Tuesday, 26 June 2007

When you silence debate on europe....

The essence of the new european constitution has been passed into law through the backdoor as a direct result of a dithering lack of vocal opposition.
our constitutional rights such as the freedom of speech have to be in tow with european sensibilities.
it may be that the type of political satire displayed on this site is deemed illegal.no doubt high profile cases will make the exact nature of the repercussions
for our day to day lives more apparent.Although any
opposition from the party that took us into europe was bound to be rebuffed,it's the total abandonment of principal for power that sticks in the throat.
Quentin Davies MP defected to the Labour party today saying of Cameron's leadership;
'It has no bedrock. It exists on shifting sands. A sense of mission has been replaced by a PR agenda."
Mr Davies added: "Although you have many positive qualities you have three, superficiality, unreliability and an apparent lack of any clear convictions, which in my view ought to exclude you from the position of national leadership to which you aspire and which it is the presumed purpose of the Conservative Party to achieve. In his letter, he wrote: "Under your leadership the Conservative Party appears to me to have ceased collectively to believe in anything, or to stand for anything."

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Adolf Hitler becomes this site's agony uncle!

herr Adolf,the second most prodigious mass murderer of all time,has agreed to provide his advice to all your problems social,political or personal.His arch rival
Joseph Stalin has been relegated to working for Gordonbrown.com in the same capacity.please send your queries to info@davidcameron.com.

Herr Adolf,
I am very concerned about climate change and the impact it will have on our lives,especially here in leafy Surrey.Felicity,Guildford


Dear Felicity,

Climate change is a myth propagated by the jew scientist and disseminated by the jewish controlled media.I refer you to the Daily Mail article which has correctly debunked the whole phenomenon. I have to keep my response brief,as I am beside myself with excitement at the
progress made at the G8 Heiligendamm summit,in my homeland of Germany.I earnestly believe that the plans are in place to once and for all decimate the continent of Africa.bst rgds A.H

Mr Adolf,
What do You think about Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton?

Dear Paul,
This is a mere distraction from the rise of Germany as Europe's dominant force. I have always found the British royal family to be on message. The queen's uncle was a favourite of mine.However by marrying this gypsy peasant they will dilute their German Battenburg bloodline. Even so, I am flattered at the coded compliment for setting the wedding date on 29th of April. That was of course the anniversary date of my marriage to Eva Braun. Something the Jew Media have not yet picked up on! rgds A.H

Herr Hitler,
What did you think of Cameron's speech on the failure of state multiculturism? Are you in any shape or form envious of the Labour Party's
newest asset the shadow chancellor of the exchequer?

Dear Gertrude
Like it? I bloody wrote it for him over a year ago. He agreed to give the speech in Munich with the proviso that he could change the term Jew for Muslim. He said he was going to wait for the economy to really need distracting from before he used it. As for the new shadow chancellor i'm not familiar with him but his father did evade my capture during the war sheltering in the Albert Hall. In my case I found one Ed quite sufficient
and as dogma disagree that two Ed's are better than one.
As ever A.H

Dear Adolf,
With your past experience of dealing with unpleasant charaters, what would you do if one of your close commanders accused one of your gate guards of being a pleb?


  1. First of all I would have probably instigated it then have him hung (not shot reserved for non-plebs).
    I would have thought Herr Smitt that you would not waste the Fuhrer's time with such simple bureaucracy.
    Let Goebels deal with this crap!
    rgds A.H
    P.S Ein Volk. Ein Fuhrer

Dear Mr Hitler,
   Is Schauble your natural heir or Cameron in restricting sovereignty? Please respond with reference to Mein Kamp…..
stavros papadopolus, North London

Stavros you are a lazy bloody Greek why can't you read Mein Kampf for Yourself. Since you are
genetically sub standard in your DNA make-up I suppose I can answer your question with this:
And before you ask you can't borrow any money…..A.H

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Send in your video logs/opinions

Cameron's policy think-tank headquarters exposed!So who said he wasn't Green.....

Monday, 4 June 2007

Toff Love

David Cameron has chosen 16(!) old etonians to be on his front benches.That's giving the term shadow government a sinister twist.That of a secret society with an old boy network organised

to keep the status quo,where everyone should know their place in society and no-one should rise above their station.One of his Old Etonians,Guy Kruger, was sacked as a result of calling for

the "creative destruction" of Public services.However in line with the old Etonian song "Nothing

in Life shall sever the chain that is around us now" Cameron reinstated him.with disappointing

actions such as this the etonian connection may prove cameron's undoing especially as he tries to square the circle of tax cuts and improved public sector services.For now,his assault on grammar schools has given an insight into a mindset that wants to reserve the best for a very chosen few ,angering his grass-roots,while he pays lip service to 'opportunity and service for all.'

