Monday, 4 June 2007

Toff Love

David Cameron has chosen 16(!) old etonians to be on his front benches.That's giving the term shadow government a sinister twist.That of a secret society with an old boy network organised

to keep the status quo,where everyone should know their place in society and no-one should rise above their station.One of his Old Etonians,Guy Kruger, was sacked as a result of calling for

the "creative destruction" of Public services.However in line with the old Etonian song "Nothing

in Life shall sever the chain that is around us now" Cameron reinstated him.with disappointing

actions such as this the etonian connection may prove cameron's undoing especially as he tries to square the circle of tax cuts and improved public sector services.For now,his assault on grammar schools has given an insight into a mindset that wants to reserve the best for a very chosen few ,angering his grass-roots,while he pays lip service to 'opportunity and service for all.'