Monday, 13 August 2007

'NICE-NICEY' approach not working

David cameron has come under unprecedented attack from all areas of
his party mainly due to the recent poll showing the conservatives
10 points behind labour.Cameron's strategy to portray Brown as a
continuation of Blair has failed dismally.In fact in depth perception polls
have shown that the old Iron Chancellor is associated more with the Iron Lady
wheres Cameron is associated more with Blair's brand of trying to be all things to all people.Brown does particularly well on strength and leadership.Cameron
like Blair does better on affability.of course this PR paradox has resulted in
turmoil within the party ranks.this has prompted figures such as Lord Saatchi
(PR Guru to many a tory electoral win) to slam the nicey-nicey approach Cameron has
adopted.Tory nicey-nicey won't work because it is as disingenuous as trying to
portray Brown as economically incompetent.This has not been lost on Tory Backers.Sir Tom Cowie, an entrepreneur who has given the Tories £650,000, last week accused Mr Cameron of having an "arrogant, Old Etonian" style of leadership and said he had become disillusioned".He has withdrawn financial backing of the Tory party.
the loss of money will hurt the tories less than the scathing remarks that
Cameron has come to represent an elitism which goes against the values of meritocracy,the idealogical gateway to the centre ground of uk politics.In a fight or flight response Cameron Has chosen to look Right.entertaining proposals
from john Redwood(spock) and other despicables of old.
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