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Saturday, 2 June 2007

open letters to david cameron

More Recent Open Letters Section has moved here

Dear David,
I read with interest your article in the Daily Telegraph today about 'smashing the complacency' that exists in the education system. In my opinion there have examples of good leadership from you since you arrived at no 10 but I wish to share with you some insights I was fortunate enough to benefit from last week. I was moved to this by the rhetoric of your article - the tone about shaking and smashing your way through the education 'war zones'. I was last week introduced to the incompatibility of the changes we require (across the entire spiders web of our society) - such as reducing our emissions by 80% and, yes, changing our education system - and our current approach to resolving these issues - grow the economy by making 'stuff' (and emissions), smashing and shaming our way through education. We need a new approach and I met a man last week who has such an idea - Sir John Whitmore. He is the Grandfather of coaching in this country and has a very enlightened approach to education (in my words it is not all about knowledge - we do not want generations of Mr Gradgrind's - it is at least if not more about wisdom) and the path to resolving our emissions and other challenges - collaboration. He too has a way to deliver these results - coaching . I'm quite sure Sir Michael Wilshaw is a very talented and committed man, but please seek counsel from Sir John and also Richard Dunn, a headmaster at Ashley Primary School in Walton on Thames employing these methods and delivering the kind of education I think we all wish to see. The ideas Sir John has cut across our entire society - indeed the globe - and I believe a half hour phone call would enlighgten you to how we need to think totally differently to the way we do in order to resolve these challenges (and, to be frank, put GB back 31on its feet). Get buy in to change, don't just embarrass and hit those trying to teach our children. Yours sincerely Mark Norfolk
  14/11/2011 DAVID I am pained to here that the act of settlement is being attacked again by the Roman Catholic. Populations of our commonwealth.This is going on and on, and they will not settle till they have repealed the act of settlement that has been in existence since 1701, and the Bill of rights which dates back to 1689.I am sorry that you as Prime Minister have allowed this to happen, this will open the flood gates and once they get in there,Will be no peace in our country until they make Great Britain Roman Catholic again.Martin Luther and John Knox will be turning in there graves, at this time when the death knell of Protestantism sounds.This is the first step they have envisaged for years.Under the roman catholic Cannon law 1124/1125 compels the offspring of any marriage to be brought up in the R.C. faith. This in turn will then need the various legislation to be altered to suit, IE:-The act of Succession1543, The Coronation Oath act 1688,The Act of settlement 1701, The acts of Union1707&1800/The Royal Marriages act 1772/The Statute of Westminster/The Regency act1937, and various other acts in vogue.Now all they need to do is marry one that is in line to the throne and that will be the end of a Protestant monarch, as of the Roman Catholic decree of all children in a mixed marriage should be brought under the papal rule and made to swear allegiance to Rome.I always thought that this would be protected by the Commonwealth and that it would take all the heads of the commonwealth to change this and not just the heads of the member states that have the Queen as their head of state.This is another way to break up the Great Britain ,what with SNP trying to create a referendum that will give them autonomy to claim that Scottish people want a separate country ,and this is no nearer the truth ,we are patriotic to the Queen and country that is Great Britain and the Commonwealth.We are allowing the country to be dragged back to the dark ages when the Roman Catholic had all the sway in our country and now with all the immigrant population coming in they will soon put us right back there.The pope in a statement a couple of years ago stated that the will be targeting the return to their faith all those that have turned against it. It may take them a long time but they will persevere.That will not be too long if we allow all this to regress and give full credence to the repealing of these several act/declarations.We need to protect our sovereign and the Act of Union ,The church of England ,Scotland and the other churches and faiths that are present in Britain ,a if we give credence to the Roman Catholic wants,We will over a period lose all these Rights that our Forefathers fought for, and has served us well in the past .It is now with all these attacks on our heritage that we are having such a bad time, people loosing their respect for Queen and country and with these watered down acts ,we will soon be loosing our Faith .The Roman Catholic Church does not recognise the Church of England’s Orders, Nor the Church of Scotland, and the present pope was the one who drew up the cannon law that denounces these Churches, and stated that,No other church, other than the R.C church has credence over the entire World.We would also see the Supreme Governor of the Churches be Roman Catholic .Our CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR ALL, would be rewritten for they would not give credence to that statement.We would also see a destabilisation of the Church of England ,the demise of the Church of Scotland ,that which ,they have tried and failed for hundreds of years .we would then have to go back to the days of Conventicle worship(from our Presbyterian history).The Vatican would then have undue influence in the running of our country and parliament, and would not think twice to put their oar in.I am sorry for the rant but we forget what could happen if the rest of the Commonwealth countries agree to this, our Commonwealth would be on more.Yours truly, Douglas O
2/11/11 Dear David Cameron Strange though it may seem I think it is time to start thinking about how this country can join the Euro. The simple facts are that we are being marginalised by not being in. We cannot influence decisions and yet their decisions have a profound effect upon us. I have no doubt that the Euro crisis will sort itself out and then we will be sandwiched between two strong reserve currencies the Dollar and the Euro. The UK is simple not strong enough to go it alone and when one looks at the countries not in the Euro with the exception of Denmark and Greece they are all the former Comecon countries and many of these will seek membership once they are strong enough. Europe is our major trading partner and the biggest market on earth. Why your government do not start making some pro comments and start selling the benefits I do not know. Finally the last Gilt auction should give you some casuse for concern. It was only just covered. We have a higher ratio of debt to GDP than Spain so what happens when we cant go on borrowing 14 billion a month. We also have a huge current account defecit and a level of unemployment that is non sustainable. How some of your members believe that leaving the EU would help us is a mystery to me as is why opt outs were not sought with the Human Right's Act. In a worst case scenario we will see a run on the Pound. We have been there before and I see no reason why it won't happen again and unlike Greece and Portugal there is no one to bail us out. Yours sincerley Dr Humphrey S
  26/10/11 The recent widespread violence, looting and riots in London and across the country are all clear indications that many people have moved away from God, righteousness, law and order and have become their own gods. They have very little regards for others, for God and His WORD, especially, The Ten Commandments. (Exodus 20:1-17) Consequently, we are reaping what we are sowing. Standards for what is godly and right have fallen to the lowest. We see this in the homes with dysfunctional families, in the schools where indiscipline is escalating, and we see it in the rise of the prison populations and the London riots. In view of the above, I think it is imperative that we all do our part to try and restore the fabric of our society and promote those values that bind us together in love, respect, and neighbourliness. As part of my humble contribution to these efforts, I would like to propose the following: 1. Call for an annual National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving. The Holy Bible says, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14, NIV.) 2. Bring back God and Bible reading in Parliament, schools, prisons, and other public areas, especially, The Ten Commandments that show love and respect for God and our neighbours. 3. Have guidance counsellors in all schools (primary schools to universities.) I am willing and available to start a pilot project. Before relocating to England to join my husband, I worked as a successful Christian guidance counsellor for 12 years in Jamaica, West Indies. I was very disappointed to discover that there are no guidance counsellors in the school that my daughter attends in Cambridge. 4. Provide beneficial and constructive activities for youth during holidays. Practical steps need to be taken urgently to curtail indiscipline, unemployment, crime and violence. It would help, if nationally, more programmes are developed to identify people who are creative and innovative to teach technical skills to the youth. Doing this could generate more employment options as well as providing beneficial things for bored youth to take part in. My mother used to say, "The devil finds work for idle hands." There are far too many young people in England, who are not engaged in constructive, wholesome activities during the holidays. When I was young, I was taught practical skills by seniors, who were willing to pass on their trades and skills to the youth. These skills included: agriculture, art and craft, carpentry, cooking, dressmaking, hair dressing, mechanics, plumbing, among others. As a trained teacher with a Diploma in Home Economics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work and a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, I am qualified to help students with personal and family problems. I can teach career guidance, conflict management, etiquette and social graces. Personal development and numerous subjects pertaining to self-actualisation and civic consciousness mean a lot to me and I would take pride in helping students with these. (Please see my LinkedIn Page/Profile.) Over the years, I have used the Bible as my main textbook to help hundreds of students develop good conduct, admirable character and moral values. I have helped them to set personal goals, excel in school, develop self-discipline and good manners. I also believe that teaching respect for themselves, others and other people’s property can help prevent child abuse, sexual exploitation, gang warfare, drug abuse and ultimately, untimely death. Gang warfare, teenage pregnancy and suicide are becoming very widespread and I feel that guidance and counselling, kindness and teaching God's love can help reduce these. This does not just apply to youth but can also help adults facing similar problems. My Vision: Part of my vision would be to use my summers to assist as a camp counsellor or volunteering in school projects, community endeavours and prison ministries with people, who are wiling to help. We would have professional people teaching practical skills to youth in agriculture, arts, carpentry, cooking, first aid, sports, etc. They would learn how to communicate effectively, how to lead by setting good examples for others and to be good role models and mentors. In addition, the youth would plan and organise projects, utilise their time and talents and share with those less fortunate, for example, visiting children’s homes, beautifying their communities, parks and schools, and volunteering in Golden Age homes. These projects could be as basic as teaching computer skills to senior citizens, combing their hair, cutting their lawn, reading and singing for someone in hospital. Mature youth could be participating in tasks as challenging as decorating homes, caring for those who are physically challenged, or doing a summer job for work experience. I believe that, by not providing enough practical activities for youth, removing the Bible from schools and Parliament and not allowing them to take part in enjoyable projects to productively pass time, we are destroying our next generation and future leaders. I also believe that it is the duty of everyone, every parent and every responsible member of every community to contribute to finding solutions to current social problems, and by extension, to the government’s noble idea of The Big Society. hope that my contribution will be considered within the multi-faceted, multi-sectoral attempts to identify practical solutions to challenges our communities are facing as seen through the riots in London and other parts of the country, over-population in prisons and pervasive lawlessness and disregard for other people’s lives and property. “ Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about these things.” (Philippians 4:8, NIV.) Yours in Christ's Service Annette B
  10 august 2011
Dear Mr Cameron
I have never put in writing before to a prime minister my thoughts about the state of my country. I say my as it is my country, sadly it is also yours but you seem to be intent on ruining it from every direction possible.I fully understand that there is a recession on and that it is worldwide so I don’t hold you entirely responsible for that, but I do hold you and your party responsible for the broken promises you have made concerning so many massively important things which make everyday life possible for the people of this country. You see Mr Cameron you don’t live in the same country as I do, you and your like don’t have to worry about your jobs, your pensions, your mortgages, your children’s education or university fees. You don’t really have to worry about your family being victims of crime or taking ill and going into an overstretched NHS system, cancer being treated on the NHS when drugs aren’t available due to cost that could help people, welfare benefits, excessive immigration, and jobs situations have no impact on you-BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY OF THOSE THINGS AFFECTING YOU DIRECTLY. I am so sick to the back teeth of hearing how sympathetic you as politicians all are to the everyday struggles of British people. Our children can’t get mortgages or homes, and now you have taken away (you may dress it up saying you haven’t) help for so many of our young people to stay in 6th form and go on to University. In my whole life I have never known such unhappy people with so many worries and such stress to deal with in our streets. The feeling of sadness and stress is palpable and it is therefore no surprise that our country is reacting and rioting. Many of us don’t really give a care about the Olympics because trust me we won’t be the ones who benefit. So it’s important that we portray an image that you all feel is good for Britain through our Olympic venture I’m sorry Mr Cameron its bottom of most peoples list as a worthwhile event as we have far bigger things on our plates to deal with. What is the point of an image? It’s all pretence, it is just an image, I as a grandmother of 50 can put on my make-up get my hair done and dress up I may look good to the world on the outside, but underneath the image I could be hiding so much-it’s just an image so what good would that be at the end of the day, it doesn’t stop the feelings going on underneath the image or dissatisfaction or unhappiness-just like this country, image isn’t priceless but wellbeing and happiness is. Concerning the rioting that has just begun over the past few nights it seems to me that this was an explosion waiting to happen in this country, it seems as if a blue touch paper has been lit, just how long did you all think people would continue to put up with living in this country under a government that takes takes takes without something happening. People have no more to give and still you take. Our prisons are full so you let criminals walk free, our police are stretched to the limits and still you expect more of them, our military is trying to do a job without the necessary equipment and you cut back on the police, the forces, the NHS, Fire service, Paramedics and so on, you pay some doctors too much and others and those at the coalface including nurses not enough, you throw money at stadiums etc. and give pitiful amounts to old people’s homes etc. Education is definitely now out of reach for so many people, and jobcentres etc. are totally out of touch with reality, have you ever tried to deal with these people, they are rude uninterested and clearly have nothing to offer anyone who goes in seeking help for employment or advice, they can’t even be civil half the time. Why should I pay to prop up other peoples pensions this is something that should never have happened I can’t even afford a private pension for myself! I could go on and on with frustration and I thought I would feel better after venting my spleen so to speak but I don’t. I have watched since you and that idiot Clegg took over this country things get worse and worse for the common man so to speak. When I voted Conservative I voted for one party I didn’t vote for the partnership that you took it upon yourselves to create. That was so wrong, and I along with so many people felt cheated of our votes, however, in defence of Mr Clegg I now realise that it’s the pair of you who are as bad as each other and neither one seems to be capable of running this country in a way to suit even a tiny section of the populous. I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time but a few of them now and then on occasion would be a start! I would never trust your party again; you have broken my home country! No houses, no jobs, Poor NHS, overstretched Police, MPs running amok with expenses, chronic banking system, no fair welfare assessment/system, useless Civil Service, Wage cuts, Way too much money being given in aid to undeserving countries and not enough consultation with British people ON ANYTHING, Social Services very poorly organised and run, nowhere for our old people to live safely and cared for, hospices, disabled homes etc. surviving on fundraising, groceries, fuel prices and everyday necessary items going up and up-we are struggling to make ends meet! We need to have one law for all with sentences that are fair and just and served in full and delivered by a judicial system that is in touch with reality, and don’t you find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Appleby almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the county of Cumbria and, they even tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate something like125, 000 illegal immigrants wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow because as far as I know this situation hasn’t changed!! There is not enough of ANYTHING for anybody!! Politicians on holidays at a time when this country needs strong leadership if nothing else….do you know how many people aren’t having holidays at all in this country because they can’t afford it, how dare you all assume your entitlement to a “break” and parade the fact that you have cut holidays short to come back to take the lead as your country needs you as if it was a huge favour. I ask myself if we wouldn’t be better off if you all took a permanent break and we start all over again with a government who we all vote for on the basis of if there’s likely to be a coalition we go back to the beginning and vote again until we get one strong party in charge, working for the people with care compassion empathy trust and professionalism, because not only did you sell out just to get into no.10 but you and Clegg are each other’s puppets and not in a position to run this country. I am embarrassed for you all Mr Cameron and you should be hanging your head in shame.Mrs C. Osborne, Grandmother-most definitely unhappy, dissatisfied and ticked off!
15 oct 2010
Dear Sir,
I am 61 and I have been diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer, this disease is incurable. Prostate Cancer is curable. Over 30,000 men in the UK aged over 50, will contract Prostate Cancer and 1 in 3 will die from the disease. I have a lesser chance than that. Why? because my cancer was not found soon enough.
If men had a national screening programme from 50 + my cancer WOULD have been found sooner, and maybe it might have also been found soon enough for it only to be a swollen prostate and nothing more sinister.
I have had my future plans destroyed.
I implore you to make money available to fund a screening programme. You never know, it could save your life, as well as others.
Yours faithfully,
Barry J

