped. It is Cameron's myopic failure to realise that what has kept the UK strong despite failing economic performance is our perceived adherence to the rule of law that insures capital flow into the UK. An amount of capital up and above any that flows in through arms sales. Our failure to diversify away from this morally perverse trade has made us dependent on it. Furthermore implicit in any arms sale is a security guarantee which Britain given it's reduced military clout can no longer provide. Given that the altruistic arguments hold very little sway with a PM oozing with aristocratic arrogance the economic argument needs to be made more forcefully. Of course Cameron feels entirely at ease with this corrupt milieu. This is after all a man who has been brought to power by Aschroft money and Murdoch's morality in the shape of Andy Coulson. Ashcroft was recently exposed by Panorama to have cheated on his tax and The Murdoch Empire's antics has disgusted even the most ardent supporter of their discredited outlets. It's not just that Murdoch held court with our PM as he had with previous PMs- the 'Chipping Norton Set' meant that the likes of Rebekah Wade were his neighbours and friends.
   Given a very weak Labour leader, most of the opposition has come in the form of popular uprisings
such as the Occupy Movement and Anti-War protesters such as Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker
who tirelessly devote their time to ensure that the voice of democratic sanity is heard. Cameron has been as ruthless as a middle eastern dictator to ensure that these protests are suppressed. Brian Haw sadly passed away after ten years of harassment. Two weeks ago in the freezing cold the tents that belong  to Barbara Tucker were confiscated. We have the bizarre situation whereby the only person who is allowed to legally protest outside the houses of Parliament  is essentially trying to be evicted through illegal police tactics. The law brought in by Blunkett to remove this protest was deemed unlawful by the High Court. We need to focus on this stand and the attempt to crush it as it is emblematic of everything that is going wrong with this country. Peaceful protest outside parliament is not an 'eye-sore' but a sight for sore eyes to all those still look towards parliament for true democracy including the millions of tourists who come from countries where this type of protest is outlawed. While Cameron is doing his best to protect the interests of the 1% that have caused this trillion dollar mess legislation is being passed in Parliament to remove the Parliament Square Peace Protest.
please sign the petition below to oppose this and visit BrianHaw.Tv