Monday, 14 November 2011

A Government of the Elite by the Elite and for the Elite

What a bizarre time in history to abandon representative government? the failure of all the respective parties to allow a free vote on Europe once an e-petition of a 100,000 signatories had been presented to downing street shows a disdain for the democratic will of the people. David Cameron has shown himself to be an abject failure in representing any platform on which he stood and there is every reason to fear for the economic welfare of this nation. His failure to live up to his 'cast iron guarantee' on Europe shows that he is not to be trusted and is not a man of his word. Europe is now being held together not for any idealogical dogma but for the benefit of the bankers who were so merrily bailed out at the expense of the taxpayer. Even Marie Antoinette at the height of bourgeois decadence offered the suffering masses some cake but this government has not seen it fit to offer a crumb of comfort to those seeking hope of sustaining themselves and their families with a living wage. Instead this government has chosen to rub salt into the ever widening wound of inequality by letting off the rich bankers that caused alot of this mess and clamping hard on a few rioters. This two tiered system of justice has fragmented society at a time when national unity is of utmost importance. Fake promises of tighter immigration controls have also exacerbated racial divides just at a time when the immigrant population need to be encouraged to use their links with the commonwealth to attract capital from emerging economies such as China and India. It must never be forgotten that David Cameron labeled Gordon Brown 'the great regulator' just before the deregulation that brought on the banking crisis. Furthermore he continually refused to see the international nature of our current economic woes. Yes, Labour caused the hole in the damn, but at least they stuck their finger in decisively to stop the flood by an emergency recapitalisation of the banks. Cue the tories to cast off the corpse of the old government, get their finger out and rebuild the whole darn edifice. What we need now is not austerity but prosperity. How? through a Keynsian fiscal expansion of national purpose. example? why not set out a scheme to build a national motor vehicle which would rekindle the manufacturing base. Let us export a lean green electric mini to the rest of the world. Impossible in today's labour market? No- if the Germans can do it then so can we. The Pr man Cameron sold his new party with a green logo. Clearly we should use the cutting edge of our world class universities to rebuild the manufacturing base that Thatcherism decimated through innovative green technologies. Capital has always flowed into the UK in modern times because of our guarantee to uphold the rule of law. Corruption has been allowed to flourish and after the MP's expenses debacle we have a Prime minister who has revealed his personal character by fraternising with the Murdochs and employing the worst of their minions as chief advisor. When you become a country that cannot guarantee universal justice for all but a select justice for a select few then the whole edifice will come crashing down. It is no exaggeration to say that Cameron's tolerance of corruption whether it be in the form of a defense secretary who used mates to cut side deals or the mendacity of News International has led to a breach of national security. One of his greatest failures is to see how national security is intrisically bound up with economic strength. If protection of the people is the first responsibility of any goverment then as an electorate we too have failed if we do not rise up and boot out a PM who has the will only to secure this for the elite few and not the nation as a whole.