May I offer the following advice
a) For the good of the Country and b) For your own Political survival.

When announcing the unpopular but necessary spending cuts on 20th October, you must also announce significant Tax increases for those "With the broadest shoulders".
The vast majority of the electorate will applaud you, on the basis of "Fairness" if those earning say over £1m or even £500,000 pay what I would call a "CREDIT CRISIS TAX LEVY" OF 10 OR 20% ABOVE THE HIGHEST TAX RATE FOR A FIXED 2 YEAR PERIOD.

I don't know how much this would bring in, but it could help to reduce some of the most sensitive cuts.
It would also let those least able to survive the cuts to see that the rich are playing their part in helping out the Country.

The 2 year limit lets the rich know it is a temporary levy to help us over the worst.

That would undermine for decades your political opponents.
Please pass this to your Chancellor.

Dear Mr Cameron

I am watching PMQ at the moment. I have grown up children, I have always voted Conservative, but I am shocked by your initial performance today. Mr Miliband got the upper hand, what has happened? You were clearly uncomfortable with your response to his question about child benefits.

There are few people in the country who agree with you that the proposed changes are right. Whilst we all agree that the wealthier earners should contribute to getting the country out of the horrendous mess that we are in, the proposals on child benefit are clearly unfair. Why not just answer that these proposals will be reviewed. If you do not agree that they are unfair, then there will be little hope for the future. What staggers me is that there are obviously some very talented people working in the Treasury who should have stated the obvious, so that this embarrassment could have been avoided. It would have been much easier to end child benefit at age 16!

Finally, when you were in opposition, you stated continually that the Prime Minister should answer the question. I couldn't agree more. Now you are Prime Minister, please don't be hypocritical, just answer the question. Thank you.

Kind regards
David Milford

Dear Mr Cameron

I am a public sector worker who has given twenty five years of service to this country and am now subject
to a two year pay freeze, a squeeze on my pension and have been subject to the crippling taxation measures
of the previous administration.

Imagine my surprise this morning when it was announced that benefit claimaints will receive an increase of 3.1%
from April and another increase in the following April if inflation is still in positive territory.

What sort of country rewards those who do not contribute while punishing those who do?

You gave a speech last week about all of the country having to contribute apparently this does not apply to benefit
claimaints and instead of worrying about 'gold plated' public sector pensions you really need to be looking at the
gold plated benefits that give a standard of living far and above what is required.

I was a Conservative supporter at the last election I am not sure I will be at the next.

Regards Paul Turpin.

Dear Mr. Cameron

I am a 65 year old woman, now retired.
I am so pleased that you are reviewing the benefits system. I really do hope that you will change the system and that people who are able to work do so.
I have two grown up children and never expected anyone to pay for me to have them, I would in fact have loved to have had more but knew that to give them a decent start in life I had to stop at two.
We all have choices in life and I do feel that the benefits system that is in place at the moment gives out the wrong signals and some people feel that they can have as many children as they want and not have to work to support them and themselves.
I am very pleased that the Conservatives are in power (along with the Libdems) and I know that you stand for the same values as me and my husband.
On a personal note we lost our eleven year old granddaughter to Cancer on 9th May 2009, I know that it has totally devastated our family and I feel for you and your wife and family over the death of your little boy.

With kind regards
Liz Nicholls (Mrs.)


While I support you need to make cuts re the child benefit do you realise that people on £45.000 year don, t get luxuries are not rich and barely survive on this. We have a high mortgage and pay all our bills and have no money left at the end of the month due to the high cost of living.Our child benefit helps towards the children s sporting activities without this they wouldnt be able to do sport after school.What I am angry is that your taking it away from the single earners and not where a family jointly takes home £80.000 are you not suppose to be targetting them. There the ones with the money, I find this totally unfair. what do you suppose to do about this otherwise the rich will become richer and the middle class stuck in poverty. You also say there are jobs out there it took my husband 18 months to get an I T job as a project manager and he applied for 1000 s of jobs and no luck if it was nt for benefits how would we survived we would nt of ended up with no home for our children ,I m angry that you have reduced the mortgage you pay for people out of work can this not be means tested on whether people have worked and want to work, during the time my husband was out of work he would have a taken a job for £10,000 but we could nt have paid the mortgage on this if you agreed to take a job with low pay could you help these type of people by given them help with the mortgage and council tax .

