Saturday, 9 June 2007

Adolf Hitler becomes this site's agony uncle!

herr Adolf,the second most prodigious mass murderer of all time,has agreed to provide his advice to all your problems social,political or personal.His arch rival
Joseph Stalin has been relegated to working for in the same capacity.please send your queries to

Herr Adolf,
I am very concerned about climate change and the impact it will have on our lives,especially here in leafy Surrey.Felicity,Guildford


Dear Felicity,

Climate change is a myth propagated by the jew scientist and disseminated by the jewish controlled media.I refer you to the Daily Mail article which has correctly debunked the whole phenomenon. I have to keep my response brief,as I am beside myself with excitement at the
progress made at the G8 Heiligendamm summit,in my homeland of Germany.I earnestly believe that the plans are in place to once and for all decimate the continent of Africa.bst rgds A.H

Mr Adolf,
What do You think about Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton?

Dear Paul,
This is a mere distraction from the rise of Germany as Europe's dominant force. I have always found the British royal family to be on message. The queen's uncle was a favourite of mine.However by marrying this gypsy peasant they will dilute their German Battenburg bloodline. Even so, I am flattered at the coded compliment for setting the wedding date on 29th of April. That was of course the anniversary date of my marriage to Eva Braun. Something the Jew Media have not yet picked up on! rgds A.H

Herr Hitler,
What did you think of Cameron's speech on the failure of state multiculturism? Are you in any shape or form envious of the Labour Party's
newest asset the shadow chancellor of the exchequer?

Dear Gertrude
Like it? I bloody wrote it for him over a year ago. He agreed to give the speech in Munich with the proviso that he could change the term Jew for Muslim. He said he was going to wait for the economy to really need distracting from before he used it. As for the new shadow chancellor i'm not familiar with him but his father did evade my capture during the war sheltering in the Albert Hall. In my case I found one Ed quite sufficient
and as dogma disagree that two Ed's are better than one.
As ever A.H

Dear Adolf,
With your past experience of dealing with unpleasant charaters, what would you do if one of your close commanders accused one of your gate guards of being a pleb?


  1. First of all I would have probably instigated it then have him hung (not shot reserved for non-plebs).
    I would have thought Herr Smitt that you would not waste the Fuhrer's time with such simple bureaucracy.
    Let Goebels deal with this crap!
    rgds A.H
    P.S Ein Volk. Ein Fuhrer

Dear Mr Hitler,
   Is Schauble your natural heir or Cameron in restricting sovereignty? Please respond with reference to Mein Kamp…..
stavros papadopolus, North London

Stavros you are a lazy bloody Greek why can't you read Mein Kampf for Yourself. Since you are
genetically sub standard in your DNA make-up I suppose I can answer your question with this:
And before you ask you can't borrow any money…..A.H