Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tory 'do nothing' approach to racism within the party may sour trans-atlantic alliance

If the New Statesman is to be believed Barack Obama called David Cameron 'a lightweight' after their first meeting. One wonders how much further the relationship
can sour if the Tory leader refuses to show the moral character to clean out the rancid grime of racism that is so ingrained in the fabric of the conservative party.
If change can come to America then such is the economic importance of the UK-US
relationship that change must come to the United Kingdom. This is particularly the case for a party that has wanted to keep its distance from Europe for fear of loss of sovereignty. Somewhere along the line however, the Tories have subconsciously confused sovereignty with significance. The conservatives should tackle racism
with the same fervour that New Labour attacked homophobia. Those openly gay Tories have been quick to forget the journey from the closet to the heart of the establishment. For what it's worth I think Britain's Obama will probably be a gay white Tory as opposed to a person from an ethnic minority simply because of the current cultural demographics within the UK.
Politeness goes a long way with the British electorate. This is certainly reflected in the popularity of politicians. If you needed proof of this you need look no further than Michael Portillo's career. He has transformed from the the arrogant poster child of the Tory party into an affable sofacosy political commentator. I suspect that even though he is less popular with the Party he is more liked by the electorate as a whole.
What is alarming is that those weaned at the very bosom of Thatcherism continue to use words like 'Golliwog' in reference to blacks and are completely oblivious to the offence that they cause. What globalisation means is that if the Tory Party wants to continue to pander to the xenophobic elements of its constituency it will regrettably be doing so at a cost to the national interest. To put it more succinctly the Tory Party should not let its sphincter prowess be used in the retentive art of anal ventriloquism for the BNP because the times, well they are indeed 'a changing'.