Diane Capon

Hi I am writing to you as someone who is concerned at the approach you are taking to cutting housing benefit. In my view the main concern is that you are doing this as a 'one size fits all' policy. Rents in London are extremely expensive., particularly in places such as Kensington and Chelsea, where,for example, you can pay £525.00 a week for a two bedroom flat. If you set a cap at £400, someone who is unemployed, would have to find an extra £125.00 a week based on this sum. Rents vary across the country, and if a cap is set, it would make more sense to do thi different rates, according to where, and how expensive rents are, in each borough and area across the country. I also think that there will be a knock on effect, because people who normally do not mind renting their private properties to the unemployed, will not bother any more, which in turn will reduce housing stock available to people in this unfortunate position. I cannot tell you how to run the country but I just think that this policy will, in my view create a much bigger problem in the near and immediate future and will put more pressure on the government to build new affordable housing both for renting and purchasing.

Dear Mr Cameron 22June 2010
Furthermore, this does not only apply to people who are unemployed it will also affect people who work who are on low incomes. Because their are people, because their earnings are low, are still in receipt of some housing benefit assistance towards paying their rent.
I was very pleased to hear you are happy to receive views from the public. Here is my experience as a National Health administrative worker.
For over 8 years, I have been employed as a secretary by a hospital in Kent. When I first started, things were not perfect, but the service worked. There were too many clinics for the hours allocated, but we all worked very hard, pulled together and made sure the job was done. We had little input from management, which seemed happy to leave us to our own devices, knowing that we would do what was necessary. Unfortunately, as the years have gone on, the service has deteriorated markedly.
For some reason, management of our department has increased significantly - I now have the regular, almost saturating, input of 3 managers, who do not actually work in our department and have no idea how it works, although they like to pretend they do. They employ staff to sit and work alongside me, without even asking what is required in the department - the decision as to whom they chose is theirs and theirs alone. It doesn't seem to matter that they send people who cannot, or will not do the work, as long as they have somebody sitting on the seat, they seem to feel their job has been done. Ours is an extremely busy department, requiring huge commitment and experience, yet we do not seem ever to get the right people for the job. Whilst our Trust sprouts on about policies of "fairness", those working at grass roots level know this is not what we get. It is an unfair system, often headed by unfair managers, who seem only to pay lip service to such policy. The same came be said for other policies such as Health and Safety and Data Protection - they all sound very good on paper, but in practise, they are just nuisance policies, which are too expensive or unrealistic to every really be put in place.
At a time when we are told we must desperately save money, we are ordered to go on training course, the content of which we already know, often only too well! The week before last, for example, I had to go on an hour long course, as did scores of other people, which was headed by three Trainers - one delivered the blurb (which everybody I spoke to knew already), another stood and looked pretty by a projection screen, whilst the third member of their team sat looking at us, the audience. We were all given a nice handout to take away to add to the many piles of paperwork we have accumulated and which, as things stand, we will never have the time to look at. Whilst I do realise that we have to train to stay ahead of the game, I am not convinced that many of the courses we MUST attend, which take us away from our mountain of duties, are at all necessary (I will not even mention the CRS system here!).
We work in an environment in which unfairness rules and in which the wasting of time and resources is common practise. In my department we now have typists who do not (maybe cannot) type, appointments clerks who do not make appointments and managers who do not seem to know how to, or even what, to manage. I mean this in all honesty. We have one side of an office working flat out, whilst the other side has very little to do. Whereas they were once expected to help, staff sitting opposite me can now absolve themselves of this responsibility and chat to each others, seemingly endorsed by managers who have told them they must help because they are now deemed a separate department.
I would like to say that I am very much in agreement with your proposed cooperative schemes, where staff who are doing jobs can manage themselves. In my department, we used to do this anyway, before managers decided that they could do it better - perhaps this is why we are in such a pickle! I have been a secretary for over 30 years and believe I do a very good job and know what I am doing. It can be very upsetting and counter-productive when the powers that be try to tell you how to do your job, even when you know that they are very wrong. The people paying for these mistakes are the patients and the public (via their purse). I would certainly embrace such a scheme because at least then, I would be left to do the job I am good at doing, whilst at the same time helping the people we are there to serve. Any advice you can give me here would be much appreciated.

Please, Mr Cameron, restore some order to the sinking ship that is the NHS and free us from these expensive chains of bureaucracy before we all disappear under water.

Yours sincerely

Vanda Krutnik
Mr Cameron

I have been told Police Pension won't be touched or changed under a Conservative government, there are lots of flaws in this argument considering that police numbers have dramatically increased and a report revealed by Sir Ronnie Flanagan under Labour the number must go dow, paper work cut and getting more out of the beat, the Police budget particularly London is huge, there is big budget deficit and the Police are receiving the best pension schemes some more than serving soldiers, care workers, paramedics. This needs to cut.

The trust in Public and Police highlighted in cases such as Fiona Pilkington in which the police were out of touch with her concerns and after years of bullying from youths committs suicide.

It's not always about having high numbers if you can achieve a good effect with lower personnel.

The government has run out of cash and will be allocating massive contributions to Police Officers. Police personnel in London contribute 11% of their monthly salary they also receive the best conditions and benefits of service. Upon retirement they can receive a over a colossal £110,000 lump sum tax free and £1,458 monthly allowance. (This does take in account wage increases to come so the total figures will be much higher for the lump sum and monthly allowance, also some officer salaries vary i.e. sergeant, PCs) There are over 33,000 Metropolitan Police Officer in London. In effect the Government is contributing the vast majority over of their pension. From 2006 the scheme for which there are much less Officers on the scheme is less generous but still very high.
Police Officer do deserve a good pension for the work they do but this is excessive in the context of Army Personal who have a much lower pension and a higher risk job this is unfair.

With a massive budget deficient and how how does the government expect this to be paid as well as all the other huge public sector pensions, the debt will continue to rise and tax and cuts to some hard pressed services will be the only solution.
What will the conservative do about Police pensions?

Terrence, E11 London
10 may 2010

As a supporter of your party all my life (I'm now 67 years of age) please pander no longer to the Lib Dems. The right strategy, in my view, is to back off and let them get on with it. In 6 or even 12 months time, there will be another election. You will trounce them. Bide your time and we we have a proper government and a proper Prime Minister.

It's yours for the taking - but not right now.

My very best wishes,

10 may 2010
Dear Mr Cameron

my family voted for you because
we believed in you
1.Family values
2.taking responsibility

3.taking economic cuts now ,we know they are necessary and we believe there is alot of wasted money in goverment and the civil service and the creation of qwangocratic red tape measures that give jobs to people with no purpose to gain a result .
4.we want the working population to be rewarded for there efforts not those on benefit.I have worked for 40 years ,I stll enjoy my work.I despise the goverment that continues to overspend .

You wish to cut salaries to yourself and your tory members by 5% ,we respect that .

I have run a business for 27 years and i have tried cutting costs desperately for the last three years .I think i have my head above water now.

5 you offer a transparency of open politics .you come across as honest and believing in what is important for britain and its people.
DO NOT STOP BELIEVING AND TELLING US THAT .the majority of the nation voted for you because weTRUSTyou above any other goverment.The most important thing I do in my job as a hotelier in a local community is to be trusted and people always come back.
Liberal dems talking with labour STINKS.Clegg said he would talk with the party who had tha most votes.I thought he was a man of integrity.He is now talking with labour before your negotiations have finished.
If lab and lib dems form a pact then the markets will dive and the country will be in a deeper crisis.
Let them
Keep with what you believe there will be another election and you will get a majority because no one will trust the lib dems .
would you not like to have an enviroment where recession does not affect the british who have homes .Try this for a suggestion
everyone over the age of 18 is entitled to a mortgage of say 4.5% fixed for life
perhaps they should pay a deposit 20%.
then whenever a country hits recession every 12 to 15 years it does not make a difference to the mortgage payer
It means that if goverment ,bank of england and banks do there jobs well they will win i.e .5% interest they will make good profit .If they do there jobs badly they will suffer however the money they earn in the good times will pay for there poor management .Unless of course they spend it all during the good times ,as Labour has managed to do .
Why should'nt a goverment and bank work like a normal business.
Remember we are all happy with our lot until we compare it with someone else.
if we had the same mortgage payments we would all be in the same boat.
Regulation on fuel is an idea that we like as we can budget accordingley.We forget that in 2008 when petrol reached £1.35 per ltr we went into recession.we blamed banks but we had to spend 20% less because we still had to buy the petrol.
It happened in the 70's the oil went up drastically and we went into recession.
Oil holds the world the world to ransom and whichever goverment is in ,,it makes no difference .
can you make a difference Mr Cameron ?
Regards John Richardson
P S You probably will not even read this message which saddens me ,but just maybe!

