Thursday, 6 November 2008

What Cameron Can Learn from Obama At Time Of National Economic Crisis

While there are many lessons to be drawn from both the McCain and the Obama Campaigns for team Cameron in order to win a general election one message sticks out.
There can be little doubt that if Barack's winning formula had to be crystallized into one single factor it was his cool,calm and collected approach to world wide economic crisis as opposed to McCains panic. It is here where Cameron has more resembled McCain (a much miscalculated guest speaker at Tory Party Conference) in deciding to break ranks with the government in the midst of
the Banking Crisis. It was almost as if it was too much to bear as Brown led the world
in structuring a rescue model in saving the banking system. By the Bank of England's own admission had the bailout not been handled as competently as it was the UK banking system could have entirely collapsed-a truly frightening thought even in retrospect. Cameron's panic in losing the the limelight to Brown,showed him to put party politics above the national interest.Cameron's superiority at the dispatch box
gains him few votes and Brown's superiority on all things economic has failed to win him many votes if the polls are to be believed. What the UK electorate desperately yearn for is 'change'. In the context of the UK that is a change from the politics of self interest to one of deep concern for the national interest. Both parties are guilty of very unpopular party politics but the party perceived to be delivering on
this much hungered for change in difficult times is the one the British electorate
are most likely to vote in as the next government.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cocaine Conservatism vs Champagne Socialism

There's something fundamentally dishonest in Cameron's assertion that he refuses to
answer questions on cocaine use as this would constitute an invasion of his privacy.
for starters,he has answered questions on the fact that he did not use it as an MP so why not be honest about the times before he became an MP.His silence on this issue may be due to the fact that 28% of voters have stated in a poll that they would be less likely to vote for him if they knew he had used the drug.His fellow Bullingdon club member(see below),Boris Johnson, has admitted that he did use the drug.the buzzword 'cocaine conservatism' ,an amoral come-what-may drive towards the fix of power may define the current opposition in the same way that the term 'champagne socialism' defined New Labour's philosophy.