Friday, 16 November 2007

david cameron's suppressed photo

This is an artist's impression of the secret bullingdon society at oxford.david cameron is second from the left on the top's no wonder that the Tories were glad to see the original removed from the telegraph on the grounds that it infringed
personal copyright.The real reason is more likely to be that the it is an embarrassingly elitist club for the very rich who get their kicks from trashing a property and then trying to pay off the owner with their parents' money and connections.Another one of those facts 'call me Dave' Cameron would want to have conveniently concealed.Boris Johnson can also be seen pictured above and it has emerged that George Osborne also belonged to the Bullingdon club. What's happening to our democracy?

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Tax Lunacy

3,000 of the richest estates in the country will get a benefit totalling £1 billion
under the tax proposals by a future conservative government.this kind of pandering to
the ultra elite will disenfranchise many working class people and bolster the belief
that the conservative party is a party of the rich working in the interests of the rich.The fact that The Cameron's family estate is worth in excess of £30 million pounds means that he personally will do very well out of this policy.Not since Mary
Antoinette uttered 'Let Them eat cake' has a european member of the aristocracy(yes,he's related to the queen!!)shown such outrageous avarice and contemptible ambivalence to fate of the nation's poor.