Dear David,    
I am increasingly becoming angry with myself for voting conservatives and urging my family to do so as well.

Please stop begging to form a coalition with Mr Clegg in such a demeaning way.
If u really want to do the best for the country look for a coalition with labour.
Have u considered HRH The Queen, bring her back and let her rule us and take the country forward.
Lib dems walked away with less seats than last time how come he is deciding who rules us??????????????????????????????
19 Jan 2010
Dear Mr Cameron,
I hope you will take the time to read this as it just might give you some ideas to shock and shake this country into the 22nd centenary!
I’ve spent much time suffering from our NHS inadequacies over the last few years and I think I have a lot to rant about. However as I sit down to start my rant I think about the other issues currently plaguing our country and realised that I don’t know where to start.

Initially, yes of course it’s our slowly dying NHS service, under staffed and under funded, ah but what about our Armed forces suffering the same deprivation or our Education service which is also under funded and ill equipped. What about our police force having to pound the streets, not for our protection but their own lively hoods! We’re all overweight apparently but leisure centres all over the country are threatened with closure.

The list of decay for our country is endless.

We expect our NHS staff force to work for salaries that don’t reflect their dedication or takes into consideration their personal situations when dictating new terms and conditions of work. It’s the same in education, our police force and our armed forces. None of these bodies, the majority of which are totally gutted by the way they are being treated. Many are so passionate about the jobs that they do, it really hurts when they don’t get the tools to do the job properly and then are penalised for not doing a good job! How unfair is that?

These people are the ground force of this country and if we don’t start taking pride in them and show the squaddies, student doctors & nurses, trainee teachers and police cadets to name but a few, that they are cared about and admired for entering such professions and show those who have stood the test of time in these professions that they are respected, then the attitude of this country will continue to become one of complacency and arrogance which I believe is the attitude we are currently breeding in this country.

OK not every young person goes out to get paralytic every weekend and not everyone is rude, offensive and discourteous. However ask any one working in the above professions how many they come across during their working week and I guarantee it will be many. Of course we have to bear in mind that these ‘young’ people have acquired these attitudes from their peers and so think its ok to behave in such a manor.

With role models such as Amie Winehouse and Britney Spears constantly being paraded in the media, its nor the wonder that people think they can be insolent and are so confident with this manner that it spills out into our streets and onto people who don’t deserve this attitude.

We live in a country called Great Britain for goodness sake and quite frankly I’d like to know where the Great has gone?

Come on Mr Cameron get real with the general public and get tough with those who don’t want to face up to the facts of life in 2010 recession Briton i.e. Bankers who think they are worth such huge bonuses, politicians who think they can play the system for their own gain and dole spongers. All these people who think its clever to make false claims on our money.

Many people despised Margaret Thatcher for her forthright attitude but right now we need a leader who has the guts to stand up and tell it like it is. Most of the people in this country want to work are happy to work hard but little by little the opportunity to earn is being taken away in the name of profit. Surely in this current climate companies should, rather than close up and take their employment abroad to exploit poor countries that offer cheap labour just work with their current workforce as if offered a salary reduction or redundancy I believe that many would agree to a temporary salary reduction. As a government you should encourage businesses to look at ways to make this a viable option.

I want to vote for a strong-minded, focused government and at the moment know one is focusing on issues that concern the people of this country. It seems that the most important thing for you at the moment is point scoring over Labour, getting one over on Gordon. Not what we want to see and hear right now thanks. We want someone who is listening to all, from baby to pensioner and everyone in between. Get real with education, NHS, Policing, Armed forces etc. Its all very well touring the country meeting delegates from all these areas but if you don’t actually sit down and talk to those carrying out the work on the ground you’ll never hope to make the right changes – if indeed change is needed.

Some off the wall ideas:

All children in secondary education 3rd yrs (aged 14 up) should start school at 11am and finish at 6pm. It’s been scientifically proven that, especially teenage boys function better later in the day. Surely if teachers had more receptive pupils it must make their job easier?

Most NHS trusts make their workforce pay to park and parking is at a premium in most NHS properties. If a nurse parks in a public space he/she can get a parking ticket, this is so unfair as they would not have parked there if there had been adequate spaces available for staff in the first place. They certainly should not have to arrive at work hours before their shift just to get a parking space and they most certainly should not have to pay.

The bureaucracy that the police have to go through is well documented. Surely there has to be a more common sense approach to allow the ‘bobby on the beat’ to sort out ‘unruly kids’ or minor incidents on the streets with verbal reprimands rather than tones of red tape which equal the minor incidents get left and we have a minority culture that thinks if they can get away with minor stuff why not try something more daring and on it goes. Surely with today’s technology we can equip our police forces with webcams in their uniforms which they can activate to record situations. I can phone people up to do a questionnaire and inform them that they may be recorded for training purposes, why can’t policemen be given the same criteria, i.e. A gang of youths outside a newsagents causing a nuisance so police have been called. When they arrive the first thing they say to the group is that they may be videoed for training purposes. I think that most of those ‘young people would soon disappear.

As for our armed forces – they should not be sent to fight/keep the peace or train other countries forces without every piece of current up-to-date equipment. No one else in this country is asked to carry out their jobs without the right equipment are they? You couldn’t do your job without today’s technology why should they?

You currently have my vote Mr Cameron but do start getting tough – sod class wars, you need to get people to see beyond status.

Good luck.

Regards Jane Pitcher

04/sep 09
Dear Mr Cameron,
Having watched yet another programme on TV detailing the appauling behaviour of drunk men and women in our cities, I am writing to you to ask if you could consider some proposals for the future government of this country to do something to address this issue. Our current incumbants seem unable or unwilling to consider this seriously as a problem at all. At least in Scotland they do seem determined to take positive steps towards helping the situation.
One of my main concerns is for the cost of it all. It would appear that an individual can take up the time of four police officers, a police van, and time of the court all for a £60 fine. As a hard working tax payer this means that I am funding the rest of the cost of their drunken behaviour.
Surely if off licences were to be fined a minimum of £50,000 for selling to under age youths then there would be a real incentive for them to adhere to the law. Children caught drinking could be sentenced to work with the police to catch out offending shops and indeed rewarded for their help so that they would be working with rather than against the police to address the problem. Given the opportunity to be at Alton Towers for a day with their friends under close supervision from social workers would be preferable to spending an evening on a cold street corner. This could be funded from the large fines imposed on the retailers.
I attach some links which demonstrate the difference between Scotland and England on this matter. Our current 'government' is either unwilling or unable to do anything to change our current situation. I can only hope that your government will make changes and give us a country to be proud of again instead of having the constant barrage of shamefull images on our screens daily.

Yours Sincerely

S. J. Findlay

Dear David
I have been a loyal supporter of the Conservative Party for 20 years and have served in secretarial roles for local village associations in several villages I have lived in. (when I was at least 20 years younger than other committee members). I still cannot get over our last prospective parliamentary candidate, Ed Matts, making such a hash against Jim Knight. I told Ed that it should have been a "gimmee".

You and your team have the perfect opportunity to cleanse the country of the administration that has systematically bought this country to its knees. Do not squander it.

It was patently apparent that Brown succeeding Blair set the Tory "opportunity clock" ticking. Brown is the least respected PM in history and will get his just reward at the next election. You cannot afford to and will not miss this chance.

You have the opportunity to bury the Labour party and put them away for several terms if not permanently.

However, you have to reach out and grab the electorate NOW.

The old cliche is "Differentiate or Die". Right now I'm probably in a similar position to many people who do not see blue sky between the two parties. If I don't see it - how does the unemployed 23 year old disillusioned graduate see it? Or the 16 year old who has just left school and has no hope under Labour? (ie. The nations future)

I am a 42 year old ex Corporate Software Sales Manager who sees massive potential and success, but also frustration that the Conservative Party is not maximising traction with the masses at this critical time.

