Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cameron reneges on 'Cast Iron guarantee' on Europe

As I'm writing this Cameron is nattering in the background on what is categorically one of the biggest U-turns in British political history. He has essentially gone back on his cast iron guarantee to give the British Public a referendum on the future of Europe. He has cobbled together some sort of excuse which won't even wash with his own party. Little wonder that the 2nd question just thrown his way by the ITN journalist was 'How can anyone trust what you say ever again?'. Tony Blair and David Miliband understand that being British Prime Minister is no longer the top job in the UK. That's why they are going for true power- the leadership of Europe.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I don’t know where or when the term ‘Liblabcon’ came into being. The American equivalent ‘Republicrat’ has been used for years in American politics.
Searching in Wikipedia; It is “…a pejorative term used by those who allege the policies of the two parties are in practice indistinguishable.” The entry continues, “An equivalent term used in the United Kingdom is LibLabCon, a pejorative portmanteau referring to the three main political parties.”
The word articulates the growing perception that Britain’s three establishment political parties are fundamentally indistinguishable. It’s an idea that strikes at the heart of the status quo. The ‘difference’ is their justification; if they’re all the same what exactly is the point of Libs, Labs, and Cons?
The mass media and the mainstream political parties have a symbiotic relationship that runs on the energy produced by what they call ‘the political debate’. The politicians provide the entertainment, the media talks about it, and the liberal establishment lives happily ever after. It’s part of the process of maintaining the status of those currently running the show; the effort always is to restrict political thinking to the establishment-approved choice. The media makes a big fuss about the trivia that differentiates Lib, Lab, and Con and presents it as confirmation of choice. At the same time it avoids the fundamentals they share and thus removes them from the political process; the idea is to have us not seeing the wood for the trees.
Liblabcon says that the Lib, Lab, Con thing has lost its momentum, that the establishment-approved choice is no choice, and that the establishment parties have become a political class which now acts primarily in its own best interest. …….it’s only recently that the parties have been seen as fundamentally indistinguishable. The melding of Lib, Lab, and Con began with the post WWII liberal consensus and continued to the point where now they share an almost identical world view and differ only on the minutiae. The term Liblabcon is recognition of this and a means of communicating it.
Britain is as it is today because of the sameness of the establishment parties not because of their difference.
The survival of the ‘big three’ is a function of their ability to maintain an impression of separateness. This is what they spend much of their time doing, telling us how different they are, and the mainstream media supports them in this by presenting them as feasible political choices. They don’t like to talk about what they have in common both because it threatens their viability as alternatives and because it brings to the fore their shared ambition for Britain, which they prefer to keep to themselves.
Yet it seems now that their cover is blown and everything they do to convince us of their difference convinces us of their similarity, exquisitely illustrated by David Cameron’s appeal for ‘new people to stand for the Conservatives - even if they’re not Conservatives’ M.Harriot

Monday, 25 May 2009

A reader has best captured the mood of public outrage at Mp's expenses by invoking Cromwell's Oratory

"It is high time for Me to put an End to your Sitting in this Place, which you have dishonoured by your Contempt of all Virtue, and defiled by your Practice of every Vice;
Ye are a factious Crew and Enemies of all good Government; Ye are a Pack of mercenary Wretches and would, like Esau, Sell your Country for a Mess of Pottage; and like Judas, betray your God for a few Pieces of Money; Is there a single Virtue now remaining amongst you?
Is there one Vice that you do not possess? Ye have no more Religion than my horse! Gold is your God: Which of you have not bartered your Conscience for Bribes?
Is there a Man amongst you that has the least care for the Good of the Commonwealth?
Ye sordid prostitutes! Have you not defiled this Sacred Place, and turned the Lord's Temple into a Den of Thieves by your immoral Principles and wicked Practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole Nation.
Your Country therefore calls upon me to cleanse the Augean Stable, by putting a final Period to your Iniquitous Proceedings in this House, and which by God's Help, and the strength He has given Me, I now come to do.
I command ye, therefore, upon the Peril of your Lives, to depart immediately out of this Place;
Go! Get out! Make haste, ye Venal Slaves, begone!"
Oliver Cromwell 1653

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Parliament

Fraud is Fraud. This is not the tuck shop at Eton where people are given a slap on the wrist for stealing. The Tories are as bad as Labour on this issue and the leader who has the courage and conviction to sack those that have defrauded the British Public should be the next PM. Claiming for Manure...this is beyond satire. Please visit the open letters section to see the level of public outrage.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tory 'do nothing' approach to racism within the party may sour trans-atlantic alliance

If the New Statesman is to be believed Barack Obama called David Cameron 'a lightweight' after their first meeting. One wonders how much further the relationship
can sour if the Tory leader refuses to show the moral character to clean out the rancid grime of racism that is so ingrained in the fabric of the conservative party.
If change can come to America then such is the economic importance of the UK-US
relationship that change must come to the United Kingdom. This is particularly the case for a party that has wanted to keep its distance from Europe for fear of loss of sovereignty. Somewhere along the line however, the Tories have subconsciously confused sovereignty with significance. The conservatives should tackle racism
with the same fervour that New Labour attacked homophobia. Those openly gay Tories have been quick to forget the journey from the closet to the heart of the establishment. For what it's worth I think Britain's Obama will probably be a gay white Tory as opposed to a person from an ethnic minority simply because of the current cultural demographics within the UK.
Politeness goes a long way with the British electorate. This is certainly reflected in the popularity of politicians. If you needed proof of this you need look no further than Michael Portillo's career. He has transformed from the the arrogant poster child of the Tory party into an affable sofacosy political commentator. I suspect that even though he is less popular with the Party he is more liked by the electorate as a whole.
What is alarming is that those weaned at the very bosom of Thatcherism continue to use words like 'Golliwog' in reference to blacks and are completely oblivious to the offence that they cause. What globalisation means is that if the Tory Party wants to continue to pander to the xenophobic elements of its constituency it will regrettably be doing so at a cost to the national interest. To put it more succinctly the Tory Party should not let its sphincter prowess be used in the retentive art of anal ventriloquism for the BNP because the times, well they are indeed 'a changing'.