Sunday, 14 October 2007

Brown gives Tories helping hand,but at what cost?

Brown's rejection of a slim win of say around 50 seats
has backfired and given impetus to what was an ailing party.
if we step back from the helter skelter of today's poll readings
which actually suggest that the tories have surged ahead
what seems to transpire is that some tory initiatives are attractive to
the electorate but Cameron personally is not.what looks like a knee jerk
response to browns over-politicking may be a bruise worth taking.after
all even with these impressive figures of a seven point lead the
electorate still say that Brown makes the better leader,even combined
with Darling.meanwhile the tory party,for some time accused of having no
policies have had three election type policy proposals flushed out of them.
Labour have unashamedly stolen them and have left the tories where they started
a party without any distinguishable policies from what is increasing becoming a very right wing labour party.labour may have lost this battle but have positioned
themselves better to win the war.