Please concentrate on articulating the message to the people who may make the difference to your success at the next election. Why exactly should they vote Conservative? How will you give them opportunity to prosper? What's in it for them to work for a Conservative government? Innovation? Improvisation? All the things that made us great once and can do it again.

I realise that there are many macro issues that require your time and attention. I'm sure Brown relishes this time to divert the nation's attention from the micro issues. Do not lose sight of the insecurity and potential of the man on the street.

Two hundred years ago we had the Industrial Revolution. You have the opportunity to move this country through the next 20 years that will potentially affect our world standing for the next two hundred.

Seize it!
mark A

MP's Expenses
25 may 2009

To Whom it May Concern
The June Elections and the BNP
There is a small window of opportunity to face the BNP head on and challenge their rise and likelihood of success in gaining seats in the June elections. However, this window is about to slam shut. If the main political parties choose to continue to bury their heads and refuse to confront them then their success will be on your conscience. But the implications of this will be felt by all of us. I understand that at present the onus is on saving your own face following the recent expenses scandals and to be seen to concentrate on dealing with this. But do not misread public feeling a second time. Do not let the BNP walk in the back door because you are still focusing on your own wounds. Please choose to do the right this for this country and communities across it.
You have the power and the resources to reach the communities and estates where we know that this repulsive party prey on the disillusioned, ill informed, and frequently the socially isolated or excluded. What they realise is however is that their votes still count at the polls. With promises of loyalty and empathy they take advantage of the fact that no other parties bother with these people. The votes that they pick up from general racists and fascists have already found their way there by their own accord. But why all of a sudden do they seem to have swollen in popularity? We all know where this is heading. You only have to read quotes and see their current tactics, including their youth movement and increasing use of media, to know that they are gathering pace and funding. I urge you to get out there and talk to the people that are turning to the BNP, and focus some of your energies on challenging them directly.
I think that you will be surprised on the impact that this will have on yourselves. I for one am at a total loss as to who to vote for in June. Like many I am sick of the lot of you. If I saw one of you with enough social conscience and love for true British values, respect for those who have died fighting fascism; regard for our current liberties and freedom that will be compromised by the rise of the BNP, I would have the answer to my dilemma. I would vote for the party with the back bone. Make no mistake about it. The shame of the BNP would be felt by all who consider themselves British. We would all be cast as ethnocentric and racist if we allow them to find representation in Europe and Parliament in our name. What would their success now mean for us all in the future?
This would undoubtedly be the thin end of the wedge. This is a group that go into communities and teach people that the Nazi's never used gas chambers and stories of them committing mass murder are lies. The scary thing is that people are believing them. They are also teaching these people that there is no place in our country for non-whites, Jews and homosexuals. I for one am hugely worried and scared for where this is heading. More so than duck islands and second mortgages.
British politics has been truly rocked in recent weeks and together we will rebuild it, and peoples faith will be restored. But what chance does it have for reflecting real British values of truth and tolerance if we watch our main political powers turn a blind eye to the hatred being spread in the name of “Britishness”.
Your faithfully
Charlotte G Hunt

Dear Mr Cameron
I have been following the scandal of expenses (along with the rest of the country), and have to say I am totally disgusted with the way some MP’s have STOLEN tax payers money in order to ‘feather their own nests’.
I spent 10 months recently in temporary accommodation, whilst waiting to be allocated a home for me & my daughter. Whilst in temporary accommodation, our furniture was stored in a garage provided by my local Council. This was not wind or weather tight & subsequently destroyed all of my furniture. However as the Council made it clear that I stored my furniture at my own risk, & as it was uninsureable because it was a garage, there was no point in asking the council for help.
I work part time, although I am reasonably well paid, I get assistance with my rent along with child & working tax credits. However, I do not have enough spare cash after paying all my bills to just go out & replace all my furniture. My next door neighbour, who is unemployed with a young son, advised me to apply for a Crisis Loan to assist me with obtaining basic furniture, i.e. a bed for myself & my daughter, a cooker, small fridge with freezer compartment and washing machine as my daughter suffers with eczema. My daughter & I are attempting to grow our own food in our small rear garden. Hopefully this will prove successful, although we shall have to wait & see, but without a fridge or freezer, storing this food will be almost impossible. Hopefully this will save money on food bills, whilst encouraging my daughter to continually eat healthily.
I duly applied only to receive a telephone call informing me that my application would not be considered, because I have no debts (only due to the fact that I was declared bankrupt in 2006 because of a life changing circumstance being my daughter. I therefore cannot obtain any sort of credit for at least another 2 years & would hope to avoid this even after this time). The gentleman informed me that I could therefore obtain these items through other means, either by hire purchase, a loan or rental agreement. He stated that neither beds, fridges or cookers are essential items of furniture. Apparently a family of 4 can get by with a four ring camping stove & a microwave. My daughter is 4 & has been brought up to eat a healthy diet. On Easter Sunday morning she duly went & found her easter eggs, only to take a bite from one, before demolishing a packet of cherry tomatoes brought the previous day. I am quite proud of the fact that my child knows exactly what foods are healthy, but obviously being able to buy fresh food when I have no way of keeping it fresh because of lack of a fridge, I am not sure how long this will last. Washing machines are classed as a luxury item & normal people like myself who do not have one are expected to travel to laundrettes, spend an absolute fortune from our meagre resources in order to keep ourselves clean, tidy & presentable. The gentleman who gave me this information, also stated that I, in fact, earned more than he did, & he therefore felt the decision was fair.
I appealed the decision and managed to secure £450 which must be paid back at £17.00 per week to purchase 2 beds and a cooker. The Crisis Loan people still insist that a fridge and washing machine are not essential items of furniture.
I therefore feel that should you win the next election, or if you manage to table changes to the current system, which clearly allows MP’s to spend the same tax payers money that is used to assist people like me with things such as a Crisis Loan, you should employ the people who make the decisions regarding what are essential items of furniture for a Crisis Loan to be granted, to instead take over scrutinising the MP’s expenses. Clearly, if fridges, washing machines, beds and cookers are not deemed to be an essential item of furniture, even though purchasing & using fresh food is almost impossible without a fridge & a decent nights sleep is essential to general well being, a 42” surround sound plasma TV, massage chair, moat cleaning and swimming pool maintenance, to name but a few would most definitely not get past them. This in turn would save us all a fortune & make it possible to put more money back into things such as health care, an increase in pensions for the elderly, pay rise for Nurses, Police, Fire fighters & who knows, maybe even pay for decent equipment for those civil servants who do actually put their lives on the line each time they go to work – yes our Soldiers.

I have to say that I have been quite impressed with your handling of the situation so far, but would like to enquire as to how Anne Main, our MP for St. Albans can justify her second home claims allowance. It is my understanding that Mrs Main lives in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. Her second home is in Harpenden and is in fact owned by her daughter. Apparently Mrs Main undertakes a Surgery on a Friday & then stays with her daughter overnight. Harpenden to Beaconsfield could be made by Cab if Mrs Main did not want to drive herself at a fraction of the cost of a second home expenses claim. Also, the train service to Buckinghamshire stops at midnight, the same as it does to Harpenden & therefore I am unsure how Mrs Main can justify classing her daughters house as her second home, when her main residence is close enough to both her constituents and Central London so as to make the requirement of a second home obsolete.

I would be quite interested to hear your views on both the stance of the Crisis Loan people, who clearly think it is acceptable to state that beds, cookers, fridges & washing machines are not essential items of furniture, whilst the same pot of Tax payers money (of which I am one of the millions of tax paying contributers) can be used by MP’s to purchase non-essential items of furniture, etc.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mandy Pedersen

Dear David,
I, like you and so many party activists like me, have viewed the revelations of the past days with a mixed sense of sadness, disgust and shame. There is also a real fear – a dread - for where this will leave the British political system and the attitude of the British people in the coming years. It was already tough trying to get people to accept that the price of democracy is ‘politics’ – that was before this fiasco – it is twice as hard now.
I applaud your swift action in dealing with the fraudsters – I hope and trust that you will support the calls for criminal charges to be brought against those who have so blatantly committed criminal acts, for only such action will assure the British people that our Law recognises neither fear nor favour.
That being so, I would guess that you and those trust worthy confidents in your circle will be reviewing the individuals on our side of the House who may fall into the aforementioned category, for I am sure there are still more stones to be turned. This would of coarse leave a hiatus and potentially the party would be weakened through a lack of experienced individuals with political savvy who could replace them.... or would it.
It seems to me that the candidate selection process is flawed. Too much emphasis has been put on the ‘politically correct’ – female, black, graduate, homosexual, young, yuppie - instead of the qualities required to run GB UK: proven track record in management skills, commercial experience, financial acumen, political awareness, fairness, people skills. People who have been out there experiencing the successes and failures of real life. These are the only qualities that should be considered when selecting candidates for the list.
I have been appalled to meet, and to hear of others who have met, confirmed candidates who have virtually none of these qualities – even to the point of never having served on a committee or managed a team of people! How were they selected?
On the other hand, I know of a man who has been a District Councillor for fourteen very challenging years, and Deputy Leader for over six of those – successfully managing a budget of some £80m with neither fear nor favour, who was turned down by the selection panel when he would have been an ideal candidate. He is not alone. I continually meet other activists at conference and elsewhere who are puzzled by the apparent reluctance of the Party leaders to acknowledge the value of these true Conservatives who give of their time and energies for the benefit of their constituents and not for their own self importance and bank balances. They are the people whose track records should surpass all other considerations – they are the true servants of the people and should be recognised regardless of colour, creed, sexual orientation or age.
In conclusion therefore, in the unfortunate but inevitable event that there will be some casualties among our ranks in the coming weeks and months, I urge you to invite those who were turned down by the selection panel to re-apply and this time consider their track records in the political arena before everything else. These vacant seats can be then be filled by tried and trusted, truly experienced competent men and women whose backgrounds are proof of their dedication to the people and whose life experiences stand would stand up to public scrutiny.
You need to send out a clear message to the Members and electorate in general that the Conservative Party has cleaned up its act and future Tory PPC’s will be selected on merit and not on favour, old school tie, affluence, accent or the absurdity of ‘Political Correctness’ of which we are all weary.
I should finish by stating very clearly that I have no issue with our own PPC, Damian Collins, for whom I have great respect and who I am sure will fill Michael’s shoes admirably at the next GE.
Yours sincerely,
Gillian M Monk JP
Chairman – North Downs West Conservatives
Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Association (Patron Club Member)

as more revelations are exposed the shabbiness of many of our mps is revealed.
i still believe that an election is needed to resolve this.
all mps need a new mandate based on the trust of the people.
all mps should be dealt with by our legal system, prosecutions in some cases must follow.
it's not good enough for parliament to deal with this themselves..honourable members must not be above the law.

dear mr cameron,i was quite amazed to read this morning after the speaker had resigned.that he was to recieve £77,000 a year pension and also possibly become a peer. i find this quite wrong as it was his own doing after his expenses claim for example £4000 for his wife to go shopping in a taxi,whats wrong with a bus like most of us have to do, and various other fraudulant claims he has made.i dont think many members are very street-wise they only tend to line their own pockets and get as much as they can from us the taxpayer.all we get in return is higher taxes at regular intervals that usually are sneaked in at the back door.I am utterly disgusted with the whole affair and think parliament should have a total clearout of all the crooks and burgulars that preside there.i am not tarring everbody with the same brush,but i do think there are a lot more untowards to come to light over the coming weeks.also i read there is to be a new independant body to be formed to govern and agree on members salary and perks.no doubt this will be made up of government department cronies.why cant a % of the panel be members of the public,the normal man or woman off the street,and then maybe replaced every two years so no complacency can take place. i look forward to your reply and thoughts on this matter. regards----VIC ATKINSON. PS.=== i note in my local paper that mathew taylor is to publish on-line all his expenses for the past 22 years,what a great idea,then we can really see who has been working the system.by the way i have voted lib dems for the past 15 years,but not this year i am going to give your party a chance to run our country other than an un-elected prime minister

Dear Sirs - I certainly hope that as a regular conservative voter – the Wintertons are fully assessed by the party scrutiny board over what can only be described as excessive expenses which are decidedly not in the best interest of the taxpayers/Macclesfield constituents and that Nicholas Winterton does not deem himself to be ‘above’ this process as clearly both Wintertons have acted in self-interest and not in the ‘spirit’ of the rules – Notwithstanding all MP’s should if they wish to be career parliamentarians be guided by ‘honour’ and ‘service’ – Will we have a choice at the next election? As I certainly would hesitate to vote conservative again if presented by ‘no choice’ and having to vote a ‘Winterton ‘ once again! They may have ceased claiming since they were scrutinised initially but it still leaves an unacceptable ‘taste’! Furthermore will the local association make any recommendations or assessments on behalf of the local voters??

Yours faithfully

Sir Nicholas and Ann Winterton claim £80,000 on flat held in trust for their children: MPs' expenses
Sir Nicholas Winterton and his wife Ann, who are both Tory MPs, claimed more than £80,000 in rent for a small London flat that was owned by a trust controlled by their children.
Patricia Whittaker

Dear Mr Cameron
I have just received a leaflet through my door, addressed to me personally, regarding the forthcoming European elections. What disturbs me about this is that I can find nothing at all about your plans regarding the unimpeded immigration into this country. This is not racist, merely practical. We live on a tiny island and we have NO MORE ROOM. Are the Conservatives going to halt the never ending tide of people who come into this country, take jobs, jump council housing lists etc. The list is endless. I have voted Conservative all my life, but I have to say that I will vote for whichever party promises to get out of Europe, and means it. The trouble that all politicians have at the moment is that no-one seriously believes that whatever they promise in an election manifesto will be carried out. As for MPs expenses I believe that an immediate General Election should be called and that ALL MPs who have claimed expenses not directly concerned with their jobs should not be allowed to stand and indeed be barred for life from ever standing again.
Ann Duvall

I wish to make a formal complaint against the following members of Parliament:
Conservative MP Anthony Steen
After hearing an interview undertaken with Anthony Steen (I will not call him mister, as that title is a title of respect), I am appalled, angry and completely incensed that I, as a voter and tax payer of this country, should have to endure the arrogant insinuations of this Member of Parliament.
As a voter and tax payer of this country, I feel that I should have the right to know what representatives are doing in, and for, the United Kingdom. To say that it is “none of my business” and that I am “jealous” is above and beyond the level of arrogance of a human being, let alone a person that is paid for by my hard earned tax pounds and is elected to be a representative of my fellow citizens of this country.
I feel that I have every right to know exactly where my tax pounds are paying for. Considering people across this country are losing their jobs and homes on a daily basis, I cannot, in all good conscience, justify the fact to myself or my family that this Member claimed more on expenses that a “middle class working family” would earn in a year!
I would like an explanation to the following:
An explanation of the statement of Anthony Steen commenting that he should have been more “clever, therefore he would have gotten away with it”.
An explanation as to why Anthony Steen does not think that constituents should not be angry?
An explanation as to why Anthony Steen does not think that the Freedom of Information Act should not apply in these circumstances. After all, it is my hard earned money that has paid for this man to be my representative.
I implore the Commissioner for Standards to advise me as to whether there will be a preliminary enquiry into the conduct of Anthony Steen and what measure, if any, the Commissioner of Standards and indeed, the Leader of the Conservative Party intend to take. I would like a formal apology as a citizen of the United Kingdom for this Member’s remarks.
I look forward to your reply in due course.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Heather Tindall

Dear Mr. Cameron
.... I feel compelled to write because I am beginning to think that "all about me are losing their heads".
The level of self-delusion across the political parties is quite incredible.
Examples in the Conservative party :- 1. Nadine Corries who is under the impression that the ACA is part and parcel of an MP's salary while for some esoteric rationale it has to remain hush-hush
2. Anthony Steen believing he is entitled to have the taxpayer pay for the forestry of his trees and the public have no right to interfere with his "private life"
3. Andrew McKay insisting that 75% of the constituency meeting he attended yesterday was applauding him and seemingly backing him)
4. The anonymous MP whose letter was read out on Radio 4 today.
These people are deluding themselves - their interests are not those of the public but self interest. Perhaps they did not enter politics with the object of making money but they are certainly doing it now and this is not why they were elected.
Do they realise how insulting it is to listen to their attempts at justification. Why can't they simply admit that they have been fools and put themselves at the mercy of their constituents instead of trying to hang on like grim death to their ill gotten gains - better still let them offer their resignations as proof of belated goodwill.
Do they not realise that these revelations are hard to swallow by people who are daily afraid that they will lose their job, their home, their way of life let alone having any prospect of improvement.
No, we are not all perfect and we are all guilty of something but we are not representing the interests of the voters.
Furthermore, the cross party meeting with Michael Martin deciding on what expenses are claimable - more delusion - you must get rid of this iniquitous idea of being able to claim for food. Wherever one is, one has to eat and MPs should not be subsidised in this way - there can be no justification whatever, and it is simply opening the floodgates for excessive claims. My late father was a very principled man and whatever his expenses were for entertainment he always claimed less then the receipt because he believed that he had benefited too and also he did not want to take advantage of the companies he worked for.
"Cometh the hour, cometh the man" David Cameron, please carpe diem and push for parliamentary reform. Things could be different. Please do not delude yourself - do not fall into this trap.
Helen Lawson

16 may 2009
Sir, I am a Conservative supporter. I feel that the current expenses row is not only immoral but does actually weaken/attack democracy itself. MPs should be proud to be part of the government of the country and if need be do it for free. I do accept they need a salary and they need a place to live in London as well as their constituency.
Suggestion. A new MP can find a suitable house in London and the country will pay for it and for any work needing to be done, maintainence etc. BUT when they cease to be an MP the house reverts to the country again. People have to live and plan for the future on their salary why should not MPs.
Jim Whyte

Dear Mr Cameron, 12/05/09
I am a life long Tory and still vote in Bristol West You must take extreme action against the following. If they are not prepared to sue the Daily Telegraph for libel, you should withdraw the Whip and effectively end their careers
Douglas Hogg, the former agriculture secretary, submitted a claim form including more than £2,000 for the moat around his country estate to be cleared. The taxpayer also helped meet the cost of a full-time housekeeper, including her car. The public finances also helped pay for work to Mr Hogg’s stables and for his piano to be tuned.
Sir Michael Spicer, the Conservatives’ most senior backbench MP, claimed £5,650 in nine months for his garden to be maintained. In December 2006, he submitted a detailed invoice which included “hedge cutting ... helipad”, although he claimed last night that the “helipad” was a “family joke”. The Conservative grandee successfully claimed for the costs of hanging a chandelier in his main manor house.
James Arbuthnot, the Conservative chairman of the defence select committee, announced last night that he would be repaying money he had claimed from the taxpayer to clean his swimming pool. This was among a series of payments made to maintain a country residence he rented before buying a £2 million home without a mortgage in 2007.
David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, spent more than £10,000 of taxpayers’ money on home renovations and furnishings, including a new £5,700 portico at his home in Yorkshire.
David Heathcoat-Amory claimed for more than £380 of horse manure for his garden.
Michael Ancram, who is the Marquess of Lothian, claimed more than £14,000 a year in expenses while owning three properties, none of which have a mortgage and are worth an estimated £8 million.
Sir Alan Haselhurst, the Deputy Speaker, has claimed £142,119 for his country home over the last seven years, despite having no mortgage to pay. He has charged the taxpayer almost £12,000 over five years for gardening bills at his farmhouse in Essex.
Stewart Jackson, a shadow minister, billed the taxpayer for more than £11,000 in professional fees when buying a new home in Peterborough within a year of being elected to Parliament. He claimed more than £300 for work on a swimming pool and hundreds more for work to a “summer room”. Last night he agreed to repay the money claimed for the swimming pool.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Mr Cameron 23/11/08

Am I the only one who can see what will happen with the 2.5% VAT cut - surely this is a buyers market, retailers are desperate to sell and are reducing prices anyway - all it means that retailers will not have to lower there prices so much and pocket some or all of this 2.5%?? Consumers are not going to benefit.
In addition all we are doing is handing billions of pounds of our tax over to foreign companies since we import quite a lot of Christmas merchandise ie toys, electronics etc
I despair at this government for its lack of intellect and thinking things through ie 10p tax for example and it's incredible and blind thinking that the good times were here to stay and they continued to borrow when we should have been paying down debt. They did nothing to stop what was going on because they needed to keep to their agenda.
But I am so frustrated that the Conservatives are not highlighting what's going on ie the huge burgeoning public sector that is increasing its unproductive jobs (see today's Sunday Times) - surely money should be saved in these areas and directed to capital projects which in the long term will be an investment for this country. Its hard working people of this country who are paying for jobs like a nuisance response manager in Reading BC and it drives me mad that our priorities are totally insane in this economic environment.
But enough is enough and I had to write this to you - you need to speak out and be straight with people.
J Darby

Dear Mr.Cameron 20/10/08
You must now practice what (you) preach!

David Osborne was incredibly stupid to leak the conversation where Mandelson slated Brown. Obviously Rothschild's allegation stems from this. Whether true or not, the mud will stick to Osborne.and if you let it, to the Conservative Party. We have had enough of sleaze allegations in the past, which did us irreparable harm. Osborne, regrettably, must go.

Keith Newmark

President ribble Valley Cons.Asc.

Dear Mr. Cameron 18/07/08

Last night I watched a BBC programme which highlighted certain people who were making benefit claims in various names. In one case the couple in question had over one hundred false identities.

Surely with todays knowledge of DNA anyone who is making a claim should have this test done as a matter of course. Once the details are on record it should then be easy to ensure no multiple claims are made by this individual. People should have the right to refuse on Religious or other grounds but if they do then any benefits stop, we have got to stop pussyfooting around with this politically correct business, we are just being made fools of. I am sure a data base with this information would save the country millions each year.

As someone who worked full time for over 32 years for the same employer I am now unfortunate to find myself in need of benefits due to a chronic illness and as such I would have no problem in having a DNA test in order to continue receipt of this much needed money. Unfortunately I have also found myself loosing out with the removal of the 10p tax band, but that is something else entirely.

I feel that a huge shake up of the Child Benefit System is needed, governments should stop paying children to have children. I truely believe that part of today's problems with youths is because they are born into households where the parents are no more than children themselves. If an underage girl gets pregnant she should not be able to make endless claims and the father should be named and prosecuted. Far too many of today's youngsters are not facing up to the reality of their actions.

If Child Benefit was payable for the first two children only I am certain that huge families that exist on all sorts of benefits would become a thing of the past. It is an insult to working tax payers when these people brag about the amounts the get for nothing.

This counrty is facing bankruptcy and drastic action is needed if we are to hold our heads up in the world. We cannot continue as we are or Britain will end up no better than a third world country.

I do hope that at the next Election this present government is ousted and I wish you much success. I realise that very hard decisions will have to be made in all aspects of life and that many will not be popular but can someone please please put the Great back into this country.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth S

Dear Mr Cameron 02/oct/08

I really enjoyed the first part of your speech today. It was like a
breath of fresh and I found myself in agreement with all of it, much to
my surprise. And then you mentioned the "T" word at which point I
switched over.

You cannot expect to be taken seriously by anyone except die hard
Tories if you are going to talk about repairing our damaged society and
then mention Mrs Thatcher in favourable terms. It was she who did more
damage to our society than anyone else, except maybe the Luftwaffe.

By officially sanctioning greed and self interest and declaring that
society did not exist she has done harm to our country. By smashing
the mining communities, privatising the utilities, running down our
ailing industries in favour of a free for all in the City of London she
sowed the seeds for the current extortionate fuel hikes and the banking
debacle which threatens us all. It is no credit to New Labour that
they persisted with a Thatcherite agenda.

So, if you want the floating voter to actually vote for I suggest you
keep your admiration for that Lincolnshire woman quiet.


Jon I

One Amidst Many Letters of Condolences:
Dear Mr & Mrs Cameron 26/02/09
It is indeed with a heavy heart that yesterday the country heard of the death of your son; the pain coupled, with joy which you all are now going through, many of us can relate to.
We give thanks to God for the life of this little one, albiet a short one but it is obvious for us all to see the joy he brought to your family; a joy that will never be forgotten.
We also give thanks that he suffers no more and is now in the arms of our Lord's, together with so many little ones we have lost.
May you all find peace in the knowledge and understanding that this little life was a gift of great magnitude which has touched all of us.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you
Kindest regards and blessings
Ruth James

Dear david,

how can you have developed a firm policy on fox hunting and not presented a concrete policy on extreme poverty faced by millions around the world?Anon